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Denim jackets have been growing in popularity over the last several years, and are one of the hottest trends this year. Though they used to be seen as old-fashioned and fell out of favor in the ‘90s, these durable, beautiful jackets have come back with a vengeance.


These aren’t your mama’s denim jackets – no longer are they large or roomily cut with giant sleeves – they’re thoroughly modern, offered from tons of different manufacturers in different shapes, colors, and styles.

They’re one of the most versatile items that you can add to your wardrobe, and in this article we’ll take a look at some examples of great denim jackets, give some suggestions on what to wear with them, and give you some quick product recommendations if you’re looking to explore further.



Source: Pinterest

Here we see a trendy, summery outfit that’s based around a light colored denim jacket. White pants and a lightweight, heathered gray top, along with sunglasses, give this outfit a great summery vibe, while the lightweight, light-washed denim jacket is cut in a vintage style, and accessorized by a chunky, casual wristwatch and a large, beige-colored bag.

This outfit is a great example of the versatility of denim jackets. If you swap the lighter white pants for black pants, substitute the t-shirt for a boldly patterned flannel, or toss in a sweater underneath the jacket, this outfit would be as appropriate for an autumn afternoon as it is for an early-spring day.


Source:  Pinterest

Above we see a great example of what we just mentioned. Instead of a lighter, summery outfit, a darker colored denim jacket is combined with dark jeans, a long oxford-cloth shirt, sweater, and chunky scarf to create a look that’s perfect for colder weather, and is as comfortable as it is stylish. The ripped jeans, unique animal-print slides, large leather bag, and sunglasses serve to accent this unique outfit, and make it totally cool and unique.


Source: Pinterest

And even in the summer, you don’t have to leave your denim behind. A denim vest is just a denim jacket with the sleeves removed (either by you, or by the manufacturer) and can serve as a great accent piece to summery dresses, such as the heathered-gray cotton number we see above. Combined with the low-key jewelry, watch, and earrings, and the matching purse with shoes, this sort of look is great for any summery function where you wouldn’t normally be able to wear a full denim jacket.


There are tons of different denim jackets out there, in an unimaginable variety of shapes, styles, and colors. For a classic look, Levi’s is always a good choice – they have a great variety of choices and cuts that are sure to please. You can also look at trendier “fast-fashion” stores such as Zara, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and Topman. If you’re looking for a more streetwear-style and edgy version of the classic denim jacket, you may want to check out top streetwear brands such as Supreme or Profound Aesthetic.

And of course, there are always your local vintage thrift shops and charity stores – often, denim jackets from years ago will still hold up terrifically today, given their versatility and durability. If you’re on a budget, (or aren’t’ sure if you want one of these jackets) we recommend checking out your local vintage offerings.

Author Bio:

I am an educationist with a writing bug for as long as I can remember. Thanks to my wandering mind and curious nature, I like to write on a wide variety of topics as the writing process helps me learn amazing new things about the topic at hand. However, I am writing often about street fashion at Profound’s blog.  I also enjoy scuba diving, golf, tending and reading. I also have a beautiful golden noodle, and most of my writing ideas come to me while I am walking him down the beach.

Clothing & Accessories

Little Kid, Big Style: Micro Fashion Trends

Chances are that when you flip through your childhood photos, you’ll see yourself wearing your brother’s clothes or whatever was comfortable enough so you can freely climb that tree house or lie down in the dirt while playing hide and seek. But times have changed. Today there is a whole branch of fashion industry committed to bring the biggest trends to the smallest wearers. Yes, we’re talking about microfashion. Dressing kids like mini-adults is definitely gaining momentum: here are the best trends to keep an eye on.


Eye-catching prints

From polka dots, stripes and geometrical shapes to flower and animal prints, and checkered patterns – prints continue to dominate the scene in microfashion. These are easy to combine with monochromatic pieces. For instance, boys can combine long sleeve shirts with a nice print, with simple black trousers. Add a casually tied scarf and a nice pair of sneakers and your little rascal will look very stylish. The key trend in kids fashion is combining utility, comfort, and aesthetic. You cannot expect kids to willingly wear something that doesn’t allow them to move freely but the look is also important.


