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Virtual fitting room Good Style. How AR-technologies change our shopping habits

How AR-technologies change our shopping habits

Virtual shopping malls, sellers and stylists – that’s how retail market will look like in the future. How AR-technologies will change the realization of shopping and simplify our life, we are presenting on the example of the international project Good Style.

The Great online

The five IT-companies that have changed the world include Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Alibaba. As we can see, two of them are online retailers. Internet shopping is getting more and more convenient. It saves time and money. The Russian Volkswagen office shared a remarkable fact: more than 56% of car buyers no longer come for a test drive. Just the information about a car is enough to make a decision. It means that even such expensive purchases can be realized through the Internet.

Virtual fitting room Good Style. How AR-technologies change our shopping habits

The main task of traditional retail is to increase the time which customers spend in a shopping center. The longer you stay there, the more money you spend. This is why restaurants and cinemas are anchor tenants. This rule also works on the Internet. The Session length on a product page is one of the critical metrics. Retailers use bright pictures, useful videos, and now augmented reality is used too.

A fitting room in your smartphone

The idea of a virtual fitting room appeared back in 2012. The Japanese company Uniqlo began to use fitting rooms, where LCD screens with augmented reality were installed instead of usual mirrors. There was no need to put on clothes, it was enough to choose the things you liked in the catalog and see your reflection in them.

Everything became much easier when shops began to use phones instead of LCD screens. The Converse sneakers were among the first. You point the phone at your foot, choose the shoe model you like, and you’re done. Technologically, it is even easier if you don’t need to put on the clothes during the fitting.

There are more and more brands which experiment with AR. According to the latest report by Markets and Markets, AR in retail is creating a market of more than $ 1 billion, and by 2023 this value will reach almost $ 8 billion with an average annual growth of 47.1 %.

How does virtual fitting work?

Let’s take Good Style’s multi-brand virtual fitting room as an example. The developer uses neural networks for quick processing and adding clothes to the catalog, which distinguishes the project from related ones.

The mobile application allows you to try on clothes virtually, give the possibility to combine garments and create complete looks. The user can create and manage his own wardrobe. It gives the new experience of virtual fitting and increases your online shopping satisfaction. Thanks to the project, everyone can feel like a stylist. The application is ideal for those who don’t have time for offline shopping. You can download it on Google Play and the App Store.

However, the owners of numerous shopping centers need to keep an eye out so as not to be left out of business in the future.

Overstock Offers

Overstock online Shopping Offers & Deals for Extra Saving

If you’re wanting a spot for their get good deals on great stuff online, you’re while in the right place. Overstock aims to deliver consumers aided by the most appropriate goods at most competitive prices you can find, while making their purchases far easier and overall, encouraging buyers to come back for extra. This may be a resulting the company’s long reputation of committing to community based participation. Overstock serves a lot of consumers by serving many different products, including however it is not limited to:


  • Jewelry
  • Skin care products
  • Home Décor
  • Appliances
  • Gadgets
  • And even more!

overstock offersWhat’s very good regarding this is always that a lot of these bags are under popular brands, meaning that clients who want good discounts with their favorite brands will be able to purchase them. There’s also a healthy resource for coupon offers for that will aid consumers get these significant discounts. To sum up, there’s destined to be over the million products foreclosures the use of exclusive discounts. Overstock concerns providing you with more buying power through providing more appeal for the extra bucks in the most convenient ways possible. This really is positioned on source for discounts, currently 50 plus Overstock discounts and deals regularly.

Easy Shopping

overstock dealsYou’ll be happy to know that Overstock renders it simple if you want to discover what you’re looking for. Choose the principal categories, namely: On your Home, Furniture, Bed & Bath, Women, Men, Jewelry, Watches, Health & Beauty, Electronics, World Stock, plus more !. Specialists specific categories are further segregated by sub categories, limiting pursuit if you’re interested in something basically. Backpacks are also well displayed and presented. Regular price already at their best, but there’s lots of things that are taking sale each and every day on products under every category. There’s stuff have already at least a 45% discount for that holidays. The savings get much bigger by applying Overstock discount codes who are available for redemption simply because reveal discounts built – 75%. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the ability to accummulate flash deals that report up now and again. There is also to enjoy free freight via totally free codes in peak season. Considering the perks you’re enjoying, shopping online for better brands and designer labels has never been this fun straightforward.

