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Preparing for Cold Winter: Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have

Like it or not, the seasons are a-changing and summer is almost over. There’s still some time before the cold winter winds start blowing but that’s no reason not to start preparing your wardrobe for colder months. With few essentials at the time you can easily build up your wardrobe, and combine those pieces with different outfits for both autumn and winter months.


A nice headwear

Ladies who love an elegant and classy look will enjoy the new trend of wearing fedora hats. Not only are these hats warm but they are a great accessory to complete the outfit with. Moreover, they can be decorated with bows and brooches for a more unique effect. On the other hand, beanies are as popular as ever for anyone who values casual style above all else, and the options color and pattern wise are numerous.


Leather jacket

Its majesty – the leather jacket – will always be a timeless piece. It’s a perfect garment for autumn and milder winter. There are many new twists to the classic leather jacket and it’s important to pick one that matches your style and personality the best, but also the one that would flatter your body type beautifully. Black leather jackets are always in style, but in recent years, brown, burnt orange, red and even white leather have become very popular.


Sweater season

Let’s forget about ugly Christmas sweaters because the sweater season can actually provide you with many options on how to enrich your wardrobe. In recent years sweaters have become really popular which resulted in their great diversity regarding the cuts, design and style. Sweaters are really great pieces for layering your clothes and creating a very unique outfit that will keep you warm.


Jumper dress

Jumper dress is, without a doubt, a perfect addition to your winter essentials. Its biggest advantage is the fact that it can be versatile and great for both casual and more formal occasions. There are many types of jumper dresses available and you can get yourself one that suits your style the best. Thinner or thicker wool, different patterns, knee or ankle length as well as various colors are some of the characteristics that can make such a dress really stand out in a positive way and make you feel fashionable and warm at the same time.


Interesting scarves

Nothing says winter like a nice, interesting scarf. There are just so many options on the market, from infinity and blanket scarves to those that are really long and intricate in design and pattern. If you want to spice up your outfits in the most unique way possible, making your own scarf using some good quality yarn will definitely add a final personal touch to your look while carefully designed yarn bowls will make the whole process easier. The best thing about this project is the fact that making a scarf can be very relaxing and there are many techniques explained online, some of which show using only your fingers for the whole process.


A fitted coat

Apart from leather jacket, a good coat is also something that your wardrobe needs in order to be fully completed for winter time. Again, pay attention to your body type as well as your own preferences when choosing a coat. When it comes to outerwear you should always be prepared to invest a little bit more money because these garments will serve you for many seasons to come. Moreover, opting for a classic cut will definitely prove to be a fashionable move worth the investment.


Comfortable shoes

Ankle shoes and knee-high boots are your most obvious choice for colder periods during the year. Nowadays, shoes and boots are an accessory on their own and they come with many interesting details as well as shapes and patterns. If you want to get yourself a pair of shoes or boots that will match most of your outfits it would be wise to opt for a classic style in black or brown, but those who like to rock outfits that are more unique and edgy will definitely find many options in the stores as well. The important thing is that the shoes are comfortable to walk in and that they are water resistant.


When it comes to fashion, winter is another great season to show off your stylishness. For the best possible look and additional warmth make sure to include some basic pieces in your wardrobe essentials so that you can layer and create different looks easily.

Sports Luxe
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Tips For Mastering The Sports Luxe

For those who enjoy the inconsistent nature of fashion there is a trend that has taken the world by storm. It has married a ridiculous concept with an adventurous style and have varied things up a little. It may have been considered as a joke at one point, but now that designers have taken it a little more seriously, it has seen the trend increase in popularity since 2015.


Sport luxe is no longer something that consumers will now twist their faces at and has seen casual wear take a new light in the fashion world. It has no longer been associated with the likes of youths and lounging around your home, but now as a compliment to certain, or tailored luxury items. For those who would love the prospect of adjusting their wardrobe a little more, we have come up with tips for mastering the sports luxe style.

