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Tips on Choosing the Right Glasses for Your Face

When getting a new pair of glasses, one of the most important things you should take into consideration is how they suit your face. You can go and try on every single pair of glasses in your local stores, but this will take up a lot of time, yet it doesn’t guarantee you the best possible outcome. Instead, what you should do is narrow down your choice before you even start visiting the stores. Below is a list of 5 tips that are guaranteed to help you.


Pick Something Proportional to Your Face

When buying sunglasses, there’s no need to think about whether they are in proportion to your face since they are supposed to cover a larger portion of it. But when choosing your optical glasses, this is something you will definitely want to do. You should think about the size of your facial features such as nose and glabella, and choose the size of your glasses accordingly. For example, if you want your nose to appear smaller, it’s recommended that you go heavy on the frame.

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Make Sure the Glasses Contrast Your Face

One of the most important things you should do when choosing your new glasses is made sure they contrast your face as much as possible. In case your face is round, angular glasses will always be the right choice. On the other hand, if your face is angular, what you should do is get a pair of curvy glasses. Determining which of these groups you belong to isn’t always as easy as it seems. Luckily, there are plenty of places online that can help you figure out the exact shape of your face.

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Find the Right Color

Besides determining the right shape, you should also pay attention to the color of your frame. Choose the one that best matches your face and accentuates your best features. If you want to put an emphasis on your eyes, going for a black frame is always a good idea. This is especially the case if you have light hair. And if you think your best feature is something other than your eyes, sharkskin or warm taupe hues might be a better option.

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Browse Glasses Online

You simply won’t be able to come up with the right glasses for your face if you don’t know what’s available on the market. That’s why you should check out glasses online before you even start visiting your local stores. This will not only help you see what shapes are currently on the market, but you might even spot a pair of glasses that you particularly like. Also, thanks to the internet, you can even order the glasses you like online and have them delivered to your doorstep.

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Turn to Professionals

Even though you can try to figure out the frame shape and color that will work for you best on your own, asking a professional to help will bring in a different perspective which might completely change your opinion. Optometrists who have spent their entire careers in this field have seen thousands of glasses and they will know exactly what you should get. You can always ask your optometrist for their opinion during your regular check-up.

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Follow all of these tips and you will surely find glasses that suit your face perfectly. Just make sure you schedule regular appointments with your optometrist and always get a new pair of glasses when necessary.


Five Ways to Make Your Skin Look Gorgeous without Makeup

If you think that you can look gorgeous only with makeup, it’s high time you changed your mind. Stylists at Midtown hair salon NYC are ready to present you tips on how to look fabulous without using foundations, mascaras, blushes, concealers and so on.


Tip #1 Treat your skin

Don’t use a facial scrub? We have a good reason why you should getting one: your skin will look fresh and young without any makeup tricks. Can’t believe it? Try exfoliating once or twice a week, and you’ll see the difference.

Tip #2 Moisturize

Unfortunately, if you go only for exfoliating, your skin will get rid of dead skin cells and won’t get any nutritious components instead. For this reason, exfoliating and moisturizing goes along together complementing each other. Avoid skin dryness by applying moisturizing product every day.


Tip #3 Go for supplements

Serums are the high concentrations of actives which give your skin a boost locally. So, if you want to have perfectly looking skin without any makeup, you need to purchase one. Stylists at Midtown hair salon NYC underlines that this type of product can help to erase dark spots, scars and rehydrate skin.

Tip #4 Eat healthily

It can sound trivial but we are what we eat, and no one can run away from it. Everything you eat is reflected on your skin and complexion. When you start consuming healthy food, you not only get freshly looking skin but also feel rejuvenated. We know how it is hard to change something habitual and no one says you should be extreme. A long journey starts with one step, so all you need is, for instance, eat one additional fruit or vegetable every day.

Tip #5 Drink water

If your body lacks hydration, your skin will never look fresh and healthy. No matter what you do, your organism uses up water, so you need to replenish its supply. Start with drinking one additional glass of water a day.