Age-appropriate accessories

In addition to the mentioned scarves that are both functional and look pretty, kids fashion is filled with different kinds of accessories. From bow ties and wrist watches to jewelry and crossbody purses – there are beautiful details that can bring the outfit from a boring one to the one that will make you say “cuteness overload”! There are two fashion directions when it comes to accessories for kids: either they are literally smaller versions of the adult ones or they are adapted to the kids’ world. Many brands are focused on coming up with innovative designs that the little ones will enjoy. Check out and you’ll see that there are plush messenger bags for little girls shaped like baby elephants or backpacks in the form of smiling frog faces. Headbands are also trending as well as nicely detailed hair clips. These give you room to help your princess express herself through her clothes and details.


Mini street style

The great thing about kids’ street style is the fact that it’s low maintenance and most of the little ones love it. Current trends for boys include combination of black and gray: just think comfy black hoody, gray denim-like trousers, white sneakers, and a black leather jacket. As for the girls, a combination of different types of leggings and tunics is trending. If they are not too flashy, even the leather ones can look age-appropriate: combine them with an oversized sweater and ankle boots and your girl will end up looking fashionable while staying warm.


The rise of the tutu skirt

With ballet becoming more and more popular as an extracurricular activity for girls, the tutu skirt has been incorporated in everyday looks. From soft pink, turquoise, and plum color to tender beige and bold black – you can find them in any color. They are usually combined with leggings and a simple t-shirt, while the choice of footwear most frequently comes to cute flats. Girls usually love long strands of pearls so this kind of details can be seen incorporated into the look. To complete this look, hair is usually styled into a ballet bun or a sleek chignon.


Retro and playful

Current trends include going back to the 60s and 70s and taking the best of that day’s fashion. A dash of vintage can be achieved through baby-doll dresses and jackets with square shoulders, cashmere sweaters worn over white shirts with collars, vests, and fabric choices (e.g. checkered tweed). Accessories play an important part too: add a pair of vintage sunglasses or luxurious looking gloves for formal occasions – and your little girl will look classy and stylish.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to trends in the microfashion. The market is definitely growing and we have to reconcile with the fact that some of the 21st-century toddlers are better dressed than we are.

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How to Pick Out the Right Lingerie

Do you have problems with picking out the right lingerie? Somehow nothing seems to fit, and no matter how seductive and pretty the pieces are, they are never as comfortable as you hoped they would be. If these sound familiar, do not despair. Picking out the right lingerie is a form of art, and it takes a lot of patience and practice to become an expert. Here are a few useful tips which will help you in your search for the right pieces.


Know your body type

Before you set off to buy yourself some new lingerie, you should first determine your body shape and type. If your shoulders are wider than your hips, your body type is an inverted triangle. If your waistline is not defined, and your hips, shoulders, and bust are around the same size, you have a rectangle body type. If, on the other hand, your hips are wider than your shoulders, you have a pear body type, while hips and shoulders of approximately the same size with a defined waistline mean that you have an hourglass figure.


Know what looks good on your body

After you have determined your body type, you should next decide what parts of your body you are most proud of and what you want to show off. Sometimes women are proud of their legs, waist, breasts, or hips, and it is only natural that you want to show these off. If you don’t want to reveal too much but still look sexy, try wearing a long nightgown made of silk and lace that clings on all the right places, or reveals just a hint of your legs or back. As long as you feel sexy and comfortable, you are free to wear whatever you want: a corset and stockings, silk nightgowns, lace panties, or leather bras.


Explore and experiment

Sometimes, the kind of lingerie you are looking for cannot be found in regular stores, but that does not mean you should despair. Instead of settling for the second best, why wouldn’t you try going into an adult store and see if they have something to your liking. Adult stores are not only for sex toys and condoms, they usually have a variety of sexy lingerie in all sizes, and you can even ask them to order something for you. If you have never before tried wearing something with sequins, give it a go and see how it looks on you and how it feels against your skin. You never know when you’ll fall in love with a new piece unless you try it on.


