4 Clever Costumes For Wheelchair Patients

Finding a costume for a wheelchair patient can be a frustrating process, as most costume companies do not accommodate for wheelchair bound individuals. However, there are many ways to get creative and design a homemade costume for a wheelchair patient. This article identifies four clever costumes for those who are wheelchair bound.

Wheelchair Patients

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One easy and clever costume idea for a wheelchair patient is to have them dress up as a drummer. To make the drum set, create one large circle and two smaller circles for the drums. These drums can be made out of cardboard or any sturdy material. Attach the drums to the wheelchair, with the large drum in the middle. Attach some real or make shift cymbals as well, and have the patient carry some drumsticks. The patient could wear any clothing that would reflect a rock star personality, such as sunglasses, a bandana, leather jacket, etc. The patient can also use the drumsticks and actually make noise on the cardboard drums, making this a really fun costume!

Aladdin/Jasmine and the magic carpet

Another great idea for a costume for a wheelchair patient is to create a magic carpet around the wheelchair and have the patient dress as Aladdin or Jasmine. This is relatively easy to do, by attaching a rug, piece of carpet, or homemade substitute to the sides of the wheelchair or by cutting a hole in the middle and having the patient put their head through the hole, as though they are riding on top of the carpet. Make the carpet colorful and consider adding some tassels to the ends. Refer to photos of Aladdin and Jasmine for costume ideas for the patient. For the Jasmine costume, a stuffed tiger could be sitting on top of the carpet to imitate Jasmine’s pet tiger from the movie.


Creating a DJ booth for a wheelchair patient is another clever idea. To make the DJ booth, simply create a large box made out of cardboard or the material of your choice and affix it to the front of the wheelchair and around the sides, so the only open part of the wheelchair is the back. Allow for space at the top or back for the individual to move their arms freely so they can maneuver the wheelchair and also play the part of a DJ by spinning records or using the laptop. A real laptop could be placed on top of the DJ booth, or a makeshift one. Add some records to the top that can actually spin, and think about attaching a small CD player or using an IPOD to play music so the patient can act as though they are truly a DJ. Use paint or markers to elaborate on the sides and front of the DJ booth. Get creative by drawing designs or even creating a fun “DJ” name to write across the front.

Bubble bath

A bathtub/shower is a fun and easy way to create a costume for a wheelchair patient. To create the bathtub, use cardboard or another sturdy material to create the actual tub, and paint it white. Use bubble wrap or balloons to create the bubbles for the bubble bath. Get create and have the patient dress up in a robe and funny shower cap, or even a rubber ducky or two to the bubble bath.

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