We hope these simple tips will help you to achieve the desirable effect and you will be proud on how your skin glows without makeup.

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Top 5 Cosmetic Skin Treatments

Cosmetic skin treatments have become very popular in the past decade due to their successful and amazing results. Whether you want to look younger, have pimple-free skin or need a little glow to your face, there’s a myriad of cosmetic treatments available. From Botox injections and chemical peels, to treatments that use ultrasonic waves to treat the problems, cosmetic skin treatments will give you the skin you’ve always dreamed about.


Chemical Peel

By using a chemical solution, the damaged outer layers of the skin are removed, so that the new smoother skin can resurface faster. The result is glowing skin, free of age spots, acne scars, and wrinkles. Depending on the condition of your skin, you can choose from mild to deep peels to treat the problematic area. While mild and medium peels reduce fine lines and acne, deep chemical peels use phenol and treat more severe problems as wrinkles and deep scars, and the results last up to 10 years.


Electric Facials

One of the newest treatments that are becoming popular rapidly are electrical facial treatments. Aestheticians use different types of current to remove dark circles, kill acne-causing bacteria, make the skin more radiant and enhance lymphatic drainage. It takes three days for the energy caused by the nanocurrent to build in the skin, and give the ultimate result. Three days after the treatment, the skin is looking radiant, acne free, and younger. The fact that electrical facial treatment produces such quick and fascinating results is the reason why many Hollywood stars choose precisely this treatment before they head out to the red carpet.


Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing treats scars, age spots, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles with the use of short pulsating beams of light. The treatment heats up deeper layers of the skin, and removes the outer layer. The skin is firm and smooth, due to collagen production onset by the treatment. Patients who wish to get rid of deep wrinkles and scars will be treated with an ablative laser, which produces faster results. A non-ablative laser is great at treating early signs of aging, and unlike ablative laser, it reduces discomfort and recovery time.


Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is almost as popular as tattooing itself. Since many people decide to get a tattoo on the spur of the moment, they regret doing it eventually, which leads to laser tattoo removal. However, sometimes the tattoo is not done correctly, or it’s misspelled, and the person just wants to remove it from their body. The laser used for tattoo removal employs ultra-short pulses of high-energy heat. The Pico Way laser, works three time faster than the Q-switch laser, and doesn’t require as much treatments as the latter to remove the entire tattoo.


Photodynamic Therapy

One of the most effective new treatments for reducing acne lesions on the skin is photodynamic therapy. Bacteria that cause acne breakouts are successfully killed with the specific light wavelengths. First, a patient will get a light microdermabrasion followed by an aminolevulinic acid solution that enhances the laser effectiveness once it’s applied to the skin. Finally, the wavelengths kill the bacteria that causes acne after they penetrate the skin.


Thanks to chemical peels, electric facials, laser skin resurfacing, laser tattoo removal and photodynamic therapy we can quickly have the glowing skin free of wrinkles, acne, age spots, tattoos and freckles.  However, keep in mind that every person must consult with a dermatologist before opting for any of these treatments, since everyone’s skin and body is unique and will react in a different way to these treatments. Therefore, talk to a professional before deciding on this step.


5 Tricks for a Brighter Smile

In the long term, brushing and flossing regularly is the best thing you could do for your smile. When this goes wrong, there is always teeth bleaching. But, it isn’t for everyone. It’s expensive, it can hurt your teeth, especially if they’re already sensitive and you probably have to do it more than once. Luckily, there is a less expensive and less invasive way to make your teeth look whiter. Choosing the right makeup can have the same effect.


Here’s how to do it:

Complexion prep

Having an even complexion will allow you to focus on your best features. Start with cleaning and moisturizing and then apply some light foundation and concealer. Choosing the right bronzer is the key when it comes to brightening. If your bronzer is too dark it will bring attention to all the imperfections of your smile, on the other hand, taupe-toned ones will have the opposite effect and make your teeth brighter. Mate foundation under your cheekbones and on the bridge of the nose will contour the shape of your face and enhance your smile greatly.


