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Tips for Travelling Safty for Kids

5 Tips for Travelling Safely with Your Kids

As much as you might like travelling, keep in mind that going on a trip with small children can be extremely exhausting. Not only do you have to think about all the luggage and necessities, but you should also pay attention to your child’s safety while you’re on the road. From the car seat and proper restraints to keeping them entertained, there’s a lot of work you’ll have to do to keep your kids safe during the trip.


Don’t Distract the Driver

If you’re travelling by car, it’s imperative that you keep your kids entertained so that they don’t distract the driver. Constant whining, crying, and fussing can be nerve wrecking and keep the driver from being fully concentrated on the road. A lack of attention can lead to a terrible accident, so try to keep the child entertained with toys, games, or audiobooks. Handheld puzzles, word searches, stickers, and coloring books will keep them busy for hours. The alphabet game is many children’s favorite, so try this one when other games don’t work. If they like listening to music, playing their favorite songs can also be of great help. Showing them interesting sights along the way can keep them from being restless, so you will be able to enjoy the ride.

Tips for Travelling

Stock a First-Aid Kit

Checking up the first-aid kit before going on a trip is vital. Make sure to have bandages, medicine supplies, pain relievers, fever-fighting medicines, antihistamine, and cough or cold medicines. What’s more, don’t forget about disinfectants, insulin if someone in the family is diabetic, as well as bug repellents, sunscreen, plasters and other medical necessities you may think you need. With little kids, you should always expect the unexpected, so be sure not to lack any medication.

Tips for Travelling Safty for Kids

Use Car Safety Seats

Every passenger should be buckled up during the ride, while children require even more attention. Placing them into a car safety seat or a booster, depending on their age, is of great importance. Not only is it stated by the law, but it’ll keep your child out of harm’s way and reduce the risk of suffering from serious injuries in case of an accident by 70%. If you’re driving with an infant or a toddler, you’ll have to put them in a rear-facing seat, while older kids can sit in a forward-facing car seat. However, don’t ever place a rear-facing car safety seat in the front seat because of an airbag. If your child has outgrown the car safety seat with a harness, buy a belt-positioning booster seat for them so they can buckle the seat belt.

Tips for Travelling Safty for Kids

Consult the Pediatrician

In case you’re travelling abroad, it’s best to consult with the pediatrician before you hit the road. Check if your children need any additional vaccines. Furthermore, if you’re travelling internationally, be sure to get informed on the health conditions in the certain country. This way, you’ll know whether you should travel there at all, and if you maybe need to take some health precautions. The doctor may also recommend you to adjust the child’s sleep schedule 2-3 days before you go on vacation to reduce the jet lag.

Vehicle Check-up

Safety comes first, so a vehicle check-up should be a number one on your list before you go on a trip. See if the lights are working properly, if the tire pressure is good and if there are any oil leaks. The tank should be filled up with fuel, and everything should function perfectly. What’s more, caravans can be a great alternative to cars since they’re much more comfortable. Therefore, if you happen to run into affordable used caravans for sale, be sure to invest in one and start the journey of your life after you’ve checked it out entirely.

Tips for Travelling Safty for Kids 2

Staying safe on the road is imperative. What’s more, keeping your children safe is crucial, even though it’s not always the easiest job in the world. Nevertheless, if you keep them occupied, you’ll have no trouble reaching your destination carefree. Furthermore, don’t forget to bring all the necessary medicines, in case of an emergency; keep the children buckled up and seated in proper car safety seats; check if your vehicle is fully functional; and talk to the pediatrician to see if you’ve taken all the necessary pre-travel precautions.

Water Filtration Systems

5 Efficient Water Filtration Systems for Your Home

In today’s world, there are so many harmful factors that can jeopardize your health. Therefore, it is extremely important that we do our best and try to eat and drink healthy. In order to stay in shape and have lots of energy to complete our daily tasks we need to stay hydrated. Water is the main source of energy for our muscles and other organs. However, drinking the tap water is not always as good as it sounds. That’s why, if you want to lead a better and healthier life, we have singled out 5 reasons why you need to install water filters in your household.