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Easy Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoes

The happiest day of your life should be remembered exactly like that, filled with joy, happiness, and positive energy everyone will bring along. Therefore, you have to make the right choice when it comes to your bridal shoes. The last thing you need is sore feet in the middle of the reception. All you need to do is to follow a few simple rules, in order to dance carefree all night long.


The Fabric Matters

Firstly, you must decide what fabric your shoe will be made of. Raw silk, satin, or crepe are often the fabrics of the wedding dress, which is why brides usually choose one of these for the shoes as well. However, you may decide to use a different approach and choose the fabric that does not match the one of the dress. This can actually add a unique touch to the entire look.

image 7

Color Coordination

The best would be for you to select a shoe color that matches the gown. This may require bringing a swatch of dress along with you, so that you are sure the colors match perfectly. More often than not, brides choose to dye their wedding shoes to ensure the color coordination. Furthermore, you can buy shoes in a shade that compliments the accessories rather than the color of the dress. Additionally, pearls, rhinestones, beads, and sequins can also look gorgeous, especially if the dress is not rich in embellishments.

image 1

Do Not Go Overboard With Price

Regardless of this being the most important day of your life, and the fact you want to look fabulous, high price does not mean the shoes are worth it. Overpriced footwear is not always the best choice, especially bridal one that you will be wearing just this one time. Choose wisely and go through all the possible stores and try on both expensive and more affordable shoes, and see which feel better on your feet.

image 2

Choose Comfort

A wedding lasts through an entire day, and the last thing you need is sore toes in the middle of your walk down the aisle. Comfort is essential to consider when shopping for bridal shoes, because you are going to have to walk for miles that day, starting from ceremony, through the reception and all the way to the endless photo sessions. 3-inch heel size is the best height you will be comfortable wearing.

Heels are not a requirement, however. If you are not used to wearing them do not buy high heels, but opt for ballerinas, or some other shoe. If you love wearing heels, just remember it is crucial you buy them in advance, so that you can wear them at home a couple of times, and make them fit your feet perfectly.

image 4

Watch for the Weather and the Venue

Aside from the style of your dress, you should also be thinking about the season your wedding is going to be held in. Summer is the perfect season for an open-toe, satin, off-white slipper in combination with open-back, off the shoulder satin gown. On the other hand, winter months require closed footwear. Therefore, plain raw silk closed shoe would match perfectly a traditional raw silk, full-skirted gown. However, if you opt for an informal wedding instead of making a big celebration, casual ballet slippers, or embellished sandals can also look great.

Additionally, you must consider the venue of the wedding when buying bridal shoes. You will not be able to walk in heels if the wedding is held at the beach. Moreover, consider the entire wedding day journey before you make the final choice of the perfect pair.

image 5

Think About the Groom As Well

It is essential that on the day of the wedding both you and the groom look fabulous. This is why you have to keep in mind the height of the groom as well, when buying bridal shoes. You should consider higher heels if you are much shorter than your husband-to-be. Additionally, heels have the power to tone and slenderize legs, alongside lengthening the overall figure.

It is essential you choose the pair of shoes you will feel most comfortable wearing. No matter how fast it may go by, the day is going to be long, intense, and overwhelming. Therefore, follow these suggestions so you do not end up thinking about your sore feet the entire time.


Signs That Show That Your Man Is Actually Just a Boy

Signs That Show That Your Man Is Actually Just a Boy

There is a common misapprehension that men of specific age groups are more mature. Under the whole masculine act that they are trying to sell, there hides just a figure of a small boy. But not every time does this have to be considered a bad thing. Keeping a bit of childish enthusiasm can be quite healthy from time to time. But if you have ever wondered if your partner is just a man-child in disguise, than this article will definitely help you find out for sure.