Sports Luxe

Decisions Between a Shirt Or A T-Shirt

Some people are more inclined to want to feel and look comfortable, whereas there are some people who want to dress as smart as possible at all times. With sports luxe you have a variety to choose from, so whether you prefer long sleeve tops or short sleeve, you’ll have two options that will add something different to your outfit. If you are looking for something more luxurious you’ll prefer your outfit with long sleeve tops, or a shirt, but if you’re interested in making it tad more casual then opt for the short sleeve tops.

Sweatpants Are An Essential

Whether you believe what is said, sweatpants are an essential in your sports luxe outfit. It’s time to move away from the traditional designs that are cuffed, baggy or not made using technical fabrics. It can seem absurd that shirts can be matched with sweatpants, however designers have now began tailoring them with technical fabrics, which has almost reinvented the look of sweatpants. They are no longer associated with mens tracksuits and have enjoyed a luxurious rejuvenation.

Adding The Outerwear

Again, the amount of choice you have with this outfit is incredible. With outerwear you have a selection of tailored blazers, hoodies and bomber jackets. The jacket, or outerwear you decide to choose from will ultimately decide what direction you take your sports luxe outfit down. Whether you are looking for a perfect balance of luxury and style, or you’re looking for a little more casual, or luxury, choose wisely and make your choice.

The Subtle, Yet Effective Finishing Touches

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to your sports luxe outfit. There are two choices to choose from, which is the all black trainers, or you are able to choose from formal shoes. Complement your outfit according and see what you need to add in order to finish your outfit. Whether you choose fabric based pumps, military boots or leather based trainers, it will all affect your outfit in a different way.

Women Leggings 1
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Buy Women Leggings Online to Save Time and Money

Online shopping gaining more and more popularity in India, this is all because people find it convenient to get desired products at their doorstep. Different products ranges can be compared as well by making very less effort. Online store offer everything from clothes to accessories, eatables to medicines and more is now easy to get without losing your home comfort. You can easily order for desired products, as online purchases are safer and easier than any other mode of shopping.


Find out how convenient is online shopping

Great choices are available

 Women Leggings

For women’s want to buy leggings online, find it easier to shop online as they can look for multiple ranges of leggings in different shades and texture. For people facing difficulties in finding a suitable online shopping store, can take help of search engines to find high quality products at reasonable costs.

Select only the perfect one

Indian women prefer to wear leggings with short suits, but fashion industry every day brings new trends, now leggings can also be matched with t-shirts and pants. If you’re unable to find trendy designs in leggings then simply search for them at online shopping stores, there you can easily find both the ethnic style and contemporary clothing types according to your size.

Branded products at reasonable costs

 Women Leggings 1

Looking at the growing demand for women leggings in Indian market, online portals make it easy to find perfect range of leggings for women in various fabrics, sizes and designs. Even, online portals do offer branded products at budget friendly costs.

Online return policy

Before buying leggings online, you have to carefully check the quality of fabric in order to get the right product. Once the product is delivered to your address, first check the product quality, if you find it’s not right you can return that product on the same day, you’ll get new product within few days of time as per the return policy of online stores.

Check for product details and customer’s reviews

Ladies leggings are made up of different materials like nylon, silk, lycra, cotton, and other fabrics, it can be easily washed in washing machines or with hands, no need of ironing because of their flexible material. The online stores share all these details along with the quality of product. You can also read out the customer’s reviews and check for ratings posted online.