When you wear it

Yes, lingerie is sexy and seductive, but that doesn’t mean that you should buy pieces only to wear them in your bedroom. Sometimes having a sexy bra and panties on while you’re at work will make you feel powerful, and they should fit perfectly so you can function while wearing them. Remember, your clothes will not look good unless you have the right underwear underneath. Don’t wear anything that will show through your clothes or that’s too tight.


Lingerie is seductive, subtle, powerful, and incredibly sexy. Lace, feathers, silk, and ruffles are not for the meek and shy – they can make any woman feel sensual and desirable. Prepare for the search – it’s highly unlikely that you will find exactly what you’re looking for in the first store you enter. Explore and experiment, try out something new and dare to be different; after all, lingerie is supposed to show off the other, wilder side of your personality.

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Preparing for Cold Winter: Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have

Like it or not, the seasons are a-changing and summer is almost over. There’s still some time before the cold winter winds start blowing but that’s no reason not to start preparing your wardrobe for colder months. With few essentials at the time you can easily build up your wardrobe, and combine those pieces with different outfits for both autumn and winter months.


A nice headwear

Ladies who love an elegant and classy look will enjoy the new trend of wearing fedora hats. Not only are these hats warm but they are a great accessory to complete the outfit with. Moreover, they can be decorated with bows and brooches for a more unique effect. On the other hand, beanies are as popular as ever for anyone who values casual style above all else, and the options color and pattern wise are numerous.


Leather jacket

Its majesty – the leather jacket – will always be a timeless piece. It’s a perfect garment for autumn and milder winter. There are many new twists to the classic leather jacket and it’s important to pick one that matches your style and personality the best, but also the one that would flatter your body type beautifully. Black leather jackets are always in style, but in recent years, brown, burnt orange, red and even white leather have become very popular.


Sweater season

Let’s forget about ugly Christmas sweaters because the sweater season can actually provide you with many options on how to enrich your wardrobe. In recent years sweaters have become really popular which resulted in their great diversity regarding the cuts, design and style. Sweaters are really great pieces for layering your clothes and creating a very unique outfit that will keep you warm.


Jumper dress

Jumper dress is, without a doubt, a perfect addition to your winter essentials. Its biggest advantage is the fact that it can be versatile and great for both casual and more formal occasions. There are many types of jumper dresses available and you can get yourself one that suits your style the best. Thinner or thicker wool, different patterns, knee or ankle length as well as various colors are some of the characteristics that can make such a dress really stand out in a positive way and make you feel fashionable and warm at the same time.


Interesting scarves

Nothing says winter like a nice, interesting scarf. There are just so many options on the market, from infinity and blanket scarves to those that are really long and intricate in design and pattern. If you want to spice up your outfits in the most unique way possible, making your own scarf using some good quality yarn will definitely add a final personal touch to your look while carefully designed yarn bowls will make the whole process easier. The best thing about this project is the fact that making a scarf can be very relaxing and there are many techniques explained online, some of which show using only your fingers for the whole process.


A fitted coat

Apart from leather jacket, a good coat is also something that your wardrobe needs in order to be fully completed for winter time. Again, pay attention to your body type as well as your own preferences when choosing a coat. When it comes to outerwear you should always be prepared to invest a little bit more money because these garments will serve you for many seasons to come. Moreover, opting for a classic cut will definitely prove to be a fashionable move worth the investment.


Comfortable shoes

Ankle shoes and knee-high boots are your most obvious choice for colder periods during the year. Nowadays, shoes and boots are an accessory on their own and they come with many interesting details as well as shapes and patterns. If you want to get yourself a pair of shoes or boots that will match most of your outfits it would be wise to opt for a classic style in black or brown, but those who like to rock outfits that are more unique and edgy will definitely find many options in the stores as well. The important thing is that the shoes are comfortable to walk in and that they are water resistant.


