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The best ways to match your Outfits in winters

Winters arrive and you start worrying about what to wear this winter. This makes you to plan for some winter wear shopping. If you are a woman, then you have more worries about your winter wear as you need to look stylish and fashionable, as well as remain comfortable and warm during the harsh winters. You will need some insight about the right winter wear so that you could make a better choice.

922_black_red_front-600x750The winter coats and cardigans are the best way to keep your body warm when going outside, and at the same time, flaunt your style, as well. But the problem most women face is that they find it hard to decide what to wear with pull over coats and cardigans to look fabulous.

You can wear bright colours like red and orange along with your coat with dark earthy colours. This will help in bringing some chirpiness in your look. You can also wrap up some mufflers or scarves around your neck. This will also give a nice look and will also save you from cold.

K107-600x750With some variation in style and designs, you can wear long slim tops that reach just below the buttocks. There are also pullovers available in the market that you can match with leggings and slim denims. Proper accessories like metal earrings and metal bangles would be best to put on with this type of outfit.

Women kurtis are also in fashion and in great demand by women of all ages. Whether you are a working professional or college going girl, the women kurtis are best for you to match up with cardigans and coats. With kurtis as the top, the most preferred bottom is a chudidar. Apart from chudidars, you can also match up kurtis with a nice pair of denim jeans or formal trouser. Many women also like to wear them along with a Patiala Salwar. This is the beauty of the women kurtis that they get along with a variety of bottoms. The colours available for women’s kurtis are bright and dark ones like orange, brown, red, pink, mustard and likewise. One major thing to look for when shopping for winter kurtis for women is the material. For winters, kurtis made up of chiffon, silk or georgette should not be purchased as they will only make you feel colder. The ideal material for winters would be cotton or wool. Woollen and cotton kurtis can give you a very nice look and keep you warm during winters very easily.

purple_kurti-600x750The online stores provide you a great variety of women kurtis in different materials, colours and designs. You can buy women kurtis and other winter wear like coats, cardigans and jackets online easily and that also at very great prices. Now you don’t need to explore dozens of physical stores and get tired in search of the best looking kurti for you. You can get them easily online.

Author’s Bio: The author is a fashion expert and writer. He is currently writing for and is providing the best advice on style and fashion to the customers.


Where to Buy Women Clothing Online in India

Women love online shopping, and the women of India is not different. They love to spend time on Indian shopping stores. Today, India has lots of online stores targeted to women completely. If you are an Indian woman, then you should do online shopping as early as possible as this is the most suitable method for women these days. So, save your time, money, and energy by doing online shopping in India. This article talks about some of the best online Indian stores, which are great for online women clothing. You should visit them regularly to get great deals online.

Tradus: This is a very famous online Indian store. Lots of Indian women use this site regularly to buy all kinds of products. This site is great for buying women clothing. Lots of women clothing including ethnic wear, bottom, nightwear, innerwear, t-shirts, accessories, swimwear, maternity wear, etc. are available on this nice online Indian store. When it comes to brand, Tradus features brands like Fashion IC, Vivaa, Boosah, Castle, Rudra, Azora, Shree, Ladybug, etc. You will surely love Tradus. The filter options like price, color, city, size, etc. are very effective, helpful. So, visit Tradus to get a great shopping experience.

Snapdeal: This is another great online Indian shopping store for women clothing. You need to give a lot of attention to this online store as well. Snapdeal is very easy-to-use. It is very user-friendly. There are lots of features for customers to choose from. Unlike many online Indian stores, this shopping site has many filter options. Online stores are well-known for providing discounts, and Snapdeal has a filter to find the discounts. So, if you are on a tight budget, then use the option to get the most suitable product for you. The most common products of this online store is Sarees, Kurtis, Salwar Suits, Kurtis, t-shirts, shirts, night wear, inner wear, etc.

Limeroad: Looking for a very good looking online store? Then you should visit this site. You will love the interface of Limeroad. Lots of products are available for you. All you need to do is click on them. Very soon they will be delivered to your house. The most common products are ethnic wear, western wear, winter wear, lingerie, bottom wear, etc. This nice store has filters like price, brands, color, fabric, occasion, pattern, neck, etc. Thinking about the quality? If you don’t like it, then return it. Easy returns and free shipping are available. So, visit this store as early as possible.