Women Leggings 2


With the online portals it’s now easy to shop for ladies clothing items at any time whenever you want. It’s a completely hassle free process that enables you to save your energy and time. Find premium quality products at online stores at reasonable prices that completely match with your expectations. Another advantage of shopping online is that one can also find special discounts & offers on offered items provided by different clothing brands.

fashion trends 2
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5 Amazing Ways to Make Your Office Outfit More Interesting

Fashion industry is the one of the biggest industries that constantly changes its designs and collections according to the current fashion trends. There is no proper definition for fashion and it has different meaning for different people. Fashion portrays our personality in terms of visual information.

fashion trends 2

Our clothing depicts our attitude towards world and other people. The business outfit of the woman should convey that they are confident and serious about your work. There is no hard and fast rule for fashion and every woman makes their fashion statement in their own way. Now, women are adding a touch of style in their corporate outfit to add a personal touch to their clothing so that they can look stylish and trendy 24 hours a day.


Every woman is judged by their outfit so it is very important to choose a right outfit for work to mix sophistication with current fashion trends. You can wear formal jackets or blazers to add some personal touch to your outfit. Cropped trouser cut and adorned t-shirt can also give a new look to the traditional black and white suit.

fashion trends

Most women stick to formal wear when it comes to dressing for office or workplace. But you can make a perfect outfit for work by blending your formal attire with casual outfit. Your office outfit entirely depends upon your work environment, but some clothes such as shorts, deep neckline, sneakers or sheer tops is strictly not allowed in any kind of offices or work environment. Let’s discuss about some trendy outfit ideas for work.

Outfit ideas for work

Many women don’t want to wear same black and grey suits in their office so they add some personal touch to their entire attire to make their outfit more voguish and trendy.

Classic Look

This is the most simple and easiest way to get ready for the office. Classic look is quite common for the offices, but you can add some accessories or wear jewelry to make your office outfit modish.

Casual Look

You can make your business outfit little casual by adding denim jeans to your outfit. A pair of denim jeans with white shirt always looks very trendy and fashionable. Woman can wear feminine tops or high heels to make their outfit voguish.

Sophisticated Look

Women can wear classy pencil skirts, hats, leather to make their look sophisticated in the office.
Feminine look

You can wear classy knee-length dresses or skirts to make your look more feminine and classy. Knee-length dresses and skirts go well with smart blazers.

Glamorous look

You can make your look glamorous by wearing high heels, bright lipsticks, branded watches and clutches.

Make Your Office Outfit little more Intriguing

Wear subtle color Outfits

White is the most subtle color that goes with every outfit. It also goes well with white shirt. You can add accessories such as classy belts or elegant neck pieces to make your attire classy.

Black & White makes a perfect combination

The Black and white attire makes a perfect outfit for office. A black trouser goes very well with white shirt and white pants also matches with any shirt or tops.

Try Midi Skirts:

A full length skirt can look fabulous with right pairings. Midi Skirt goes very well with slim blouse and blazer. You can carry branded handed or accessorize yourself with classy jewelry to make your outfit elegant and sophisticated.

Final Word

Though there is different rule for every office for dress code but you can make your outfit a little bit trendy without getting any call from HR. You can take help from fashion designer to make your workwear wardrobe trendy and stylish. So choose the best fashion designer who can help you keep your office outfit up-to-date with current fashion trends.


What Kind of Shoes to Wear with Your Skinny Jeans?

Even though skinny jeans looked like they are a fad or, the experience has shown that they are going to stay under the spotlight for quite some time. What makes them great is that they flatter almost any figure, an especially if yours is that skinny, elongated one, then you are probably the queen of skinny jeans. Now, if you want to master this garment, there are some tips and advice you should take so keep reading and find out how to choose and what to wear with your skinny jeans.


How to choose skinny jeans?

image 3The first thing you should look for when choosing your skinny jeans is the colour. The trick is that bright colours will draw attention to your legs and will bring the focus to your outfit, whereas darker colours will do what they are called – make your skinnier. What you should also have in mind is that this type of clothing is not made for business, so unless your company is not casual, do not wear them to work. And even then, you should pick darker colours in order not to draw much attention. Another important thing is to watch out not to pick neither too loose or too tight pair, because your need them to be loose enough for easier movement and bending. Pay special attention to hips and things, because these are critical areas. And when it comes to high vs. low vs. regular rise – the choice is completely yours.

