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The perfect dress is one that suits your body shape

Something that looks great on someone else might not look flattering at all on you and vice versa. That’s because different dress cuts suit different body types better or worse. In order to find that great piece that would make your figure look amazing, you have to embrace your own body and shop to make your whole appearance look good.


Recognize your body shape

There are several body types. In general, distinction is usually made between hourglass, apple, pear, round and rectangle body shape. Some women are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure. This means that the hip and bust are almost same in size, the waist is thin and the fat is equally stored throughout the body. Apple body type is characterized with bigger bust and waist compared to hips. Also, arms and legs are usually thinner. Pear shaped ladies have slimmer top compared to bottom part of the body. Hips and thighs are generally bigger and more noticeable than the bust, shoulders and waist. If your waist is about the same as your hips and bust, you have a rectangle body shape. There are less noticeable curves when you stand straight. Round shape involves a bit more weight accumulated in the waist as well as hip and thighs area. The bust is usually pretty large as well.


Dress for an hourglass body type

Since you have admirable curves you should definitely opt for bodycon dresses that can show off the natural lines of your body perfectly. While the length is not that important, remember to stay away from boxy or drapey cuts. V-neck is definitely the best choice for an hourglass figure, but you can choose many different necklines as long as you don’t go overboard with showing your cleavage.

Dress for an apple body type

In order to find your perfect dress you have to seek the balance. Therefore, opt for cuts with wider A-cut skirts, but never go longer than your mid-calves. Together with empire style waist or generally a bodice that can accentuate your waist and simple, rounded necklines, this kind of dress would look gorgeous on you.

pear shape 1

Dress for a pear body type

Even though pear shape is completely the opposite of apple body shape, the rules when searching for a perfect dress are pretty similar. Basically, skirts that flare out or have an A-cut are a great option, but unlike those for apple shape, those with pear shape can look for some fuller skirts and layered materials. This will cover the hips nicely. The top part of the dress should be fitted to accentuate the waist and narrow shoulders.

pear shape 3

Dress for a rectangular body type

Rectangular body shapes are considered to be slim or athletic and they usually lack curves. To make the visual appearance of curves, go for fuller, embellished skirts. Also, you can make your bust appear larger with an empire waistline and even include embellishments in the bodice. Sleeves can be fuller and more textured as well. If you want some formal dresses in your wardrobe, the best example would be a true ball gown because it flatters the rectangular athletic body really well.

Dress for a round body type

Those with round body type should definitely pick dresses that flow from the upper waist and flare out in A-cut since these will elongate the figure and make it appear slimmer. In general, avoid dresses that are fitted in any area except the bust. Also, go with sweetheart or V-neck necklines to show off the skin on your upper body.

pear shaped 4

When you choose your dresses, pick ones that work for you and not the other way around. We are all different and clothes are made in various cuts and designs specifically to suit different shapes and sizes. Let your body do the talking when you try something on.

salwar kameez
Clothing & Accessories

3 Super Stylish Budget Salwar Kameez you should Buy

Girls, we know that everyone of us are queen, an expert when it come s to matching and mixing the ethnic wear differently to look pretty. But don’t you think it will be amazing that you go for finely matched dresses so that you don’t have to turn your wardrobe upside down to find exact matching. Sometimes also to avoid fashion blunders while mixing nd matching process.


I know you will definitely love to own such budget best salwar kameez sets and look absolutely stunning effortlessly as everything is made for each other a chuni, a top and a bottom made to create an aesthetic look altogether. This will make our life’s easy for sure so what are you waiting for grab these supers stylish, modern best salwar kameez  that are irresistible and will add a glam factor to your persona. Guess what all these are budget salwar kameez so without spending a fortune look pretty and modern

designer sarees

A beautiful, dress in peacock blue and green color which is a rare and an iconic combination. This is a cotton dress in bluish purple color with embroidery in golden and green color on neck and a border below near the hem line. The salwar is in mint green and chuni is also in mint green which makes this dress a great combination, a ravishing dress. What more you can ask for this semi stitched dress is below rs 700 at, wow isn’t it a great buy?