1. Purify your tap water

Purifying your tap water is probably the cheapest solution which, in turn, makes it the easiest one, as well. The fact of the matter is that tap water travels through a long line of pipes before it reaches your tap, which means that it comes in contact with a lot of different bacteria and chemicals. If the pipeline of your tap water gets contaminated the most usual method of disinfection is by using chlorine which is potentially carcinogenic. Therefore, it is best to invest in a quality water filter jug that will eliminate all the chlorine out of your tap water and make it safer to consume.

Water Filtration Systems

2. UV filtering

Using activated UV filters will greatly improve the quality of your drinking water. There are countless bacteria in the water that can cause various health problems. UV treatment can tackle any form of microorganism, even Giardia and Cryptosporidium which are both chlorine-resistant bacteria. This makes it a perfect option for any household. You should install them under your sink. We strongly recommend a high quality uv home water treatment since it doesn’t use toxic chemicals and it can effectively eliminate parasites.

3. Carbon filtering

Active carbon filtering is another great way of purifying your drinking water. By using a method of chemical adsorption each area of the carbon structure allows for maximum absorption of unwanted organisms. There are two popular types of carbon filters: powdered block filters and granular activated filters, each with its own unique applicability. These filters can be installed under the sink, and as tap filtration as well. They can efficiently get rid of pesticides and VOCs.

Water Filtration Systems 2

4. Distillers

Another great alternative are distillers. These filters operate differently from the previously mentioned ones, but are still equally effective. These filters purify water by boiling it, and then condensing it later on. Because of their vast filtering potential, they can be used as a filtration system for the entire house. In practice, they have proven to be extremely effective in getting rid of sodium, fluoride, copper, lead, mercury and other heavy metals in the water.

5. Osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis systems are ideal for removing excessive amounts of contaminants from the water. These filters utilize a specific membrane which can be used in combination with charcoal filters to efficiently remove toxins. They are typically mounted under the sink and are held in holding tanks. If you opt for a reverse osmosis filter you won’t have to worry about arsenic, asbestos and heavy metals contaminating your water ever again. However, there are some downsides to this type of water filtration. For example, this system uses up a lot of water which ultimately goes to waste. Unfortunately, it gets rid of good minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are essential for healthy functioning of our muscles and bones.

All in all, water filtration system will be a great upgrade of your household. It doesn’t require much effort to be installed and there are numerous filtration systems you can chose from, so you can find the one that suits you best. Buy one today and start enjoying a healthier life.

House Gleam with Style

Make Every Room in Your House Gleam with Style

Turning your home from fine to fabulous begins with a single room. In order to make your home Instagram worthy, you need to ensure that each of your rooms is awe-inspiring. Showcasing your home to your guests is perfectly normal, as it is expected of them to compliment you on a job well done. In order to truly deserve honest compliments, you’re going to need some help. Here are a few ideas that will help you make every room as stylish as possible.


Get Rid of Clutter

Chaos is completely unacceptable. Clutter is your home’s number one enemy, in terms of aesthetics, as well as hygiene. The main cause of clutter, however, is the very reason behind it still being an issue in many households: sentimental attachment. You may think that you don’t have enough space in your rooms, but chances are that you would have the same issue even if you owned a home twice the size of yours. Make a list, jot down all items that you haven’t used in a year or more and think about whether or not you really need them. Sure, you can keep some items that you are emotionally attached to, but the rest should be either stored away, given away or thrown away!

House Gleam with Style

Less is More

The minimalist trend is impossible to achieve without decluttering and, once you’ve cleared all the non-vital stuff from your rooms, you’ll probably realize that there is some truth in the “less is more” saying. The thing with minimalism, however, is having so little ground to work on – you are allowed a sofa, a couple of armchairs, a low coffee table, perhaps a single rug and not much more than that, especially if the room in question isn’t spacious. Think simple colors if you want to evoke the feeling of subtle sophistication – black, white or gray. Finally, forget about the idea that all furniture should be pushed against walls – this might make you think that, by doing so, you are creating more room, but the actual feel of openness is evoked by bringing all the furniture closer towards the center of a room.

House Gleam with Style

White is Always Good

The color white will always be trendy, stylish and chic. If combined with another basic color, it can bring out nothing but great vibes. This being said, we should also mention that white goes excellent with any other color. This means that you can easily combine it with more than just two colors, but make sure you don’t end up with a room that simply looks ridiculous. Keep in mind that white works best with gray or black!