One of the main characteristics of guys who are actually children is their irresponsibility and tendency not to finish what they have started. This can be expressed through various different ways and does not necessary mean that it can be noticed straight away. Perhaps he has a regular job and income and maintains some routines, but can avoid responsibility in other spheres of his life. For instance, not knowing how to handle his finances, making impossible plans that he cannot accomplish or just forgetting about appointments are clear signs of irresponsibility.


Avoids Problems

Just like children, men that fall into this group don’t actually know how to face their problems. This results in ignoring and avoiding issues and pretending they don’t exist. This can become quite troublesome if continues, that is why this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Talking to them about these issues might be challenging as well, as they have a hard time expressing their feelings. These things should be taken with care to avoid the tantrums and crying.

Dependant on His Mother

This does not necessarily mean that he has Oedipus complex but it might mean that he cannot face the reality of growing up. In one point of their life, all men will have to accept that they need to leave the nest, and not only literally but figuratively as well. This might be a complex procedure; similar to that when babies need to stop breastfeeding. Shocking and difficult of course, but something that must be done eventually.


Bad Habits

Everybody has a set of bad habits, but there comes a specific time in life where they must be cut to a minimum. Of course, this also depends on the severity of the habit. There are certain things that men do that make women go crazy like leaving the toilet seat up or never doing the dishes. Things like these, although quite annoying, do not represent a reason to be concerned. But everybody needs to accept their flaws in order to improve. Unfortunately, it would be much easier to take away their electronics until they come to their senses, but talking to them will just have to do the trick.



If he cringes when he hears the word commitment that is a clear sign that he is in fact still a child. Most men that are not fully mature have a difficult time adjusting to changes and committing to a relationship. This does not mean that he should have a 10 year plan, just a clear vision of his goals and objectives in the upcoming years. If he cannot commit to choosing a character in his favorite game, he will definitely have an issue with committing to more serious things further on.


Video Games and Toys

Perhaps the most obvious sign of a man-child is if he mostly finds entertainment in playing video games. Although video games can have some positive sides, if his version of a romantic night is letting you pick the next mission, this might be a time to be alarmed. Also, toy collecting is something quite similar. But, if your partner collects toys like the quite popular Davey boys’ toys bobbleheads or action figures, this does not necessary mean that you have a problem, as most men remain children at heart.

“As long as you know men are like children you know everything”. Some wise words from one of the timeless women Coco Chanel. It is only important for a man to become aware of this. After that, it is on him to decide if he wishes to change.


About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.


What Kind of Shoes to Wear with Your Skinny Jeans?

Even though skinny jeans looked like they are a fad or, the experience has shown that they are going to stay under the spotlight for quite some time. What makes them great is that they flatter almost any figure, an especially if yours is that skinny, elongated one, then you are probably the queen of skinny jeans. Now, if you want to master this garment, there are some tips and advice you should take so keep reading and find out how to choose and what to wear with your skinny jeans.


How to choose skinny jeans?

image 3The first thing you should look for when choosing your skinny jeans is the colour. The trick is that bright colours will draw attention to your legs and will bring the focus to your outfit, whereas darker colours will do what they are called – make your skinnier. What you should also have in mind is that this type of clothing is not made for business, so unless your company is not casual, do not wear them to work. And even then, you should pick darker colours in order not to draw much attention. Another important thing is to watch out not to pick neither too loose or too tight pair, because your need them to be loose enough for easier movement and bending. Pay special attention to hips and things, because these are critical areas. And when it comes to high vs. low vs. regular rise – the choice is completely yours.

Flat shoes

image 10Skinny jeans are very grateful to wear with almost any kind of shoes. If your legs are long and thin, ballet flats will flatter them the most because they will not stand out too much or call attention to your feet. If you want to look more slimming, you can try out flats with pointy toes, but only under the condition that you are not too worried about the size of your feet. On the other hand, if you are short and not lean, wearing flats will just emphasise this fact, so make sure to avoid them.