Shopnineteen: If you are a woman, then you must visit this online store. This site is great. Unlike most online stores, Shopnineteen is totally focused on women. You will find everything you need on this gorgeous online store. The popular categories are tops, dresses, bottoms, and outerwear. The photos of the models look very nice. Also, you will like the slideshow showcasing the best products. Get great deals on this site.

These are some of the most popular online Indian stores for women clothing. If you don’t know the taste of online shopping, then visit them to experience something new. Happy online shopping!


Are sweat shirts a fashion statement?

Sweatshirts go a long way in making a fashion statement. It is a type of sweater which is made of fabric, though resembles in cut to sweat pants. In a way, it can be referred to as a variation of a sweater, which is intended to wear for a casual occasion or sportswear. It is modeled out of a thick which is usually cotton jersey material, which is as opposed to a knit style. They are most exclusively ideal for casual wear, but not as semi formal as other type of sweaters. A point noteworthy is that sweat shirts may not have any zipper, and it is a part of the youth culture and is often seen spotted by young children.

Why go online to purchase sweat shirts?

  • Convenience- On all counts, shopping online is convenient. One does not need to get dressed and drive to the nearest store. You can find the product sitting in the comfort of your house and what more you do not need to wait for the store to open. Without disturbing your daily schedule, you can buy sweat shirts online.
  • Variety- Your nearest store may have few varieties of sweat shirts. Fashion is a statement and the more options you have the better. They are many varieties of sweat shirts for women available, and you can choose the one as per your liking. Online shopping will provide you with variety, which is an unimaginable thing as far as physical stores, are concerned.
  • Fewer traps- Physical stores often lure you to take certain instinctive decisions. On the other side of the coin, in case of online purchase, you can ponder and have a closed view of things. So one will be not pushed in buying things which are not to their liking.
  • Prices- Last but the most important thing which goes in favor of online shopping is the price factor. Most of the online companies are competing against each other to lure customers, and here, one is sure to get lesser prices. There are a host of reasons for this, and the first thing, which people do is to log on to the internet and find items with cheaper prices. Online stores take note of this fact, and they reduce their profit margin to attract the customers. In addition to this, one can visit a number of websites to find out the best price. This can also be done at a physical store but you end up spending a lot of time as well.

How to purchase sweat shirts?

On all counts, online shopping is the best method. One can browse the various websites and choose the one that suits them. But be sure to choose a company, which has a free refund policy in place. They only deduct the shipping charges, and if the sweat shirt does not suit you, then, you can send it back to them at the earliest.

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3 Must Have Fashion Accessories for Your Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are predominantly used by men throughout the world. Dress shirts are generally considered as a more formal way of wearing shirts. In true sense, a dress shirt has a bow tie and is accompanied with a jacket for formal occasion. For a long time, men preferred buying shirts only in white color as it looked absolutely formal and wore it as a part of formal wear for evening dress. The dress shirts have buttons on the front, pocket with long sleeves. The front opening of the formal shirts is fastened with buttons while the cuffs are fastened with either buttons or fashion accessories like the cufflinks. The jacket or the blazer adds the much needed sophistication to the discerning man.

For the dress shirts to be comfortable, many apparel manufacturers use cotton fabrics while manufacturing shirts. Cottons are widely accepted as it not only offers great comfort to the wearer, but is also inexpensive and easy on wash care. Further, the cotton shirts can be used for any season. In winter, cotton dress shirts offer warmth, while in summer season the cotton fabrics absorb sweat due to the heat. A slightly expensive fabric than the cotton is the Egyptian Giza fabric that are sourced from Egypt. Though the shirts are easily available in different shades, fit, patterns and designs, fashion accessories that can be teamed together with the dress shirts make you look sharp for any occasion. Below are the 4 different fashion accessories that you should consider when you check out shopping sites for buying dress shirts.