House Gleam with Style

Wood in Your Bathroom

It might not be your first choice, but putting wooden elements in your bathroom is actually all the rage these days. Yes, wooden materials might not exactly go hand-in-hand with water, but nowadays, there are many new ways you could protect them. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you should intentionally spill water everywhere. Check out some cool shower screens in Brisbane that will make your bathroom both functional and classy.

House Gleam with Style

Accent Wall

Painting a single wall in different color might sound a bit ridiculous, but it works! If you don’t believe it, take a look at these chic accent wall ideas. The accent wall can be used to emphasize an architectural feature or simply to refresh a room.

House Gleam with Style

These ideas will definitely help you make every room in your home as stylish as possible. Always start by decluttering and stay up to date with all the latest trends.

Road Trip Safety

Road Trip Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Road trips are a popular family tradition in many countries all over the world. They are a unique opportunity for a family to additionally bond, enjoy mutual activities and embrace outdoors and the world outside your comfort zone. But, there are many things that could go wrong on a road trip. In order to ensure that your road trip goes as planned, we have prepared a checklist of all the things which you should do before going on a trip. Listed below are the essentials of a safe road trip.


Pack your emergency kit

If you haven’t done it in a while, check your car’s emergency kit and see the expiration date on the items inside. If any of them has expired, make sure you replace them with new ones. Your emergency kit has to have a first aid kit, something to stop the bleeding, several bandages, a pair of scissors, alcohol swabs, Band-Aids, water bottles and a few other things. These are usually underrated, since people don’t realize how important it is to have these in your car. They’re literally a life saver in case something bad happens and you need medical care straight away. Waiting for the ambulance to arrive could take hours, and you need to provide medical care on site. This is why some people take first aid classes, just in case.

Road Trip Safety

Safety first

As you already know, road trips involve a lot of driving and will put your car to the test. This is why checking your car is your number one priority. Safety comes first, so it is highly recommended that you check your car before any major road trip. Also, while on a trip, it’s good to have a mechanic or a pick-up service on speed dial, just in case something goes south.

Eyes on the road

As a driver, it is your responsibility to always have your eyes on the road. Stay focused and don’t let anything distract you. Watch out for reckless drivers and pay attention to the road ahead. If the weather conditions are not optimal (rain, snow, ice), be extra careful when speeding or breaking. You need to be in control of the vehicle at all times, so if you feel like your car is disobeying you due to harsh weather conditions, the best thing to do is stop, or drive slowly. The important thing is that you get where you are going, the time of your arrival is irrelevant.

Road Trip Safety 1

Have a fully functional GPS

When on a road trip, you always ought to know where you are going. This is why it is highly recommended that you bring a GPS device with you. Let it guide you and at the same time, warn you of potential obstacles or accidents on the road up ahead. Also, watch the speed limit and follow the traffic regulations. Don’t be one of those drivers everyone hates.

Learn how to replace a tire

Before you embark on such a journey, it’s very important that you learn to replace a flat tire. This is a common case on the roads, so besides having a spare one in the car, you ought to know how to properly replace it. You should check your tires before you leave; there are several wheel repair services where you can check your car and tires to ensure that everything is in perfect working order. Once you do it, you are free to take off.

Road Trip Safety 2

Road trips are so much fun, especially the ones where you bring your family along with you. But be careful, follow the regulations on the road, pack the important things and see that you get safely to where you’re going.


Why Jumping Is Best Exercise For Kids

Jumping is not only fun but beneficial as well. It brings physical, health and educational benefits together. The best part, it’s simple and cost-effective.

Kids can jump any time of the day and anywhere as well to keep themselves fit. Earlier, parents were not aware about benefits associated with jumping but now they do.


People of any age group can take to jumping and have a fun-filled way to achieve fitness. For kids, it is not only an exercise but a way to enjoy the day.


Why jumping is helpful for kids? 

Studies have shown over and again the connection between jumping and fitness. Ever since NASA made its findings secret in way back 70s, jumping has attained a celebrity status among the list of mild and simple exercises. A lot of other researches too have dug deep into the area.

