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Tips For Mastering The Sports Luxe

For those who enjoy the inconsistent nature of fashion there is a trend that has taken the world by storm. It has married a ridiculous concept with an adventurous style and have varied things up a little. It may have been considered as a joke at one point, but now that designers have taken it a little more seriously, it has seen the trend increase in popularity since 2015.


Sport luxe is no longer something that consumers will now twist their faces at and has seen casual wear take a new light in the fashion world. It has no longer been associated with the likes of youths and lounging around your home, but now as a compliment to certain, or tailored luxury items. For those who would love the prospect of adjusting their wardrobe a little more, we have come up with tips for mastering the sports luxe style.

Sports Luxe

Decisions Between a Shirt Or A T-Shirt

Some people are more inclined to want to feel and look comfortable, whereas there are some people who want to dress as smart as possible at all times. With sports luxe you have a variety to choose from, so whether you prefer long sleeve tops or short sleeve, you’ll have two options that will add something different to your outfit. If you are looking for something more luxurious you’ll prefer your outfit with long sleeve tops, or a shirt, but if you’re interested in making it tad more casual then opt for the short sleeve tops.

Sweatpants Are An Essential

Whether you believe what is said, sweatpants are an essential in your sports luxe outfit. It’s time to move away from the traditional designs that are cuffed, baggy or not made using technical fabrics. It can seem absurd that shirts can be matched with sweatpants, however designers have now began tailoring them with technical fabrics, which has almost reinvented the look of sweatpants. They are no longer associated with mens tracksuits and have enjoyed a luxurious rejuvenation.

Adding The Outerwear

Again, the amount of choice you have with this outfit is incredible. With outerwear you have a selection of tailored blazers, hoodies and bomber jackets. The jacket, or outerwear you decide to choose from will ultimately decide what direction you take your sports luxe outfit down. Whether you are looking for a perfect balance of luxury and style, or you’re looking for a little more casual, or luxury, choose wisely and make your choice.

The Subtle, Yet Effective Finishing Touches

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to your sports luxe outfit. There are two choices to choose from, which is the all black trainers, or you are able to choose from formal shoes. Complement your outfit according and see what you need to add in order to finish your outfit. Whether you choose fabric based pumps, military boots or leather based trainers, it will all affect your outfit in a different way.

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Types of Girls Dresses Online buy

Did you know there are different dresses for different body types? What I mean to say is that some dresses will flatter some body type more than others! So why waste money on dresses that might hinder you from achieving that perfect look? Below I mention the types of dresses and the body types they look the best on, read on and figure:

  1. Maxi Dress: These are the ones which are long and flows with empire waistlines. They are very comfortable and feminine. They give the wearer a bohemian look and can still be very sophisticating if worn right.

However, one should be careful with these if you’re short like I am. You should pick up those with solid colors or with print which is smaller than the size of your fist if you’re five feet four inch or shorter.

jersey-maxi-dresses-fall-2010-2Maxi dresses look good on very body type buy are the best friends of those with a ruler figure that is those whose bust measurements are similar to their waist and hip measurements. And they are essentially good for those with long torsos.

  1. Wrap Dress: These are the ones which wrap around your body and are tied at the side or with a belt or ribbon. These universally gave a V neckline. These do wonders on a pear-shaped body by accentuating the small waist of the ladies with such body type. These are very feminine as they bring attention to the perfect proportions of the body and thus are equally loved by women with the hourglass figure who should tie them on the natural waist as opposed to others who should choose the empire waistline. Wrap dresses minimize the waist and attract attention to the bust.


  1. Sheath Dress: Sheath dresses are the body-hugging or the form-fitting dresses. These generally have zero or minimal embellishments on them and should be worn in solid colors only! They can be of any-length but usually they end just before the knees. If tailored appropriately, they can be a good option for women with apple-shaped figures as it can give some space for a little tummy to wiggle and hide. But these dresses are great for women with a hourglass body shape or for those with pear-shaped bodies. However, pear shaped figures need to balance out their bodies to rock this look. This can be done by adding a wrap or a little cardigan on top. Sheath dresses with a two shade little top column draws attention on the bust, thus helping them cover their problematic area.


