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Types of Girls Dresses Online buy

Did you know there are different dresses for different body types? What I mean to say is that some dresses will flatter some body type more than others! So why waste money on dresses that might hinder you from achieving that perfect look? Below I mention the types of dresses and the body types they look the best on, read on and figure:

  1. Maxi Dress: These are the ones which are long and flows with empire waistlines. They are very comfortable and feminine. They give the wearer a bohemian look and can still be very sophisticating if worn right.

However, one should be careful with these if you’re short like I am. You should pick up those with solid colors or with print which is smaller than the size of your fist if you’re five feet four inch or shorter.

jersey-maxi-dresses-fall-2010-2Maxi dresses look good on very body type buy are the best friends of those with a ruler figure that is those whose bust measurements are similar to their waist and hip measurements. And they are essentially good for those with long torsos.

  1. Wrap Dress: These are the ones which wrap around your body and are tied at the side or with a belt or ribbon. These universally gave a V neckline. These do wonders on a pear-shaped body by accentuating the small waist of the ladies with such body type. These are very feminine as they bring attention to the perfect proportions of the body and thus are equally loved by women with the hourglass figure who should tie them on the natural waist as opposed to others who should choose the empire waistline. Wrap dresses minimize the waist and attract attention to the bust.


  1. Sheath Dress: Sheath dresses are the body-hugging or the form-fitting dresses. These generally have zero or minimal embellishments on them and should be worn in solid colors only! They can be of any-length but usually they end just before the knees. If tailored appropriately, they can be a good option for women with apple-shaped figures as it can give some space for a little tummy to wiggle and hide. But these dresses are great for women with a hourglass body shape or for those with pear-shaped bodies. However, pear shaped figures need to balance out their bodies to rock this look. This can be done by adding a wrap or a little cardigan on top. Sheath dresses with a two shade little top column draws attention on the bust, thus helping them cover their problematic area.


  1. Peplum Dresses: These are good for those who have broad shoulders as they have a flare at the bottom that help them balance their look out as it nullifies the effect of their broad shoulders. This dress can also help out women with narrow shoulders and a wider bottom. But this would be so if the peplum dress has sleeves on it!

Peplum DressesGirls, dresses online should be tailored, if necessary to look your best. Accessorize your outfit right and choose the appropriate footwear, and ladies, you’re good to go.

Author’s Bio:The author of the article is a fashion expert with StalkBuyLove. Even though she is 5’4’’ herself, she loves maxi dresses. She thinks all dresses can be worn by everyone if given care to every detail involved.

Clothing & Accessories, Fashion

How Party Wear Sarees Express Your Personality During Wedding

The kind of clothes we wear tells a lot about ourselves and how we want to project ourselves. If you want to wear a chic and modern look in a social event like wedding or engagement, then party wear sarees are just the right thing for you. Designer sarees have that aura about itself with which you can make a positive style statement and earn accolades with regard to your looks as well as taste.

In most cases it is seen that a large percentage of men are less conscious about the looks. However, all women are absolutely fastidious when it comes to styling and thereby pleasing the womenfolk is really difficult task. Party sarees are definitely the best option. These sarees are perfectly suitable for women with varying body type and skin tone since they are available in a diverse range of fabrics, designs and colours.

Gorgeous Net Sarees

Net sarees are one of the ‘in’ styles that have a high demand in the fashion market. This particular style could make a positive appeal before of the fashionistas because of the beautiful and intricate embroidery works done on the semi-transparent fabric. Moreover, these sarees wrap around the body of the wearer neatly and thereby accentuating their curves and making them look all the more sensuous. Mostly, the net sarees are available in soft and sober colours and are perfectly suitable for women with varying body type. However, a skinny person must drape around the saree tactfully to create an illusion of fuller figure.

Rich Silk Sarees

A wide range of silk sarees is also available in the market, thereby leaving you with plentiful of options to choose from. The fashion designers of the 21st century have brought about some innovative twist in the traditional silk sarees, thereby transforming them totally. The elaborate and sophisticated works of the designer silk saree will certainly astound you. While sporting these beautiful designer silk sarees with an exclusive blouse, the wearer will exhibit elegance and glamour at the same time.

Party Wear SareesGlitzy Georgette and Chiffon Sarees

Georgette and Chiffon are two fabrics that are very attractive and the wearer looks absolutely sensational in it. Sarees made from this fabric have a great fall and wraps around the feminine figure beautifully. Thus it is perfectly suitable for voluptuous women as it will help in highlighting the curves in their body and make them look all the more attractive. These fabrics are available in both printed materials as well as solid colours. The borders of these sarees are made from different kinds of zari works, zardozi materials, sequins and other kinds of embroideries and thus making the saree look really beautiful. Thus by wearing a Georgette or chiffon saree, you are going to look really classy and sophisticated.

These party wear sarees will help in unleashing your inner beauty, attitude and panache with poise. These are some of the qualities because of which designer sarees have evolved as the only and the best choice for women belonging to different generations as well as professions. So make the right choice to bring out your persona and get all the attention that you definitely deserve.