Let’s look at some of reasons that make jumping helpful for kids –

  • It’s great for kids averse to taking part in sports or sports activities
  • Kids get a chance to do a workout even without believing the same
  • Kids learn to control the movement of their body
  • Physical flexibility and improved postures are some of other benefits of jumping

Jumping benefits for kids

Although jumping is not safe for babies, kids between 2 to 8 should start doing it and get a lot of benefits in the process. It’s one of those rare workouts that combines fun and fitness together.


Here are some of major jumping benefits for kids –

Healthy heart

Jumping is a cardiovascular exercise and its gives the heart a healthy and organic workout. So, you can encourage your kid to do this fun exercise and make their heart healthy.

Stronger core

When kids jump, it involves virtually all major muscle groups in the body. The core muscles are used to do jump and land alike. This is how the core is strengthened.

Stronger muscles and bones

Jumping motions tend to be strenuous in nature involving major muscles and bone in the body. With simultaneous impact and flex to keep the body go up and land, muscles and bones are bound to get stronger.


Improved coordination

Jumping helps kids understand their body better. They develop better coordination overall and lead a rewarding life. Both side of the brain and body work together to maintain balance and coordination.

Weight loss

Obesity is a major health issue among kids worldwide caused largely in the absence of physical mobility. Jumping is great help to tackle weight issues or it’s very helpful in weight loss. Kids can do this easy workout and burn a lot of calories on a daily basis.

Stronger lymphatic system

Kids can jump to stimulate the lymphatic system. This way, the amount of toxins in the body are managed. And when toxins are managed well, it helps keep diseases away to a large extent.

Leaner body

Kids can jump up and down to keep their body toned up. A leaner body is possible with jumping as cardiovascular exercises are good for physical motion. More so, a flexible body is always a fit and leaner body.

Improved learning

Jumping is fun. Kids doing it are found happy and joyous all the time. With happiness comes easy of learning. So, those who jump are good at study as they grasp things easier and often excel at studies. All this due to the presence of a mood-enhancing substance that gets produced when we jump.

In overall, jumping is a wonderful workout for kids and if they do it regularly, they will surely get a whole lot of health and physical benefits together.

Author Bio:-

Akshay Sharma is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. Currently he is giving time to write for trampoline park UK.


Stunning Ways To Redecorate Your Bedroom

There are a zillion ways to redecorate your bedroom all you need is a little creativity! Just let out your inner artist and go at it! Your room should speak about your personality and character. It must show your likes and dislikes.

So choose and redecorate according to that. When redecorating there are a lot of stuff that you need to keep in your mind like budget, wallpapers, flooring, furniture and what not! It can be one hectic duty.


At times you even have to hire professional help like interior designers and architectures. This article is basically targeting those audiences which can’t afford to hire such help or those who just want to do everything on their own! Bellow you will find everything there is to know about redecorating your own room.

Wallpaper or Paint?

This is a very huge decision. You want wallpaper or paint in your room? If you go for paint then you have to choose between variety of colors, combinations and at times even patterns. For all artistic and painters peeps out there you can do so much with a wall!


Give your room a different yet elegant look with paints, sprays, crayons and anything you want or like. However if you go for wallpapers you have a lot of options!

Wallpapers can be trendy, floral or classic or scenery styles and even plain wallpaper can arouse spectacles. Wallpaper basically gives your room a finesse finish.  For all nerdy comic book fans out there you can also create your own wallpaper which focuses on super heroes and other such characters.

Light up the place:

Lights are very vital when redecorating the place. You don’t want your pictures and selfies to look bad, do you? The only way to avoid that catastrophe is to use better lights. I would say yellow lights are the perfect solution to this. You can always hang some chandeliers around the room or house.


Even lamps can be a very nice yet subtle touch. Hanging fairy lights is also another good idea. So you see there are many things that a person can do all you need to do is use that mind of yours!

Carpets and Rugs:

For people who adore rugs and carpets, you can buy some new types of rugs and carpets, whatever comes in your budget! You need to let go of the same old sloppy carpets and rugs. Do something diverse and different.  For starters don’t waste your old bedroom rug or carpet. Just give them a nice wash and use them to cover up the entire wall or a section of the wall. All depends on you! For your redecoration buy a new rug and ask a carpenter to give it any unique cut and then place it on your room.