  1. Peplum Dresses: These are good for those who have broad shoulders as they have a flare at the bottom that help them balance their look out as it nullifies the effect of their broad shoulders. This dress can also help out women with narrow shoulders and a wider bottom. But this would be so if the peplum dress has sleeves on it!

Peplum DressesGirls, dresses online should be tailored, if necessary to look your best. Accessorize your outfit right and choose the appropriate footwear, and ladies, you’re good to go.

Author’s Bio:The author of the article is a fashion expert with StalkBuyLove. Even though she is 5’4’’ herself, she loves maxi dresses. She thinks all dresses can be worn by everyone if given care to every detail involved.

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Stylish Winter Wear for Women

Winters may be punishing as a season, but there is nothing that adds class to the closet as winter clothing does. You have so many options to play around with and there is no missing the warm boots and leggings with cosy scarves and jackets. Women love winters mostly because of the choice it adds to their wardrobe in terms of styling options. The most important winter clothes for women that are must haves this season are:

Double Breasted Overcoat

This simple overcoat is a garment in itself. You can add a pair of leggings with calf length boots and along with a woollen scarf to complete the style and you are all set to hit the movies or the mall with your girls. This simple winter attire is not only fashionable to the core, but is also warm and comfortable for an easy all day wears. All the women love to sport double breasted long coats in bright colours to add statement to their attires.

Calf/knee length boots

Winters without boots are as incomplete as a steaming cup of coffee on a freezing winter morning. Boots are what complete your look and make you winter ready by its simple addition. There are so many variations available in the market these days that you can practically own a shoe closet and it would still not be enough. The boots go perfectly with well fitted jeans or the warm leggings. Just throw in a pair of warm socks peeking out of the boots and the style is complete!

Boyfriend sweater

This one made the latest addition this season. Boyfriend sweater is a feminine version of a loose sweater that women cutely sport borrowing it from their boyfriends. With huge graphic prints on them and short length, they look amazingly cute on a pair of jeans and a pair of boots. Try a long shirt hanging out with a lose sweater this winter to sport the androgynous look which is slightly more tilted towards the feminine side.

Warm pair of leggings

Leggings made a huge statement this season first in summers and now in winters. They are fabulous attire for a long day with friends. If you do not want to be comfortable for the rest of the day, try the leggings with a sweater or a jacket and you are all set. The leggings can be available in solid colours or prints that can be matched with plain sweaters to tone down the prints.

Winter clothing is all about personal style and comfort level. While fashion these days is highly dynamic, you must choose the clothing as per your comfort level and something that you can wear without being uneasy. If you are confident about the winter clothes that you chose for yourself, then chances are this comfort will reflect in your overall style and make you look even more attractive. Much of the styling is to do more with attitude than with clothes.

Author Bio: The author is a fashion stylist at and helps in enhancing the latest designs and improving the overall product portfolio of the company.


4 Clever Costumes For Wheelchair Patients

Finding a costume for a wheelchair patient can be a frustrating process, as most costume companies do not accommodate for wheelchair bound individuals. However, there are many ways to get creative and design a homemade costume for a wheelchair patient. This article identifies four clever costumes for those who are wheelchair bound.

Wheelchair Patients

Photo credits to


One easy and clever costume idea for a wheelchair patient is to have them dress up as a drummer. To make the drum set, create one large circle and two smaller circles for the drums. These drums can be made out of cardboard or any sturdy material. Attach the drums to the wheelchair, with the large drum in the middle. Attach some real or make shift cymbals as well, and have the patient carry some drumsticks. The patient could wear any clothing that would reflect a rock star personality, such as sunglasses, a bandana, leather jacket, etc. The patient can also use the drumsticks and actually make noise on the cardboard drums, making this a really fun costume!