Boots and high heels

image 11It seems that skinny jeans were made to be worn with boots – their biggest asset is that they can easily be tucked into them. This is why you can wear them with ankle boots, heeled boots and any kind of boots (except for short and bulky) in combination with super skinny jeans for example. And when it comes to high heels – the world is yours. Many fashionistas think that basic pumps with pointed toes work best with skinny jeans, but you can try out literally any kind or type of shoes.


image 4If you have not heard of booties yet, here is where you can find out more about them. Basically, women’s booties are those high-heeled shoes which cover the top front of your foot but do not go past the ankle. When in combination with skinny jeans, they can be either a bulls-eye or a complete miss, so make sure you know what you are doing when you try to combine them with skinny jeans. What you can try as a test is to try this ‘balancing test’: if they have platform soles, you will have to add some volume to your top in order to balance things out.


image 9Yes, it is possible – skinny jeans are made for any kind of shoes. This includes even sports shoes and sneakers. Especially if you love that casual look – this combination will make you ultra casual and relaxed. However, skinny jeans do not look great with puffy cross-trainers, so make sure to avoid them or at least not pair them when you go running. On the other hand, trim low tops are the cutest when paired with denim jeans, but we are sure you already have your favorite pair of shoes or sneakers you are planning to combine with your skinny jeans.

And finally, skinny jeans are a type of clothing that flatter your figure, so do not forget to wear them with a smile on your face. They are very comfortable and will make you look like a fashion queen in almost any kind of combination. If you have any other tips, do not hesitate and leave them in the comments section below.


Toy Shopping Tips: Perfect Gifts for Kids

We all want to make our kids happy. Sometimes, we are even ready to spend an entire fortune on super-expensive toys just to see the heartwarming smile on their little faces. After all, is there anything more important than that? However, many parents have started wondering whether and where they should possibly draw the line at choosing presents for their children. Although this entire process might seem too simple to a layman, all parents know that choosing a perfect gift for their kid can be extremely frustrating and tricky. This happens because almost all toy stores offer a wide range of products that overwhelm us to such extent that we forget to pose questions like “How do I know if I’m buying a perfect gift for my little princess?”


All in all, one thing is sure; parents should keep a lot of things in mind during toy shopping. If you are now pressed with time, don’t worry, we made a brief list of things you need to pay special attention to!

Is the toy age-appropriate?

Gifts for Kids

One of the most common mistakes parents make is purchasing toys that aren’t appropriate for their kid’s age. You should always keep in mind that each age requires different toys that will contribute to both your kid’s physical and mental development. The best way to determine whether a particular toy is adequate for your child or not, is to read the instructions on its packing, where you will be given straightforward and detailed information needed. For example, babies enjoy playing with mobiles, rattles and everything soft and fluffy that makes amusing noises, while one-year olds simply adore sorting, riding as well as push-and-pull toys.

Toddlers are grown up enough to enjoy playing with toys that require more complex developmental and mental skills, such as puzzle solving, brick building games, dress-up games, as well as various arts and crafts systems.

Is the toy safe?

The notion of safety is pretty complex and it consists of various aspects. Firstly, safety can be related to the age-appropriacy. Not all toys are safe in the same way. For example, some toys could simply be loud or annoying enough that they simply disturb your kid over and over again. In this case, you could simply pick toys that don’t require batteries. At the same time, if you have a child under the age of 3, you should pay special attention to the toys consisting of dozens of tiny parts on which he or she could choke on. If you want to play safe (which is, of course, always recommended), you should choose safe toys with sturdy construction, which are easily washable.