When it comes to fashion, winter is another great season to show off your stylishness. For the best possible look and additional warmth make sure to include some basic pieces in your wardrobe essentials so that you can layer and create different looks easily.

crop tops and palazzo pants
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How to style your wardrobe with fresh looks of crop tops and palazzo pants

While we step out, we observe people with exquisite style sense who don’t miss a chance to impress others. In order to be like them, you need to keep yourself up to date about the current market trends. These people follow the work of different designers, the attires showcased at the fashion shows and the celebrities to keep a tab on what is in and out of fashion. When these trends are followed in day to day life, then they are looked upon as people with amazing style sense or fashionistas.


By keeping in view the recent scenario, it has become quite crucial to wear the trendy outfits to look more presentable. Among the recent hits in the fashion industry are the crop tops and palazzo pants. These look simple, but are super glamorous as well. Both of these clothing items can be worn separately, or by complementing each other.

Let’s first discuss what crop tops and palazzo are! Some people get a little confused and could not make out the difference between a simple top and a crop top, and bell bottoms and palazzo. A crop top is basically a woman’s garment for the upper part of the body, which reveals the midriff. On the other hand, a palazzo is a trouser for women with an extremely wide leg, flaring out from the waist. Both of these items score high on fashion quotient and have the ability to transform your entire look into something cool and sexy.

crop tops and palazzo pants

Though, palazzo pants and crop tops are considered to be the summer style, but it is equally worn with panache during winters too. Palazzo pants are popular as a style for summer because they are loose and are generally designed using light, flowy and breathable fabric. But, they are also made with different other materials that can be comfortably worn in winters too. Same goes with the crop tops as they can be worn with a funky spaghetti or a vest during summers.

Here is a little help to make wise choices while deciding the crop tops and palazzo to include in your wardrobe:

  • Choose a crop top which reveals the tummy only up to the extent in which you are comfortable.
  • Always select the top and palazzo according to the weather condition. Keep a few options each for summer and winter season.
  • If you want to wear a vest or a spaghetti underneath your crop top, then you must buy it in the colour that complements it. You can even go for printed vets or spaghetti, if in case your top is plain.
  • It’s always recommended to wear a high waist palazzo with a crop top.
  • If you don’t want to reveal much of the skin, then you can go for the crop tops made of a thicker material or the ones with a slightly longer length.
  • You can go for plain palazzos or the ones with printed motifs, floral or geometric prints as per your preferences. Palazzo pants with chikan embroidery are also quite popular.
  • You can have a palazzo and a crop top of the same colour, so that it looks like a jumpsuit when worn together.
  • You can also wear a chic belt, from sleek ones to the broad ones, with you palazzo pants to look way more stunning.
  • You can also buy a palazzo with ethnic prints that can be teamed up with a crop top to flaunt a fusion style.
  • While you plan to wear a crop top with a palazzo, pair it up with a stylish shrug or blazer.
  • For the professional look, choose palazzo pants in black, white, beige and brown. The palazzo of these colors have the power to steal the show at a meeting as well as a party.

If you have not included the uber stylish crop tops and palazzo pants in your wardrobe yet, it’s high time now to do that. You go girl!

Author Bio:

Aditi Aggrawal is a freelance author. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topics related to Wedding, Fashion, Lifestyle, Training, Resources, Health, and Technology. You may contact Aditi on either her website, on Facebook, or Twitter.

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The perfect dress is one that suits your body shape

Something that looks great on someone else might not look flattering at all on you and vice versa. That’s because different dress cuts suit different body types better or worse. In order to find that great piece that would make your figure look amazing, you have to embrace your own body and shop to make your whole appearance look good.


Recognize your body shape

There are several body types. In general, distinction is usually made between hourglass, apple, pear, round and rectangle body shape. Some women are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure. This means that the hip and bust are almost same in size, the waist is thin and the fat is equally stored throughout the body. Apple body type is characterized with bigger bust and waist compared to hips. Also, arms and legs are usually thinner. Pear shaped ladies have slimmer top compared to bottom part of the body. Hips and thighs are generally bigger and more noticeable than the bust, shoulders and waist. If your waist is about the same as your hips and bust, you have a rectangle body shape. There are less noticeable curves when you stand straight. Round shape involves a bit more weight accumulated in the waist as well as hip and thighs area. The bust is usually pretty large as well.