salwar kameez

Glamorous coral color cocktail salwar suit for the modern fashionistas. This is a complete designer salwar kameez it has intricate detailed embroidery in silver color and hem line is totally different and outstanding. This designer dress will grab all the  attention and put in  limelight. From the color to work to hemline to chuni everything is just splendid. Salwar suits like these are a complete must have especially if you are in love with the glam and glitz. This dress comes in georgette material. With the price Indiarush is selling it’s a deal that should be sealed immediately.

best salwar kameez

Like a LBD in every girl wardrobe a black salwar suit is also a complete must have.  Whenever in doubt what to wear what not these black dresses come to rescue and save us from making a fashion blunder. This is a complete casual type salwar suits that can be worn to office, while shopping, to date night, outing with friends, etc. Though the dress is simple yet it looks fab  it’s a high neck salwar with 3/4th sleeves and flip like men’s shirt which adds a jazzy, flashy look, further more the salwar has 6 silver button below neck which almost gives look of a shirt. This comes with a white salwar, and a dupatta. The fabric used is georgette.  Go for this iconic combination of black and white and create a vintage styled look. You can grab this for only rs 699.

One Nation Clothing
Clothing & Accessories

4 Secret Clothing Brands We’re Loving Right Now

It goes without saying that there are hundreds of thousands of clothing brands out there, with more being founded year on year. With this said, the big high street brands are rarely threatened by the smaller names. In an age in which corporate clothing companies are dominating, we think it’s about time people put effort into discovering the hidden gems.


These new, unique brands are special because they can cater to your style rather than that of thousands of people. If you want to look and feel original, rather than sticking to the standard high street names, we have come up with four undercover clothing brands that we’re loving right now.


This Nottingham-based brand has been creating timeless British menswear for over a decade. With a heavy focus on British production their collections feature traditional, hiking-inspired jackets, selvedge denim made from Japanese fabric, and shirts and sweatshirts in complimentary colours.


Android Homme

Founded in 2008 in Los Angeles by Designer/Creative Director, Javier Laval, Android Homme design footwear for modern men with ‘no limitations’. Focusing on design, detail, construction & quality, all of their shoes are hand-made in Italy. Using luxury materials like suede and leather, we think you’ll love their relaxed but luxurious trainers.

Android Homme

BLVCK Clothing

BLVCK Clothing are an entirely simplistic brand that also include relevant trending items in their collections year on year. They pride themselves on offering a complete range of fashionable clothing that’s available to everyone. If you love simple, unique, street fashion BLVCK Clothing is a brand that you will most definitely want to consider.

BLVCK Clothing

One Nation Clothing

A brand founded by two best friends who wanted clothing for women that combined style and quality but with an affordable factor. The aim was to create something women would feel good in and since their start in 2013, the idea of freedom and creativity has led them to create a clothing brand that is truly unique. The brand is still controlled by them and they’ve seen the brand go from strength to strength.

One Nation Clothing

The most important thing to remember when shopping these days is to have the confidence to go for something that’s different and that stands out. It’s too easy to trawl the high street and stick to what you know. With so many hard working, unique brands out there these days, it’s important to look around and find a brand that truly caters to your individual ethics, personality and style.

Dress to Impress

6 Quick Ways to Improve Your Looks

Physical appearance is not only determined by your looks. Your style, behaviour and how you carry yourself are also important factors that affect your overall attractiveness. Fortunately, there are easy and quick solutions that can help you improve your looks and presentation in a matter of minutes. So the next time you decide to run a few errands, keep in mind these few handy tips:


Healthy Equals Beautiful

There are many different aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and all of them greatly affect your appearance. Implementing a healthy diet plan that will provide your body with all the essential nutrients is just one of them. These kinds of diets should be versatile and help you cleanse your body from harmful toxins and fill your body with energy. Essential nutrients can help you clear your skin and maintain a youthful glow. Also, getting an adequate amount of sleep can greatly help you replenish your energy. Indulging in regular physical activity can also be a significant factor for maintaining both your physical and mental health.