Aladdin/Jasmine and the magic carpet

Another great idea for a costume for a wheelchair patient is to create a magic carpet around the wheelchair and have the patient dress as Aladdin or Jasmine. This is relatively easy to do, by attaching a rug, piece of carpet, or homemade substitute to the sides of the wheelchair or by cutting a hole in the middle and having the patient put their head through the hole, as though they are riding on top of the carpet. Make the carpet colorful and consider adding some tassels to the ends. Refer to photos of Aladdin and Jasmine for costume ideas for the patient. For the Jasmine costume, a stuffed tiger could be sitting on top of the carpet to imitate Jasmine’s pet tiger from the movie.


Creating a DJ booth for a wheelchair patient is another clever idea. To make the DJ booth, simply create a large box made out of cardboard or the material of your choice and affix it to the front of the wheelchair and around the sides, so the only open part of the wheelchair is the back. Allow for space at the top or back for the individual to move their arms freely so they can maneuver the wheelchair and also play the part of a DJ by spinning records or using the laptop. A real laptop could be placed on top of the DJ booth, or a makeshift one. Add some records to the top that can actually spin, and think about attaching a small CD player or using an IPOD to play music so the patient can act as though they are truly a DJ. Use paint or markers to elaborate on the sides and front of the DJ booth. Get creative by drawing designs or even creating a fun “DJ” name to write across the front.

Bubble bath

A bathtub/shower is a fun and easy way to create a costume for a wheelchair patient. To create the bathtub, use cardboard or another sturdy material to create the actual tub, and paint it white. Use bubble wrap or balloons to create the bubbles for the bubble bath. Get create and have the patient dress up in a robe and funny shower cap, or even a rubber ducky or two to the bubble bath.

About the Author

Sasha Wilson is a costume enthusiast and party planner. She suggests searching costume ideas on for great ideas for your next big event!

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7 shopping tips for plus size clothing

Every woman loves shopping! However, difficulty in finding the right piece of outfit can make shopping tiring and challenging. And this turns out to be more applicable for plus-sized women. The latest plus-size ladies clothing has given plus-sized women myriad of options to choose from. As a result – women find it difficult to choose the right outfit.

plus size clothing

Here is a rundown on certain style tips every plus-sized woman should consider:

1. Shop clothes with fancy dress necklines. Most fashion experts recommend V-necks and low scoop necks for plus-sized women. These necks create vertical lines that highlight the torso well. Avoid boat-necks and high-necks. These create horizontal lines that highlight the body flaws.

2. Opt for A-line dresses. They are great for plus size women. Nowadays you will find A-line dresses an important element in latest plus-size ladies clothing. The best features about A-line dresses are that they cover all your body flaws perfectly. They gently drape over your body, highlighting the bust.

Tip: team up the A-line dress with boot cut jeans and leggings. Chic and stylish – they will look perfect for every occasion.

3. Do not shop for cap-sleeve shirts. Rather opt for elbow-length sleeves. Do not wear too short shirts. Go for the tapered ones.

4. Do not forget to accessories your look. Large pieces of jewellery will divert the attention of the onlookers from the body flaws. A sleek bracelet or few bangles will look well with a sleeveless shirt/t-shirt.

Use scarves to rev up your otherwise boring top. For instance – a bright coloured scarf will add character and style to a neutral coloured top.

Wear long pendant necklaces with V-neck line t-shirts and shirts. Doing this will create more vertical lines.

5. A pair of jeans is a must-have element in the wardrobe. You can easily team up your jeans with a causal t-shirt or a fancy laced top for that perfect outing with friends. For formal occasions – opt for a well-fitted A-line shirt. Tapered in the waist – this shirt will complement your body perfectly.

Be careful about the choice of the jeans. Opt for high-quality branded pair of denims that flatter your figure well. Choose dark coloured jeans like dark blue or black; reason – they will give a slimming effect to your legs. Flared jeans can be your perfect pick. They will camouflage the large thighs and create a slender line from hip to hem.

Avoid baggy jeans. Choose high waist jeans that help cover up your bulging tummy.

6. Most plus-sized women prefer to wear baggy clothes to hide their voluminous body. Do not do this mistake. Remember wearing baggy clothes will hide your feminine curves that will make you look larger.

