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Donning this season’s fieriest fashion trends?

While we witnessed plethora of new ways of wearing plain Jane clothes and accessorizing the outfits on ramps, most of them were questionable when it come to their wearability part in our everyday lives! However there were three trends that made a huge impact this season and have made way for themselves in every Fashionista’s closet for their simplicity. And here they are:


1) Floral prints

fieriest fashion

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Floral prints are being seen on from ramps to streets. With every label incorporating it in every category, they have become widely accessible. From bags to belts, shoes to clothes, sunglasses to hair accessories, home décor to furniture, gadget covers to jewellery and many more; you can choose one as per your preference. Coming in different prints like small petals, abstracts, big flowers, daisy prints; you will be spoilt for choice. However with floral prints you also run the risk of looking like your granny. So do ensure that you do not overdo it. If you plan on wearing floral apparel, wear it with no print stuff to avoid any clashing. Similarly if you want to wear floral accessories, throw them over monochrome printed or plain clothing. You can even go for floral nail art which is like the easiest way to incorporate this trend in your life. You don’t always have to spend insanely to get the newest trends in your wardrobe. Here are jabong coupons from for you to save while shopping not just with discounts but also with the addition of cash back. Here are some images to get you inspired:

Floral prints

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2) Mirrored sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses

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Mirrored sunglasses are basically reflective sunglasses. They come in an array of shades and shapes to suit every face shape. Pick one for yourself and get ready to add that instant cool quotient to your personality. There are just so many ways of rocking this trend. You can wear silver/gold reflective sunglasses and skip jewellery. Wear them with bright lips to make a bold statement but make sure the other elements in your attire are subtle. If you are someone who loves monochrome dressing, then these can be your new friends! Add a dash of colour to your outfit by sporting coloured mirrored sunglasses with them. Buy one for yourself today with these amazon coupons on to shop from a large collection and to avail them at super cool discounted rates.

Mirrored sunglasse

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3) Angelic white

Angelic white

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Head to toe white outfits have been frowned upon since ages but this year they are back with a bang! It is very tricky to pull off owing to its hue but if you are quick on adopting every fashion, assemble one and turn on heads. Available in various textures, shapes and styles; all you need to do is create an interesting look with them. Trash all the rules and get ready to rock this newest trend. Add dimensions to your all white outfit by indulging in different textures and playing with metallic accessories. If you still find it as a difficult task, just buy a white dress and avoid the other complexities.

Angelic whites

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Bring these three trends in your life and be the centre of attraction at your next party.


Should I wear jewelry with this dress? Tips on when and how to accessorize!

All of us love to add a little sparkle to our get-ups by wearing something that sets us apart. However, is it always appropriate to use necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings with an outfit?

Well, unfortunately –or, perhaps, very fortunately- the answer is no.

Too much jewelry can make you look like you’re early for Halloween, while too little might make you seem a little too plain. The solutions is to find some middle ground between casual and looking like you tried too hard.
Here are some tips on when and how to accessorize!

5. Use jewelry wisely

Jewelry’s Wow!-factor works best when it’s added as a complement to make your clothes look more glamorous. Even if you’re wearing a simple t-shirt paired with some skinny jeans, a beautiful statement necklace or a glamorous ring can add the touch of chicness your outfit needs to look like you’ve just stepped down from a runway.If you feel like your ensemble is too plain, rummage through your jewelry box to find an eye-catching piece of jewelry!

4. Be careful not to overdo it!

Remember: it’s all in the details! You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a costume, so make sure you choose a single bold piece or a colorful ornament to bring elegance and charm to your look. Don’t use too much jewelry if your dress or blouse is too complicated: layers of fabric or gaudy patterns will neutralize the surprising factor of your accessories. If this is the case, something delicate like a ring or some stud earrings will add the charm your ensemble needs.

3. Take into consideration your features when you pick your jewelry…and dress!

Just like clothes, most accessories will look best when they’re paired with certain skin tones, hair colors, heights, weights, etc. Make sure you buy pieces which make your features look great, and use them smartly when you’re dressing up. A neutral dress with muted tones is perfect for getting creative with your jewelry, for statement pieces will pop out and catch everyone’s attention!

