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Tricks and Tips to Make Your Smile Look Brighter

One of the first things you notice on a person is their smile. You can tell a lot about them just by watching them smile. Smiling and laughing is the most natural thing and should be done on a daily basis. Those who avoid smiling are missing a lot in life. Yet there are those whose smile isn’t as bright as it used to be, which is why they don’t smile anymore. Mourn no more, for these tips and tricks will help you recover your original smile and improve your current one. Listed below are the things which you can do to make your smile look brighter.


Choose the right makeup

Everything starts from the way you express yourself. If your makeup is right, your teeth will stand out and your smile will be brighter than ever. Choose the one that doesn’t create a huge contrast on your face, yet fits perfectly with your white smile. Don’t put on your makeup just too look look prettier; instead, think about connecting it with your skin tone in order to bring your smile into focus.


… And the right lipstick

Not all the lipsticks have the same effect on your smile. The darker the color of your lipstick, the more prominent your teeth will be. Try and find a middle ground, and find a lipstick that is not too bright or too dark. Red lipsticks used to be IN during 90s, and the fashion trend is about to return. If your teeth are perfectly white, any light color will do. However, if they have lost some of their shine, consider light plum colored lipstick, ruby orfuchsia.


Focus on your eyes

Another thing that could really, really put a spotlight on your teeth and smile is choosing the right eyeliner. Now I know what you’re thinking, what do eyes have to do with smile? Well, the answer is obvious: When your eyes twinkle, your smile follows. And no matter what kind of smile you have, it will be brighter and better if your eyes are sparkling. Remember to choose cooler shades of eye makeup to really express the true beauty your eyes possess. Opt for purple, green or blue eye liners, for they normally deflect all yellow that you might have on your teeth. This is an optical illusion which works for those whose teeth have lost their original shine.


Consider teeth whitening

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, they tend to lose their original shine over time. It’s a normal process happening to everyone, due to the food, sodas and coffee we tend to eat and drink every day. In order to return their original shine, your teeth should undergo a whitening process. If you live in a land down under, look for the best teeth whitening in Sydney and get ready to spend a few hundred dollars. Once the process is done, your teeth will be shiny and perfect, radiating with whiteness. Beauty has no price.


Eat a lot of fruits

Now who would have thought that fruits could help your smile? Scientists have proven that eating a lot of fruits, especially those rich with vitamin C and astringents can help whiten your teeth and clean plaque in the process. Not only that, but your teeth remain strong and white even after drinking coffee and eating chocolate. Your food intake reflects on your health, and you are what you eat. Focus on healthy food to improve your general health and your smile with it.


Use these beauty tips and never again be afraid to smile. It is your greatest asset, and you should be using it every day.

Basic Makeup Tips

Basic Makeup: How to Apply? Part II

In the previous blog, you have seen how important it is to have a clean face before you actually start applying makeup.  You would also remember how one should apply a good concealer to cover the dark circles or blemishes that are there on the face.  Then of course, we have dealt with the way in which a good foundation can be applied.  In this blog, we will further see how the entire procedure of applying makeup can be taken forward.


Setting the foundation:  Come to seriously think of it, this step is extremely essential if you wish the makeup to last for a long time.  For this, you should make use of setting powder and this will help in holding the concealer and foundation in its place.  Make use of a fluffy and large brush so that you can cover the entire face in either matching or a neutral setting powder.  This becomes crucial if you are using the liquid foundation.  When you use the setting powder, it will help in removing the extra sheen from your foundation.

Basic Makeup

Applying the highlighter:  Once you are done with applying the foundation, your next move should be in the direction of applying the highlighter.  Highlighter will help in breaking the monotony of the uniform color you have achieved through applying the foundation.  You can make use of a powder or cream to highlight specific areas on your face.  For instance, you can highlight the area below your eyebrows or the inner corners of the eyes, the center of Cupid’s bow or sides of the cheekbones.  Do not do all, but choose to highlight one or two so that it looks perfect.  You could apply the highlighter with your fingers or make use of a highlighter brush too.

Contouring:   This is essential to bring out the highlights in the face.  This is a process wherein a powder is used which is just a few shades more intense than the original skin tone of the person.  Generally, contouring is needed on the hollows of the cheeks, under the cheekbones and sides of the nose.  When contouring is done in the right manner it will help a person’s face look longer and thinner in appearance.

Basic Makeup Tips

Applying a little blush:  This is the final stage in preparing your face.  Add a little bit of color to your cheeks.  Well, you should be cautious when you are choosing the color as it has to gel well with the foundation and contouring you have done.  So, do not get it heavy and go slow on the color so that it gives an overall blended look.