7. Wear heels. Perhaps this is the biggest advantage that all plus-sized women have. All fashion experts recommend plus-sized women to wear high heels. Go for boots or high heel pumps that will elongate your legs.

Tip: while there is virtually no end to variety in heels, make sure that your footwear matches your outfit.


Fashion Designing: Get Ready to Highlight Your Creativity and Talent

Fashion Tends…Models…Style…Attractive Designs…Do these things entice you to make a career in fashion designing? Do you want to do something different than the traditional courses and be recognized for your creativity? If yes, then fashion industry is the right field for you. This article discusses the various parameters of fashion designing as a growing profession in India. Read on to know…

So, you want to be a part of a glamorous field? What can be more exciting and rewarding than seeking a career in fashion industry? The rising demand for skilled and creative people in the field has resulted in the growing job opportunities. As a result, more students in India are now pursuing fashion designing courses.

Top-Fashion-College-BusinessFashion Industry in India

With an increase in the emphasis on fashion trends and dressing sense among people in the society, fashion designing is emerging as one of the hot career options. Fashion in India comprises of a wide range of designer clothes for different occasions and for different taste of people. It may include a whole range of casuals, sportswear or special embroidery work like Zardosi, Chikan, Fulkari, Nakka Tiki, and Indo-Western.

The fashion industry in India includes several functional areas like cutting the cloth, sketching, sewing and merchandising. The marketing of different fashion products is done by the means of fashion magazine, online advertisements and fashion shows. Indian fashion industry has successfully gained a prominent place in the global scenario. Its unique handloom fabrics, embroidery work, rich colors and textures attract the buyers from across the globe. The fashion designers in India have played a major role in creating the global market for Indian fashion garments, including Saris, Lahengas, Salwar-Kurti and Churidar. Not only Indian outfit, but the designers in the country have a great fashion sense in western wear. To name a few, the renowned designers in India include Ritu Beri, Rohit Bal, Manish Arora, Sabyaschi Mukherjee, Satya Paul, Neeta Lulla, Ritu Kumar, and Manish Malhotra.

Ritu Beri is one of the most successful designers in India. She perfectly proved her design skills in the International market when this industry was the very niche. The professional journey of Ritu Beri from dressing the international celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Bill Clinton to showcasing at the Paris Fashion Week is an inspiration to the newcomers in the industry.

Where to Study?

In any part of India, whether Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, students can find several reputed colleges and institutions that offer fashion designing courses in Hyderabad. Some of the popular fashion designing colleges in India includes:

Fashion Designing Colleges in India

  • Design Development Academy, Ahmedabad
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), NIFT
  • Sikkim Manipal University, Chennai
  • Pearl Academy, Noida
  • Global Institute of Fashion Technology (GIFT), Kolkata
  • Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur
  • Apeejay Institute of Design, Delhi

NIFT was ranked No. 1 by the India Today – Nielsen Survey 2012. These reputed fashion schools in India offer a wide range of short-term and long-term certificate, degree and diploma courses such as B. Sc. in Fashion Design, Bachelors in Fashion Technology, Masters in Fashion Technology, and Bachelors in Fashion Communication.


In order to pursue a course in fashion designing, the candidate must meet the minimum eligibility criteria, i.e. 10+2. While the requirement for academic qualification is not very high, the aspiring candidate must also develop some traits to be successful in the industry. Apart from the natural talent and creativity, the person should have a sense of textures, colors, shades, dress material, and fashion trends.

A designer in the field should be capable of visualizing the accessories and fabrics with a clear understanding of the client’s need. An eye for every detail and deep knowledge of the market is the demand of the job. Moreover, the designer must be able to design cloths and accessories as per the season and latest demand.

Job Possibilities

The major factors like increasing in urbanization, changing fashion trends, and growing consumer class have led to the significant growth in the Indian fashion and apparel industry. As per the report by CMAI (Clothing Manufacturers Association of India), the apparel industry in India is forecasted to grow at an annual rate of around 13-15 % to exceed $ 125 billion mark from the existing $50 billion mark by 2020.

