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How to FlawlesslyPromote Your Fashion Brand

Some might say that controversy and creativity is everything you need to be a successful designer and get people to notice your work. Realistic chances are – you will get lost in the ever-growing competition that is just too well-spread all over the world, dominating through television, fashion magazines and mass advertising. This fact shouldn’t make you less motivated. This should make you act smart and do anything you can to support your ideas and invest in promoting your fashion brand.

How to Flawlessly Promote Your Fashion BrandBe brave. Creativity means nothing if it is secluded to your room and you are the only one who is wearing your product. You need to get out there, believe in yourself, work hard and be dominant. Let me help you with a few suggestions.

Get yourself out there

Websites, blogs, forums, social networks, you need to cover all grounds and make sure that everyone will notice you. Get a photographer and a model; make some striving pictures because presentation is half of the sale. Have you found a catchy name for your brand? Do you have a logo? People buy from the designers that they can identify with, have that in mind and place your logo on every picture you post online. Be diligent, post every day, choose your audience and make sure that you have their attention. Investing in some online promotion could get you sky-high in a matter of months.

Fashion show

There are so many of them right?Stay creative and find a unique place, offer something different, choose a good DJ and make it a memorable event. Think about having a performance art in the back, but don’t have a really good one, you don’t want to draw attention from your own work. Just keep everybody entertained. Make sure to promote this occasion and not just online, hand out flyers and send personalized invitations to guests that you actually need to visit this show.

modelPossible sponsors and press of course!Also, you need people that you positively know that they are going to share pictures from this event with thousands of their friends. Believe it or not, we all want something only after we saw it on someone else. Also, could you find a celebrity to stop by? Even a minor one, don’t be afraid to ask them! That would sky-rocket your brand in a matter of a day.

Rub your name in everyone’s face

custom giveawayPromote yourself constantly. An easy way to do it is to have your logo printed on some promotional material that you can hand out to your friends, show-visitors and customers. Find something you know that people will use, and turn it into a custom branded giveaway. It is a small investment and a great advertisement for your brand. You need to reach the general public and you want from people to stop and look at your logo and search for you online. Get stickers! Don’t miss any chance to endorse your work!

Your creativity is the key to your success, but think outside the box and be creative in promoting yourself likewise. And as one great woman once said for herself: “Don’t do fashion, be fashion!”

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All you need to know about leggings

Leggings are the only things that have been in but not completely out of trend. They have always been popular with yoga trainers and belle dancers as well. They have never been completely out of the fashion because they have also been used as leg warmers and leg shapers as well. Out of other advantages that leggings have to offer there is another that you might not know. They are used as body shapers and they can tone up your body as well. They are not only used for styling but also for toning as well.

leggingsOn the old days leggings were made up of buckskin or wool solely for the protection against the cold and animal bites. They were later worn for the purpose of exercise and belle and later they became style statement. It was in sixties that leggings became popular and part of the fashion. There are some important rules that will tell you how to wear and how not to wear leggings. As long as you know simple rules you will know what to wear with leggings and on which occasions you can’t wear leggings.

Leggings are not trousers and they should not be confused with them. Leggings are not to be confused with denims as they are different from them as well. Leggings are separate entity that should not be confused with anything else. Leggings can be bought as wholesale cheap leggings for economical purpose as well. You can choose plenty of colors and types of leggings as well.

about leggingsTypes of leggings

There are plenty of types of leggings that are available in the market. From jeggings to tight leggings, sequin or laced leggings or even studded leggings are in fashion, but one thing that is smashing the market is the printed leggings which are not only in increase demand but also for all kind of girls.

Printed leggings can be worn with any kind of top or any kind of frock as well; it is recommended that the top should be till the length of hips so that the top cover the buttocks which are enhanced by the leggings. With printed legging it is not necessary to always cover bumps as they have print which camouflages all kind of groves and fat layers as well. While they can also be bought in wholesale cheap leggings they are not only inexpensive but will also last for years.

The beauty of legging is that even after years of wearing them they always remain the same and even if they become short with time. They can be used as leg warmer and wear at time of exercise or yoga at home. It is important for girls to keep wearing leggings as they don’t allow the body to get loose and disoriented.

Studded leggings are also a wise choice for a trendy look as they give a proper definition to your style statement and they are also famous as well these days.