Cufflinks: Dress shirts come with the cuffs attached at the end of the full sleeves. When the shirts are worn along with the blazer, cuff is the only visible part. The most common cuff design is the barrel cuffs. Barrel cuffs can have one button or two buttons. Apart from this design, French cuffs are the most stylish ones and add a glam quotient to your shirts. French cuffs are also known as double cuffs. The best accessory that any formal dress shirts can have is the cufflinks. Cufflinks are the fashion accessory that is used to hole the two ends of the cuff together. The cufflinks are widely used to make an impression that is distinguished and distinctive too. The cufflinks are available in expensive metals like silver, gold and platinum. Precious gems like ruby, emerald, diamonds are finding a space in the cufflinks these days.

Pocket Square: The single most stylish accessory that is small and yet makes a big impact is the pocket square. It is often said that “what a pair of heels is to a lady, pocket square is to a gentleman”. The pocket square says a lot about the personality of the men having them. The way how the pocket squares are folded is important. It has become an indispensible tool for redefining fashion. Selecting pocket square is fairly easy. There is no fashion rule to say that you have to pick a pocket square to match the shirt. All you have to do is, see if it complements your complete attire to make you look like a gentleman. Pocket squares are available in different textures – silk, cotton and linen.

Tie: Wearing a Tie with the dress shirts can make wonders. They complete the outfit to make it look stylish and formal. Ties are available in a plenty of colors, designs and width. Striped ties and checked designs are making a comeback. Of all the colors, it is suggested that men should have at least 3 different neck ties. Red is the most popular color in ties as they can be easily matched with dress shirts, suits and blazers. The rule of contrasts work well for this fashion accessory – wear solids on shirts with lighter shades. Blue is among the standard colors in men’s wardrobe. Select the lighter shades of tie to match it with shirts that are darker in color.

Author Bio: Anup invites you to check out, an online shirts brand in India. Shirts are made from pure cotton and luxury fabrics like Giza, to give utmost comfort to the wearer.



Amongst the many new age career options of today’s youth, fashion designing leads the list. The age old art of tailoring has taken a new meaning with people preferring to wear something different than the usual. With globalisation, our country has also got exposed to the different designs and cuts in clothing. With a booming economy in the last three decades and a growing awareness towards fashion, fashion designing has become a great career option.


The thriving fashion industry of Bangalore:

With a robust IT based economy and presence of multinationals and a cosmopolitan culture, Bangalore has had a great demand for good fashion designers. With a booming IT sector generating immense employment opportunities and presence of multinationals ensuring high salaries to the employees, the spending power of the population has increased and this has led to more expenditure on clothes. Designing clothes for this highly fashion aware population has provided great career opportunities to fashion designers. Also with a great cotton and readymade garments export industry in the nearby areas, fashion designers are being lapped up by the industry, leading to further interest of the young generation towards this career option. The glamour quotient being very high has also resulted in attracting students towards choosing a career in fashion designing.

This huge demand for fashion designers has led to a host of fashion designing colleges in Bangalorewhich provide various fashion designing courses to the aspiring students.Some of the colleges are government funded but mostly these colleges are privately owned and have chains across the country. This is a very vast industry and has a lot more to it than just designing clothes. The students are trained in production; designing, merchandising etc and all aspects of clothes are covered.

Forstudentspursuing a degree or a diploma in fashion designing in Bangalore, they have many options to choose from as far as the institutes are concerned. The basicqualification for an undergraduate course is 10+2 or its equivalent and for a post graduation courses a graduation or 15 years of study. One can either opt for a one year diploma or a three year degree course which involves intensive study in a particular field of choice.Some of the reputed institutes offer admissions only on the basis of national level entrance tests while others intake students merely on the basis of interviews.

Some of the top fashions designing institutes in Bangalore are:

  • NIFT ( National Institute of fashion technology)
  • J D Institute of Fashion Designing
  • Indian institute of fashion technology
  • Vogue Institute of fashion technology
  • Diva Fashion Academy
  • Osteen College
  • National school of fashion arts and design
  • Vidya fashion Academy
  • International Institute of fashion design
  • Fashion Institute of Technology

Besides these institutes, there are many institutes which offer various fashion designing courses in Bangalore. The students have option to choose from a degree or a diploma course. Institutes offer B.Sc. and post graduate diploma courses in Fashion Design, fashion Design Communication, Textile Design, Fashion marketing and retail management, Fashion Business Management, Branding and Advertising, Luxury Brand management, Fashion Women’s wear, Fashion makeup to name a few.