The increasing demand for designer clothing and a significant growth in service class are the major factors contributing to the growth of Indian fashion industry. Thus, the opportunity for growth in the field is immense for the new and existing professionals. This makes the young students to seek a career in the rising field. Apart from offering a bright career, the fashion field offers lucrative salary packages to the talented people.

As a fashion designer, the opportunities are numerous to prove one’s talent. The different sectors such as garment store chains, jewelry houses, fashion houses, export houses, textile mills, and media houses offer great opportunities. The candidate can find a wide range of job roles while working with different sectors. Some of them include Costume Designer, Technical Designer, Fashion Consultant, Graphic Designer and Personal Stylist. Not only in India, but the lucrative job options are also open for skilled professionals in the international market.

So, get ready to follow your dreams in the world of fashion!

Author Bio :

Swati Srivastava is a dedicated writer for Her articles on various professional educational courses and institutions offer a deep knowledge to the students seeking education in India’s top colleges. The above article gives a brief idea about a career in fashion designing and several popular fashion designing institutes in the country.

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Cheap Salwar Kameez Online: Go for a deal of a worth traditional outfit

There are always huge varieties and range available for women dresses. Traditional dresses like chaniya choli, Gharara, Sarees, Salwar Kameez as well western out fits like pants, tshirts, skirts, maxis, tops etc. Most of these dresses are commonly worn by females of India and Sub-continent of Asia. Though nobody knows how, where and by whom these dresses and their traditions evolved but with change of culture traditional dresses of various cultures are adopted by people.

One of such dress is Salwar Kameez. This dress consists of two parts – the upper part is known as Kameez and lower part is called Salwar. It is a typical female dress which is very popular among various communities and regions. Though it is worn by females across India still in northern part it is more popular than Southern India. It is so popular dress that many of the corporate houses also have adopted it as a uniform. This dress and makers of these dresses are available in all over India from small villages to large cities. But with development of online businesses you can buy cheap Salwar Kameez online also.

imageview.phpThis dress is available across the nation but if you reside in small town, chances are high that you may not get good quality item. You may not get dresses in different range as well of latest trends. It may happen that the dress you are going to purchase may be out dated and not considered in fashion any more. Even for material quality you cannot be sure as you have to depend on information provided by shopkeeper only. But if you go for online shopping you can have better deal than offline shopping. You can sit at home and search for dresses of your choice in online stores.

You can buy the dresses of latest fashions which might have yet not arrived in your city or town also. You can have all the information about material from which dress is made. You can check the pictures available on site of the store to have idea of its overall look. You can make payment online by secured gateways or can make payment physically while you receive the article physically. It is known as cash on delivery system. In case you need to change or return the article you can do so in accordance with return and exchange policy of the store.

If you want to buy cheap Salwar Kameez online, you can do so by checking the article as per your budget. As online stores provide good discount also you can have a better and cost effective deal. In case you want to go for online shopping, you can do so at any time, may it be mid night or a holiday, as online stores are open round the clock and round the year. If you are fashion freak or want to walk with time and trend, online shopping is the best option available for you. Enjoy the online shopping and match the time.

Author Bio: The above article is based on Salwar Kameez Online written by Akshay Kumar who is currently working on which provides Online clothes shopping for Men’s and Women’s.

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Four Essential Items for Your Equestrian Holiday

Now that the summer is almost here, you may already be counting down the days until you head off on your equestrian holiday. Horse riding – in all of its forms – can be a fun and rewarding experience, regardless of whether you are going as an individual or a group. There are also many destinations that offer horse riding, in both the UK and abroad, so it’s likely that you’ll have found somewhere that offers excellent scenery and landscape for riding.