Fashionable Christmas Gifts: Shopping Tips

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. It is a time of giving, sharing and spending time with your loved ones. What better way to make your friends, family or significant other happy than by getting them a perfect Christmas present. At the same time, why not make this holiday atmosphere even more special by going for a perfect Christmas shopping. With just a little of effort and care, you can make this Christmas special for both you and your loved ones, by getting them a fashionable present that they will never forget.

Christmas giftEngraved jewelry

You could also always choose a gift of an engraved piece of jewelry. This is beautiful in its simplicity. This, one of the oldest tricks in the book, is a perfect gift for anyone and is also one of the most classical gifts there are. Another advantage of this kind of present would be the fact that getting a perfect jewelry is simple to find and get and if you pick in agreement with the taste of the one to whom this is intended for it is will result in a complete success. And as said in the commercial – jewels are forever.

jewelry pearlsA personalized thought

One of the great ideas for a Christmas present would be a gift of a personalized item for a loved one. By putting his or hers initials on a present you give it a bit of a personal touch, making that item unique and special. It also shows your care and devotion, as well as the fact that you will be ready to go that extra mile in order to be there for the ones you care for. A gift of sweater, with their initials on it would probably turn out to be a real hit and really make one’s Christmas unforgettable.

You could also buy someone a stylish, personalized purse, or a phone case. Another present that would be just perfect for this situation is if you got them one of custom printed umbrellas. With a motif, picked according to the receivers taste or style, this present is truly something beautiful and at the same time quite unique. One more advantage of this present would be its practicality. Apart from its fashionable look, there is also one truth here in play and that is that you can never have too many umbrellas.

personalized umbrellaA touch of fashionable humor

Sometimes though, in order to pick a special gift for someone, you don’t have to go with something too formal or serious. It is often some cute and funky gift that steals all the attention and results in a most positive feedback. You can always buy a bow-tie jewels necklace as a gift. This is almost guaranteed to evoke wanted reaction in the receiver and it is also a perfect gift just because nobody will ever expect it. A gift like this may ensure one’s sense of humor is noticed by at the same time looking casual and stylish.

In the end, it is not the gift but the act itself that matters. It is all about you showing that you care enough to go that extra mile and buy a gift that is special and unique. Another thing that it shows is how well you know a person for whom the gift is intended. With just a bit of will and attention you can provide your loved ones with a perfect Christmas that they will never forget.

Ariel Bellamy is an open-minded blogger who takes care that her words are well written, sharply witty and unconditionally true. She focuses on all things green – in battle for Earth, and all things healthy – as in battle for happiness. 


Fashion Forward and Animal-Friendly Designers

Animal friendly designers

Fashion statements can sometimes go a little bit overboard and even endanger animals as well; even we use animals to get certain materials to make our clothes, it is important to know where the line is.

Most fashion designers do take this into consideration and the majority is not only animal-friendly but they are eco-friendly as well. Nowadays it is hard to create truly fashionable pieces of clothing and to stay Earth-friendly, but the next list of designers managed to do just that.

Alabama Chanin

Although this fashion house is relatively new to the scene, they offer great designs which combine fashion and sustainability. Not only that, but they also pride themselves in being eco- and animal-friendly as well. Moreover, they also offer a lot of workshops and do-it-yourself courses which help people be better not only at crafting their own pieces, but also with clothing that they already have.

Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois Boheme, or BoBo for short, is an inspirational footwear brand, as it stands behind the motto of creating a special brand while saving Mother Nature in the process. Their fashion with compassion attitude is what makes them stand out from the other vegan, eco-friendly crowd, and as well as their quality certified organic materials used in production.


If you feel like you are in your early 20’s then you should be looking for Kerin, as it offers a wide range of affordable, trendy clothing for both men and women this brand. Not only that, but all the clothes are fur, leather, wool, ivory and silk free. They only work with organic materials, which require less pet care products to be used when acquiring materials.

Beyond Skin

Beyond SkinThis UK based fashion house specializes in creating the most astonishing non-leather vegan shoes that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Although they operate from a small island, they ship worldwide. Furthermore, as they tend to stay leather free, they have rare visits to a pet shop for material.