2. Make people notice your finesttraits through your jewelry

Remember to use accessories which bring out your best features. If you have a long neck, beautiful hands or stunning eyes, the best you can do is focus the attention in one of these areas. Check yourself in the mirror carefully and decide which part of your body you want to stand out. If your dress or blouse exposes a part of your figure, like your back or an arm, this are usually the best places for placing an accessory.

1. Show people who you are through your jewelry

Something you can almost always wear with you is a signature piece, like a beloved necklace or a charm bracelet. Pick jewelry that represents your personality: a color you love, a pendant with a shape that means something to you, a vintage piece or a customized jewel… Your accessories shouldn’t take all the spotlight, but help everyone notice the woman who is wearing them! You can combine a signature choker with some longer necklaces and create a glamorous layered look which still shows your inner self to others.

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Sol Rivero is an Arts student and Fashion blogger. She loves reading, films and photography.

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Latest trends in the world of Men’s Wedding Bands

Fashion trends not only dominate the world of women but also men’s world of fashion, especially in the world of jewelry items. In comparison to the jewelry items for women, the ornaments for men are limited. But that does not mean that it is any bit less on style, comfort and character. The most common jewelry item worn by a man is his wedding band. And it is this jewelry item that jewelry makers are cashing in on. They have launched different styles and trends in this range. Some of the hottest wedding bands for men highlight different cutting styles and designs. In men’s jewelry white metal is leading the trend. What was considered unconventional a few years ago is one of the most “in-thing” in jewelry making.

Due to the durability and light weight nature of these white metals such as platinum, titanium, tungsten and palladium- are finding its way into main stream jewelry making and are loved by designers and the customers alike. Some of the popular well known jewelry makers who make wedding bands in these metals include Simon G, Tacori Jewelers and Verragio amongst others. Their in house designers are well aware of the recent trends and incorporate this knowledge in the creations. Their different collections are sleek, fashionable and highly stylish. One can easily choose any one from the varied collections available.

Of the different white metals available in the market, Titanium is gaining popularity amongst the couples as well as jewelry lovers across the globe for their versatility. What makes this metal so popular is a bit difficult to be attributed to any particular point. But whatever the reasons these rings exude a classy and stylish look. As this metal is light weight they are perfect for regular wear and this metal looks good with almost all the different gemstones. One can also choose the width of these bands. With its unique and individualistic appeal, titanium is leading the trend of men’s wedding bands.

One can opt for different styles of wedding bands such as a simple band with no work in it, just a simple circle of titanium. One can also opt for bands that have intricate detailed work in them like weaved designs and patterns. Or one can also opt for bands with a single diamond encrusted on it. Whatever trend you choose just makes sure that it matches your personality and does justice to your relationship. There is no point in opting for an elaborate wedding band if it only looks good but is a complete mismatch to your personality. Don’t forget you need to wear these bands for the rest of your life and that they are an investment in itself.

So go ahead and follow the trends. There is no harm in following the fashion trends once or twice in your life. It is true that these trends change often and by the time you realize another trend has set in. But a bit of careful planning and analyzing will make the process easy and you will end up with a wedding band meant for all Seasons!


Start jewelry creating the correct method With Wholesale jewelry supplies

It does not matter whether or not you are simply beginning out into the craft of jewelry creating or are an experienced craftsman, it’s necessary that you shop around for wholesale jewelry supplies.

There are many reasons for this like..

Naturally, the price factor is one among the most important reasons for desirous to buy wholesale jewelry supplies. it’s significantly vital if you’re planning on selling the jewelry that you create. As you progress in your do-it-yourself jewelry business you’re hopefully going to find that there’s a rise in demand for what you’re making. when this happens, you would like to have a decent provide of the jewelry materials on hand and additionally to understand that you have good supply for wholesale jewelry supplies.

one more reason for creating certain that you are getting your jewelry making supplies at wholesale costs is therefore you can stay competitive. If you’re paying top dollar for your jewelry things then you’re going to have to charge a lot of to recoup your costs when you sell your things. If on the opposite hand you have a decent choice of wholesale jewelry supplies in stock then you’ll sell your finished jewelry for less and stay competitive price wise within the market.

jewelry-wholesale-supplyFinally, another nice reason for purchasing your jewelry creating materials wholesale is that you will then afford to shop for in bulk. this can be convenient if you’re shopping for your wholesale jewelry supplies online. most frequently with bulk orders you’ll get a good better price or at the terribly least save on the shipping costs.