What you actually bring with you will be dependent on whether you are travelling by road to your horse riding destination, and whether you actually own a horse that you’ll be bringing. There are a few essential items that you should bring along with you though, unless you are able to hire them when you arrive at your destination. Here are four things to keep in mind for your equestrian getaway…

Riding hat:

Clothing for EquestrianIf you don’t own one already, the first thing you’ll need to buy is a riding hat to keep your head protected in the event of a fall. Just like you would use a helmet on a bicycle, a riding hat offers you an extra element of safety when you’re riding. These hats come in all manner of styles, fits and colours, so it is important to find one that best suits your needs. If you are going to a warm destination, you might want to consider one that has a good ventilation system, whereas if you are bringing children with you on holiday you’ll need to look for additional riding hats in junior sizes.

Riding boots:

The next thing to consider is the footwear you’ll need when riding. This will come down to the weather conditions on your holiday, as well as your budget. For example, you’ll be able to find a pair of jodhpur boots for around £30, but you’ll also find high leg boots above this price towards the £400 mark. Do your research so you’ll know whether you need built-in insulation, and from that point you can choose a style and colour that you like.


Now you’ve got your hat and boots sorted, you can consider what you’ll actually wear when riding. Many people choose to wear jodhpur trousers as they are regarded as practical and comfortable, as well as being smart enough to wear for competitions. If you’ve already started a colour theme with your other accessories, you’ll be able to find jodhpurs to match this, or you could opt for a neutral black or chocolate colour instead.

Hi-vis clothing

If you are going to be riding next to (or on) a road, it is worthwhile buying some hi-vis equestrian clothing before you head on your holiday. Make sure you buy these items from a reputable retailer as it is important to make sure that they are actually doing their job of keeping you safe. You will be able to choose special items from an equestrian retailer such as bright hat covers and polite body harnesses.


Fashion for students – Looking good in a flash

Make no mistake, there is an undeniable pressure from our peers to keep up with the latest fashions and look perfect every minute of the day. But on a student budget, the reality is that is it is hardly possible to keep up with the latest trends. So now is the time to start your own fashionable trend – one that suits your pocket and your incredible lack of time. We all know how hectic study schedules make time for grooming virtually impossible so here are some excellent tips to help you look like you spent ages getting ready, when you whipped it all up in a flash.

Winter Warm Ups

Looking groomed in winter is a snap, and you can be out of your sweats and into a well put together ensemble in a jiffy. You will need to invest in a good coat for winter that you can wear over everything like jeans or smart pants. A lighter hooded jacket to go underneath will be great for when the weather is really revolting.

Ladies with long hair – sweep up your locks in a few pins and pop it under the hoodies. Gents and ladies with short hair that they really can rescue with a bit of hair wax can pop a colorful knitted beanie on – you are a student after all, might as well wear them while you still can.

Body warmers are great over any shirt and go well with jeans and boots – plus they have the added bonus of covering up any muffin top escaping over the top of your jeans. Hallelujah.

Add Length

Feeling a bit like the shorty? You don’t always have to be in heels every minute of the day – a small heel on boots will be just fine as long as you accentuate the length you have.

If you have long hair, wear it up, add in a few bright pins, clips or accessories – you will instantly add height without having to do an extra thing.

Don’t leave long shirts hanging out of jeans or pants, tuck them in and put on a nice belt instead, finish the look with a fitted jacket and you are good to go.

Black to Basics

Black should be a staple color in any student’s wardrobe – it is extremely versatile, like jeans and can be worn and compliment any other color. Pair your black shirt with a bright red or blue scarf, body warmer or accessories – you will instantly have a brand new look without spending a cent.

Invest in a good couple of pairs of black clothing items that you can dress up and down in a minute when you need to – all black with a striking green pair of earrings will be as dramatic as a brand new outfit – and you can wear the items again and again.


Polyester unfortunately has a reputation for being cheap and nasty – and unfortunately thanks to the 90’s, it has very much earned that reputation. But these days – thanks to modern technology and a small polyester revolution – polyester is a great type of material to have in your wardrobe.

It’s inexpensive, washes and dries very quickly and won’t crease forever if shoved in the bottom of a book bag for weeks on end. It is warm, waterproof and light weight which is great for packing, storing and travelling.