Filling in the eyebrows:  This may be the last step considering the condition in which your eyebrows are in.  Yes, fullness of the eyebrows does not call for much of making up.  Filling in the eyebrows is strongly recommended for those people who have sparse or thin eyebrows.  Choose an eyebrow pencil whose color is close to the color of your hair.  Outline the edges of the eyebrows and then start filling in towards the center by using a little color.  With the help of small strokes, and done in the direction of the hair growth, fill up the entire space.

Now, your face is fully ready with the basic makeup done.


Basic Makeup: How to Apply?

It is indeed true that wearing makeup has become very common place in the current scenario.  People have started wearing some kind of makeup or the other every day, be it for their work or for a party or for a get-together.  When it is applied well, it cuts across a very nice and neat picture.  But, when the right products and the right shades are not used, it does not leave a good taste at all.  This reflects very badly if you are taking pictures.  So, one should get their fundamentals or rather basics in makeup very strong.


This is an insight into makeup for all the newcomers…a grand welcome to the plethora of opportunities we have in cosmetics.  One would definitely be at a loss when numerous options are thrown in front of them.  However, the basics would be the same for any kind of a makeup that you may put.  So, learn it at the right time and in the right manner so that you can very soon become a pro.  You can learn about the most elementary of makeup products and how you could make the best use of each one of them.


Remove prior applied makeup:  When you are at applying makeup, ensure that it is absolutely clean.  In some cases, by chance you have any kind of makeup done by someone else on your face, remove it.  When you apply makeup over already existing makeup, you will get a caked look and it will make you look absolutely artificial.  So, start off with a fresh face.  Use a makeup remover or even baby oil can be used as it is very mild and will help easy to remove any residues of the makeup.  Never sleep with makeup on your face for it may clog the pores and become a major cause for wrinkles and blemishes later.

Clean your face thoroughly:  Removing old makeup is extremely important.  Similarly cleaning one’s face thoroughly is also extremely important.  With the help of a mild cleanser, you can wash your face.  All you have to do is invest some time to scrub and remove the dead skin that got accumulated in the pores.  Then, you apply a moisturizer so that you balance if there is any oiliness left on your skin.


Apply a good concealer:  Why should you use a concealer?  It helps in evening out the uneven tones of skin.  It helps in concealing the dark circles under the eyes and also the blemishes on your face.  You can either use your fingertips or a concealer brush on the patchy areas, on dark spots, near eyelids or on acne.  You need to blend the edges of the concealer spots well so that you do not have any discolored marks on the face.

Apply foundation:  There is in fact an amazing range available in this segment…powder foundations, cream, or liquid…all of which will give an even complexion.  It will help in blending the natural skin color with the concealer which you have applied.  Again, use the right foundation brush to apply on the face.  Do not forget to blend the same in your earlobes and neck too.  You can apply liquid foundation with your fingertips.

This is the preparation that is the most basic one that you need to master in order to get a final output that looks great.  More details in the next blog J!  Stay tuned in for more!!

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Studies and research have shown that some plants can be useful in maintaining the beauty of the skin. The extracts from these plants play varied roles in the skin like maintaining a healthy look, making you look young and reducing of radicals that are on the skin. It is important or critical to have these plants in your home for the purpose of acquiring the extracts. Some of the plant extracts are also essential in removing or reducing of wrinkles from the skin. Most of the extracts from these plants come from their leaves, stems or flowers. Most of these plants are easy to grow in your home garden or the backyard.



The herb is known to be aromatic and is a rich plant. The beneficial components in the herbs are compounds named phenols. Thyme is capable of destroying and killing bacteria that are disease causing and harmful to the skin. There are also active ingredients in the plant extract that are essential in fastening the healing of the skin especially spots and acne. The plant is good and effective for use in making or manufacture of creams that aim at fighting and eliminating acnes from the skin. Thyme is easy to grow in the garden and take care of Reap the benefits of the extract by having the plant on your farm. The leaves of thyme need to be soaked. Soak them in cider vinegar for a period not less than two weeks.

Bay Leaf

Several people mainly plant the plant as a ‘flavor adding plant’. However, the benefits of the plant extract on the skin beauty and care remain unknown to many. The extracts boost the production of those cells known as collagen cells on the skin. The product is critical and essential for reducing inflammation. The extract is also effective in preventing the infections from getting to the skin. In case of insect bites, the extract is used on the skin. Plant or grow this plant in areas with sufficient sunlight. Ensure to keep the soil on which it grows moist and this is simple to do. The benefits cannot compare to the little effort in planting and caring for the plant.

