Should I wear jewelry with this dress? Tips on when and how to accessorize!

All of us love to add a little sparkle to our get-ups by wearing something that sets us apart. However, is it always appropriate to use necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings with an outfit?

Well, unfortunately –or, perhaps, very fortunately- the answer is no.

Too much jewelry can make you look like you’re early for Halloween, while too little might make you seem a little too plain. The solutions is to find some middle ground between casual and looking like you tried too hard.
Here are some tips on when and how to accessorize!

5. Use jewelry wisely

Jewelry’s Wow!-factor works best when it’s added as a complement to make your clothes look more glamorous. Even if you’re wearing a simple t-shirt paired with some skinny jeans, a beautiful statement necklace or a glamorous ring can add the touch of chicness your outfit needs to look like you’ve just stepped down from a runway.If you feel like your ensemble is too plain, rummage through your jewelry box to find an eye-catching piece of jewelry!

4. Be careful not to overdo it!

Remember: it’s all in the details! You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a costume, so make sure you choose a single bold piece or a colorful ornament to bring elegance and charm to your look. Don’t use too much jewelry if your dress or blouse is too complicated: layers of fabric or gaudy patterns will neutralize the surprising factor of your accessories. If this is the case, something delicate like a ring or some stud earrings will add the charm your ensemble needs.

3. Take into consideration your features when you pick your jewelry…and dress!

Just like clothes, most accessories will look best when they’re paired with certain skin tones, hair colors, heights, weights, etc. Make sure you buy pieces which make your features look great, and use them smartly when you’re dressing up. A neutral dress with muted tones is perfect for getting creative with your jewelry, for statement pieces will pop out and catch everyone’s attention!

2. Make people notice your finesttraits through your jewelry

Remember to use accessories which bring out your best features. If you have a long neck, beautiful hands or stunning eyes, the best you can do is focus the attention in one of these areas. Check yourself in the mirror carefully and decide which part of your body you want to stand out. If your dress or blouse exposes a part of your figure, like your back or an arm, this are usually the best places for placing an accessory.

1. Show people who you are through your jewelry

Something you can almost always wear with you is a signature piece, like a beloved necklace or a charm bracelet. Pick jewelry that represents your personality: a color you love, a pendant with a shape that means something to you, a vintage piece or a customized jewel… Your accessories shouldn’t take all the spotlight, but help everyone notice the woman who is wearing them! You can combine a signature choker with some longer necklaces and create a glamorous layered look which still shows your inner self to others.

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