3 Must Have Fashion Accessories for Your Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are predominantly used by men throughout the world. Dress shirts are generally considered as a more formal way of wearing shirts. In true sense, a dress shirt has a bow tie and is accompanied with a jacket for formal occasion. For a long time, men preferred buying shirts only in white color as it looked absolutely formal and wore it as a part of formal wear for evening dress. The dress shirts have buttons on the front, pocket with long sleeves. The front opening of the formal shirts is fastened with buttons while the cuffs are fastened with either buttons or fashion accessories like the cufflinks. The jacket or the blazer adds the much needed sophistication to the discerning man.

For the dress shirts to be comfortable, many apparel manufacturers use cotton fabrics while manufacturing shirts. Cottons are widely accepted as it not only offers great comfort to the wearer, but is also inexpensive and easy on wash care. Further, the cotton shirts can be used for any season. In winter, cotton dress shirts offer warmth, while in summer season the cotton fabrics absorb sweat due to the heat. A slightly expensive fabric than the cotton is the Egyptian Giza fabric that are sourced from Egypt. Though the shirts are easily available in different shades, fit, patterns and designs, fashion accessories that can be teamed together with the dress shirts make you look sharp for any occasion. Below are the 4 different fashion accessories that you should consider when you check out shopping sites for buying dress shirts.

Cufflinks: Dress shirts come with the cuffs attached at the end of the full sleeves. When the shirts are worn along with the blazer, cuff is the only visible part. The most common cuff design is the barrel cuffs. Barrel cuffs can have one button or two buttons. Apart from this design, French cuffs are the most stylish ones and add a glam quotient to your shirts. French cuffs are also known as double cuffs. The best accessory that any formal dress shirts can have is the cufflinks. Cufflinks are the fashion accessory that is used to hole the two ends of the cuff together. The cufflinks are widely used to make an impression that is distinguished and distinctive too. The cufflinks are available in expensive metals like silver, gold and platinum. Precious gems like ruby, emerald, diamonds are finding a space in the cufflinks these days.

Pocket Square: The single most stylish accessory that is small and yet makes a big impact is the pocket square. It is often said that “what a pair of heels is to a lady, pocket square is to a gentleman”. The pocket square says a lot about the personality of the men having them. The way how the pocket squares are folded is important. It has become an indispensible tool for redefining fashion. Selecting pocket square is fairly easy. There is no fashion rule to say that you have to pick a pocket square to match the shirt. All you have to do is, see if it complements your complete attire to make you look like a gentleman. Pocket squares are available in different textures – silk, cotton and linen.

Tie: Wearing a Tie with the dress shirts can make wonders. They complete the outfit to make it look stylish and formal. Ties are available in a plenty of colors, designs and width. Striped ties and checked designs are making a comeback. Of all the colors, it is suggested that men should have at least 3 different neck ties. Red is the most popular color in ties as they can be easily matched with dress shirts, suits and blazers. The rule of contrasts work well for this fashion accessory – wear solids on shirts with lighter shades. Blue is among the standard colors in men’s wardrobe. Select the lighter shades of tie to match it with shirts that are darker in color.

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