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jewellry Summer Accessory Essentials

Summer 16’ Accessory Essentials

In the summer some people feel inclined to refresh their wardrobe and take away all the thick coated styles. However, if you’re going to refresh your wardrobe why not rejuvenate your jewellery selection? Your accessories selection can be the difference and adding a select set of essentials can add a huge difference to your outfit style and choices. If you are struggling to choose between the vast amount of accessories you already own, we have come up with a list of summer 16 accessory essentials to help you through.



Sunglasses should always be a top priority in the summer, to shield your eyes from the sunshine and to add a little glamour to your outfit choices. Move away from traditional sunglasses, such as Ray Bans, Aviator and move towards Stella McCartney. They are a little more expensive, but sunglasses are something that you can keep for years and their unique designs, you’ll fall in love immediately. As well as shielding your eyes from the sunshine, you’ll have added a touch of glamour no matter where you go.

The Satin Clutch

There never a bad time to get a new clutch, especially a satin one. Take advantage of a texture style that you wouldn’t be able to bring out in any other weather. Not only will you have a different option for the summer, but you’ll have something that is elegant and professional. With a range of different colours, you’ll find yourself mixing and matching your outfits to find something that really compliments it. Be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone.

A Brand New Pair of Heels

Similar to clutches, there is never a bad time to get a new pair of heels. Whatever style you are looking for, heels can take you away casual wears and more into smart, professional. Aim for something that is universal and will go with different types of summer outfits you’ll have. There are various different styles for you to choose from, so take a deeper look into your style and find something that seamlessly fits you.

The Jewellery

The jewellery you choose is a delicate matter when it comes to summer. Whether you are looking for something that fits all of your outfits, or something that matches one particular outfit, jewellery truly a summer essential. You can choose from absolutely everything, including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, so don’t rule any item of jewellery out. Get something with a summery vibe, think of bees and puppies. Whether you are aiming for dainty, fashion statements or something truly magnificent, your jewellery needs to be researched. Take a look at brands such as Theo Fennell, Gucci, Links of London and Swarovski.

jewellry Summer Accessory Essentials

Lighter Nail Colours!

It is now officially time to add some colour to your nails. Move away from the dull, thick colours and move towards lighter, more energetic colours. Colours such as baby blue, lighter shades of purple, yellow and pink are all perfect in time for the beautiful summer.

With these select few essentials you’ll find yourself ready for the summer, so it’s time to sort your summer accessories out!

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Amazing jewellery you must look out for this summer

In the everlasting research for beauty and the omnipresent quest of human beings to make themselves look even prettier, jewellery has been playing a stellar role historically. The concept of natural beauty has also been complemented by the use of jewellery since centuries now. Thus, it is very obvious that people are really choosy about their jewellery and they are one of the things, the possession of which does not depend on how rich or not so rich the human being is. Eminent updates regarding the latest jewellery trends are available with human beings across the world. With the segmentation culture of the contemporary world, the world of jewellery trends has also segmented into customized jewellery for the seasons. As such, the rise of concepts such as summer jewellery has come to the fore.


In this discourse we are going to throw some light upon the summer jewelry trends of 2016. This would definitely help you in the selection of the ones that you are going to purchase from the list of the latest jewelry trends.

Beach stones: – This would give you a feel of the beach life once you decide to wear it. Just think about the fact that how hard the sea had to work to wear down these stones present in the bracelets and for how long they needed to preserve them only for you to embrace them in your wrists. This would certainly make you feel like the ruler of the world.

jewelty 1

Anchors bracelets: – From the shore to the sea, this would definitely be something that would be a unique possession and make you look different from the others. But select the colours with care as it depends on a lot of factors on which colours suits you. This is available in three different versions i.e. gold, rose gold and silver.

jewelry 2

Snow cones: – If you are missing the winter season and the snow, it is most relevant for you to dawn them as a part of your jewellery. This not only makes you look cool but also gives the other people reasons to feel a bit of chill even during the summer.

jewelry 3

Shark tooth: – The combination of the colours black and gold will definitely showcase you in a different league apart from the fact that the possession of a shark tooth is more than interesting. Jokes apart these really look damn cool.

jewelry 4

Sea glass: – Just think about the fact that sea glass takes 50 years of collection in the illuminated form that you are going to present yourself with. Now, when that becomes a part of your jewellery collection you really would feel on the top of the world.