Fashion designing from Delhi:

If we talk about some of the premier fashion designing institutes of India a name that tops the list is NIFT Delhi. Amongst the most premier Institutes for Design, Management and Technology in the country, it has churned out some the best professionals in the fashion and business world. It has 12 domestic centers all across the country and has further made its global presence by establishing its centre in Mauritius as well. The head office of National Institute of Fashion Technology Delhi is in Hauz Khaz, New Delhi.

The vibrant campus of NIFT:

The campus of the institute is quite pretty with cool corridors, a vibrant and colorful canteen and an amphitheatre which students call ‘kund’. The foyer of the campus is forever buzzing with activity. One can find students putting the final touches to their projects which are then submitted for the assessment by the jury. The evenings are the time when students get together in the amphitheatre and organize cricket matches and ‘kavi sammelans’. The campus is quite energetic and is full of amenities that are modern and equals the best in the world. An infrastructure that is spacious and creative defines the building of the institute. There are fully operational rooms for lectures, studios for designing and centers for activity on the campus as well.

The students of NIFT have a creative streak in them and known to be free thinkers! In order to satisfy their creative hunger they are always organizing cultural weeks and events on the campus. One such event in the campus was Spectrum 2012 which had the theme of Udan Khatola. Every department actively participated in the event and played a major role in it. The preparations for the event started in full swing two weeks prior to the event. All the themes were in tune with the main theme of” Udan Khatola”. A Fashion show was organised in which the students auditioned and took part from different departments. It was team work all the way. The juniors helped the seniors in completing the garments. They then put up their unique stalls outside their departments. The flow of creativity was visible everywhere. Each department had their unique way of expressing their creativity which was pretty evident in all their designs. Decorating the college was also a major part of the festival. It was again the responsibility of the students to make sure that the job was done well and finished on time.

The market for fashion professionals is huge in cosmopolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore Mumbai etc which have a strong earning class and high fashion consciousness. A qualified fashion designer can either go for an own venture by opening up a boutique or a fashion house or opt for working in a fashion or export house. Retail chains are also appointing fashion consultants for their high end stores where customers are given free advice on their clothing. The market is huge and a career in fashion designing goes a long way in cementing a good future.

Author Bio

Manoj is a professional blogger and content writer for He regularly contributes her thoughts about different educational information like IT courses, about fashion designing courses, medical courses and many more.


Should I wear jewelry with this dress? Tips on when and how to accessorize!

All of us love to add a little sparkle to our get-ups by wearing something that sets us apart. However, is it always appropriate to use necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings with an outfit?

Well, unfortunately –or, perhaps, very fortunately- the answer is no.

Too much jewelry can make you look like you’re early for Halloween, while too little might make you seem a little too plain. The solutions is to find some middle ground between casual and looking like you tried too hard.
Here are some tips on when and how to accessorize!

5. Use jewelry wisely

Jewelry’s Wow!-factor works best when it’s added as a complement to make your clothes look more glamorous. Even if you’re wearing a simple t-shirt paired with some skinny jeans, a beautiful statement necklace or a glamorous ring can add the touch of chicness your outfit needs to look like you’ve just stepped down from a runway.If you feel like your ensemble is too plain, rummage through your jewelry box to find an eye-catching piece of jewelry!

4. Be careful not to overdo it!

Remember: it’s all in the details! You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a costume, so make sure you choose a single bold piece or a colorful ornament to bring elegance and charm to your look. Don’t use too much jewelry if your dress or blouse is too complicated: layers of fabric or gaudy patterns will neutralize the surprising factor of your accessories. If this is the case, something delicate like a ring or some stud earrings will add the charm your ensemble needs.