Dress for an hourglass body type

Since you have admirable curves you should definitely opt for bodycon dresses that can show off the natural lines of your body perfectly. While the length is not that important, remember to stay away from boxy or drapey cuts. V-neck is definitely the best choice for an hourglass figure, but you can choose many different necklines as long as you don’t go overboard with showing your cleavage.

Dress for an apple body type

In order to find your perfect dress you have to seek the balance. Therefore, opt for cuts with wider A-cut skirts, but never go longer than your mid-calves. Together with empire style waist or generally a bodice that can accentuate your waist and simple, rounded necklines, this kind of dress would look gorgeous on you.

pear shape 1

Dress for a pear body type

Even though pear shape is completely the opposite of apple body shape, the rules when searching for a perfect dress are pretty similar. Basically, skirts that flare out or have an A-cut are a great option, but unlike those for apple shape, those with pear shape can look for some fuller skirts and layered materials. This will cover the hips nicely. The top part of the dress should be fitted to accentuate the waist and narrow shoulders.

pear shape 3

Dress for a rectangular body type

Rectangular body shapes are considered to be slim or athletic and they usually lack curves. To make the visual appearance of curves, go for fuller, embellished skirts. Also, you can make your bust appear larger with an empire waistline and even include embellishments in the bodice. Sleeves can be fuller and more textured as well. If you want some formal dresses in your wardrobe, the best example would be a true ball gown because it flatters the rectangular athletic body really well.

Dress for a round body type

Those with round body type should definitely pick dresses that flow from the upper waist and flare out in A-cut since these will elongate the figure and make it appear slimmer. In general, avoid dresses that are fitted in any area except the bust. Also, go with sweetheart or V-neck necklines to show off the skin on your upper body.

pear shaped 4

When you choose your dresses, pick ones that work for you and not the other way around. We are all different and clothes are made in various cuts and designs specifically to suit different shapes and sizes. Let your body do the talking when you try something on.

salwar kameez
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3 Super Stylish Budget Salwar Kameez you should Buy

Girls, we know that everyone of us are queen, an expert when it come s to matching and mixing the ethnic wear differently to look pretty. But don’t you think it will be amazing that you go for finely matched dresses so that you don’t have to turn your wardrobe upside down to find exact matching. Sometimes also to avoid fashion blunders while mixing nd matching process.


I know you will definitely love to own such budget best salwar kameez sets and look absolutely stunning effortlessly as everything is made for each other a chuni, a top and a bottom made to create an aesthetic look altogether. This will make our life’s easy for sure so what are you waiting for grab these supers stylish, modern best salwar kameez  that are irresistible and will add a glam factor to your persona. Guess what all these are budget salwar kameez so without spending a fortune look pretty and modern

designer sarees

A beautiful, dress in peacock blue and green color which is a rare and an iconic combination. This is a cotton dress in bluish purple color with embroidery in golden and green color on neck and a border below near the hem line. The salwar is in mint green and chuni is also in mint green which makes this dress a great combination, a ravishing dress. What more you can ask for this semi stitched dress is below rs 700 at, wow isn’t it a great buy?

salwar kameez

Glamorous coral color cocktail salwar suit for the modern fashionistas. This is a complete designer salwar kameez it has intricate detailed embroidery in silver color and hem line is totally different and outstanding. This designer dress will grab all the  attention and put in  limelight. From the color to work to hemline to chuni everything is just splendid. Salwar suits like these are a complete must have especially if you are in love with the glam and glitz. This dress comes in georgette material. With the price Indiarush is selling it’s a deal that should be sealed immediately.

best salwar kameez

Like a LBD in every girl wardrobe a black salwar suit is also a complete must have.  Whenever in doubt what to wear what not these black dresses come to rescue and save us from making a fashion blunder. This is a complete casual type salwar suits that can be worn to office, while shopping, to date night, outing with friends, etc. Though the dress is simple yet it looks fab  it’s a high neck salwar with 3/4th sleeves and flip like men’s shirt which adds a jazzy, flashy look, further more the salwar has 6 silver button below neck which almost gives look of a shirt. This comes with a white salwar, and a dupatta. The fabric used is georgette.  Go for this iconic combination of black and white and create a vintage styled look. You can grab this for only rs 699.