Is the toy safe

Secondly, safety can also refer to the materials out of which the toy is made. In making regular, usually poor quality toys, toy manufacturers use a variety of dangerous materials and synthetic substances and colors that could cause numerous health problems. Therefore, if you want to make 100% sure that your child plays with the safest toys only, you should go old school and choose first-class wooden, eco toys, such as Janod, which are free from such toxins and enable our kids to have fun in the safest possible way.

Is the toy stimulating enough?

Apart from providing children with the toys they want, all parents are also responsible for their physical and mental development. According to numerous medical and psychological researches, as they grow up, children become interested in the world around them and that’s a great chance for you to teach your child that acquiring knowledge can be super-interesting.

Is the toy stimulating enough

One of the best ways to stimulate your kids is to provide them with a variety of educational toys. Believe it or not, there are numerous regular toys that, although seem intriguing, actually slow down our kids’ intellectual growth and, unfortunately, that’s usually something we don’t even notice. Therefore, we should always go for toys that will improve our children’s intellectual, social and logical thinking and behavior.

Many people think that games that require memorizing and repeating are the best way for our children to improve their intellectual skills, but it’s not true. Namely, such toys require just the lowest intellectual processes such as the basic repetition, without any kind of further advance. Therefore, instead of choosing such games only, you should choose ones that enhance critical thinking, concluding, coordination and motor skills, as well as eye stimulation.

All in all, parents are the ones who are completely responsible for their kids’ health, happiness and intellectual improvement. Although these seem like three completely separated issues, they are actually closely related and can be dealt with from the children’s earliest age. All you have to do is to follow these tips and you will soon manage to choose perfect gift for your kid, avoiding wasting too much money or making your home a vibrant battlefield of toy parts scattered all over the room. Good luck!


Are You Sure Your Designer Handbag Is Not Fake? Maybe You Should Check Again

You’re simply obsessed with brands. Everything you wear, right from your hair band to the nail colour of your toenail has to be branded. For an item to belong to your closet, it has to be labelled; otherwise, it just doesn’t belong there. You’re obsessed with brands because you know that something that is simply picked off the racks can never match the quality and the aesthetic appeal of a designer piece. Be it handbags, clothes, jewellery, shoes, or even the tissue you use to wipe your hands with, you want it to be labelled. Some might call it an unnecessary obsession, but you know it’s necessary. Your friends buy 20 handbags in 4 years, but you still carry what you carried 4 years ago and it never fails to draw attention wherever you go.


One day, you bought a Prada handbag at a local store at the mall and only when you went home, you realised that you’ve brought home a fake Prada and not the real one It hurt you real bad. No, not the money. You’re hurt because you couldn’t believe this could happen to a brand-obsessed lady like you. So you decided that you would learn how to distinguish a fake handbag from the real one that very day. And until you learn, you won’t shop.


How To Recognise A Fake Designer Handbag?

  • The first thing you should keep in mind is that a designer handbag has its own tags, signatures, and charms that become its recognition signs. When you buy an expensive handbag, look for all these symbols and carefully note down where they are located on the face of the bag. Usually, designer-inspired handbags look like the designer ones from a distance. But when you look closely, you’ll find a few minor changes like the spelling or the logo. If you’re sure of the symbols, you’ll know that is not the handbag you were looking for.
  • What you should be even more careful about are fake bags. You can’t set them apart from the usual ones because they exactly look like the original s. There is absolutely no difference between the logo and the spelling of this phoney bag and the original one. Be careful, buying such bags is illegal.
  • There are a few more small things that you could notice to find out if the handbag you have bought is a fake one. For instance, if you’re buying it online, zoom the image closely and check if the stitchings are straight and are of high-quality. If the stitching is uneven or sloppy, then you’ll know it is a fake handbag. Now check the serial number. Yes, fake handbag also has a serial number, But the font will be different. The next thing you should see is the lining of the bag. In a real designer handbag, the lining is made from leather. If it seems like paper rubbing, it’s definitely fake.

Use these pointers and get street smart. Don’t let anyone hoodwink you into buying a fake one. Buy original handbags at affordable prices online. Online shopping will save your time and effort.