The Right Flooring

Selecting the right flooring can be a very tough decision, especially with so many options; tiles, marbles, chips, wooden or carpets.

 If you have already selected your room’s furniture and décor then choose the flooring according to that but I would recommend that you select the flooring first and then choose your furniture according to that. This is a better approach. For more home decor suggestions, visit

Author Bio:

This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blog at


Celebrity Secrets for Looking Stunning and Ageless

Is it just us or are celebrities getting progressively younger as they’re getting older?

Apart from the currently popular posse of young celebrities pawing their way into stardom (and looking young, gorgeous and fresh as a statement to their youth – as they should), the stars we grew up with, the ones we saw in films and on TV when we were all young, took on a role of ageless beauty icons that should be serving as inspiration when in fact – they only keep us puzzled and shaken (self-esteem wise). Why? Now that they are in their 40s and 50s, they don’t seem to have changed at all even though we have, and some of them even went younger-looking. This adds to the dissonance and a sharp disparity between our mind’s view of ourselves and our new physical reality. Should we be feeling guilty for not looking as fresh and young at 50 as they do?


Let’s discuss a bit.

Celebrities that used to shoot films, sing or kick-start their careers back in the 20th century look exactly the same now in the 21st, so they’re obviously branded “immortal” and routinely called “ageless.” Take Bullock, Halle Berry, Lopez, Kim Kardashian… All these stunners are somewhere between 30 and 60, and the line between their age gaps has blurred so intensely that we all have troubles figuring out their real age. With captions saying “This Is What 49 Looks Like” under Halle Berry’s pic, women around the Globe are rushing to their mirrors in a frenzy, condemning their terrible genetics and lack of privilege to look as good as celebs do.


Hey, don’t despair; it’s all good. You are looking amazing for your age and whoever says any different, cuss them out. Just remember gorgeous Grace Kelly at age 52 in the early 1980s – she looked like a stunning, well-tended middle-aged woman (as she should). Today she’d look old for her age. Ridiculous.

While we may go into a pretence-shock as to what’s making the celebs look as stunning and ageless as they do, we already know the answer to that – bottomless bank accounts, stylists of every kind, personal trainers, nutritionists, countless surgical procedures and touch-ups. We did find out, however, that some of our favorite ageless stars utilize techniques that work for all of our budgets. Awesome, right? Let’s explore it:

Halle Berry

Berry is practically superhuman as, at her 46, she looks better than some 20-year-olds. Her secret? Natural products and diligence. She makes sure to clean her skin and moisturize morning and night, never skipping the routine. To give her skin a break, she also lays off the makeup when she’s not on set and she wears organic sunscreen as a daily must.


Jennifer Aniston

At 44, Aniston looks almost exactly the same as back in the season 10 of Friends. The secret to her youthful look is chemical peels. “Then [the dead skin on your face] just kind of falls off—for eight days.” Should we try it?


Diane Kruger

Aged 40, Kruger is still one of the most beautiful and desirable women in Hollywood. The starlet loves her favorite products like Kiehl’s Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion and she suggests she never goes to bed without removing her makeup. She’s also careful on the type of products she uses for hair growth (obviously, she’s all about organic, all-natural products). Really, Diane – is it possible that it’s THAT simple?


Jennifer Lopez

The 43-year-old stunner is one of the world’s most beautiful women and she is looking younger and better as she ages. Her secret? Sunscreen, face masks, dancing and body shapers. Lopez indulges in placenta collagen masks, always steps out in SPF 15 or higher, and she loves accentuating her figure with a good shaper which she sometimes wears during workouts to sweat off the extras. Brava, J LO… brava!


Cate Blanchett

This Aussie stunner has perfect skin even at 44, and we can’t help but admire it. Want to look like her? It’s simple but expensive. Blanchett swears by a range of SK-II products and she religiously sticks to her routines. Copying her beauty regiment will cost you, but we’d say it’s worth it for a year-round glow that makes you look 20 years younger, right?



Embrace Your Over 50 Life Stage, and Enjoy It!