Healthy Equals Beautiful


Nothing can substitute the essence of a true and genuine smile. And while it is sometimes difficult keeping that smile on your face, it is important to realize that this simple trick can greatly affect your appearance. It is proven that people who smile more often are perceived as warm, more welcoming and sincere. Also, keep in mind that most people can tell the difference between a genuine and a fake smile, so make sure not to force anything.


Focus On Your Good Sides

Everybody has its good and bad sides and it is really important to learn how to draw focus to our attributes rather than our flaws. The first step is to determine your good qualities. This can be practically anything: from a beautiful smile, pretty eyes, good legs or a nice waist. Once you figure that out, everything else will be a breeze. You will learn how to dress according to your body type, how to emphasize your good sides, how to apply make-up so you would draw attention to your traits and most importantly – how to hide your weak spots.

Focus On Your Good Sides

Body Language

If you want to make a certain impression, you will need to learn some basic rules of body language. How you act and behave is just as important as what you say. If you want to appear confident, it is important to stand straight and tall. Also, you will want to avoid excessive and rapid movements as they make you appear nervous. One of the most important factors is to monitor your movements and pay attention to what you are doing. This might be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will become natural.

Body Language

Dress to Impress

While we are often told that the suit does not make a man, it is certain that your sense of style says a lot about you. Learn how to dress according to your body type. Once you master this, try to carry out your style in the best possible way. The best way to improve your looks is by carefully choosing your accessories. For instance, if you are looking for a cool pair of shades, always go for a certified seller, such as Sunglasses Warehouse in order to find designer sunglasses so you would be sure that you get your money’s worth.

Dress to Impress

We are often told that it is the inside that counts. But let’s face it, we live in a society where everybody values physical appearance, so it is quite difficult not to judge the book by its covers. Of course, there are certain methods that can help you achieve a great look without a lot of hassle.

About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She loves cooking, baking, sewing, spending quality time with her daughters and she’s passionate for writing. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.

Sports Luxe
Clothing & Accessories

Tips For Mastering The Sports Luxe

For those who enjoy the inconsistent nature of fashion there is a trend that has taken the world by storm. It has married a ridiculous concept with an adventurous style and have varied things up a little. It may have been considered as a joke at one point, but now that designers have taken it a little more seriously, it has seen the trend increase in popularity since 2015.


Sport luxe is no longer something that consumers will now twist their faces at and has seen casual wear take a new light in the fashion world. It has no longer been associated with the likes of youths and lounging around your home, but now as a compliment to certain, or tailored luxury items. For those who would love the prospect of adjusting their wardrobe a little more, we have come up with tips for mastering the sports luxe style.

Sports Luxe

Decisions Between a Shirt Or A T-Shirt

Some people are more inclined to want to feel and look comfortable, whereas there are some people who want to dress as smart as possible at all times. With sports luxe you have a variety to choose from, so whether you prefer long sleeve tops or short sleeve, you’ll have two options that will add something different to your outfit. If you are looking for something more luxurious you’ll prefer your outfit with long sleeve tops, or a shirt, but if you’re interested in making it tad more casual then opt for the short sleeve tops.

Sweatpants Are An Essential

Whether you believe what is said, sweatpants are an essential in your sports luxe outfit. It’s time to move away from the traditional designs that are cuffed, baggy or not made using technical fabrics. It can seem absurd that shirts can be matched with sweatpants, however designers have now began tailoring them with technical fabrics, which has almost reinvented the look of sweatpants. They are no longer associated with mens tracksuits and have enjoyed a luxurious rejuvenation.

Adding The Outerwear

Again, the amount of choice you have with this outfit is incredible. With outerwear you have a selection of tailored blazers, hoodies and bomber jackets. The jacket, or outerwear you decide to choose from will ultimately decide what direction you take your sports luxe outfit down. Whether you are looking for a perfect balance of luxury and style, or you’re looking for a little more casual, or luxury, choose wisely and make your choice.