Shopping For New Flattering Wardrobe after Breast Augmentation

It’s well known that a lot of things in women’s world are devoted to their beauty, but what can you do- we simply enjoy being and feeling beautiful all the time. Regardless if you undergo breast augmentation to add some extra attractiveness to your pretty body or just to feel more feminine, you’ll certainly be delighted with things which come after. Clothes’ shopping probably belongs to your little passions, and now when you afforded yourself new look, you should renew your wardrobe with some fantastic pieces to highlight your improved body figure. World is waiting to be dazzled with your prettiness, so before you exit on the streets check out some great tips on what you should welcome in your new wardrobe and how to shop it:

ShoppingExciting to start special shopping? Well, take it slowly!

After you refreshed your body with your beautified bust, you just can’t wait to wear all that wonderful stuff, but you must wait some time until you start the real “shopping invasion”. In the first few weeks after breast augmentation you’ll face minor swelling, meaning that it’s not smart to either shop new stuff or wear regular bras. Until your body fully recovers, you’ll have to satisfy yourself with wearing only special breast garments. But do not despair, things are getting better soon.

Rely on subtle sensuality

Subtle sensualityWhen purchasing newfangled outfit after boosting your breasts area, it’s important that blouses, shirts and dresses harmoniously emphasize great contours and shapes of your upper body. To avoid aggressive and showy look, don’t purchase transparent, too tight and blouses with great cleavage, but get yourself stylish and attractive pieces which accentuate your décolletage in a subtle way. Be comfortable to purchase a little bit provocative bathing suits and tops as long as those don’t create flashy appearance.

Purchase right brassieres

BikiniWe know that there’s nothing what gladdens you more from enriching your wardrobe with fancy and charming bras now that your body got perfect with those impressive breast implants. You can choose variety of models, from classical and sports to elegant, seductive and strapless bras, but make sure you picked the right size depending on your new breast circumference. Besides, stick to those shapes which follow your breast’s line, since that way your chest will look prettier even when you put the blouse on. Also, remember that you shouldn’t buy brassieres without trying them in the store, since that ensures you’ve chosen comfortable and good-looking one.

Embrace new styles

If you ‘re hiding your body under baggy shirts or tortured yourself with all that colours and patterns to make your breast look visually greater, you can now throw it all away, since breast augmentation brought you perfect look which craves for fabulous new styles. Fulfil your wardrobe with blouses, sweaters and shirts that have interesting cut-outs, strapless tops and sexy corsets. Instead of wearing buttoned up wide dresses, switch to sleeveless, heart-shaped or skin-tight ones which you can combine in different occasions. When it comes to colours and fabrics bring some joy within your closet by purchasing items in brighter shades, modern patterns and lighter textile- just try not to over-expose your chest with too much ornaments or extremely gauzy clothes. It’s time to realize your summer dreams by getting attractive swimming suits you were always longing for, so feel free to choose extravagant ,glamorous and tempting pieces that fit your personal style and curved body.


How to Choose the Perfect Outfit for any Occasion

When choosing a right outfit for any occasion there are some ground rule that everyone should abide to. In many fields, in fashion especially, there are some rules that are meant to be broken. In such cases, special attention should be paid, since it is a thin line between setting a new trend and overstepping the boundaries of taste and measure. It is one thing to put on an elegant cocktail gown that is a bit more revealing, for your cousin’s black tie wedding, and a completely different thing to appear wearing a white dress. There is a time and place for everything and when combined the right dress and the right occasion may result with an utter and complete success.

01_clothingImage by Pixabay

Dress up to the occasion

You would probably not dress the same for your job interview, for your first date and when invited to a cocktail party. Each of these occasions is different and your looks need to adjust to your approach of the situation. For example, for your job interview you would want to look sharp, intelligent and professional. At the same time, you don’t want a person interviewing you to be too distracted by your outfit. In order to achieve all of this, you may use a classic suit jacket or even a blazer. Using a belt or a ribbon points out your waist and raises your wanted look to a whole new level. For your first date you want to look sexy and elegant, but at the same time, casual and confident. Try avoiding high stilettos, because you want to achieve more down-to-earth look in the eyes of your date. Again as in with the job interview you want him to notice your personality and charisma, not just stare at you all the time.

