Men’s Fashion Department

Men’s Fashion Department – Summer of 2016

What makes a man fashionable this year? From the dazzling eastern mystique, the refreshing sense of the 50’s up to the conventional and modern man of today, this summer has prepared exquisite menswear trends. Let’s see what the summer of 2016 has in store for us.


Overall, All Is Good

There is something utterly appealing about men who wear overalls. Reinventing that farm boy/mechanic look, 2016 has decided that overalls are the next big thing in the fashion department. Dark grey, olive green or regular blue denim overalls in combination with a regular white t-shirt is the ultimate look for this summer.

Men’s Fashion Department

Cover It Up

While covering up during those long summer months might seem ridiculous, it’s high-time to realise that fashion works in mysterious ways. Lightweight layering is actually considered a great fashion move this year, especially as it gives out that beloved 70’s vibe. Jacket-on-jacket works wonderfully when it comes to mixing and matching colours and patterns, while anoraks are the best choice for those sudden rainy intervals. If you are considering taking another step back, don’t hesitate to embrace the 50’s in all their glory by opting for the ever-stylish bomber jacket.

Men Fashion Departments

Orient Express

Once you learn that fashion never plays by the rules, you will be ready to finally experience the true essence of couture. Mismatched styles are one of the biggest hits this year, and as such you can easily combine business with causal or even opt for that athleticasual look. Of course, when it comes to mixing and matching different styles, nothing can overtake the sensational Chinoiserie. If you’re still confused, try to picture urban garments, sweatshirts and bomber jackets with silk shirts, prints and patterns influenced by Eastern culture. What’s there not to love about a bomber jacket with a Chinese dragon on it?

Men Fashion Department

Remember to Accessorize

One of the best ways to complete the whole outfit is to top it off with a pair of trendy additions. Of course, when it comes to menswear, excessive accessorising can be perceived as tacky or simply unnecessary. The goal is to create an image of a practical, modern man. This summer, you may play this role with a trendy backpack on your shoulders, and there’s nothing that can surpass the glory of a baseball cap. Convenient and yet stylish, these two items are a must-have for the upcoming season.

In Terms of Colour

While the women’s departments are flashing with screaming tones of bright colours and vivid tones, men, will have to take a dose of seriousness this summer. Three colours are dominating the summer trends this year and these classic shades will soon enough win the heart of every fashionable man out there. Navy, green and grey are the it colours for this year and these everlasting shades have found their way from the fashion department up to stylish designer home wares.

Baggy Trousers and Distressed Jeans

Men’s FashionRipped, washed-out and baggy are the things to look for in jeans this summer, while knee-length shorts and khakis are slowly rising in popularity once again. Of course, you won’t make a mistake by opting for white chinos, which, in combination with a button-down shirt and a suede jacket make a perfect casual outfit.

Can you smell what’s cooking in the men’s fashion department? 2016 has been quite a turbulent year in terms of fashion couture and finally, the extensive analysis of the biggest fashion shows around the globe, has given us a sneak-peak into the most stylish clothing items for this summer. These are some of the must-have items in your closet this season.

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