Focus on the eyes

You might not have seen this coming – but focusing on your eyes can help a lot with your pearly whites. Use cool-toned colors to counter-balance the yellow tones. Silver blue and purple eyeshadows will work best during the winter and green, turquoise and other brighter tones should wait for spring. Also, remember to choose the right jewelry to go with your eyeshadow. It should be matched with red (garnet or ruby), purple (amethyst or sapphire) and blue (topaz or aquamarine) gemstones.  White metals, like silver and white gold, are also an option. Basically, if you choose a cool-toned makeup, you’ll need to wear something sparkly for balance.



Choosing the right shade of lipstick is definitely the best way to make your teeth appear brighter. It isn’t going to replace visiting an orthodontist, but it’s the next best thing. Pick blue based formulas instead of orange or red ones. The alternative is to go with berry hue, which comes in a lot of shade and that’s always a good thing. It’s a matter of color wheel rules: blue and orange cancel each other out –and canceling orange is your goal if you’re not satisfied with your teeth.


Lip liner

The color isn’t everything. Highlighting your lips to make them appear fuller will also give you a brighter smile. Apply lip liner around your lips as well as a little light concealer. The goal is to accentuate the shape of your mouth. This will be exceptionally visible if you’re also wearing a darker shade of lipstick. You can also go in a completely opposite direction and pick a neutral or nude lipstick. If you do this, remember to that texture is as important as the color – matte formulas can make your lips look dry.

Lip liner


The rules about lipstick apply to your gloss as well – it’s important to keep the tones light and cold and to try to cancel out the yellows with the blues. This means you should stop using any glosses with gold or bronze glitter and focus on those with a silver shimmer. Obviously, don’t forget to moisturize regularly – none of this matters if you look tired and worn out.


Confidence is largely based on your ability to feel good in your own body, so don’t be afraid of smiling more radiating positive energy. If you follow these pieces of advice, there will be nothing left to stop you.

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10 Ways to Have Beautiful Skin This Summer

Wear sunscreen – Beach parties are fun—no questions asked but, they’re no fun if you’re damaging your skin. Get your sunscreen on and do everything you can to shield your skin from the sun — you heard that right, sunglasses, caps or hats and bikini toppers to cover your most parts of your skin but still show your beautiful bikinis underneath of course! For people with sensitive skin, no need to worry as there are lots of guides on how to choose a sunscreen for sensitive skin.


Relieve sun – soaked skin with cold cream and shea butter. Sunburned or not, soothe and calm skin after spending a day under the sun. Just the heat evaporating from the sand and the warm wind blowing are more than enough to stress out your skin, all the more reason to baby your skin with deep moisturization if you soaked under the sun.


Try self-tanning – Stop damaging your skin under the sun! Nobody in their right mind sunbathes anymore. Get that sun-kissed skin by using self-tanning lotions! Aren’t you happy to know you can have your tan on days before you even hit the beach?

Bathe frequently most especially after sweating hard. Keep heat rash out by keeping your skin cool, clean and dry all the time.

Keep your skin clean and clear from impurities. Get the impurities, including the sand off of your skin. Stop those blemishes and irritations from appearing at all!

Exfoliate – Do this a week before you hit the beach, and never the night before you do! Get that clean, fresh look with a quick exfoliation right in your home toilet.

Drink plenty of water – Keep your skin from drying out from within. Drink water as much and as often as you can.

Eat well – Eat water-rich foods including fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, oranges and watermelons to keep your body, including your skin, well-hydrated from within. Stay away from salty foods which may dehydrate your body and even cause you to bloat (bye, bye bikinis!). Load up on antioxidants. Drink up those fresh fruits smoothies and enjoy the flavors of the season with the objective of getting your skin glowing. Get yourself a cup or two of green tea or black tea.

Exercise – Nothing else can give you a naturally glowing and radiant skin than exercise. You don’t need to be scheduled to hit the beach in a few weeks to go running a mile! Do this every day, and you’ll be sure to rock your bikini body even when it’s not summer.