If you truly want to help Earth stay sustainable and to use eco-friendly clothes, then look no further. Della offers a great deal, as they use only vegan materials, so no harm done to Mother Nature and by doing so, this small community offers jobs and education for the people who work for it. Also, this clothing line is from Ghana, West Africa; helping them only makes them grow bigger to provide more opportunities for the people of Ghana.


KuyichiPerhaps the first conscious fashion brand; they believe in that you can look great and even do good without having to sacrifice either of it. They use clean 100% renewable materials so they not only help the environment but they also recycle, a great win-win for everyone.

Delikate Rayne

A luxurious contemporary brand, which specializes in women ’s wear, with the use of premium vegan materials only, and they manage to keep that sexy minimalistic sleek style to make every woman feel desirable.

Matt & Nat

This creatively named brand, Matt from material and Nat from nature, is a perfect example of how to live beautifully and preserve your surrounding without having to sacrifice comfort or beauty in the process. They are a well-established and long-lasting brand now, and they pride themselves in being Earth-friendly and using vegan materials.

Ariel Bellamy, a blogger in love with life, writing, being green and sharing the experience. She is proud to write for Stefmar, an online pet shop, as it is an animal-friendly and splendid place on the web. You can also reach her on @BellamyAriel

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The best ways to match your Outfits in winters

Winters arrive and you start worrying about what to wear this winter. This makes you to plan for some winter wear shopping. If you are a woman, then you have more worries about your winter wear as you need to look stylish and fashionable, as well as remain comfortable and warm during the harsh winters. You will need some insight about the right winter wear so that you could make a better choice.

922_black_red_front-600x750The winter coats and cardigans are the best way to keep your body warm when going outside, and at the same time, flaunt your style, as well. But the problem most women face is that they find it hard to decide what to wear with pull over coats and cardigans to look fabulous.

You can wear bright colours like red and orange along with your coat with dark earthy colours. This will help in bringing some chirpiness in your look. You can also wrap up some mufflers or scarves around your neck. This will also give a nice look and will also save you from cold.

K107-600x750With some variation in style and designs, you can wear long slim tops that reach just below the buttocks. There are also pullovers available in the market that you can match with leggings and slim denims. Proper accessories like metal earrings and metal bangles would be best to put on with this type of outfit.

Women kurtis are also in fashion and in great demand by women of all ages. Whether you are a working professional or college going girl, the women kurtis are best for you to match up with cardigans and coats. With kurtis as the top, the most preferred bottom is a chudidar. Apart from chudidars, you can also match up kurtis with a nice pair of denim jeans or formal trouser. Many women also like to wear them along with a Patiala Salwar. This is the beauty of the women kurtis that they get along with a variety of bottoms. The colours available for women’s kurtis are bright and dark ones like orange, brown, red, pink, mustard and likewise. One major thing to look for when shopping for winter kurtis for women is the material. For winters, kurtis made up of chiffon, silk or georgette should not be purchased as they will only make you feel colder. The ideal material for winters would be cotton or wool. Woollen and cotton kurtis can give you a very nice look and keep you warm during winters very easily.

purple_kurti-600x750The online stores provide you a great variety of women kurtis in different materials, colours and designs. You can buy women kurtis and other winter wear like coats, cardigans and jackets online easily and that also at very great prices. Now you don’t need to explore dozens of physical stores and get tired in search of the best looking kurti for you. You can get them easily online.

Author’s Bio: The author is a fashion expert and writer. He is currently writing for and is providing the best advice on style and fashion to the customers.

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Types of Girls Dresses Online buy

Did you know there are different dresses for different body types? What I mean to say is that some dresses will flatter some body type more than others! So why waste money on dresses that might hinder you from achieving that perfect look? Below I mention the types of dresses and the body types they look the best on, read on and figure:

  1. Maxi Dress: These are the ones which are long and flows with empire waistlines. They are very comfortable and feminine. They give the wearer a bohemian look and can still be very sophisticating if worn right.

However, one should be careful with these if you’re short like I am. You should pick up those with solid colors or with print which is smaller than the size of your fist if you’re five feet four inch or shorter.

jersey-maxi-dresses-fall-2010-2Maxi dresses look good on very body type buy are the best friends of those with a ruler figure that is those whose bust measurements are similar to their waist and hip measurements. And they are essentially good for those with long torsos.