The Subtle, Yet Effective Finishing Touches

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches to your sports luxe outfit. There are two choices to choose from, which is the all black trainers, or you are able to choose from formal shoes. Complement your outfit according and see what you need to add in order to finish your outfit. Whether you choose fabric based pumps, military boots or leather based trainers, it will all affect your outfit in a different way.

Men’s Fashion Department
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Men’s Fashion Department – Summer of 2016

What makes a man fashionable this year? From the dazzling eastern mystique, the refreshing sense of the 50’s up to the conventional and modern man of today, this summer has prepared exquisite menswear trends. Let’s see what the summer of 2016 has in store for us.


Overall, All Is Good

There is something utterly appealing about men who wear overalls. Reinventing that farm boy/mechanic look, 2016 has decided that overalls are the next big thing in the fashion department. Dark grey, olive green or regular blue denim overalls in combination with a regular white t-shirt is the ultimate look for this summer.

Men’s Fashion Department

Cover It Up

While covering up during those long summer months might seem ridiculous, it’s high-time to realise that fashion works in mysterious ways. Lightweight layering is actually considered a great fashion move this year, especially as it gives out that beloved 70’s vibe. Jacket-on-jacket works wonderfully when it comes to mixing and matching colours and patterns, while anoraks are the best choice for those sudden rainy intervals. If you are considering taking another step back, don’t hesitate to embrace the 50’s in all their glory by opting for the ever-stylish bomber jacket.

Men Fashion Departments

Orient Express

Once you learn that fashion never plays by the rules, you will be ready to finally experience the true essence of couture. Mismatched styles are one of the biggest hits this year, and as such you can easily combine business with causal or even opt for that athleticasual look. Of course, when it comes to mixing and matching different styles, nothing can overtake the sensational Chinoiserie. If you’re still confused, try to picture urban garments, sweatshirts and bomber jackets with silk shirts, prints and patterns influenced by Eastern culture. What’s there not to love about a bomber jacket with a Chinese dragon on it?

Men Fashion Department

Remember to Accessorize

One of the best ways to complete the whole outfit is to top it off with a pair of trendy additions. Of course, when it comes to menswear, excessive accessorising can be perceived as tacky or simply unnecessary. The goal is to create an image of a practical, modern man. This summer, you may play this role with a trendy backpack on your shoulders, and there’s nothing that can surpass the glory of a baseball cap. Convenient and yet stylish, these two items are a must-have for the upcoming season.

In Terms of Colour

While the women’s departments are flashing with screaming tones of bright colours and vivid tones, men, will have to take a dose of seriousness this summer. Three colours are dominating the summer trends this year and these classic shades will soon enough win the heart of every fashionable man out there. Navy, green and grey are the it colours for this year and these everlasting shades have found their way from the fashion department up to stylish designer home wares.

Baggy Trousers and Distressed Jeans

Men’s FashionRipped, washed-out and baggy are the things to look for in jeans this summer, while knee-length shorts and khakis are slowly rising in popularity once again. Of course, you won’t make a mistake by opting for white chinos, which, in combination with a button-down shirt and a suede jacket make a perfect casual outfit.

Can you smell what’s cooking in the men’s fashion department? 2016 has been quite a turbulent year in terms of fashion couture and finally, the extensive analysis of the biggest fashion shows around the globe, has given us a sneak-peak into the most stylish clothing items for this summer. These are some of the must-have items in your closet this season.

Jeans and pants 4

Simple Dressing Rules for Women with a Large Bust

Finding the perfect outfit is already difficult enough, but when you are a curvaceous girl with large bust, it can be additionally challenging. There are simply clothing items, fabrics, and accessories that will look flattering on you and others that will actually work against you. Therefore, in order to avoid any uncomfortable tops, dresses or jackets, follow these simple rules and you will look like a true fashion icon.