Try to get sufficient sleep – Beach equals party — we know but, your skin does not understand that. Try to get as much sleep as you can even while on vacation or, don’t be surprised to see a zit on your second day of stay.


There may be no more untold secret to obtaining great looking skin but, there are ways to intensify your skincare regimen to get pretty to the nth degree this vacation season.

Author Bio:

Kelly Everson is an American author and MA in English literature. She is a fashion and beauty writer who has written numerous articles. She likes to get insights on various trends being followed in the fashion industry. She has been sharing her knowledge by being a contributor to various beauty, fashion, and makeup related informative sites. She is also a regular contributor to


Tricks and Tips to Make Your Smile Look Brighter

One of the first things you notice on a person is their smile. You can tell a lot about them just by watching them smile. Smiling and laughing is the most natural thing and should be done on a daily basis. Those who avoid smiling are missing a lot in life. Yet there are those whose smile isn’t as bright as it used to be, which is why they don’t smile anymore. Mourn no more, for these tips and tricks will help you recover your original smile and improve your current one. Listed below are the things which you can do to make your smile look brighter.


Choose the right makeup

Everything starts from the way you express yourself. If your makeup is right, your teeth will stand out and your smile will be brighter than ever. Choose the one that doesn’t create a huge contrast on your face, yet fits perfectly with your white smile. Don’t put on your makeup just too look look prettier; instead, think about connecting it with your skin tone in order to bring your smile into focus.


… And the right lipstick

Not all the lipsticks have the same effect on your smile. The darker the color of your lipstick, the more prominent your teeth will be. Try and find a middle ground, and find a lipstick that is not too bright or too dark. Red lipsticks used to be IN during 90s, and the fashion trend is about to return. If your teeth are perfectly white, any light color will do. However, if they have lost some of their shine, consider light plum colored lipstick, ruby orfuchsia.


Focus on your eyes

Another thing that could really, really put a spotlight on your teeth and smile is choosing the right eyeliner. Now I know what you’re thinking, what do eyes have to do with smile? Well, the answer is obvious: When your eyes twinkle, your smile follows. And no matter what kind of smile you have, it will be brighter and better if your eyes are sparkling. Remember to choose cooler shades of eye makeup to really express the true beauty your eyes possess. Opt for purple, green or blue eye liners, for they normally deflect all yellow that you might have on your teeth. This is an optical illusion which works for those whose teeth have lost their original shine.


Consider teeth whitening

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, they tend to lose their original shine over time. It’s a normal process happening to everyone, due to the food, sodas and coffee we tend to eat and drink every day. In order to return their original shine, your teeth should undergo a whitening process. If you live in a land down under, look for the best teeth whitening in Sydney and get ready to spend a few hundred dollars. Once the process is done, your teeth will be shiny and perfect, radiating with whiteness. Beauty has no price.


Eat a lot of fruits

Now who would have thought that fruits could help your smile? Scientists have proven that eating a lot of fruits, especially those rich with vitamin C and astringents can help whiten your teeth and clean plaque in the process. Not only that, but your teeth remain strong and white even after drinking coffee and eating chocolate. Your food intake reflects on your health, and you are what you eat. Focus on healthy food to improve your general health and your smile with it.


Use these beauty tips and never again be afraid to smile. It is your greatest asset, and you should be using it every day.

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7 Most Effective Ways to Treat Oily Skin

If there is one good news about oily skin, it’s that people with oily skin types tend to wrinkle and age at a slower rate than those who have dry skin.  The bad news is that oily skin is so much more prone to blemishes and skin infections, and it also makes makeup harder to put on and keep on.


How to treat oily skin

Hormonal changes, seasonal climate change, harsh products, alcohol, heavy cosmetics and incompatible products can all lead to oily skin.  If you can’t seem to manage your oily skin, the seven ways to treat it listed below might help you get your greasy face under control.