3. Take into consideration your features when you pick your jewelry…and dress!

Just like clothes, most accessories will look best when they’re paired with certain skin tones, hair colors, heights, weights, etc. Make sure you buy pieces which make your features look great, and use them smartly when you’re dressing up. A neutral dress with muted tones is perfect for getting creative with your jewelry, for statement pieces will pop out and catch everyone’s attention!

2. Make people notice your finesttraits through your jewelry

Remember to use accessories which bring out your best features. If you have a long neck, beautiful hands or stunning eyes, the best you can do is focus the attention in one of these areas. Check yourself in the mirror carefully and decide which part of your body you want to stand out. If your dress or blouse exposes a part of your figure, like your back or an arm, this are usually the best places for placing an accessory.

1. Show people who you are through your jewelry

Something you can almost always wear with you is a signature piece, like a beloved necklace or a charm bracelet. Pick jewelry that represents your personality: a color you love, a pendant with a shape that means something to you, a vintage piece or a customized jewel… Your accessories shouldn’t take all the spotlight, but help everyone notice the woman who is wearing them! You can combine a signature choker with some longer necklaces and create a glamorous layered look which still shows your inner self to others.

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Sol Rivero is an Arts student and Fashion blogger. She loves reading, films and photography.


International Fashion Magazines- A Fashion Lover’s Perennial Favorite

For the clueless, international fashion magazines are those publications made available to readers belonging to various countries of the world. A typical international fashion magazine will be regularly published based on a pre-determined schedule. Some international fashion magazines are published monthly while some are published weekly.

Most of the international fashion magazines are published in English. Apart from fashion, international magazines also cover some other popular genres like travel, environment, economics, sports and health. International fashion magazines enjoy a reader base of millions of readers worldwide as many people, irrespective of their age, gender and other parameters, read these magazines for the simple reasons that they are informative and entertaining at the same time.

Fashion cafe

For any fashion fanatic, subscribing to their choice of international fashion magazine may top their agenda once the subscription nears its end. For fashion lovers, these magazines are a storehouse of a lot of information related to the fashion industry. They get latest updates and information about engaging and highly interesting topics related to fashion not just from one particular country but from different countries across the globe. Thus, they are acquainted with fashion trends prevalent in different parts of the world.


International fashion magazines, not just restrict the content to fashion trends from various parts of the world. Fashion magazine editors also include interviews with Fashionista, famous celebrities known for their sartorial sense, advice from popular beauty experts, beauty tips and many other similar topics. To put it in simple words, these fashion magazines bring together fashion ideas and concepts from interrelated nations on common topics. Readers who religiously read these fashion magazines are aware of the game changers in the fashion industry and how are they impacting this industry. The various stories covered in these magazines also give them a cusp of how the industry functions as a whole as well as in different countries.

The fashion industry is not new to controversies. Every fashion season, a new controversy erupts and some of these revolve around trivial topics. International fashion magazines cover such controversies related to the fashion industry so that readers are made aware of the true picture. By publishing these stories, these magazines also provide clarification to their readers. Fashion magazines are essentially published to provide in-depth knowledge about latest trends in dresses, accessories, bags, shoes and the likes. Being published on an international scale, these magazines are perceived to be highly reliable and this is one reason why they enjoy a massive reader base.

Author Bio:

Magazine café is one such store in the United States that stocks an exuberant collection of world magazines. This is the premium store for magazine subscriptions in New York City. Magazine café store stocks international like Vogue UK Magazine, V Magazine and many more as well as domestic magazines. They have an exhaustive selection of more than 10,000 magazines for readers.


Eastern and Regional Fashion Trends are Going Global

The fashion industry is undoubtedly undergoing some major changes and there are a lot of interesting things happening around. Specially with the global fashion starting to dominate in concept and starting to replace the things that once were the region oriented fashions, there is a lot of news everywhere. With the technology and the internet and all, the globe is becoming a smaller and smaller place by the day and a lot of people want to try out the things on the internet and they are really keen about what is going on.

