Little Kid, Big Style: Micro Fashion Trends

Chances are that when you flip through your childhood photos, you’ll see yourself wearing your brother’s clothes or whatever was comfortable enough so you can freely climb that tree house or lie down in the dirt while playing hide and seek. But times have changed. Today there is a whole branch of fashion industry committed to bring the biggest trends to the smallest wearers. Yes, we’re talking about microfashion. Dressing kids like mini-adults is definitely gaining momentum: here are the best trends to keep an eye on.


Eye-catching prints

From polka dots, stripes and geometrical shapes to flower and animal prints, and checkered patterns – prints continue to dominate the scene in microfashion. These are easy to combine with monochromatic pieces. For instance, boys can combine long sleeve shirts with a nice print, with simple black trousers. Add a casually tied scarf and a nice pair of sneakers and your little rascal will look very stylish. The key trend in kids fashion is combining utility, comfort, and aesthetic. You cannot expect kids to willingly wear something that doesn’t allow them to move freely but the look is also important.


Age-appropriate accessories

In addition to the mentioned scarves that are both functional and look pretty, kids fashion is filled with different kinds of accessories. From bow ties and wrist watches to jewelry and crossbody purses – there are beautiful details that can bring the outfit from a boring one to the one that will make you say “cuteness overload”! There are two fashion directions when it comes to accessories for kids: either they are literally smaller versions of the adult ones or they are adapted to the kids’ world. Many brands are focused on coming up with innovative designs that the little ones will enjoy. Check out and you’ll see that there are plush messenger bags for little girls shaped like baby elephants or backpacks in the form of smiling frog faces. Headbands are also trending as well as nicely detailed hair clips. These give you room to help your princess express herself through her clothes and details.


Mini street style

The great thing about kids’ street style is the fact that it’s low maintenance and most of the little ones love it. Current trends for boys include combination of black and gray: just think comfy black hoody, gray denim-like trousers, white sneakers, and a black leather jacket. As for the girls, a combination of different types of leggings and tunics is trending. If they are not too flashy, even the leather ones can look age-appropriate: combine them with an oversized sweater and ankle boots and your girl will end up looking fashionable while staying warm.


The rise of the tutu skirt

With ballet becoming more and more popular as an extracurricular activity for girls, the tutu skirt has been incorporated in everyday looks. From soft pink, turquoise, and plum color to tender beige and bold black – you can find them in any color. They are usually combined with leggings and a simple t-shirt, while the choice of footwear most frequently comes to cute flats. Girls usually love long strands of pearls so this kind of details can be seen incorporated into the look. To complete this look, hair is usually styled into a ballet bun or a sleek chignon.


Retro and playful

Current trends include going back to the 60s and 70s and taking the best of that day’s fashion. A dash of vintage can be achieved through baby-doll dresses and jackets with square shoulders, cashmere sweaters worn over white shirts with collars, vests, and fabric choices (e.g. checkered tweed). Accessories play an important part too: add a pair of vintage sunglasses or luxurious looking gloves for formal occasions – and your little girl will look classy and stylish.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to trends in the microfashion. The market is definitely growing and we have to reconcile with the fact that some of the 21st-century toddlers are better dressed than we are.

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