  1. Schedule a consultation and ask for prescription. Chances are, you’ve been trying out over-the-counter solutions to your oily skin.  After several trials and no result, it is no longer reasonable to hop on to another product and desperately hope it works.  It’s time to get expert opinion most especially if your oily skin is accompanied by acne caused by these-these 7 daily habits.  Some topicals are simply more effective when they’re prescription only, you might be surprised.
  1. Ask your doctor about Isotretinoin. Also known by its brand, Accutane, this prescription-only drug is almost like an SOP for acne treatment but, some physicians also recommend low doses for people with overly active oil glands.  Usually, the prescribed use is just 10 mg, twice weekly intake but, only your doctor can give the directions and you should stick with it.
  1. Chemical Peel. Also known as facial peels is a superficial medical peel aided by low doses of glycolic and salicylic acids can provide you with the grease-cutting solution you need without being too harsh on your skin. A little bit more may be prescribed if your oily skin is accompanied by acne.  Just maks sure to adhere to post-treatment directions so you can avoid causing more harm to your skin.
  1. Oil cleanse. Surprise! Surprise!  Applying oil can stop your skin from over compensating for dryness or lost oil.  If you already have oil on your skin, it doesn’t need to produce more.  Oil is also said to draw out hardened, excess sebum from your clogged pores more effectively.  Use osmetic grade essential oils for best results.
  1. Apply sheer, lightweight, oil-free moisturizer. Dry skin will cause you more grease.
  1. Milk of Magnesia. Inexpensive and easily available, the magnesium hydroxide component of this liquid clears out your pores and minimizes them so your skin becomes less prone to infection and breakouts.  It not only then makes your skin less oily, you also get a nice, smooth complexion.
  1. Cleanse skin with mild cleanser twice daily. Use mild facial cleansers that have alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids written on the labels.  Avoid overwashing. Use only lukewarm water, avoid washing with very cold or very hot water which can dry out your skin and cause it to become oilier.


Dealing with oily skin can be tough, and these tips can help you finally get the grease off.  Reinventing your lifestyle can help too. Be more active, eat healthier, sleep better and stop smoking.

Author Bio:

Kelly Everson is an American author and MA in English literature. She is a health article writer who has written numerous articles/online journals on stretch marks, pregnancy, sleep disorders and joint pain problems. She is also passionate about writing on Makeup, Beauty and Fashion.

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10 Facts you Didn’t know About Aging Skin

There is something about aging these days that make people go frantic the second they see a wrinkle show up on the corner of an eye or on the sides of their mouth.  While it’s easy to assume that vanity has taken over the better minds of women and men alike, aging concerns are not unique to skin concerns.  More people are simply more concerned about improving their longevity and staying more productive throughout their mature years.


What you don’t yet know about aging skin may hurt you

So you think you know all there is to know about aging skin?  Do you have any idea why you might need a V-Zone Neck Cream?  Guess all you want but these 10 facts you probably haven’t heard about skin and aging might just change what you always thought you knew about aging skin:

  1. Senescence and sun damage are the top causes of skin aging.

The ruthless combination of both of these factors makes it almost impossible to beat the signs of skin aging.  Senescence is the body’s natural way of slowing down.  While it is a natural physiological progression, other factors, most especially lifestyle choices such as diet, physical activity and vices, also influence the rate at which your body ages.  Photodamage is clearly something that can be averted but not totally avoided.


UV protection must take top priority when it comes to aging skincare.  However, the toxicity of many chemical sunscreens may deter you from achieving your youthful skin goals in the long run.  While chemical sunscreens may be highly effective in protecting you from sun damage, their high level of toxicity may negate the benefits.  So, make sure to use only safe sunscreens, particularly those made with mineral actives, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, and those that have botanical actives only.  Staying out of the sun is still the best way to avoid photo aging.

  1. Aging skin has decreased levels of antioxidants.

Antioxidants are important in slowing down the rate at which your body cells, including your skin cells, age.  When cells are damaged, particularly by unstable free radicals, there is a higher likelihood for you to age earlier than you are supposed to.  That is why you should prioritize the inclusion of antioxidants in your daily skincare regimen.