Jewellery might be purchased for a couple of reasons, primarily to enhance your collection and secondarily and more importantly for gifting to somebody special. In both the cases what you need to keep in mind that the purchase should be relevant to the season which brings in an intellectual factor the very purchase as well as the fact that this should make you or the person receiving the gift special. The items discussed above would definitely serve both the purposes.


Finding The Perfect Antique Ring

Whether your partner is someone who wears a lot of jewellery or not, they are guaranteed to feel special with the gift of an antique ring from the likes of Antique Rings Online. There are many benefits to antique jewellery which both you and the receiver may not know about, however once they are discovered you will wonder why you didn’t make the investment earlier. Choosing to buy your partner an antique ring whether it be for an engagement or not can seem daunting, however there are many tips for finding the perfect one. Continue Reading


The Beauty Of Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstone jewellery has become highly collectible for many for many reasons such as rarity, beauty and value. Gemstones come in a huge variety of colours, finishes, shapes and sizes and there truly is a gemstone to suit everyone. There is a timeless beauty with gemstone jewellery which never fades with time, and once you start your collection you will wonder why you didn’t make the investment earlier. There are many benefits you will receive from owning and wearing gemstone jewellery and it will draw in all the right attention with its beautiful aesthetics. We’ve teamed up with Heritage Jewellery to find out more! Continue Reading


Reasons To Invest In Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery is a popular collectors item, and with the increase in both value and popularity there are many reasons why you should invest yourself. Whether you are a true jewellery lover, love antiques or are looking to make a nice profit in the future, investing in antique jewellery could be very beneficial to you alongside providing you with an enjoyable hobby. With the rise in demand for antique jewellery on the market, value has risen and will continue to rise as different styles and eras become desirable, however there are many benefits which come with wearing the beautiful pieces too. We’ve teamed up with to take a look at what these are! Continue Reading


Update Your Jewellery Collection With An Antique Piece

If you haven’t bought a piece of jewellery for a while and fancy an update or maybe just want to treat yourself, an antique piece could be the answer for you. With high street bought pieces it is often hard to find something special which you truly love as many of the pieces look very similar and countless other people will own them. There are many advantages and benefits to owning antique jewellery, and if you are looking for a timelessly beautiful piece to last you years to come then get shopping for an antique piece today. To take a look at why antique jewellery is such a great addition to your accessories collection, we’ve teamed up with Laurelle Antique Jewellery. Continue Reading


Fine Jewelry For A Night Out On The Town

When going out for a special night out on the town or even if you are spending a casual day out running errands all around town, one of the best things that you can do for your entire look is embellish your ensemble with a piece, or several pieces of fine jewelry straight from Konstantino Jewelry. Konstantino Jewelry is famously known by many for providing the highest quality jewelry in elegant and classic designs that look great with a wide range of different outfits, and also fit in perfectly for a variety of different occasions. Go from day to night with Konstantino Collections, the choice is really up to you! The reality is that nothing else out there spices up an outfit more than a fine piece of jewelry that is sure to look spectacular on anyone. Pair a eye-catching sparkly necklace from Konstantino with an all-black ensemble and watch your outfit go from ordinary to extraordinary. Even a short party dress in a bold color can be immediately revved up with a pair of diamond earrings or even a pretty necklace that shines from Konstantino Collections. The reality is that fine jewelry creates a statement. A statement that shows the world that there is something special going on, that certain je ne sais quoi. People are immediately enamored when they see someone with a great piece of jewelry on. Beautiful pieces of jewelry definitely scream elegance as well as beauty which is what people notice right away. Whether you are driving in your car, going to a fancy party, or even grocery shopping, there is never a bad time to sport a few pieces of jewelry from Konstantino Collections.