One Nation Clothing
Clothing & Accessories

4 Secret Clothing Brands We’re Loving Right Now

It goes without saying that there are hundreds of thousands of clothing brands out there, with more being founded year on year. With this said, the big high street brands are rarely threatened by the smaller names. In an age in which corporate clothing companies are dominating, we think it’s about time people put effort into discovering the hidden gems.


These new, unique brands are special because they can cater to your style rather than that of thousands of people. If you want to look and feel original, rather than sticking to the standard high street names, we have come up with four undercover clothing brands that we’re loving right now.


This Nottingham-based brand has been creating timeless British menswear for over a decade. With a heavy focus on British production their collections feature traditional, hiking-inspired jackets, selvedge denim made from Japanese fabric, and shirts and sweatshirts in complimentary colours.


Android Homme

Founded in 2008 in Los Angeles by Designer/Creative Director, Javier Laval, Android Homme design footwear for modern men with ‘no limitations’. Focusing on design, detail, construction & quality, all of their shoes are hand-made in Italy. Using luxury materials like suede and leather, we think you’ll love their relaxed but luxurious trainers.

Android Homme

BLVCK Clothing

BLVCK Clothing are an entirely simplistic brand that also include relevant trending items in their collections year on year. They pride themselves on offering a complete range of fashionable clothing that’s available to everyone. If you love simple, unique, street fashion BLVCK Clothing is a brand that you will most definitely want to consider.

BLVCK Clothing

One Nation Clothing

A brand founded by two best friends who wanted clothing for women that combined style and quality but with an affordable factor. The aim was to create something women would feel good in and since their start in 2013, the idea of freedom and creativity has led them to create a clothing brand that is truly unique. The brand is still controlled by them and they’ve seen the brand go from strength to strength.

One Nation Clothing

The most important thing to remember when shopping these days is to have the confidence to go for something that’s different and that stands out. It’s too easy to trawl the high street and stick to what you know. With so many hard working, unique brands out there these days, it’s important to look around and find a brand that truly caters to your individual ethics, personality and style.

Sports Luxe
Clothing & Accessories

Tips For Mastering The Sports Luxe

For those who enjoy the inconsistent nature of fashion there is a trend that has taken the world by storm. It has married a ridiculous concept with an adventurous style and have varied things up a little. It may have been considered as a joke at one point, but now that designers have taken it a little more seriously, it has seen the trend increase in popularity since 2015.


Sport luxe is no longer something that consumers will now twist their faces at and has seen casual wear take a new light in the fashion world. It has no longer been associated with the likes of youths and lounging around your home, but now as a compliment to certain, or tailored luxury items. For those who would love the prospect of adjusting their wardrobe a little more, we have come up with tips for mastering the sports luxe style.

Sports Luxe

Decisions Between a Shirt Or A T-Shirt

Some people are more inclined to want to feel and look comfortable, whereas there are some people who want to dress as smart as possible at all times. With sports luxe you have a variety to choose from, so whether you prefer long sleeve tops or short sleeve, you’ll have two options that will add something different to your outfit. If you are looking for something more luxurious you’ll prefer your outfit with long sleeve tops, or a shirt, but if you’re interested in making it tad more casual then opt for the short sleeve tops.

Sweatpants Are An Essential

Whether you believe what is said, sweatpants are an essential in your sports luxe outfit. It’s time to move away from the traditional designs that are cuffed, baggy or not made using technical fabrics. It can seem absurd that shirts can be matched with sweatpants, however designers have now began tailoring them with technical fabrics, which has almost reinvented the look of sweatpants. They are no longer associated with mens tracksuits and have enjoyed a luxurious rejuvenation.