Hi! I’m Nellie and currently work as a lecturer in programming and accounting. I’m always eager to find out something new and become familiar with it. I love to deal with researches and want to develop in the field of writing. Moreover, I started moving in this direction! I work as a writer for, which arranges everything in the way every visual basic assignment becomes clear. If you have any questions concerning education, I’m always ready to help. Here are my contacts: FB ( and G+ (


Punk and fashion in 2013: it’s on!


Punk and fashion have a long and complicated history. And fashion’s love affair punk movement is far from over. As this year’s Met Ball has proven…


Punk in the 1970s

The first wave of punk rockers could hardly imagine that they’d still be influencing fashion designers in 2013.
Punk music became massive in the 1970s in Britain, America and Australia and seemed to speak to a growing group of dissatisfied youths.

Some of the hottest punk bands included the Clash, the Ramones, the Sex Pistols and the Rolling Stones in their early years. Some say that punk only lasted for 100 days when the Rolling Stones played at the Roxy Club in London. But it wasn’t long before the media jumped on the bandwagon and what was once an underground movement went mainstream.

Punk wasn’t just about the music, though — it was an entire anti-establishment subculture that was inherently anarchic. Many punks were hugely political and held views about how society should be governed, the Monarchy, equality issues (many punks tended to be from the working class) and felt very strongly about certain politicians like Margaret Thatcher.

But at least we got some pretty great clothes out of it…

Punk and fashion

The punk uniform consisted of mohawks, bright hair, tight trousers and distressed tank tops. Leather, studs and skull motifs were the order of the day and piercings were popular too. There was also an interest in using everyday objects like masking tape, safety pins and bin bags for fashion purposes.

But while British punks used fashion to express their political views and associate themselves with punk culture, some American punks became entirely anti-fashion in a reaction against materialism and the fashion industry.
With its rebel heritage and sense of daring, dangerous adventure, it’s no wonder that designers have turned to punk for inspiration.

Some of the most iconic looks in fashion history have been influenced by punk, like Elizabeth Hurley’s career-making safety pin dress by Versace and Moschino’s ball gown made from bin bags. Jean Paul Gaultier’s leather jackets scream punk attitude while Vivienne Westwood has long aligned herself with punk sensibilities. But it’s Zhandra Rhodes who’s considered to be the ‘high priestess of punk’, thanks to her daring, avant-garde creations and trademark pink hair.

Punk in 2013

Punk in 2013So where are we now? Anna Wintour’s Met Ball is the fashion event of the year. This year, she picked punk for her theme and the Metropolitan Museum is celebrating Punk’s fashion and artistic heritage with a blockbuster of an exhibition titled Punk: Chaos to Couture.

Not everyone is happy. Legs McNeil, founder of Punk magazine said high-end fashion designers have nothing to do with punk and the whole thing was a “masturbatory fantasy for Anna Wintour and Vogue.”

But what of the clothes?

We’re not seeing anything as obvious as mohawks on the catwalks, but punk’s enduring legacy is obvious. Designers like Moschino continue to give nods to the punk movement with their tartan creations, Lily Cole wowed in her punk-inspired Vivienne Westwood showstopper gown at the Met Ball and punk aesthetics can still be spotted in ranges by design houses like Alexander McQueen, Prada and John Galliano. Celebrities like Alice Dellal, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are all channelling the punk movement with their looks too.

Why now? Maybe it’s the fact that, once again, we’ve been plunged into economic woes and inequality is becoming an issue. But it might just be that it was simply time, as fashion is a cyclical beast and we were bound to revisit punk eventually.

The punk look: fashion checklist

You might want to dress top to toe in punk clothes, but try incorporating one or two of these into your look:

  • Leather jacket
  • A pair of Acne boots
  • Tartan skirt by Vivienne Westwood or Comme Des Garcons
  • Studs, studs, everywhere. Kit yourself out with a studded bangle, clutch purse or even a pair of punktastic Doc Martins.
  • A distressed tank t-shirt (The Row do an excellent version)
  • Something in tartan

Will you be sporting the punk look this season?