Flat shoes

image 10Skinny jeans are very grateful to wear with almost any kind of shoes. If your legs are long and thin, ballet flats will flatter them the most because they will not stand out too much or call attention to your feet. If you want to look more slimming, you can try out flats with pointy toes, but only under the condition that you are not too worried about the size of your feet. On the other hand, if you are short and not lean, wearing flats will just emphasise this fact, so make sure to avoid them.

Boots and high heels

image 11It seems that skinny jeans were made to be worn with boots – their biggest asset is that they can easily be tucked into them. This is why you can wear them with ankle boots, heeled boots and any kind of boots (except for short and bulky) in combination with super skinny jeans for example. And when it comes to high heels – the world is yours. Many fashionistas think that basic pumps with pointed toes work best with skinny jeans, but you can try out literally any kind or type of shoes.


image 4If you have not heard of booties yet, here is where you can find out more about them. Basically, women’s booties are those high-heeled shoes which cover the top front of your foot but do not go past the ankle. When in combination with skinny jeans, they can be either a bulls-eye or a complete miss, so make sure you know what you are doing when you try to combine them with skinny jeans. What you can try as a test is to try this ‘balancing test’: if they have platform soles, you will have to add some volume to your top in order to balance things out.


image 9Yes, it is possible – skinny jeans are made for any kind of shoes. This includes even sports shoes and sneakers. Especially if you love that casual look – this combination will make you ultra casual and relaxed. However, skinny jeans do not look great with puffy cross-trainers, so make sure to avoid them or at least not pair them when you go running. On the other hand, trim low tops are the cutest when paired with denim jeans, but we are sure you already have your favorite pair of shoes or sneakers you are planning to combine with your skinny jeans.

And finally, skinny jeans are a type of clothing that flatter your figure, so do not forget to wear them with a smile on your face. They are very comfortable and will make you look like a fashion queen in almost any kind of combination. If you have any other tips, do not hesitate and leave them in the comments section below.

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Choose Your Ideal Dress For This Summer

Summer is here and you need to fill up your wardrobe. And what a better solution for completing your summer wardrobe than choosing an ideal dress. They are comfortable, light and easy to wear. You can wear them to the beach, for a stroll through the park or even for evening nights out. They are the perfect piece of clothing that every woman should own. We will help you choose the perfect dress according to your body type.



apple shape 1The apple body type tends to carry a little more weight around the waist and the belly. This type should go for something that creates an illusion of a smaller waist and something that draws attention to their arms and legs. Mini dresses are made for apple shaped girls. You should definitely go for a dress that emphasizes the legs, downplaying the mid-sector shoulders. The smock dress is a great look for this body type.


pear shape 3

For pear shaped body type a good look is something that will add shape to the upper body while downplaying the hips. Also, something that reveals the arms. Sleeveless prom like dresses are perfect for this type. It is also a good idea to add some details such as a belt around the waist or a detailed neckline. If you are thinking about color, perhaps it is smart to avoid plain white dresses and go for something printed and multicolored.



The most flattering body shape for women. This body type can pull off almost any kind of dress. This means that your bust and hips are roughly the same size with a narrowed waist. So the trick is to show off the curves while keeping them balanced. Spaghetti strap mini dresses are a perfect match for this type. Also, keep in mind not to overdo it with patterns and designs, your figure will do all the work. A-lines and bodices go perfectly with your body type. And strapless dresses of any kind match your body perfectly!