It has come to show that even the most casual outfit can be updated with a few pieces of fine jewelry from Konstantino that appears understated and simple, yet still put-together. A pair of dark colored jeans and a cashmere turtleneck look great when coupled with a pair of gold or silver hoop earrings and a single ring complete with a gorgeous stone set in the middle. The trick when embellishing your outfit with fine jewelry is to keep it effortless. Just a single necklace from Konstantino Jewelry can do wonders for your neckline, your face, and your entire look in general. A necklace and a pair of marvelous earrings instantly brightens up the face and also adds a certain special something that looks presentable and complete. One of the secrets with fine jewelry is to always wear the highest quality possible in order to showcase your taste in the best way overall. This is especially important for the upcoming winter season that is approaching. A high quality piece of jewelry form Konstantino looks amazing when paired with sweaters, scarves, coats, and jackets. Beautiful jewelry instantly brightens up any look, especially when it is dark and dreary outside. Imagine pairing a stunning gold bracelet with a sleek black dress and a pair of classy black heels. Just add an elegant coat and a pair of dangly earrings from Konstantino, and you are good to go. The reality is that people notice others when they are wearing fine jewelry from Konstantino. It is similar to carrying an amazing clutch or sporting a new pair of heeled boots that look fantastic and create eye-catching appeal, jewelry does so much for everyone that it cannot really be duplicated in any other way. Everyone can benefit from a little bling, so purchase a few pieces of fine jewelry from Konstantino Collections and you will never look back.

Author Bio: Monique La Barr is a writer, host, actress, and model who resides in New York City. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Monique’s career started after getting her BA from UCLA where she studied Sociology and Theater. After graduating, she started writing for the Mulloys Fine Jewelry. To date, Monique has written for a wide range of different websites and publications including Xflavor, Flat Iron Experts, NY Castings, Daily Zipper, Style Ruby, as well as many others. Her preferred topics to write about include fashion, relationships, lifestyle, advice, inspiration, makeup, and beauty.

In addition to that, Monique has appeared in several different films such as Walk Hard, Phantom Halo, and Fear house, as well as the television shows Forensic Files, North Mission Road, and The John Kerwin Show.

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Choose the Perfect Jewels for a Perfect Style

Everyone passionate about fashion knows how much jewels is important to have a perfect style. Sparkling in different ways by picking the perfect jewel well-assorted with their outfit is just typical of all fashion victims, women or men.

Bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings are the must-have accessories to brighten styles. And they have choice between costume jewelry or articles made of precious stones. The most important thing is to choose their jewels according to their ages and personalities, even according to circumstances: for everyday life or for special events and ceremonies.

It does not matter if they like them big or small, real or even fake, colorful or sober, jewelry brings out beauty and light. It can be a very significant accessory, it may come from a special person as a gift or simple adornment object, jewels are very personal and reflect its owner’s characters and mood.

Some addicted fashionistas would never go out without wearing earrings, necklaces or bracelets while others would prefer brooches and bangles, it is all about feeling good about themselves and show their personality. There is no rule, everyone can pick the ones they think would fit them and match their outfit.

For those who love big necklaces, here is how they can wear them without looking extravagant or vulgar as some may be afraid of. It really depends on how you put them on you and make them stylish and good-looking. Try bright colors with neutral clothes like a little pretty black dress or blue jeans with a white top. Just know that this kind of necklace can also go with a high-cut and low-collared shirts or jackets.

Diamonds, ruby, emerald, amethyst, sapphire, pearls or jade jewelry and all the gems that make every woman dream are obviously perfect if they want to be classy and elegant on a soiree, for instance, but if they want to dazzle when just going out so they may opt for simpler but beautiful jewels. It is about the famous fancy jewelry.

Fancy jewels are amazing but they must be careful when wearing them. They have to avoid everything real cheap and too bad imitations of real stuffs. Of course, that does not mean they cannot have simple deal, all that counts is to keep their style chic, it may be kind of cheap but chic yet.

Now about the timeless gold and silver chains, those are the standard accessories that can go with almost everything they might wear with them. They can add a beautiful pendant and everything is done. It would not matter what how is their dresses, their colors, or when they would wear them, these types of jewels would always be fine.

When talking about jewels, earrings have to be mentioned, too. Stylish people know that it is compulsory to have a stunning face. As always, it depends on every body’s preference and choice but the emerging trend is the ear cuffs that people used to wear in the nineties. It adorn all the cartilage without it being pierced


Chic Travelling with Jewellery

If life is a book, those who do not travel read only page of the book. They say traveling makes us richer with experiences which we cannot forget throughout our life. So for an experience which you will carry lifelong, it is important that you look your best at any given time. Dressing up chic during any kind of journey can be a very challenging task as you cannot carry your entire wardrobe and taking care of them becomes all the more important.