  1. Wrap Dress: These are the ones which wrap around your body and are tied at the side or with a belt or ribbon. These universally gave a V neckline. These do wonders on a pear-shaped body by accentuating the small waist of the ladies with such body type. These are very feminine as they bring attention to the perfect proportions of the body and thus are equally loved by women with the hourglass figure who should tie them on the natural waist as opposed to others who should choose the empire waistline. Wrap dresses minimize the waist and attract attention to the bust.


  1. Sheath Dress: Sheath dresses are the body-hugging or the form-fitting dresses. These generally have zero or minimal embellishments on them and should be worn in solid colors only! They can be of any-length but usually they end just before the knees. If tailored appropriately, they can be a good option for women with apple-shaped figures as it can give some space for a little tummy to wiggle and hide. But these dresses are great for women with a hourglass body shape or for those with pear-shaped bodies. However, pear shaped figures need to balance out their bodies to rock this look. This can be done by adding a wrap or a little cardigan on top. Sheath dresses with a two shade little top column draws attention on the bust, thus helping them cover their problematic area.


  1. Peplum Dresses: These are good for those who have broad shoulders as they have a flare at the bottom that help them balance their look out as it nullifies the effect of their broad shoulders. This dress can also help out women with narrow shoulders and a wider bottom. But this would be so if the peplum dress has sleeves on it!

Peplum DressesGirls, dresses online should be tailored, if necessary to look your best. Accessorize your outfit right and choose the appropriate footwear, and ladies, you’re good to go.

Author’s Bio:The author of the article is a fashion expert with StalkBuyLove. Even though she is 5’4’’ herself, she loves maxi dresses. She thinks all dresses can be worn by everyone if given care to every detail involved.

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Stylish Winter Wear for Women

Winters may be punishing as a season, but there is nothing that adds class to the closet as winter clothing does. You have so many options to play around with and there is no missing the warm boots and leggings with cosy scarves and jackets. Women love winters mostly because of the choice it adds to their wardrobe in terms of styling options. The most important winter clothes for women that are must haves this season are:

Double Breasted Overcoat

This simple overcoat is a garment in itself. You can add a pair of leggings with calf length boots and along with a woollen scarf to complete the style and you are all set to hit the movies or the mall with your girls. This simple winter attire is not only fashionable to the core, but is also warm and comfortable for an easy all day wears. All the women love to sport double breasted long coats in bright colours to add statement to their attires.

Calf/knee length boots

Winters without boots are as incomplete as a steaming cup of coffee on a freezing winter morning. Boots are what complete your look and make you winter ready by its simple addition. There are so many variations available in the market these days that you can practically own a shoe closet and it would still not be enough. The boots go perfectly with well fitted jeans or the warm leggings. Just throw in a pair of warm socks peeking out of the boots and the style is complete!

Boyfriend sweater

This one made the latest addition this season. Boyfriend sweater is a feminine version of a loose sweater that women cutely sport borrowing it from their boyfriends. With huge graphic prints on them and short length, they look amazingly cute on a pair of jeans and a pair of boots. Try a long shirt hanging out with a lose sweater this winter to sport the androgynous look which is slightly more tilted towards the feminine side.

Warm pair of leggings

Leggings made a huge statement this season first in summers and now in winters. They are fabulous attire for a long day with friends. If you do not want to be comfortable for the rest of the day, try the leggings with a sweater or a jacket and you are all set. The leggings can be available in solid colours or prints that can be matched with plain sweaters to tone down the prints.

Winter clothing is all about personal style and comfort level. While fashion these days is highly dynamic, you must choose the clothing as per your comfort level and something that you can wear without being uneasy. If you are confident about the winter clothes that you chose for yourself, then chances are this comfort will reflect in your overall style and make you look even more attractive. Much of the styling is to do more with attitude than with clothes.

Author Bio: The author is a fashion stylist at and helps in enhancing the latest designs and improving the overall product portfolio of the company.

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3 Must Have Fashion Accessories for Your Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are predominantly used by men throughout the world. Dress shirts are generally considered as a more formal way of wearing shirts. In true sense, a dress shirt has a bow tie and is accompanied with a jacket for formal occasion. For a long time, men preferred buying shirts only in white color as it looked absolutely formal and wore it as a part of formal wear for evening dress. The dress shirts have buttons on the front, pocket with long sleeves. The front opening of the formal shirts is fastened with buttons while the cuffs are fastened with either buttons or fashion accessories like the cufflinks. The jacket or the blazer adds the much needed sophistication to the discerning man.