The key when choosing a perfect dress for curvy women is to choose the right attribute to show off. Will it be the bust, hips or just the wholesome curvy figure. The key is to balance the upper and lower part of the body to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Something that is banded around the waist should do the trick, and also don’t forget to emphasize that neckline. A V-neck dress will do wonders for your look. Also, there are great maxi dresses that go great with your body type.


pettite 2

Maxi dresses are like made for petite girls. They are long and vertical and give out an impression of height. High waistlines are good idea to make an illusion of length. Something that is knee-length is also a good idea for petite types. It’s very important to avoid belts or anything that will cut your body in half, because that emphasizes your height. If you are thinking about patterns, vertical stripes are the thing for you. The empire line dress is a good choice because it creates the effect of elongating the legs and making the body appear taller.


summer dress

Tall women should go for something short that will draw more attention to their legs. It’s a good thing that both minis and maxis look great on this body type, so you have a variety of dresses to choose. If you are feeling self conscious about your height, you can always add a belt to your waistline, so it will reduce the overall look of your height. Perhaps the best look for tall women is the silk slip dress that follows your bodyline. Sleeveless dresses also look fantastic on you. The shift dress is a perfect match, and the best thing is that you can wear it over jeans, leggings or just bare legs.

Whether you are an apple, pear, hourglass, tall or petite, you don’t need to worry. Finding the perfect dress for your body figure has never been easier. Just listen to your body, don’t be afraid to experiment and find something that fits not only your body type but your personality type too. The key is to find something stylish but also something comfy. So, what is your ideal dress for this summer?

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All you need to know about leggings

Leggings are the only things that have been in but not completely out of trend. They have always been popular with yoga trainers and belle dancers as well. They have never been completely out of the fashion because they have also been used as leg warmers and leg shapers as well. Out of other advantages that leggings have to offer there is another that you might not know. They are used as body shapers and they can tone up your body as well. They are not only used for styling but also for toning as well.

leggingsOn the old days leggings were made up of buckskin or wool solely for the protection against the cold and animal bites. They were later worn for the purpose of exercise and belle and later they became style statement. It was in sixties that leggings became popular and part of the fashion. There are some important rules that will tell you how to wear and how not to wear leggings. As long as you know simple rules you will know what to wear with leggings and on which occasions you can’t wear leggings.

Leggings are not trousers and they should not be confused with them. Leggings are not to be confused with denims as they are different from them as well. Leggings are separate entity that should not be confused with anything else. Leggings can be bought as wholesale cheap leggings for economical purpose as well. You can choose plenty of colors and types of leggings as well.

about leggingsTypes of leggings

There are plenty of types of leggings that are available in the market. From jeggings to tight leggings, sequin or laced leggings or even studded leggings are in fashion, but one thing that is smashing the market is the printed leggings which are not only in increase demand but also for all kind of girls.

Printed leggings can be worn with any kind of top or any kind of frock as well; it is recommended that the top should be till the length of hips so that the top cover the buttocks which are enhanced by the leggings. With printed legging it is not necessary to always cover bumps as they have print which camouflages all kind of groves and fat layers as well. While they can also be bought in wholesale cheap leggings they are not only inexpensive but will also last for years.

The beauty of legging is that even after years of wearing them they always remain the same and even if they become short with time. They can be used as leg warmer and wear at time of exercise or yoga at home. It is important for girls to keep wearing leggings as they don’t allow the body to get loose and disoriented.

Studded leggings are also a wise choice for a trendy look as they give a proper definition to your style statement and they are also famous as well these days.


Eco-Friendly Fashion as a New Trend: How to be Noble and Fashionable

Recently in the fashion circles, a new movement has emerged. It is not about some new style or a new designer’s brand. What we have in mind is the so called sustainable fashion – its essence is to change the way of thinking, purchasing and caring about your wardrobe. So keep on reading because in the following lines we will explain how do achieve this.

scarfBuy less

If you have decided to be planet-friendly and do not want to pollute the Earth by wanting more and forcing the industry to give you more – then try buying less. Textile production is one of the most polluting industries in the world – they use all kinds of different chemicals in the processes of dyeing, bleaching, softening, etc. So, the way of decreasing production and pollution is to decrease consumption. And the only way to achieve this is to change the minds of consumers and the consumer’s societies. It’s not like you really need to buy a new shirt every week.