Quite often newbies to the craft of jewelry creating do not realize that there’s a lot of to creating jewelry then just having the jewels and therefore the stones. There are all the extras that you simply need yet for your finished products. as an example there’s the clasps, a spread of threading materials, jewelry mode making tools, ear wires, bead tips, and even a variety of jewelry needles, and this can be just to name a few of the necessities. so you will be able to see that without taking the chance to get wholesale jewellery supplies the costs can shortly move.

Another factor you’ll wish to stay in mind to is to try and do somewhat analysis into finding a decent wholesale jewellery supplier. Ideally, you’ll want one that carries a good stock of everything that you simply are going to need for your jewelry creating. this manner you’ll build it a one-stop shop. These sorts of things are nice for shopping online. it is easy to click through the online pages and clearly see all the things being offered by that provider. it is less confusing than going to an on land store wherever it will be almost overwhelming.

You may be new to the world of jewelry creating and beginning out with the intention of just creating many pieces for yourself as a hobby. likely though 95th of those in the homemade jewelry business have embarked on with this intention as well. it is not very long before their jewelry becomes in demand and that they suddenly realize themselves in the jewelry creating business. therefore you’ll see why it is a smart plan to start out shopping for your wholesale jewellery provides right from the beginning. offering a wholesale jewelry making supplies in a quality, cheap and best rates. For more details check out the site.

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Create an individualistic fashion statement with Cocktail Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings are popular accessories. Considered to be a girl’s best friend they are the most preferred jewelry piece of any women. Every women wish to own at least one jewelry item with diamonds in them. And of the different jewelry pieces worn by women, rings are the most preferred of the different items. The correct ring helps one to make the right fashion statement. Instead of wearing too many different jewelry pieces why not opt for a single piece that is stylish, beautiful and adds the right amount of panache thereby making you the centre of attraction of any party. One such ring is the Cocktail ring. This is a variety of diamond ring and is known by different names. Some prefer to call it a cocktail ring; some call it a dinner ring, while others prefer the term cluster ring. And then there are many who prefer to name the ring as per their style and designs. These rings along with the party wear and the right make up will turn you into diva! In this post we will use the term Cocktail Ring as majority people prefer to use this term. The word “Cocktail” creates a heady feeling of style and flamboyance. Some of the popular styles of these rings include the following:

  • Duo-tone Diamond Ring or two metal ring: in this type of ring one will find two different metals used together to create one ring. Generally white gold and yellow gold is used to create the color contrast or white gold and platinum is used. This ring has a big diamond set in the centre with numerous other diamonds surrounding it. The bigger the size of the diamond the better the impact. The ring is worn on the middle finger of the left hand in order to create a sense of balance to the hand. Generally color less diamonds are preferred as the light is reflected through them beautifully enhancing their inner brilliance.
  • Tri-Tone Diamond Ring: Create an individualistic fashion statement with this striking ring. The combination of three different metals plays havoc with one’s creative sense. If you wish to step it up further opt for a ring that is made up of rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. The three distinct colors create an alluring appeal. These rings have multi-colored gemstone encrusted on them for creating a dramatic look. These rings are sure to attract many envious looks!
  • Classic chunky Diamond Ring: this chunky ring is more on the traditional lines. They are circular in shape with a round cut diamond in the centre which is surrounded and supported by other numerous small diamonds. The central diamond is quite big in size and has a classy lock about it. These rings are ideal for evening parties and go very well with long traditional gowns.