Thing is – the society and its obsession with youth and FOMO (that, undeniably, go hand in hand) has got us so terrified of ageing that even when we don’t feel like we should be panicking, we do – and we do it on autopilot. Apparently, the moment you catch your first gray – you are done. Such nonsense.

Being under the impression that we have to slow down as we age, most of us begin to act so; instead of running for the bus – we walk, instead of rushing to the grocery store – we go at a slow pace.


Do you really think this is the right way to live the rest of your life, i.e. die while still alive? Of course you don’t! This is the right time to snap out of the society-imposed prospects and live to the fullest.

Here are just a few suggestions that will help you organize your time and life for the best possible outcome.

Sign up for a foreign language

There’s nothing like learning a foreign language that keeps the brain sharp and functional. If there’s a culture that you’ve always been interested in and yet you’ve never had the time to explore it, this is your opportunity! Start learning the language, learn about the culture, book a ticket to the country later on and make it a phenomenal experience! Your partner or your best friend can join in, too – both in the lessons and traveling. Why not!


Volunteer – do something for others

Volunteering is an amazing way to channel good will and your passions for a cause by helping others. Naturally, there’ll be a little selfishness behind your volunteering sessions – a chance to meet new people, engage in various social dialogues, make friends and have an impact. From volunteering at the public kitchen of your town to assisting in shelters or working with underprivileged children, you can opt for any sphere you feel would do you (and others) good. Don’t you think that’s wonderful?


Join a book club or read on your own

Reading one book a month will keep your brain engaged and prevent/slow down the possibility of Alzheimer’s. Reading, your brain will be exposed to wonderful and strange ideas you have never thought of before, which will be an excellent component of a stress reduction plan. Stay away from literature you *think* you *should* be reading – read whatever feels right at that moment.

Joining a book club will give you an opportunity to both socialize and exchange options on the reading material. With this intellectual interaction, your brain will stay continually engaged, sharp and quick. Plus, you may make friends with your reading buddies in the process!


Travel, travel, travel

You’ve probably spent half of your life saving for after you retire and now that you have – you can’t even remember what was all the saving up for. Well, let us break it to you – for traveling! Now that you’re not on a schedule at your firm, you can finally let loose and go visit some of the most amazing destinations that have always drawn your attention. These days, hotel and resort managers have started thinking about the elderly at large, with resorts all over the world organizing amazing centers like over 50s club, making sure their guest enjoy their time better than they could’ve ever imagined. Grab your partner, best friend, grandchild, your daughter (or whoever else you’d like) and go on a trip! You’ll bond and you’ll enrich your life for a few phenomenal experiences in the process. Hey, if you want to go on your own – that’s okay, too! You’ll sure meet new people along the way.


Enjoy every single day of your retired life and make it count! Spend time with your family, read, exercise, travel, go hiking with your friends or have fancy dinners with your in-laws. Your life should not lose in quality just because you’ve got a few grays in your hair!

Anna Nicole Smith

What Can We Learn from Celebrities’ Bad Estate Planning?

Celebrities sometimes have to work hard in order to keep their private lives away from the public eye that scrutinizes them. Even when the famous person passes away, the scrutiny can be transferred further on. Let’s be honest, most people are interested in the details of other people’s private lives, especially when it comes to celebrities. However, there are some information that we can actually learn from. Some celebrities, despite having access to best professional advisors, made mistakes and left enormous taxes and legal fees, and other legal issues. Here, you will see how you can avoid potential problems and protect your loved ones by drafting a will and keeping it updated.


Princess Diana

If you want your wishes to be carried out, make sure they are in a properly drafted trust or will. Instead of a will, Princess Diana wrote a “letter of wishes”. In it, she wrote to her executors to leave a 100,000 pounds worth of possessions to her sons and godchildren. The godchildren, however, only received trinkets.

Princess Diana

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith married a billionaire, J. Howard Marshall II. He was 89 and Anna was 26. The marriage was infamous because of the speculations that she married him only for money. However, Marshall drafted a will together with his son, not even acknowledging Anna as his spouse and leaving her nothing. A little over a year after the wedding, Marshall died, when a lengthy legal battle over his estate began between Smith and Marshall’s son. Smith made another mistake by not updating her will after she gave birth to her daughter. It was drafted before her pregnancy and she left everything to her son, choosing to intentionally omit any future children, spouse or future spouse from it. What you should understand is the potential magnitude of disinheriting your current or future heirs from your will.