Textile care

Another step in this eco-friendly fashion movement is to take better care of your clothes from the moment of buying it. Always follow the care instructions on the labels. And there is no need to wash clothes so often. Now, I am not suggesting wearing the same shirt for a month, because this would not be pleasant to the nose for starters. What I have in mind is the following. You can wear the same shirt twice. And when you decide to wash it, try to avoid bleachers and heavy detergents because they will shorten the life of your clothes. Try not to wash them with heavy chemicals and avoid chemical cleaning as much as you can to help them last longer. Do not throw them away when they are ripped – try sewing them and be creative with patches, for example! The Earth will appreciate it the most.

textileOrganic clothing

If you still have to buy new clothes to keep track of the new trends, then pay attention to the labels. The labels will show you the type of textile the piece of clothing has been made of –it is recommended to wear organic materials which have not been treated much with chemicals and that are Earth-friendly. So open your eyes! This new eco-friendly movement is taking action in not only in major designers’ brands. Let’s take for example the Brain Tree Clothing from Australia, famous for organic clothingthey promote women’s and men’s lines made of pure hemp, organic cotton, hemp rayon, hemp cotton, bamboo cotton, etc. So these are the keywords you should pay attention to when you go shopping.

But, it is important to pay special attention to frauds. Many major companies will say that their clothes are organic, when they are actually not – for example, Banana Republic launched a collection which had supposedly been made of organic or used materials – however, only the price tags, labels and buttons have been made from used paper and plastic, thus fooling their consumers.

In the end, let me remind you that it is not always essential to buy the trendiest piece of clothing – you can help our planet by trying to make it yourself, and when you decide to buy after all – always keep in mind the eco-friendly clothing. We will all live longer and prosperous thanks to them.

Ariel Bellamy is an open-minded blogger who takes care that her words are well written, sharply witty and unconditionally true. She focuses on all things green – in battle for Earth, and all things healthy – as in battle for happiness. 


Fashion Forward and Animal-Friendly Designers

Animal friendly designers

Fashion statements can sometimes go a little bit overboard and even endanger animals as well; even we use animals to get certain materials to make our clothes, it is important to know where the line is.

Most fashion designers do take this into consideration and the majority is not only animal-friendly but they are eco-friendly as well. Nowadays it is hard to create truly fashionable pieces of clothing and to stay Earth-friendly, but the next list of designers managed to do just that.

Alabama Chanin

Although this fashion house is relatively new to the scene, they offer great designs which combine fashion and sustainability. Not only that, but they also pride themselves in being eco- and animal-friendly as well. Moreover, they also offer a lot of workshops and do-it-yourself courses which help people be better not only at crafting their own pieces, but also with clothing that they already have.

Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois Boheme, or BoBo for short, is an inspirational footwear brand, as it stands behind the motto of creating a special brand while saving Mother Nature in the process. Their fashion with compassion attitude is what makes them stand out from the other vegan, eco-friendly crowd, and as well as their quality certified organic materials used in production.


If you feel like you are in your early 20’s then you should be looking for Kerin, as it offers a wide range of affordable, trendy clothing for both men and women this brand. Not only that, but all the clothes are fur, leather, wool, ivory and silk free. They only work with organic materials, which require less pet care products to be used when acquiring materials.

Beyond Skin

Beyond SkinThis UK based fashion house specializes in creating the most astonishing non-leather vegan shoes that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Although they operate from a small island, they ship worldwide. Furthermore, as they tend to stay leather free, they have rare visits to a pet shop for material.


If you truly want to help Earth stay sustainable and to use eco-friendly clothes, then look no further. Della offers a great deal, as they use only vegan materials, so no harm done to Mother Nature and by doing so, this small community offers jobs and education for the people who work for it. Also, this clothing line is from Ghana, West Africa; helping them only makes them grow bigger to provide more opportunities for the people of Ghana.