For the dress shirts to be comfortable, many apparel manufacturers use cotton fabrics while manufacturing shirts. Cottons are widely accepted as it not only offers great comfort to the wearer, but is also inexpensive and easy on wash care. Further, the cotton shirts can be used for any season. In winter, cotton dress shirts offer warmth, while in summer season the cotton fabrics absorb sweat due to the heat. A slightly expensive fabric than the cotton is the Egyptian Giza fabric that are sourced from Egypt. Though the shirts are easily available in different shades, fit, patterns and designs, fashion accessories that can be teamed together with the dress shirts make you look sharp for any occasion. Below are the 4 different fashion accessories that you should consider when you check out shopping sites for buying dress shirts.

Cufflinks: Dress shirts come with the cuffs attached at the end of the full sleeves. When the shirts are worn along with the blazer, cuff is the only visible part. The most common cuff design is the barrel cuffs. Barrel cuffs can have one button or two buttons. Apart from this design, French cuffs are the most stylish ones and add a glam quotient to your shirts. French cuffs are also known as double cuffs. The best accessory that any formal dress shirts can have is the cufflinks. Cufflinks are the fashion accessory that is used to hole the two ends of the cuff together. The cufflinks are widely used to make an impression that is distinguished and distinctive too. The cufflinks are available in expensive metals like silver, gold and platinum. Precious gems like ruby, emerald, diamonds are finding a space in the cufflinks these days.

Pocket Square: The single most stylish accessory that is small and yet makes a big impact is the pocket square. It is often said that “what a pair of heels is to a lady, pocket square is to a gentleman”. The pocket square says a lot about the personality of the men having them. The way how the pocket squares are folded is important. It has become an indispensible tool for redefining fashion. Selecting pocket square is fairly easy. There is no fashion rule to say that you have to pick a pocket square to match the shirt. All you have to do is, see if it complements your complete attire to make you look like a gentleman. Pocket squares are available in different textures – silk, cotton and linen.

Tie: Wearing a Tie with the dress shirts can make wonders. They complete the outfit to make it look stylish and formal. Ties are available in a plenty of colors, designs and width. Striped ties and checked designs are making a comeback. Of all the colors, it is suggested that men should have at least 3 different neck ties. Red is the most popular color in ties as they can be easily matched with dress shirts, suits and blazers. The rule of contrasts work well for this fashion accessory – wear solids on shirts with lighter shades. Blue is among the standard colors in men’s wardrobe. Select the lighter shades of tie to match it with shirts that are darker in color.

Author Bio: Anup invites you to check out, an online shirts brand in India. Shirts are made from pure cotton and luxury fabrics like Giza, to give utmost comfort to the wearer.

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Guide for Elegant Everyday Plus-Size Looks

Dressing elegantly every day can help anyone look and feel great. Over the years, the market for plus-size fashion has expanded, and there are now plenty of options for women who would like to assemble an elegant look for everyday wear.

Dressing for Your Shape

Plus-size fashion has come a long way recently. Women no longer have to wear shapeless tunics that make them look and feel frumpy. In addition, a plus-sized woman should dress for her shape, rather than focusing on the size listed on the tag. Whether a plus-sized woman has an hourglass figure, a large chest, or ample hips, she will need to find something that flatters her shape.

Elegant Plus-Size

Optimizing Your Wardrobe

Quality will always trump quantity when it comes to looking elegant. Those who are looking for plus-size items that are truly classic should accept that they will most likely have to spend more as well as shop around for a bargain. Having a few good quality dresses, shirts, trousers, and skirts that can be tailored and dry cleaned will almost always be a better idea than opting for fast fashion pieces that fall apart in six months (e.g. you find elegant and stylish plus-size clothes at

Skirts and Dresses

Well-made dresses and skirts are a smart choice for every woman in every shape and size. Having a set of dresses and skirts for each season means that one will not be lacking something classy and elegant to wear. Try wrap dresses all year round, or pencil skirts and blouses in the office.

Trousers and Shorts

Bigger women don’t need to shy away from trousers and jeans. Today, many stores and designers are offering well-made jeans, trousers, and shorts. Skinny jeans are also being made in plus sizes for flattering, classic silhouettes. Women with a large hip-to-waist ratio may have to have them tailored.