The Perfect Dress

Knowing which neckline fits you best is essential when picking out the perfect dress, because a neckline makes an enormous difference to an attire look. Dresses with a V-neck will definitely be one of the best choices for busty women. However, make sure not to have a too low one, or show too much cleavage. Furthermore, square, scoop and sweetheart necklines will also look good on you.

accessories 1

Women with large bust can have an additional problem when picking out the right dress, because more often than not she would have to buy a size larger than she actually wears. Namely, the dress may perfectly fit to the rest of the body but the bust will require more space. This is when the potato sack syndrome appears – the dress lays perfectly over the boobs, but the rest of the body looks like it was covered with a bag. The only solution to this problem is taking a dress to the tailor, so that the dress can be tailored to your measurements.

accessories 8

Pick the Right Bra

Bras are another crucial factor to consider if you have a bust issue. The most important things to consider is that a bra is comfortable, supportive, does not slump down. You should definitely invest in a high quality bra that will make your bust look amazing. The one with a full coverage is the best choice, because it will be most supportive of all, it will not give you the extra volume, and it will make every clothing item look great.

accessories 7

Shirts and Buttons

The trouble only known to busty women – gaping of buttons on your shirt, which leads to revealing everything what is underneath the shirt. In order to prevent this from happening while you are talking to your boss, or maybe even a stranger, try buying a shirt one size larger than usual. Do not worry, it will not make you look bigger, thanks to all the new fashion tricks. You can half-tuck it into trousers, jeans or a skirt; fold up sleeves; tie it up the bottom; or even layer it under a dress or a sweater.

accessories 6

Jackets and Blazers

Many women with large bust look for the help at the plastic surgeon’s office. Breast reduction is a very common procedure, and in order to avoid the stressful shopping, women choose to go under the knife. For those of you who do not prefer this type of solution, wearing a blazer or a motorcycle jacket can be extremely flattering. What is more, a blazer can have a minimizing effect, as long as it is the one with clean long lines. Once you elongate your torso with this type of clothes, your bust will instantly look a size or two smaller.

Jeans and pants 3

When it comes to motorcycle jacket, thanks to the overlapping fabrics on the front, the jacket will lie perfectly over your chest. The ones with a cropped length will make your top half visually smaller, and make sure you wear it unzipped, so that it fits nicely to the shoulders, arms, and back.

As you can see, the fashion industry has evolved in the past couple of years, under the influence of curvaceous celebrities such as Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian. The attention has been focused towards larger size women, and now you can find a perfect piece of clothing for every body type. All you need to do is find out what fits best to your body type.

Japan _ Lolita style 1

Bizarre Trends All Around the Globe

Okay, before you start with the usual tirade about the new and unusual fashion trends of the newer generations and how there were no such things back in the good old days, perhaps it is a good idea to do some recapitulation. Weird trends have been present for thousands of years all around the world and the enchanted circle of bizarre movements is never going to stop. From ruffs and codpieces up to those huge powdered wigs, hobble skirts and bullet bras we have come a long way. And now it is time to hand over the baton to the new and fresh bizarre trends that are going to mark this era. Let us see what the millennials have in store for us:


Gothic Lolitas

Reporting from the faraway land of Japan where a new trend has originated in a form of so-called Gothic Lolitas. Considering the fact that we have witnessed a lot of weirder things from Japan, the Victorian-era meets gothic fashion does not actually look that bad. The trend has originated as a protest against too much nudity in today’s society and these dark ladies have managed to create a new movement characterized by black dresses, lots of leather, dark makeup and a must-have accessory in a form of a Victorian-era styled umbrella (black of course).

Japan _ Lolita style 1


The Chinese never fail to surprise us with their innovative and somewhat unusual inventions. This time the main runner up is the highly popular Facekini which is not to be mistaken with a Halloween costume or a burglar mask, no matter how much it resembles it. The facekini was so cleverly designed to protect people from harmful UV rays by wearing sun-protective masks made from Lycra, which covers the whole face leaving only holes for the eyes, mouth and the nose. Sometimes they are even accompanied with a full-body suit made from the same material with long sleeves, for complete protection of course.