Anna Nicole Smith

Warren Burger

A former Supreme Court Justice apparently didn’t manage to get it right. His family had to pay over $450,000 in court fees and estate taxes due to Warren’s brevity – he tried to draft his will in only 176 words. Don’t have your will written for you by others or try to write your own will. Checks with your local bar association’s lawyer service or ask other professionals for referrals, and find a qualified estate planning attorney. Even if you wrote your own will, used services from confirmed companies that enable composing wills online, or used software to create it, have an estate planning attorney check for any problems that may not be that obvious, and which can cause trouble later.

Warren Burger

Etta James

A good estate planning takes care of you during your lifetime and it’s not just about carrying wishes after we pass away. Etta James, however, signed her power of attorney while in a questionable mental competency. This resulted in her son and spouse fighting in court over whether Etta’s authorization was valid. The court battle was ended shortly before Etta James died. Important documents, such as power of attorney, advance directives, and living wills give your close ones the authority to make financial and medicinal decisions for you when you are not capable.

Etta James

Leona Helmsley

Leona Helmsley, the hotel tycoon, left $12 million to her dog and cut two of her grandkids out of her huge estate worth $5 billion. The grandkids eventually sued, with claims that she wasn’t mentally fit to create her trust and will. They were left with $2 million. Thus, one should have a professional conduct an evaluation to attest to your mental competence, especially if you plan to do anything unusual.

The will you draft has to be a well-conceived legal written document, created with an estate planning attorney or at least attested and confirmed by a professional of that sort. It will spare the family of the deceased of potential problems. Otherwise, one can leave a legacy of improper distribution of income, court cases, and family feuds.

Natural Remedies

4 Natural Remedies to Get Firmer Breasts

There are women everywhere who wish their breasts were a certain size, shape or even the same as some celebrity. Breast surgery, or augmentation is still hugely popular even now, which has seen breast implants popularity double since 2014. The whole procedure is based on removing excess tissue, which then allows surgeons to tighten the surrounding tissue, ultimately reshaping any cleavage. There are benefits and disadvantages to breast surgery, which has also seen an increase in the amount of breast surgery claims since it may became important to get the “celebrity look”. There are also those who would wish to have breast surgery, but aren’t able to afford it, so we have listed natural, risk free methods in order to get firmer breasts.


Cucumber & Egg Yolk?

It is possible to reshape breasts, if you are unhappy or sagging using a breast mask. It may seem ridiculous, but using a combination of egg yolk and cucumber, you can reshape your breasts naturally, rather than going through a surgical procedure. Cucumber offers a skin toning factor, whereas the egg yolk is known to provide the body with vitamins and protein, all contributing to firmer breasts. The idea behind such a mask is too blend a cucumber, adding tea spoons of cream, butter and one egg yolk, then finally applying it to your breasts. It is important to wash it off once the mask has been on for half an hour with cold water, and should be applied just once every week.

Natural Remedies

Ice Massage

Ice massages are known to help firm breasts, even though it could be hugely sensitive. Cold temperatures are can do two things, strengthen the skin on and around breasts and also slow down the cellular movement, preventing them from movement. The technique behind an ice massage is to simply place two ice-cubes into a plastic bag, then massaging the chest area for a minute each. It is important to not go over do it, as it can make your breasts incredibly sensitive.

Aloe Vera Gel/Almond Oil

Another method for firming your breasts is using aloe Vera and almond oil together. Both of the following contain vitamins, amino acids, helping to stimulate growth and to improve the circulations, ultimately tightening your breast areas. The method behind aloe Vera gel and almond oil to rub into your breasts and stimulate the muscles, helping breasts remain firm and preventing sagging.


No matter how many different natural remedies there are, exercise will always benefit you in every way. There are different exercises that can help you, which is the most natural way of all. Swimming, yoga, press ups and shoulder presses are only a select few exercises that help you work your pectoral muscles. Exercising your pectoral muscles allows them to be filled with blood, adding a firmness to the breast tissues and helping them become lifted.