Adding The Outerwear

Again, the amount of choice you have with this outfit is incredible. With outerwear you have a selection of tailored blazers, hoodies and bomber jackets. The jacket, or outerwear you decide to choose from will ultimately decide what direction you take your sports luxe outfit down. Whether you are looking for a perfect balance of luxury and style, or you’re looking for a little more casual, or luxury, choose wisely and make your choice.

The Subtle, Yet Effective Finishing Touches

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to your sports luxe outfit. There are two choices to choose from, which is the all black trainers, or you are able to choose from formal shoes. Complement your outfit according and see what you need to add in order to finish your outfit. Whether you choose fabric based pumps, military boots or leather based trainers, it will all affect your outfit in a different way.

Men’s Fashion Department
Clothing & Accessories, Fashion

Men’s Fashion Department – Summer of 2016

What makes a man fashionable this year? From the dazzling eastern mystique, the refreshing sense of the 50’s up to the conventional and modern man of today, this summer has prepared exquisite menswear trends. Let’s see what the summer of 2016 has in store for us.


Overall, All Is Good

There is something utterly appealing about men who wear overalls. Reinventing that farm boy/mechanic look, 2016 has decided that overalls are the next big thing in the fashion department. Dark grey, olive green or regular blue denim overalls in combination with a regular white t-shirt is the ultimate look for this summer.

Men’s Fashion Department

Cover It Up

While covering up during those long summer months might seem ridiculous, it’s high-time to realise that fashion works in mysterious ways. Lightweight layering is actually considered a great fashion move this year, especially as it gives out that beloved 70’s vibe. Jacket-on-jacket works wonderfully when it comes to mixing and matching colours and patterns, while anoraks are the best choice for those sudden rainy intervals. If you are considering taking another step back, don’t hesitate to embrace the 50’s in all their glory by opting for the ever-stylish bomber jacket.

Men Fashion Departments

Orient Express

Once you learn that fashion never plays by the rules, you will be ready to finally experience the true essence of couture. Mismatched styles are one of the biggest hits this year, and as such you can easily combine business with causal or even opt for that athleticasual look. Of course, when it comes to mixing and matching different styles, nothing can overtake the sensational Chinoiserie. If you’re still confused, try to picture urban garments, sweatshirts and bomber jackets with silk shirts, prints and patterns influenced by Eastern culture. What’s there not to love about a bomber jacket with a Chinese dragon on it?

Men Fashion Department

Remember to Accessorize

One of the best ways to complete the whole outfit is to top it off with a pair of trendy additions. Of course, when it comes to menswear, excessive accessorising can be perceived as tacky or simply unnecessary. The goal is to create an image of a practical, modern man. This summer, you may play this role with a trendy backpack on your shoulders, and there’s nothing that can surpass the glory of a baseball cap. Convenient and yet stylish, these two items are a must-have for the upcoming season.

In Terms of Colour

While the women’s departments are flashing with screaming tones of bright colours and vivid tones, men, will have to take a dose of seriousness this summer. Three colours are dominating the summer trends this year and these classic shades will soon enough win the heart of every fashionable man out there. Navy, green and grey are the it colours for this year and these everlasting shades have found their way from the fashion department up to stylish designer home wares.

Baggy Trousers and Distressed Jeans

Men’s FashionRipped, washed-out and baggy are the things to look for in jeans this summer, while knee-length shorts and khakis are slowly rising in popularity once again. Of course, you won’t make a mistake by opting for white chinos, which, in combination with a button-down shirt and a suede jacket make a perfect casual outfit.

Can you smell what’s cooking in the men’s fashion department? 2016 has been quite a turbulent year in terms of fashion couture and finally, the extensive analysis of the biggest fashion shows around the globe, has given us a sneak-peak into the most stylish clothing items for this summer. These are some of the must-have items in your closet this season.