German Chamomile

Sometimes tea is made from this herb. Most people find it good and tasty. It is good for inducing sleep for individuals who take it during night hours. The plant has flowers that are good for reducing inflammation. The powers of the plant in this role should encourage you to grow the plant in your garden. The plant extracts are also essential in reducing the skin redness. The irritating condition can be disturbing and painful to individual suffering. The extract is also useful and essential in reducing irritability on the skin. The plant extract is good for healing of wounds on the skin and thus restore beauty. The plant is easy to grow as it does not require much water. It can thus be grown in desert areas too. It is thus easy to grow in the garden or backyard. Once ready, pick the flowers and dry them. Soak in olive oil for a month and then use on skin.


You may dislike the smell or taste of the plant. The benefits of the beauty of your skin that the plant can have should encourage you to have the plant in the garden. The plant is antifungal. It is essential to remove blemishes that are on the skin. The oil extracts from the plant are good and crucial in reducing microorganisms and bacteria from infecting the skin. The skin thus remains healthy. Grow the plant in an area that has well-drained soil. Use the leaves of the plant and mix with lemon juice. Blend the two after mixing. Use the paste on your face and allow it to remain or stay on the face for about 5 minutes before washing off or rinsing.


Impatiens Balsamina

These flowers that are annual garden can treat nail fungus. It is usually difficult to heal nail fungus but with these flowers, healing is simple and easy. Grow these in your garden and ensure that soil remains moist. Pick the flowers and soak in vinegar. Let them stay for two weeks. Soak nails in the solution to remove or cure the nail fungus. Do this sometime or just before bedtime. Cover your nails after dipping in solution and cover using tape to ensure the effectiveness of the solution on nails. Remove the tape and clean the nails in the morning.


The extracts from the plant are essential for reducing and eliminating radicals. They reduce wrinkles and also eliminate them. Grow the plant in areas with sunlight. Pick the flowers and dry them. Make extract and use on skin

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has the properties of curing and treating ailments on the skin. The plant is easy to grow in backyard or garden. Apply the extract on skin marks and apply for good results. Grow in places or areas with enough sunlight.


Grow plants in your garden for benefits to the skin. Most are easy to grow. They have few requirements and are easy to manage even with busy daily schedules. The benefits for the skin are unlimited if you grow these plants.



Also watch this video:

Amazing Benefits of Homemade Peels You May Not Know

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The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Red Lipstick

We are all witnesses to the big and amazing comeback of red lipstick. It is awesome, it brings back the charm of the pinup girls and it is hellishly difficult to find the right shade and to apply it perfectly. However, just like in everything else, girls have proven to be amazingly resourceful when it comes to dealing with the red lipstick. Here are the things you need to know about wearing this incredibly sexy lip color.

The Shade

When you say “red” that is not remotely enough in order to determine what color is the perfect lipstick. The red comes in all sorts of shades and there are those which are more or less dramatic. It seems that the basic rule of thumb is that those shades of red can be classified into those that have colder and bluish base, and those with warmer, orangey tones. After you know that, you need to determine your skin tone. Those girls that have light and fair skin tones will look absolutely stunning wearing the colder tones of red. This shade of red will emphasize the skin tone and definitely add to the awesome dramatic look. On the other hand, darker and warmer skin tones go perfectly with warmer red colors and give you that sexy, oriental look.

02Image by Arentas via Flikr

The Lip Shape

This one is just my own opinion and it is not based on some expert ideas or anything like that. OK, the truth is, I really don’t believe that everybody should wear the red lipstick. There – I said it! Watching girls having it on and wearing it in all sorts of occasions, I just don’t feel that girls with thin lips should try to pull it off. Every shade and type of red lipstick draws the attention to the lip shape and make it stand out from the rest of the face. Also, it seems that, if the lips aren’t pillowy and puffy, the red lipstick makes them look even thinner and less attractive. Again, this is just my honest opinion and it based only on my personal taste. Therefore, if I had that issue, I wouldn’t think a second before I used some of the dermal fillers Sydney beauticians and doctors offer.

03Image by goMainstream via Flikr

The Application

Now, this takes practice and precision! I think it is entirely redundant to talk about how wrong you can go when applying the red lipstick. It is so prominent and so strong that all the imperfections in application are very visible. Use a good lip scrub and lip balm to remove all the flakes and dry skin. Lip balm will recover the lips from dryness and it will also fill in the lines within lips and make the surface smooth. You need to use lip pencil and shape your lips perfectly. That will prevent the lipstick from getting into the small wrinkles around your lips. Using a brush, apply the lipstick inside the lines, and voila!