China _ Facekini2

Eye Tattoos

The ever-friendly Canadians have probably decided that body tattoos were a thing of the past as they have embraced a new, much bolder trend – eye tattoos. While most of us probably cringe just by imagining a needle approaching our eyes, those who are willing to withstand a syringe being inserted in the cornea of the eye, can enjoy the colourful designs of their eyes. We guess that different coloured lenses simply do not do the job just as well.

Eye tattoos 3

Bagel Heads

We told you there are weirder things in Japan than girls dressed in Victorian gothic garments! While body modifications are not really a new trend, this bagel head surely is. The main idea is injecting saline into the forehead, forming a swelling on the forehead in a shape of a bagel. Sometimes, those looking to step up the game have the saline injected two times, thus creating two matching bagels on both sides of the forehead. Before you start freaking out, no, the bagels are not permanent and the saline is absorbed after a day or so, making the forehead go back to its original state.

Eye Jewellery

This new fashionable technique comes all the way from the Netherlands. These extra ocular implants are inserted in the cornea of the eye, creating fashionable designs from precious metals….in your eyes. While those defending the cause claim that this procedure is completely safe, eye specialists do not agree with this opinion. With trends like these, it will only be a matter of time when parents will start begging their children to choose body jewellery instead.

Eye tattoos 2

Weird trends will always find their way into the hearts of those looking to do something unusual, challenging and different. They are not limited to the past or the future or continents and countries. We are all bizarre in a way, we simply have to accept that there will always be those taking things to the next level.

Rihanna 1
Fashion, LifeStyle

Celebrities that continue to inspire with the help of tattoos

In this day and age, tattoos have definitely become a form of art and a way to express individuality in the most unique and special way possible. Celebrities are a great inspiration for many people with the great and meaningful work they do but some took it even further and used tattoos to push their motivational beliefs to the next level.


Angelina Jolie

Angie is a great actress as well as a human being which she proved with her many movies and fights for human rights as the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for the Refugees. She has many tattoos but one that is especially inspirational is the one she has on the back of her neck. An inscription saying “Know Your Rights” written in gothic letters symbolizes her struggle and belief in human equality.

Angelina Jolie 2

Megan Fox

Known for her exceptional beauty, actress Megan Fox tries to inspire not only her fans but those who want to seek success in the unforgiving world of Hollywood as well. “We will all Laugh at gilded butterflies” is a quote from the Shakespeare’s King Lear and while the sentence itself is very delicate and beautiful as well as free for interpretation by many, Megan says that she wanted to address the issue of difficult life that any celebrity has to face by explaining that to her, this quote means “to not get too caught up in Hollywood because people will end up laughing at you.”

Megan Fox 1

Johnny Depp

This handsome and marvelous actor has a fair number of tattoos. He tattooed the names of the most important people in his life as well as symbols that mean a lot to him personally such as number 3 that he considers an ultimate lucky number and a snake that shows his Native American roots. There are many others and even though they might not bring a clear message to other people, the message that Depp himself has to say about tattoos is powerful enough – “My body is my Journal, and my Tattoos are my Story”.

Johnny Depp 4


Like many other celebrities, beautiful singer Rihanna enjoys getting her tattoos. She certainly has many of them such as the Egyptian Goddess Isis below her breasts, a gun under her left armpit, trail of stars on her back, henna-inspired tattoo on her hand and so on but a tattoo that can speak to a lot of people and motivate them to try harder is definitely a Sanskrit inscription meaning “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression & Control” on her right hip.

Rihanna 1

Rihanna 2

Miley Cyrus

There were many controversial stories about this young actress and singer, but Miley definitely learned what is really important soon enough. She tattooed “Just Breathe” under her breast as a tribute for dear people who are no longer with her and all of them left this world due to lung problems. With this tattoo, she wanted to address the importance of not taking things lightly, such as breathing which is basically a message to encourage living your life to the fullest and enjoying your every day like it is your last one.

Miley Cyrus 1

Miley Cyrus 2

Miley Cyrus 3

Miley Cyrus 4

John Mayer

John is a singer, guitarist and songwriter who definitely knows how to value the natural beauties this world has to offer. He has a full-sleeve Japanese tattoo that mainly consists of peonies, cherry blossoms and wind bars. He is a living proof that manliness can go hand in hand with delicate nature of a flower, which is an important message for everyone.

