Fashion for students – Looking good in a flash

Make no mistake, there is an undeniable pressure from our peers to keep up with the latest fashions and look perfect every minute of the day. But on a student budget, the reality is that is it is hardly possible to keep up with the latest trends. So now is the time to start your own fashionable trend – one that suits your pocket and your incredible lack of time. We all know how hectic study schedules make time for grooming virtually impossible so here are some excellent tips to help you look like you spent ages getting ready, when you whipped it all up in a flash.

Winter Warm Ups

Looking groomed in winter is a snap, and you can be out of your sweats and into a well put together ensemble in a jiffy. You will need to invest in a good coat for winter that you can wear over everything like jeans or smart pants. A lighter hooded jacket to go underneath will be great for when the weather is really revolting.

Ladies with long hair – sweep up your locks in a few pins and pop it under the hoodies. Gents and ladies with short hair that they really can rescue with a bit of hair wax can pop a colorful knitted beanie on – you are a student after all, might as well wear them while you still can.

Body warmers are great over any shirt and go well with jeans and boots – plus they have the added bonus of covering up any muffin top escaping over the top of your jeans. Hallelujah.

Add Length

Feeling a bit like the shorty? You don’t always have to be in heels every minute of the day – a small heel on boots will be just fine as long as you accentuate the length you have.

If you have long hair, wear it up, add in a few bright pins, clips or accessories – you will instantly add height without having to do an extra thing.

Don’t leave long shirts hanging out of jeans or pants, tuck them in and put on a nice belt instead, finish the look with a fitted jacket and you are good to go.

Black to Basics

Black should be a staple color in any student’s wardrobe – it is extremely versatile, like jeans and can be worn and compliment any other color. Pair your black shirt with a bright red or blue scarf, body warmer or accessories – you will instantly have a brand new look without spending a cent.

Invest in a good couple of pairs of black clothing items that you can dress up and down in a minute when you need to – all black with a striking green pair of earrings will be as dramatic as a brand new outfit – and you can wear the items again and again.


Polyester unfortunately has a reputation for being cheap and nasty – and unfortunately thanks to the 90’s, it has very much earned that reputation. But these days – thanks to modern technology and a small polyester revolution – polyester is a great type of material to have in your wardrobe.

It’s inexpensive, washes and dries very quickly and won’t crease forever if shoved in the bottom of a book bag for weeks on end. It is warm, waterproof and light weight which is great for packing, storing and travelling.


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