Tops and T-Shirts

When it comes to blouses and tops, tailoring is a plus-sized woman’s best friend. A good tailor can take in the sides of a well-made blouse so that the shirt fits both the chest and the torso. A crisp white Oxford blouse will always be a good fashion choice.


Shoes are another item of clothing where spending a more pays off. Well-made heels, boots, and flats may cost more, and wider fits may be hard to find, but a shoe that can be repaired again and again will be a better option than shoes that cost very little but fall apart quickly. Kitten heels are a great choice for both comfort and fashion.


The right accessories can turn a plain, nondescript outfit into something fantastic. A simple clutch instead of a handbag or purse can take an outfit from normal to classy with little effort. Women can try pairing a simple tank top, skinny jeans, and heels with a clutch, pearl earrings, and a necklace for a look that goes from day to night Or they can.

Plus-Size Looks

Hair and Make-up

Hair and make-up can be the crowning glory of anyone’s look. Again, a woman should work with the hair and complexion that she has, rather than work against it. Putting hair up into a bun or a loose ponytail can direct attention towards the face. A simple smoky eye and nude lips provides a simple, alluring look that is classic and timeless.

The Overall Image

Elegant everyday looks for plus-size women don’t have to be excessively formal. Elegance means dressing well for one’s figure, choosing pieces that are timeless, and carrying oneself with confidence. As fashion begins to cater to women of every shape and body size, plus-sized ladies are able to share in the fun of dressing well and putting their best faces forward.


4 Clever Costumes For Wheelchair Patients

Finding a costume for a wheelchair patient can be a frustrating process, as most costume companies do not accommodate for wheelchair bound individuals. However, there are many ways to get creative and design a homemade costume for a wheelchair patient. This article identifies four clever costumes for those who are wheelchair bound.

Wheelchair Patients

Photo credits to


One easy and clever costume idea for a wheelchair patient is to have them dress up as a drummer. To make the drum set, create one large circle and two smaller circles for the drums. These drums can be made out of cardboard or any sturdy material. Attach the drums to the wheelchair, with the large drum in the middle. Attach some real or make shift cymbals as well, and have the patient carry some drumsticks. The patient could wear any clothing that would reflect a rock star personality, such as sunglasses, a bandana, leather jacket, etc. The patient can also use the drumsticks and actually make noise on the cardboard drums, making this a really fun costume!

Aladdin/Jasmine and the magic carpet

Another great idea for a costume for a wheelchair patient is to create a magic carpet around the wheelchair and have the patient dress as Aladdin or Jasmine. This is relatively easy to do, by attaching a rug, piece of carpet, or homemade substitute to the sides of the wheelchair or by cutting a hole in the middle and having the patient put their head through the hole, as though they are riding on top of the carpet. Make the carpet colorful and consider adding some tassels to the ends. Refer to photos of Aladdin and Jasmine for costume ideas for the patient. For the Jasmine costume, a stuffed tiger could be sitting on top of the carpet to imitate Jasmine’s pet tiger from the movie.


Creating a DJ booth for a wheelchair patient is another clever idea. To make the DJ booth, simply create a large box made out of cardboard or the material of your choice and affix it to the front of the wheelchair and around the sides, so the only open part of the wheelchair is the back. Allow for space at the top or back for the individual to move their arms freely so they can maneuver the wheelchair and also play the part of a DJ by spinning records or using the laptop. A real laptop could be placed on top of the DJ booth, or a makeshift one. Add some records to the top that can actually spin, and think about attaching a small CD player or using an IPOD to play music so the patient can act as though they are truly a DJ. Use paint or markers to elaborate on the sides and front of the DJ booth. Get creative by drawing designs or even creating a fun “DJ” name to write across the front.

Bubble bath

A bathtub/shower is a fun and easy way to create a costume for a wheelchair patient. To create the bathtub, use cardboard or another sturdy material to create the actual tub, and paint it white. Use bubble wrap or balloons to create the bubbles for the bubble bath. Get create and have the patient dress up in a robe and funny shower cap, or even a rubber ducky or two to the bubble bath.

About the Author

Sasha Wilson is a costume enthusiast and party planner. She suggests searching costume ideas on for great ideas for your next big event!