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Preparing for Cold Winter: Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have

Like it or not, the seasons are a-changing and summer is almost over. There’s still some time before the cold winter winds start blowing but that’s no reason not to start preparing your wardrobe for colder months. With few essentials at the time you can easily build up your wardrobe, and combine those pieces with different outfits for both autumn and winter months.


A nice headwear

Ladies who love an elegant and classy look will enjoy the new trend of wearing fedora hats. Not only are these hats warm but they are a great accessory to complete the outfit with. Moreover, they can be decorated with bows and brooches for a more unique effect. On the other hand, beanies are as popular as ever for anyone who values casual style above all else, and the options color and pattern wise are numerous.


Leather jacket

Its majesty – the leather jacket – will always be a timeless piece. It’s a perfect garment for autumn and milder winter. There are many new twists to the classic leather jacket and it’s important to pick one that matches your style and personality the best, but also the one that would flatter your body type beautifully. Black leather jackets are always in style, but in recent years, brown, burnt orange, red and even white leather have become very popular.


Sweater season

Let’s forget about ugly Christmas sweaters because the sweater season can actually provide you with many options on how to enrich your wardrobe. In recent years sweaters have become really popular which resulted in their great diversity regarding the cuts, design and style. Sweaters are really great pieces for layering your clothes and creating a very unique outfit that will keep you warm.


Jumper dress

Jumper dress is, without a doubt, a perfect addition to your winter essentials. Its biggest advantage is the fact that it can be versatile and great for both casual and more formal occasions. There are many types of jumper dresses available and you can get yourself one that suits your style the best. Thinner or thicker wool, different patterns, knee or ankle length as well as various colors are some of the characteristics that can make such a dress really stand out in a positive way and make you feel fashionable and warm at the same time.


Interesting scarves

Nothing says winter like a nice, interesting scarf. There are just so many options on the market, from infinity and blanket scarves to those that are really long and intricate in design and pattern. If you want to spice up your outfits in the most unique way possible, making your own scarf using some good quality yarn will definitely add a final personal touch to your look while carefully designed yarn bowls will make the whole process easier. The best thing about this project is the fact that making a scarf can be very relaxing and there are many techniques explained online, some of which show using only your fingers for the whole process.


A fitted coat

Apart from leather jacket, a good coat is also something that your wardrobe needs in order to be fully completed for winter time. Again, pay attention to your body type as well as your own preferences when choosing a coat. When it comes to outerwear you should always be prepared to invest a little bit more money because these garments will serve you for many seasons to come. Moreover, opting for a classic cut will definitely prove to be a fashionable move worth the investment.


Comfortable shoes

Ankle shoes and knee-high boots are your most obvious choice for colder periods during the year. Nowadays, shoes and boots are an accessory on their own and they come with many interesting details as well as shapes and patterns. If you want to get yourself a pair of shoes or boots that will match most of your outfits it would be wise to opt for a classic style in black or brown, but those who like to rock outfits that are more unique and edgy will definitely find many options in the stores as well. The important thing is that the shoes are comfortable to walk in and that they are water resistant.


When it comes to fashion, winter is another great season to show off your stylishness. For the best possible look and additional warmth make sure to include some basic pieces in your wardrobe essentials so that you can layer and create different looks easily.

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Stylish Winter Wear for Women

Winters may be punishing as a season, but there is nothing that adds class to the closet as winter clothing does. You have so many options to play around with and there is no missing the warm boots and leggings with cosy scarves and jackets. Women love winters mostly because of the choice it adds to their wardrobe in terms of styling options. The most important winter clothes for women that are must haves this season are:

Double Breasted Overcoat

This simple overcoat is a garment in itself. You can add a pair of leggings with calf length boots and along with a woollen scarf to complete the style and you are all set to hit the movies or the mall with your girls. This simple winter attire is not only fashionable to the core, but is also warm and comfortable for an easy all day wears. All the women love to sport double breasted long coats in bright colours to add statement to their attires.

Calf/knee length boots

Winters without boots are as incomplete as a steaming cup of coffee on a freezing winter morning. Boots are what complete your look and make you winter ready by its simple addition. There are so many variations available in the market these days that you can practically own a shoe closet and it would still not be enough. The boots go perfectly with well fitted jeans or the warm leggings. Just throw in a pair of warm socks peeking out of the boots and the style is complete!

Boyfriend sweater

This one made the latest addition this season. Boyfriend sweater is a feminine version of a loose sweater that women cutely sport borrowing it from their boyfriends. With huge graphic prints on them and short length, they look amazingly cute on a pair of jeans and a pair of boots. Try a long shirt hanging out with a lose sweater this winter to sport the androgynous look which is slightly more tilted towards the feminine side.