Whichever Cocktail ring you purchase all these rings have an individualistic style and designs of their own. In case of all the rings, the diamonds are arranged in an intricate manner to give the impression that one has long and slender fingers, so when one is wearing these rings the impact is maximum, visually. One can find these rigs from reputed jewelry houses like Simon G, Tacori and Verragio. Always remember to purchase these rings from a well known jewelry store because then you don’t need to worry about their quality and craftsmanship.

Author Bio:

Shelby Straut, the writer of this post is a frequent blogger in the web. He always comes with his excellent written quality about the topics like Fashionable Jeweleries, Belle Etoile, Diana Rings etc. These articles help the readers a lot.


5 Pointers that will make it easy to select Men’s Wedding Rings

Are you struggling to choose the correct wedding ring for your man? Is it because so many varieties and different styles of rings are available in the market, that you are getting confused? Well if yes, then you need not worry any more. The top 5 pointers mentioned in this post will make the entire process of selecting the wedding ring simple and easy.

The concept of exchanging rings on your wedding day is an age old tradition. In the ancient times rings made of tree barks, wires were exchanged. But as and when men progressed and discovered different metals they started making rings out of these metals. Initially gold was the most popular metal for any kind of jewelry items but things have changed. Different metals have come into existence as well as different styles. Moreover in earlier days more emphasis was given to woman’s wedding rings compared to men. But things have changed dramatically. Nowadays we come across different types of men’s wedding rings.

However while selecting the wedding ring, follow the 5 Pointers mentioned below for a quick and easy streamlined search:

  • Men’s wedding rings are available in different metals. Selecting the metal is a vital task. These rings are available in gold (both yellow and white variants), platinum, titanium as well as a combination of two metals. Selecting the metal will depend on your partner’s preference and liking. Generally platinum rings are more preferred as they are highly durable and are perfect for regular wear. They also do not scratch easily. Considered to be the hardest metal known to men, they are 95% pure and have a higher longevity.
  • Selecting the design of the ring is another significant factor. Buying any kind of ring will not do justice to your relationship. Ensure that the ring is an extension of his personality and choose the ring accordingly. Suppose if your partner is an introvert and prefers the simple things in life opt for a ring that is simple, elegant yet classy. Whereas if your partner is an extrovert and prefers the finer things in life then purchase a ring that has an elaborate style with intricate work done on it.
  • If you are opting for a ring with diamonds in it, make sure that the diamonds are properly certified and have undergone quality control checks from recognized authorizing agencies.
  • Opt for those rings that can be customized so that you can add your personal touch to the ring. Make sure that the ring can be resized and that you can engrave a love note or your initials in the ring along with the wedding date.
  • And finally make sure that the ring is an extension of your feelings and emotions. Purchasing a ring just because it looks good is not a very apt decision. After all he is going to wear the ring for the rest of the life and it has to be special.

And before you go ahead and make the purchase be sure that the store from where you are making your purchase has easy payment procedures like they accept MasterCard / visa card or if you wish to go for an online purchase option like pay pal, online transfer of money is available.

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This article is written by Shelby Straut. Shelby is a frequent blogger with her new topics and likes to share her ideas to other. Fashion Accessories, Diamond Rings, Fashionable Watches, Michele Deco, Michele Watches are some of her written stories helps the readers a lot.


Jewelry Ideas for the Eco-conscious Fashionista

Despite the new wave jewelry pieces available today, many fashionistas are still looking for something unique, something bizarre and yet creative. This is where Eco-friendly pieces come in. Aside from the Eco-conscious people; such pieces are also making a statement nowadays. With all the one-of-a-kind designs, fashionistas will surely crave for more. To get the creative juice swooshing, here are more ideas you might want to check.

Right from the toolbox

One of the most trending jewelry styles today would be those from recycles screws and bolts. Artisans and crafters use a conventional toolbox as an inspiration. From screws that are worn out, buts and bolts, they were able to make strange yet statement pieces. It looks like normal beads only in rustic color, threaded into strings and transformed into creative pieces.

Records and fashion

Another creative idea for the eco-conscious ones would be accessories made from vinyl records. The records are cut into various shapes and stringed to a chain. Aside from wearing this silhouette piece as necklace, you can also have it as rings and bracelet charms. Now you know what to do with those records in the garage.