  1. Skin aging is caused by a drastic drop in cellular energy levels.

Therefore, it is important that you help your skin cells conserve and replenish this energy.  By enhancing optimal nutrient intake from healthier sources and minimizing damage, you are increasing your skin’s efficiency to continue performing skin cell repair and turnover as and when needed.  In the same way, antioxidants, particularly Vitamins C, E and Niacinamide, can help sustain the vitality of your skin cells to churn out high amounts of energy to fuel cellular metabolism.

  1. Aging skin is characterized by thinner skin.

When you’ve determined that your skin is aging, consider your skin to be delicate and sensitive.  You must therefore use only mild and gentle products, and use these sparingly — use only what is necessary.  Thinner skin also means greater photo sensitivity so avoid the sun as much as possible.

  1. Aging skin generally has a weaker bond with muscles.

This is a fact which causes aging skin to sag. It is also the reason why a V-Zone Neck Cream may be necessary for aging skin.  In fact, sometimes, wrinkles appear on the neck before they appear on the face.  It is a sign of years of neglecting neck skin which, in fact, is just as exposed to the sun and other environmental stressors in as much as your facial skin is.

  1. Beauty sleep can rejuvenate even aging skin.

There can be no anti-aging cream that can even come close to your body’s natural capacity to treat and rejuvenate your skin.  So, avoid staying up late and make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep everyday.

  1. Tired, dry eyes ages your eye skin.

Rest your eyes and keep it moisturized.  Tired eyes causes fluids to get stuck around the eyes, placing unnecessary pressure on the veins and skin around it which may eventually develop into puffy eyes and dark circles.

  1. Poorer circulation naturally comes with age.

Continue enhancing healthy circulation for your skin but also for your overall health and well-being with regular exercise.

  1. Aging skin responds instantly to a moisture boost.

Stop doubting your moisturizing products. Aging skin does smoothen out with hydration but, do remember to hydrate through your diet as well.  Water is good but your body cells respond better to water from fresh food sources.



This list is just a quick rundown of the facts you should know now about how aging and your skin are affected by mundane things that you do and natural occurrences that happen inside your body.  There is more to discover about your aging skin.  Be more sensitive to its specific needs and you’ll be in a better position to tackle your aging skin concerns.

Author Bio:

Addie Davison, health and beauty consultant from New York, New Jersey, USA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature. She likes to write about beauty, skin care, makeup. She is very passionate about writing. Her articles mainly focus on content quality and originality. She has self-promotion abilities and & independently on her own initiatives. Contact with her  on Facebook, TwitterGoogle+Pinterest.


5 Beauty Secrets That Will Transform Your Look

Every woman and man has been on the look out for the best-kept beauty secrets — all ears all the time for the ageless beauty secret of the world’s most gorgeous celebrities.  That or, people simply love to hear about secrets.


Below are 5 of the best beauty secrets that will make you look the most beautiful you have ever been:


  1. Sleep well. Show your skin the best love ever everyday by giving it the rejuvenating rest it deserves.  Sleep at the same time every night and make sure that you complete at least 7 hours of restful, uninterrupted sleep.  Your skin cells heal and regenerate better while you enjoy your beauty sleep.
  1. Eat right and exercise regularly. Fuelling your body only with the nutrients it needs from the best, non-fattening sources ensures that you are giving yourself all the vitamins and minerals that your body, including your skin, needs to retain health and vitality.  Exercise helps distribute nutrients where these are needed, and in maintaining a healthy circulation that not only prevent fluids from getting stuck around your eyes but also keeps your cells well fed so that these can maintain their efficiency.
  1. Build up your self-confidence. Being beautiful requires that you are confident and happy with the natural assets and imperfections that you have been blessed with.  True beauty comes from within.  A smart mind gives you confidence.  Get to know your subject of conversation before opening your mouth to speak.  Practice what you need to get done.  In geist, always be prepared, and by being prepared, it does not only mean that you should be well-made up and dressed although that can certainly help too.
  1. Become a more positive person and always find reasons to smile. While there are instances when worrying is inevitable, people simply like to worry even about things that they really can’t get solved.  If you are this kind of person, stop and think really hard about it, “What can you do to change the situation?”  If it’s not some problem that is within your power to solve then, you are much better off solving matters that are within your control to influence or to change.  Keep smiling too.  Always find time to spend with people you love the most.
  1. Cleanse, tone, moisturize, exfoliate and use sunscreen. This 5-step skincare process alone can help transform your skin from simply beautiful to extraordinarily gorgeous.  Follow this routine everyday, except for exfoliation which must only be done twice weekly, and you will see a skin reborn.