There are a couple of things that should be considered talking about the global fashion industry, specially the mix of eastern and western cultures has given birth to a lot of brand new designs combining the best features of both cultures. Sometimes the elegance of the western costume is mixed with the simple flowing beauty of the eastern costumes, sometimes the unique designs in the eastern world are given the western perfection to make it even more handsome and alluring. A lot of people are curious about these fashions and one day there would most probably come a global fashion where all the people in the world would be following a common trend of clothing.

There are also emerging men’s fashions like the new yellow costumes, mostly considered as a feminine colour in almost all cultures, but things are really changing and people are ready to take the risk and try out different things. They are not bound by the cultures as they used to be sometime back, so even the colour of yellow, when artistically turned into male clothing, there are men willing to try it out. The yellow and orange colours are ones that get highlighted on the street and it really would make a big impression on people.

Hot from the science world, there are scientists working on a new kind of material that you would not have to wash even after hundred wears, the secret here they say is absorption and the material would be able to retain its freshness regardless of how many wears it has gone through. There are also a number of other things happening in the celeb world, a lot of celebs seems to have taken interest in the next generation costume that is capable of changing colour and patterns and projecting them. It would be the ultimate costume in that sense because rather than having to buy new wardrobes of clothes you could simply go for one of these designs that you can customize anyway you want. This would create wonderful effect and perhaps in future it might even have the ability to luminous.

We don’t know for sure what the future of fashion would be like even though now we are seeing the obvious blends of fashion and how people are willing to try out different thing and perhaps in the near future, fashion could become a globalized concept. The future might even be an invisibility cloak, and there would be hardly any need to worry about body shape.

About The Author :

Lana Joseph an entrepreneur and a freelance writer who writes about things that inspires and gets notified to her in society. At present she writes about society, travel, food habits, womens havaianas flip flops and technology.


Fashion for students – Looking good in a flash

Make no mistake, there is an undeniable pressure from our peers to keep up with the latest fashions and look perfect every minute of the day. But on a student budget, the reality is that is it is hardly possible to keep up with the latest trends. So now is the time to start your own fashionable trend – one that suits your pocket and your incredible lack of time. We all know how hectic study schedules make time for grooming virtually impossible so here are some excellent tips to help you look like you spent ages getting ready, when you whipped it all up in a flash.

Winter Warm Ups

Looking groomed in winter is a snap, and you can be out of your sweats and into a well put together ensemble in a jiffy. You will need to invest in a good coat for winter that you can wear over everything like jeans or smart pants. A lighter hooded jacket to go underneath will be great for when the weather is really revolting.

Ladies with long hair – sweep up your locks in a few pins and pop it under the hoodies. Gents and ladies with short hair that they really can rescue with a bit of hair wax can pop a colorful knitted beanie on – you are a student after all, might as well wear them while you still can.

Body warmers are great over any shirt and go well with jeans and boots – plus they have the added bonus of covering up any muffin top escaping over the top of your jeans. Hallelujah.

Add Length

Feeling a bit like the shorty? You don’t always have to be in heels every minute of the day – a small heel on boots will be just fine as long as you accentuate the length you have.

If you have long hair, wear it up, add in a few bright pins, clips or accessories – you will instantly add height without having to do an extra thing.

Don’t leave long shirts hanging out of jeans or pants, tuck them in and put on a nice belt instead, finish the look with a fitted jacket and you are good to go.

Black to Basics

Black should be a staple color in any student’s wardrobe – it is extremely versatile, like jeans and can be worn and compliment any other color. Pair your black shirt with a bright red or blue scarf, body warmer or accessories – you will instantly have a brand new look without spending a cent.

Invest in a good couple of pairs of black clothing items that you can dress up and down in a minute when you need to – all black with a striking green pair of earrings will be as dramatic as a brand new outfit – and you can wear the items again and again.


Polyester unfortunately has a reputation for being cheap and nasty – and unfortunately thanks to the 90’s, it has very much earned that reputation. But these days – thanks to modern technology and a small polyester revolution – polyester is a great type of material to have in your wardrobe.

It’s inexpensive, washes and dries very quickly and won’t crease forever if shoved in the bottom of a book bag for weeks on end. It is warm, waterproof and light weight which is great for packing, storing and travelling.


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