Literally Eco

jewelryWe all know that bangles can be made from wood and that bamboo can be transformed into unique pieces. Aside from those materials, branch tips, twigs and coiled springs can also be used as jewelry. Gather twigs and branch tips and coil it to for uneven circles. Use a scraped wood to bind all your circles and to suspend it from unraveling. Connect these circles and add a bras chain. This design is commonly worn as a necklace.

Timber pieces

Timber may sound too heavy to be a jewelry piece. But have you ever imagined timber being cut into small pieces and stringed to a chain? Probably not. Many Eco-conscious artisans transform typical timber to fashionable accessories. Instead of dispatching worn out timber, it can be cut into various shapes. Put a hole using a nail or screw and use it as necklace pendants. Smaller pieces can be used s bracelet charms and even earrings.

Electric circuit accessories

Many techie and fashionable individuals consider electric circuit as a highlight in the fashion industry. Instead of throwing it away, artisans cut it into diversified pieces. The edges are smoothened and small holes are made. When it comes to this material, sky’s the limit. Rings, pendants, bracelet charms, even headband accessory. All these can be made from electric circuit boards.

Feather inspired

Do you have birds as house pets? If so, probably feathers are just scattered everywhere. This is another precious gem for most artisans. From hair extensions to anklets, all these can be made from feathers. What used to be a Bohemian style is now a modern jewelry style. Feathers are perfect to be matched on veld tops or beach outfit.

Because of the vast fashion industry, many designs are coming out even now and them. Because of these Eco-friendly pieces, many people are also beginning to become Eco-conscious. You don’t have to stick with the typical design. Being fashionably unique also allows you to create your own statement.

This is a guest post by Suzanne Edwards for All Wholesale Silver, for more information about great silver jewelry pieces, please visit them at their website.


Read About Rings That Rock

The solitaire engagement ring undoubtedly speaks commitment and romance in a classic way. But what if you want uniqueness and edginess even in your life – even when it comes to everything about your wedding?

You’ve got more choices than the usual solitary sparkle these days. You can take your pick from a selection of settings, cuts and colour.

Emerald over princess, oval over brilliant

The brilliant, or round-cut diamond, is the most popular for an engagement ring. The princess cut is probably the next favourite choice for most couples. This is because these cuts are said to bring out the maximum brilliance in any diamond. But today, some jewellers can make magic with an emerald or an oval cut. Also, the elongated shapes of these cuts make it unique and more striking even from afar.

Rings That RockNot just a few ladies are beginning to love the emerald-cut diamond for an engagement ring, because it gives a vintage look and an illusion of being a bigger rock. You might be someone who can’t see anything in the princess cut aside from its being square. The better option for you would be an emerald cut.

An oval diamond ring is also chosen by those who’d like a rock that’s not so unusual but still more interesting than the conventional. However, take note that the oval generally looks best when it’s at three-quarter carat, at least, and set with smaller stone accents.

The buzz on bezel

If you’re going for the whole look and not just the stone, put some zing on your ring by choosing a bezel-set piece.

The bezel setting may be one of the first techniques of setting a stone on a piece of jewellery. But it has slowly become unpopular in the later years, giving way to the prong setting, which shows more of the stone.

Lately, however, it’s returning to the limelight for engagement rings not only for its secure hold on the diamond or whatever type of stone you have on your jewellery. It projects an urban sophistication and elegance that’s different from the popular prong setting. If you’re living an active lifestyle, the bezel-set ring will function well and look good on your finger.

Add a bit of colour

While this commonly refers to the stone, this may also refer to the metal band.

Remember J. Lo’s eye-popping pink diamond accessory not too long ago? It seems that from that time on, celebrities and non-celebrities have been flashing their engagement rings that can be of any hue. Most common are yellow and pink. These natural fancy coloured diamonds are valued for their colour intensity, in contrast to the colourless ones, which are graded according to its lack of colour.

You can also opt to use 2 or 3 shades of gold to liven up your engagement ring. You can emphasize the use of coloured metals with a twisted setting or with stack ring. Use colourless diamonds to highlight the colours of the band.