With these tips, you are absolutely ready to have that killer, vamp look for yourself. Just choose the right lipstick.


How and Why I Became a Wedding Makeup Artist

It was two years ago that I officially started doing makeup for brides and the rest of their bridal parties; I can honestly say that it was the best decision of my life. Not only do I get to spend time with people on their special day, but I finally feel like I’m doing something valuable and worthwhile. Some people may think that applying makeup is a simple job, but when you’re doing it for a bride, it has to be flawless and I really do think it is like an art. There are a number of ways that I trained to do my job properly, and also a number of obstacles I needed to overcome on the way. If you’re looking to do something similar, hearing about my own experiences may help you on your journey…

My background

Firstly, I’ll speak a bit about me. I was born in the UK to a loving family and went to school in suburbia. I was never the brightest in terms of maths and science, but I did used to love art lessons and P.E. I didn’t end up going to university and instead I worked in the beauty section in a department store. Over time I started getting really interested in the makeup products and what looked good on people depending on their hair colour and skin tone, etc. I ended up using all of my friends as guinea pigs before I realized that I could actually make a career out of my new found appreciation for cosmetics.

My training

I first enrolled in a general beautician course at my local college where I learned the beginner’s skills for many beauty treatments. I knew that my interest was mainly towards makeup though so I wanted to seek additional courses I could do that would benefit my future. One of the ones I found was from Eyelash Emporium where they taught me that applying eyelash extensions is a lot more precise and intricate than people tend to believe. That allowed me to create more natural and glamourous looking eyelashes for my clients as opposed to using over the counter lashes. I like to stay up-to-date with all the current makeup trends though so I also like attending brand days at department stores so I can see all of the new releases!

My current situation

Now that I’ve been doing bridal beauty for a couple of years, I am looking to employ an assistant! I really never thought I’d be in this position but I’m so glad that I’ve put in the hard work. I’ll be doing a nail course next as I can currently do various manicures but want a few pointers for creating gorgeous nail art for honeymoon toenails. I am hoping that the assistant I find will be proficient in areas where I have space to learn, perhaps in terms of hair and accessory placement. In the long run, I’m thinking towards having my own team of bridal beauty experts who can get the whole wedding party looking fabulous!

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Crucial Tips to maintain beauty of your skin

Being obsessed with a beautiful skin and latest styling on the body is the case with almost every teen girl or any female living all over the world. Most of the females usually wish to have a toned body and carry a glowing skin throughout their life. Your inner happiness and of course the intake of healthy and nutritional food substances are the two major factors that directly affects the beauty of your overall personality. However, many young girls are totally unaware with the fact that there is a strong connection between the health and the beauty of their skin. As a result, the primary aim is to correct or settle an appropriate diet for the body that can actually fulfill the basic requirements to result a beautiful skin for the individual. You may need to follow some easy steps in your daily routine like consuming pure water and intake of healthy and nutritious diet can very much help you to maintain the health of your skin and other parts of the body in a successful manner.

Tips to maintain beauty of your skin

A beautiful skin demands your care for definite factors like eating habits, diet plans, exercises, cleansing habits and many more. Here we are describing some beneficial tips to maintain beauty of your skin:

  • Food and nutrition: The intake of nutritious food rich in essential compounds like antioxidants, biotin, calcium rich food, vitamins etc, can indeed lift up the freshness of your skin and make it look young and beautiful for prolonged time. The food items like, walnut, pomegranate, beans, eggs, salmon, etc, can also help in slowing down the aging process.
  • Consuming supplements: Apart from consuming a healthy diet, few supplements of multivitamins and minerals can fulfill the overall requirement of a healthy and beautiful skin.
  • Maintain the hydration: It is highly important to maintain the hydration of your body as it helps in releasing the harmful toxins out of your body.
  • Avoid stress: Having stress in your life is another major factor responsible for affecting the beauty and health of your body to a great extent. The mental disturbance can easily reflect through lack of freshness on your face and also result into skin problems like wrinkles on your face and likewise.
  • Use healthy and suitable skin products: Apart from consuming a healthy diet, you should also practice some cleansing methods for your skin. Most importantly, you should try to use only herbal products instead of using strong and chemical based skin products which can also cause many side effects to your skin.

In order to maintain your beauty for prolonged time, you should also try to minimize the excessive usage of make up on your skin as it can easily block the skin pores and may result into various skin problems and can affect the beauty of your skin in a severe manner.