Warm pair of leggings

Leggings made a huge statement this season first in summers and now in winters. They are fabulous attire for a long day with friends. If you do not want to be comfortable for the rest of the day, try the leggings with a sweater or a jacket and you are all set. The leggings can be available in solid colours or prints that can be matched with plain sweaters to tone down the prints.

Winter clothing is all about personal style and comfort level. While fashion these days is highly dynamic, you must choose the clothing as per your comfort level and something that you can wear without being uneasy. If you are confident about the winter clothes that you chose for yourself, then chances are this comfort will reflect in your overall style and make you look even more attractive. Much of the styling is to do more with attitude than with clothes.

Author Bio: The author is a fashion stylist at and helps in enhancing the latest designs and improving the overall product portfolio of the company.

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How Party Wear Sarees Express Your Personality During Wedding

The kind of clothes we wear tells a lot about ourselves and how we want to project ourselves. If you want to wear a chic and modern look in a social event like wedding or engagement, then party wear sarees are just the right thing for you. Designer sarees have that aura about itself with which you can make a positive style statement and earn accolades with regard to your looks as well as taste.

In most cases it is seen that a large percentage of men are less conscious about the looks. However, all women are absolutely fastidious when it comes to styling and thereby pleasing the womenfolk is really difficult task. Party sarees are definitely the best option. These sarees are perfectly suitable for women with varying body type and skin tone since they are available in a diverse range of fabrics, designs and colours.

Gorgeous Net Sarees

Net sarees are one of the ‘in’ styles that have a high demand in the fashion market. This particular style could make a positive appeal before of the fashionistas because of the beautiful and intricate embroidery works done on the semi-transparent fabric. Moreover, these sarees wrap around the body of the wearer neatly and thereby accentuating their curves and making them look all the more sensuous. Mostly, the net sarees are available in soft and sober colours and are perfectly suitable for women with varying body type. However, a skinny person must drape around the saree tactfully to create an illusion of fuller figure.

Rich Silk Sarees

A wide range of silk sarees is also available in the market, thereby leaving you with plentiful of options to choose from. The fashion designers of the 21st century have brought about some innovative twist in the traditional silk sarees, thereby transforming them totally. The elaborate and sophisticated works of the designer silk saree will certainly astound you. While sporting these beautiful designer silk sarees with an exclusive blouse, the wearer will exhibit elegance and glamour at the same time.

Party Wear SareesGlitzy Georgette and Chiffon Sarees

Georgette and Chiffon are two fabrics that are very attractive and the wearer looks absolutely sensational in it. Sarees made from this fabric have a great fall and wraps around the feminine figure beautifully. Thus it is perfectly suitable for voluptuous women as it will help in highlighting the curves in their body and make them look all the more attractive. These fabrics are available in both printed materials as well as solid colours. The borders of these sarees are made from different kinds of zari works, zardozi materials, sequins and other kinds of embroideries and thus making the saree look really beautiful. Thus by wearing a Georgette or chiffon saree, you are going to look really classy and sophisticated.

These party wear sarees will help in unleashing your inner beauty, attitude and panache with poise. These are some of the qualities because of which designer sarees have evolved as the only and the best choice for women belonging to different generations as well as professions. So make the right choice to bring out your persona and get all the attention that you definitely deserve.

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Online shopping for clothes: enjoyable leisure activity

Let the past be a forgotten history! Commemorate not the tormenting moments and experiences of the city clothe stores! Let the people compete in the shopping malls and stores. The salesmen standing at the stores will no more force you to listen to their irritating long sermons about the quality of the clothes they sell. You don’t have to anymore feel ashamed of seeing a lot many pieces of clothes and not purchasing any. Forget the days when you had to carry a load of clothes from the stores in the city. No need to take a break from your office. You do not have to worry about squeezing out a special time out of your busy schedule to visit the shopping malls. Open the computer, log on to the online store and endlessly enjoy online shopping for clothes.

How wonderful it sounds to get the things at your bed-comfort. Doesn’t it? Oh! How horrible were those experiences of getting stuck in the traffic amidst heavy rain. The joy of shopping clothes in the clothe store turned nightmare. You are free from such troubles now. The online shopping brings everything at your finger tips. Whether it is darkest of night or sunniest of days; the online shopping facility remains open all the time. Yes, you may unlike the city clothe stores not get a chance to wear the clothes and judge yourself in front of the mirror but if you are well aware of your size and shape; you can select the clothes of perfect size. The clear descriptions of the sizes of the clothes will in no way let you feel embarrassed. Furthermore, unlike the clothe stores in your city; you do not have to wear the clothes already tried by someone in the trial room.

The clothe stores in your city may not have the up to date fashionable clothes due to the various constraints as that of distance from the manufacturers. They may again store the clothes most used or prevalent in that particular region. But online shopping stores will offer you the endless range of clothes in style and fashions prevalent across the globe. You may see a fashionable style of clothe in a fashion show on television and immediately order for the same from the online shopping stores. You will not only enjoy shopping but exploring the different types of clothes in different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, prices and texture etc will be a satiating experience.