We all know how important the jewellery and accessories are when it comes to dressing up pretty for a special occasion or just for a casual hang out with friends. These little pieces create magic and enhance our look in a moment. It is very important to take proper care of these beauties to ensure a long life, especially while travelling. Most of us dread to take the expensive pieces with us just to avoid any damage or breakage to our favorite jewels. But we do want to look our best as well, so what possibly could be a solution to this. Here are some pro tips which will ensure that you jazz up yourself well without really damaging any of your baubles.

Choose Well:

Do not pick up anything and everything that you own for your travelling. Be smart and plan on your clothes and the related accessories before you set out. Choose accessories which are not very specific. You might want to consider picking up your most versatile pieces which would go with most of your outfits thereby reducing the number of items yet again.

Pack Well:

Packing the jewellery well is most important. Sliding your jewellery pieces into the side pockets or tiny corners of your bag is the worst thing to do. Consider buying a tough box or case which would make sure that your jewellery is not damaged by a jerk. Once the outside protection is taken care of, make sure that each piece individually is also protected from internal scratching (with each other). Wrap the individual pieces in a soft velvet pouches and you are set to go. In case you are carrying some really expensive jewellery pieces, make sure you insure them before you leave.

Travel Well:

Now that everything is set, the last and final thing while you are on your ways is to take care of the bag you have put your jewellery in, In case you are travelling by flight, keep your jewellery safe with you in the cabin baggage. Try and avoid wearing any heavy pieces during the time of travel, for a carefree journey. Once you reach the destination, get ready your prettiest and blow ‘em all away.
Follow these tips to ensure a carefree vacation while looking fab!

Shuchi Kalra is the Content Marketing Head of ( where you can buy designer traditional and fashion jewellery online at pocket friendly prices. They also have international shipping available for spreading style throughout the world.

Jewellery, Wedding

Glamorize your wedding – Pep up your look with the right jewelry and headbands

Isn’t your wedding day meant to be a time of pure beauty and joy? Don’t you think that your wedding dress plays a huge role on that special day? Not only is your dress important but also the associated accoutrements matter a lot. Chances are high that if you’ve already bought your wedding dress, you must still be looking for possible accessories. Did you know that by adding a beautiful tiara or headband, you can easily draw more compliments? When there is a crowded reception party, the crowd should know who is the bride by seeing the headpiece which is carefully placed on her head. To complete your bridal look, you should find tiaras, headbands, V-bands and even bun rings along with all the other jewelries and accessories. Women can find wedding tiaras in jewelry stores, on manufacturer websites and even on online buying and selling websites like eBay.


Wedding headpieces – The different styles you can afford

Women will never find a lack in the different kinds of designs of headbands, wedding tiaras in the market. Such hair accessories are made from different kinds of materials like platinum, gold, silver, chrome and plastic as well. The headbands might include settings which are filled with stones and jewels like quartz, pearls, rubies, emeralds, topaz and diamonds. If you’re on a tight budget, you can even get less expensive tiaras and headbands with paste stones, inexpensive semi-precious stones, cut glass, which will be a most cost-effective option for you. Here are the different headpieces that you might opt for.


  • Tiara: The tiara is more like a crown which is usually worn by religious figures and royal people. These are delicately decorated bands of metal that are worn horizontally at the top of the head and which looks more like a crown. Tiaras are usually worn with veils and wedding dresses as an added decoration and when you want to add that special look, you should get yourself a tiara. When the bride takes off her veil in the wedding reception, it is easier to recognize her.
  • Headbands: This is an beautifully and elegantly decorated band which is used to hold back the hair and also serves as a hair accessory for the bride. This is a band which sits at the top of the head and rests behind the ears. This is a good option for all those who love to wear beautiful accessories but don’t love to wear a tiara. If you are a bride who wants to lay your hair down, this is the best accessory for you.
  • Bun ring: The bun ring is more of a traditional headpiece that is in no way similar to a tiara or a headband. If you prepare a bun, you can put on this bun ring to make your bun look royal and classy. This is a flat wide ring of metal and which is decorated with intricate jewels.

So, if you’re about to reach your D-day, you’re supposed to check all the wedding accessories so that you can glamorize your wedding. Before you take the final plunge, you should check the excellent prices on jewelry & wedding headbands at different stores.