Keep in mind that there is no amount of moisturizing that can ever be more than enough.  However, the products that you use must be carefully scrutinized to match your skin needs and skin type.  Make sure that exfoliation is done regularly to free your skin from dead skin and product build up which, when kept intact, will give your expensive products a hard time delivering good nourishment deep into your skin.  Apply sunscreen daily to hold off aging effectively.


Don’t be surprised to know that the beauty secrets you’ve been on the hunt for turns out to be no secret at all!  Release yourself from doubts by trying these 5 beauty secrets today.

Authors Bio:

Sara Biston, who lives in New York City, USA – a freelance article writer by profession. She is an experienced writer who loves writing about beauty, skin care & lifestyle. She believes in spreading a word of happiness through her writings. Sara’s passion for beauty & skincare became the catalyst for a major career change. She is firm believing the fact that “Tough time never lost but Tough people do”. She also writes for Gorgeous Girl.

Bindi Wearing Tips

Bindi Wearing Tips to Be Fashionable

With cultures being mixed now more than before, it comes as no surprise to see many fashion choices get adopted from other cultures. Arguably, one of the most interesting body decoration is the Bindi, which can be applied to various body parts, and its meaning can be different as well. It also has a significant cultural background, but, for most people, it looks nice and can become a part of their look.


What Is a Bindi?

In essence, south Asia cultures women wore Bindis in order to symbolize that they are happily married, or spoken for. Some have signaled that whoever is wearing it comes from a high-status family, bearing a significant importance on how people should act. Nowadays, though, it is mostly about fashion and how body decoration can be combined with the general appearance. Nevertheless, there are still some general rules on how and where they should be placed.


Who Is Allowed to Wear a Bindi?

Many of the people would have it believe that the Bindi is reserved only for Asian cultures and that wearing one outside of it would be insulting. This could not be further from the truth as many fashion trends focus on wearing a Bindi somewhere on the body. Nevertheless, if traveling to a country where a Bindi bears heavy significance, it is best to see if the culture allows outsiders to wear them.

Bindi Wearing

How to Put It On Your Body?

As it is with any kind of sticker you put on, you need to make sure that you precisely put the Bindi where you want it. Traditionally, the Bindi is worn on the forehead, and applying one is pretty much straightforward. However, you need to be sure to practice a bit to avoid damaging the sticky surface, or even your skin if you have some blemishes. You can also place it all over your body, but, it is best to stick it in a place where it will not have to suffer a lot of wear and tear, otherwise it could fall off quickly.

Bindi Wearing Tips

Combine It with Bridal Wear

Even though you can use Bindi with almost anything you would like to wear, it is best to opt for a bridal get-up. For bridal wear, you can even make use of sets of Bindi, meaning that you will have a number of stickers to put on creating beautiful arrangements and making you look amazing on your big day. Though, be careful not to go overboard or you might choke out the look you were going for.

Bindi Tips

Can You Reuse Bindi Several Times?

It is possible to reuse Bindi, however, you will have to pay attention to how your skin reacts and what type you have. For people who have oilier skin, it could be possible that the Bindi will simply lose grip after a while as it gets loosened. Moreover, it will also be important to get quality Bindi, which was designed to be reused, to make sure that you will have a chance to wear it at least once more.


Bindi in fashion is becoming ever so popular, especially in formal wear. It can make any outfit stand out even more, and make sure that you look stunning no matter what the occasion is. Placing too many on your body could seem like you are trying too hard, and you could end up with a fashion faux pas. Make sure to spend some time on Bindi care as well, so that you will know how to store it, and put it on without any issues.