Again, you may wish to make either online payment using credit and debit card or make payment on delivery; you have all the facilities. No need to carry the load of cash or the load of the clothes purchased. Once you place your order, it will be immediately shipped and the shipment will be delivered to you at the stated time. In case of damage done while shipping, you have the right to reject the clothes and place an order to rectify the mistake by sending you the new items. Online shopping for clothes has revolutionized the activity of shopping and now it has turned to be an enjoyable leisure activity.


4 Key fashion accessories that you must carry to travel to look cozy

How about making your trip a little bit of fashionable along with taking care of the safety measures? Of course it’ll add extra zing to your fun. You need to carry the right accessories to make your trip fashionable and amazing. Check out the 4 must have fashion accessories which travelers must consider carrying:

Comfortable yet classy shoes: Traveling is all about walking around and discovering places around you. It may turn difficult for you to continue your discovery without a comfy pair of shoe. Flats are more recommended for utter comfort. Select trendy pairs of flats to move in style. Especially if you’re planning a summer trip, then you must not forget to pack your comfortable flats. For winter trips, you may pack in some boots. You may transform your look by just pairing a simple ankle length boot to your attire and this is safe and comfortable too. Avoid heels or strappy shoes as they may cause sore feet.

fashion-accessoriesOversized bags to carry essential items: When you travel, the most important thing which you must take care of is your luggage. Instead of increasing the number of your luggage, you may use oversized travel bags to carry all of your essential items conveniently. There are various brands which offer spacious yet fashionable travel bags with various separate compartments. You may look for these spacious bags to match your requirements. You may even try backpacks as they are pretty much convenient for the travelers. Try neon shades, because they go well in almost every season.

Perfect accessories: Your accessories must be neither too bold nor too bland. You must select matching accessories with your clothes but never go over the top. Remember you must not attract negative attention at all. Try to keep it casual yet classy. May be a small pendant or a signature ring can change the way your jeans and t-shirt look. You need to experiment well before selecting the right accessories. Also keep it light, don’t let your heavy accessories take a toll on you.

Makeup to suit your mood: When talking about fashion, can makeup be far behind? Of course not. Just like the accessories you must also go light on your makeup. Choose your makeup as per the climate of your destination. Avoid runny makeup to safeguard your looks. Pastel shades can be a safe choice, but of course you must take care of your dress type before deciding anything.

There are millions of other fashion accessories which you may carry to bring out your stylish self during your travel. Carry a finely designed hat and wear comfortable clothes to cut the heat. This will take care of your beauty along with keeping you fashionable.

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Winter Accessories and Spring Outfits

Spring is a great excuse to fill your wardrobe with all the best of this season’s latest trends. However, buying new clothes as well as accessories can get pricey, so why not simply recycle pieces from last season? By not purchasing your whole new wardrobe from current collections and instead mixing and matching your look, you will be showing off a unique sense of style. So, we’ve taken our pick of some of the most popular accessories from the winter, and provided tips on how to add these to spring wardrobe staples.


Leather was huge last autumn/winter and luckily it can be used to form unique outfits this season. Leather shouldn’t dominate a spring outfit, so instead use smaller pieces and add to new spring wear. A pair of leather leggings is a fab way to add edge to a girly frock. Black leather leggings combined with huishan zhang 2013 spring/summer range pieces exemplifies this contrast. The range features dresses in floral prints which epitomize spring, made from lightweight fabrics like silk and lace. For an evening out, team one of these gorgeous dresses with leather leggings for rocking style!


Winter AccessoriesWhen going for a night on the town during the winter, gold has long been the go-to tone for accessories. Gold chunky necklaces, bracelets, earrings and clutch bags add instant glamour to an outfit and make a classic LBD look ultra-chic. You needn’t hide away your gold accessories until next winter though, as they can be worked into a spring outfit with dramatic effect. Rather than teaming with black, go for a white colour palette for your outfit for a more seasonal-appropriate take on the gold trend. Not just for an evening out, a chunky gold necklace can be teamed with a white sundress to create a boho chic look. Keep things low-key by choosing a dress made from a natural, simple fabric like cotton, and teaming with tan leather boots and a bag.


Knitted accessories like gloves, hats and scarves were a major trend last autumn/winter and, with the chilly temperatures, a major necessity too! Whilst gloves are not needed for spring – even on colder British spring days! – knitted hats and scarves can still be worn. Leave chunky knits in your wardrobe and opt instead for finer pieces. A beret-style hat in a bright colour looks cute with a plain spring dress, especially if the colours are contrasting. The same goes with a fine-knitted scarf, which is the perfect way to stay warm on an evening out, without the need for a bulky coat. Go for contrasting brights – yellow, red, green and purple are all big this spring and will give your winter accessories a hot 2013 make-over.