An engagement ring, to be beautiful, doesn’t always have to depend on the size of the diamond or anything that tradition dictates. Jewellers now offer more choices so you can have the ring that will perfectly fit your unique taste and personality.

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Sofia Angeli is a PR & communications consultant for companies in various industries. In particular, she brings her writing skills and passion for travel, culture, arts and fashion to the online world, including


Top 10 Unusual Types Of Silver Jewelry

There is no dearth of innovative designs and styles, when it comes to nice and classy silver jewelry. Over here, we will be acquainting you with ten such unique jewelry types. Read about them, and take your pick(s).

There is a lot of scope to bring your imaginative side to the fore, while accessorizing with chic and classy silver jewelry items. The popularity of the conventional sterling silver necklaces and rings remain pretty much intact till the present day, but jewelry makers are regularly coming up with more creative designs and styles as well. In this article, we will be taking a look at the top 10 unique silver jewelry varieties that are likely to capture your imagination:


  1. Silver stud earrings with creature motifs – You are probably aware of the charms of those cute little stud earrings, but have you ever tried on a pair with the figures of a couple of foxes engraved in them? These elegant ear-pieces are handcrafted, and can bring in a delightful freshness in your overall get-up.
  2. Heart-shaped silver pendants – Love to have a touch of romance in your silver jewelry? If yes, you will definitely find these glittering silver pendants much to your liking. They come with designer chains too, and reliable, lasting clasps. If you are a male and are looking to buy a nice gift for your lady love, few things can be more fitting than these pendants.
  3. Silver rings with triple rows – Think beyond those silver rings with a single row, and a large precious/semi-precious gemstone. You can now buy rings with three matching, elegantly designed rows, to lend that extra dash of glamour to your fingers. Make sure that you wear them on both of your hands!
  4. Crown silver necklaces – Class and a distinct majestic appeal ooze from these intricately designed coronation-styled silver necklaces. The crown figure is attached to the chain through a single, shiny hoop. Wear one of these crown silver necklaces to a happening evening party – and rest assured that people will notice you!
  5. Nugget-shaped silver cufflinks – Made of top-notch sterling silver, these cufflinks are sure to add a touch of unique style and personality to your coats and/or blazers. The links are kept connected with silver chains too. The slightly unusual nugget-like shape of these cufflinks make them look like pointed, shiny bullets. Interesting, right?
  6. Pearl and silver bracelets – If you are a veritable fashionista, you have probably tried on both silver bracelets as well as pearl bracelets. How about a combination of the two, in a single piece of silver jewelry? That’s right, you can now buy and flaunt silver bracelets, with absolutely mesmerizing white, freshwater pearls. The beautiful tube beads of these bracelets are also worth a special mention.
  7. Silver stirrup bangles – Silver charm jewelry gets a whole new dimension of style and elegance, with these enchanting bangles. You can also buy the smaller varieties of the bangles, for your little girl. Each of the bangles have a couple of stirrups attached to them, and they particularly look nice with ethnic dresses.
  8. Silver bracelets with ‘evil eye’ designs – Already intrigued by the name? You will be absolutely bowled over by the sheer creativity and uniqueness of these bracelets. Stones with eye-shaped designs are interspersed in the solid silver chain, and they can be easily slipped on wrists of all sizes. The design may be named ‘evil eye’, but these bracelets are nothing but graceful!
  9. Silver necklaces with zodiac figures – If you believe in astrology, why not let the world know what your sun sign is? Designers have come up with imaginatively designed silver necklaces, with the figure of your zodiac sign attached to them. Whatever might be your sun sign – you will surely fall in love with these unique necklaces.
  10. Crystal silver rings – Single silver ring, triple the dazzle – that’s precisely what these interesting rings have to offer. Instead of the rings with a single gemstone, put on these crystal silver delights, which have places for as many as three stones. These classy rings are ideal for wearing with your cocktail dress, and other fashionable party wear.

Check out on the web for more such interesting silver jewelry styles and designs. This summer, do not be predictable and stereotypical in your jewelry-shopping binges. When it comes to silver, you certainly have the chance to experiment with many new and unique types of jewelry patterns!