John Mayer

The meaningfulness of tattoos is the most important aspect of this type of body décor and this is where the true value of a tattoo lies. If you are up to it, let these celebrities inspire you to spread your wings and perhaps motivate some other people in your surroundings.

Clothing & Accessories

How Ecommerce Retailers Ease Customer To Design Dress Shirts Online

Over the past few years custom clothing was considered to be a part of lifestyle of those people who were wealthy and could afford luxurious clothing. However, over the passage of time, development in technology and fashion industry custom clothing has now become much cost efficient. Today every person can afford custom clothing conveniently. After the fashion industry induced modern technology in it, custom clothing has become more accessible for every person all around the world. Because of this reason custom clothing is appreciated by men all over the world.


Custom dress shirts are basically clothing that is made according to the customer’s choice and requirements. This type clothing is one that is made as per the client’s choice from fabric, pattern, color, styling to the seams everything can be customized by the client. Ecommerce retailers have eased the process of designing dress shirts online for the customers. No matter what the occasion is you can choose or design any kind of dress shirt you want. The best part about custom clothing is that it no longer is expensive.

How You Can Get A Custom Dress Shirt Online?


Do A Proper Research

This first step in getting the best custom clothing is doing a proper online research; you need to look for the type of services you want. When you do an online research you will get a lot of search results of various companies that offer bespoke clothing. However, it’s recommended that you should opt for companies that are local and have most positive reviews and a good online presence.

Services Offered

Once you have a proper list online clothing companies that offer bespoke clothing, you need to compare their services and price with the tailoring offered near your locality. You will find different companies that will offer different services like measurements at your home or trial shirts, free online returns, or fabric check. With services like trial fit shirt you can get the perfectly fit dress shirts.

Shirt Design And Material

All online custom shirt organizations offer the facility of outlining your shirt online with help of easy and responsive websites. You can pick design of your shirt as per your decision like that of thin fit, typical or free fit. At that point you can pick fabric of your shirt as per your own particular decision. Whether you need your shirt made of unadulterated cotton or blend material you can discover wide assortment offered by these companies. In the wake of selecting fit and fabric you can pick configuration of sleeves, neckline, sleeve, placket, pockets and even of string the way you need.

Another thing that you need to make sure before placing your order is the reputation of the company. You can check this by review the testimonials and reviews by different clients for that company. Reviews and testimonials help in evaluating the reliability of the company and their services.


How To Use Online Design Shirt Module?

Every online bespoke clothing company has the same process of ordering a shirt; they have a build an easy online design module through which the clients can easily place their orders.

First you choose the quantity and the fabric, if you want one shirt or more than one shirt you have to add the quantity of the fabric. After this you move to the next step in which you select the design of the shirt as per your liking. In this part you can customize every aspect of your shirt. When you design the shirt you will specify the type of collar, sleeves, cuffs, pocket style, back and front style. If you want to add anything else you can also specify it, if you want to copy the same design on other shirts you can click the button “Replicate”. Once you are done with this step you will add your measurement details and also specify your collar size. In the last step you need to add your contact details and then proceed. Once the order is placed you will get a confirmation through email.

Nowadays, numerous sorts of garments are made-to-measure. They don’t include such unpredictable procedure as bespoke yet are pieces of clothing that have been made in pre-decided standard sizes. Most are delivered in processing plants yet they can likewise be gotten instant from tailors. Made-to-measure clothes are effectively gotten at high road stores and available online.

The magnificence of bespoke dressing is that the individual buying such clothing has the likelihood to really take part in the process with each fitting. The tailor provides master counsel while the individual can offer his feeling and in addition likes or aversions. Bespoke customizing for the most part began with the making of suits, coats and shirts yet any sort of article of clothing can be requested and made through bespoke customizing.

Author Bio:

Beauty and fashion enthusiast Emma loves to experiment style and push it to the limits. She shares her personal experience on different blogs and is also a writer at a leading men clothing brand.