KuyichiPerhaps the first conscious fashion brand; they believe in that you can look great and even do good without having to sacrifice either of it. They use clean 100% renewable materials so they not only help the environment but they also recycle, a great win-win for everyone.

Delikate Rayne

A luxurious contemporary brand, which specializes in women ’s wear, with the use of premium vegan materials only, and they manage to keep that sexy minimalistic sleek style to make every woman feel desirable.

Matt & Nat

This creatively named brand, Matt from material and Nat from nature, is a perfect example of how to live beautifully and preserve your surrounding without having to sacrifice comfort or beauty in the process. They are a well-established and long-lasting brand now, and they pride themselves in being Earth-friendly and using vegan materials.

Ariel Bellamy, a blogger in love with life, writing, being green and sharing the experience. She is proud to write for Stefmar, an online pet shop, as it is an animal-friendly and splendid place on the web. You can also reach her on @BellamyAriel


Vintage Bridal Trousseau is the Flavor of This Wedding Season

Without a doubt one of the most important and significant details of the celebration of a wedding is the wedding dress. If you have dreamt of wearing a vintage wedding dress then what can be classier? Have a detailed look, keep a theme in your mind and start longing to find that dress that reflects the magic of yesteryears. Certainly you are not sure how or where to start, do not worry! Here are some tips to help you find the dress with retro flavor that your heart and your sophisticated sense of aesthetics are seeking.

First things first

WEDDINGDefining your wedding budget is essential. The good news is that there is a wide range of prices in terms of vintage wedding dresses. But you need the defined budget as well as considering the cost of the dress as there are chances that you will have to do cleanings, patches, seams, improvements, or embellish dress one way or another.

Note: Although in theory, everyone says a vintage bridal dress is cheaper than one of a fashion house, but the price factor depends on several factors. Among the factors that determine the cost are the physical state of the garment, the quality, the designer, the popularity of the time, and even the marketer of the garment.

Now the good …

Where to get a vintage dress

vintage dressIn the trunk of your grandmother: From grandma, aunt, or to the owner of that retro café who told you that there is a vintage wedding gown in her trunk, then this a good news. The truth is that some of the cutest vintage dresses are part of family history. Use a dress that has belonged to someone in your family (or your partner’s family) as this comes with very special feelings.

Note: In case anyone wants to share a valuable part of your family history with you (either your family or not) speak clearly of how you plan to use the outfit and describe exactly what you plan to do with it. Remove stains, repair, modify, shorten, lengthen, redesign, reinterpret, paint, or whatever that involves a risk that the garment outgrows should be discussed extensively and in great detail before borrowing it. Maybe the changes will result in a fabulous dress but many people have strong emotional ties to such apparels and also that you surely do not want to hurt feelings or cause an emotional damage to a family or friendly relationship for the sake of just a garment.

In consignment stores

Consignment stores used to be the secret place where the vintage fashionistas bought and then dazzle with fabulous vintage clothes that they got at the best prices. Today also, you can get some of the best clothes in such consignment stores. Visit your local store, see what they have to offer, become a friend of the manger, tell him/her your plans and maybe you can send a little message if they receive something you might be interested in. (That’s how the experts do it.)

In vintage clothing and antique shops

Obviously, a good option is to go with the specialists. Even if there is no vintage clothing store in your area, there should be antique shops. Visit them, see what they have, and ask each a couple of recommendations. Probably know of other traders and can guide you to where to find a bridal vintage dress.

Traditional Indian touch

Traditional Indian touchDonning an Indian wedding trousseau is the latest trend these days among the brides across the globe. You can try one in bright red or fuchsia for your wedding day. However, make sure that the decoration, the groom’s wedding dress and the theme match your dress. Head to an Indian wedding or clothing store and find the best one for your marriage. Also you can contact your Indian friends and seek their suggestions.