02_outfit_combinationsImage by Pixabay

Are you “dressy” enough?

There are simply those occasions for which you are not completely sure what combination would be appropriate. When dealing with situations like that sometimes it is best to make up your mind for a solution of classy and elegant black dress paired with just the right pair of classic red shoes. This is a truly fail-safe combination. On the other hand, you can always decide to go with a pair of denim jeans and a perfectly appropriate holiday sweater. Again, it is impossible to miss.

03_accessoriesImage by Pixabay

Express your personality

Once you have chosen all the classic and more standard items, it is the right time for you to complete your outfit with a perfect accessory. Without some additional details that will express your personality and style, your combination might seem a bit plain. However, you could pick a statement necklace, an oversized watch or a colorful clutch. You could also buy some interesting underwear or a perfect one piece swimsuit online.

What matters the most is to be confident about yourself because this look of confidence will make your best combination, even better. Make sure that you are always comfortable with your outfit and feel in it almost as good as you look in it. Enjoy!


Keep Your Feet Cool While Wearing High Heels

It’s commonly known that women’s passion for stylish shoes sometimes exceeds the limits of necessity, proving that old rule “less is more” can’t be realized in the area of female foot wear. As one of the most recognizable symbols of feminine physical attractiveness, fancy and elegant high heels are absolute must have in the life of every lady, but discomfort is something what usually ruins our feel of prettiness while walking with high heels on our feet.Painful moments caused by wearing pumps can sometimes spoil your day, but excellent foot care and appropriate shoe selection can help you not to give up on your favourite pair of shoes.Take a lookat the following tips for eliminating feet issues while on heels:

High heelsFind the right choice for your feet

Although high heels put your feet in unnatural position, and you should sometimes give your feet a break from wearing it, if you are a real heels addict, then paying attention to shapes, heel height and design can save your feet and back from possible deformities and pain. Your feet suffer a tremendous pressure while on heels, and platform sole or full heel can afford more stable position of your angles and feet with less pressure on them.

High heels 1Strap based pumps, such as sandals, should be designed in the way to prevent feet slippage and too much wiggling, but they shouldn’t be very tight, since you may experience blisters and bunions. Of course, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than wrong shoes size, so make sure you picked the right dimensions for your feet.

Crucial foot care

Most of the unpleasantness we feel while walking, especially on heels, can be caused by thickened skin on the bottom of the feet, which results in a higher pressure on our angles, hips and back bones. Regular feet hygiene and toe nails maintenance along with occasional peelings and warm bath treatments, especially after long standing or walking, can prevent your foot skin from cracking and thickness. Feet bones are susceptible to deformities when you spend a lot of time in heels, but your podiatrist can suggest what are the most appropriate shapes and sole heights you should wear in order to keep your feet healthy.

High heels 2Corns and bunions are the worst enemies if you are a high heels lover, but remember, if you refuse to heal them timely, you can’t just risk inability to wear heels, but you can also suffer dangerous long term feet infections.

Ease your high heels time

Some women just don’t feel feminine if they are not on high heels all the time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your feet with respect. Even if you are spending all day wearing heels, you must afford your feet frequent rest, by taking the shoes off and putting your arch into straight position. Short and frequent toes and angle exercises, like stretching or even massage will facilitate overall feet pressure and release the pain. There are also various types of anatomic shoe insoles for providing soft base inside the shoes, and using them can diminish pain and stress in the front part of the feet.

 Ariel Bellamy is always for work before joy – if you’re doing something, do it right. And that’s where she comes in – to try to outline the healthy ways of living, to help in the process of getting there and to describe the magnificence of actual results. Join her on @BellamyAriel.