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Donning this season’s fieriest fashion trends?

While we witnessed plethora of new ways of wearing plain Jane clothes and accessorizing the outfits on ramps, most of them were questionable when it come to their wearability part in our everyday lives! However there were three trends that made a huge impact this season and have made way for themselves in every Fashionista’s closet for their simplicity. And here they are:


1) Floral prints

fieriest fashion

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Floral prints are being seen on from ramps to streets. With every label incorporating it in every category, they have become widely accessible. From bags to belts, shoes to clothes, sunglasses to hair accessories, home décor to furniture, gadget covers to jewellery and many more; you can choose one as per your preference. Coming in different prints like small petals, abstracts, big flowers, daisy prints; you will be spoilt for choice. However with floral prints you also run the risk of looking like your granny. So do ensure that you do not overdo it. If you plan on wearing floral apparel, wear it with no print stuff to avoid any clashing. Similarly if you want to wear floral accessories, throw them over monochrome printed or plain clothing. You can even go for floral nail art which is like the easiest way to incorporate this trend in your life. You don’t always have to spend insanely to get the newest trends in your wardrobe. Here are jabong coupons from for you to save while shopping not just with discounts but also with the addition of cash back. Here are some images to get you inspired:

Floral prints

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2) Mirrored sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses

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Mirrored sunglasses are basically reflective sunglasses. They come in an array of shades and shapes to suit every face shape. Pick one for yourself and get ready to add that instant cool quotient to your personality. There are just so many ways of rocking this trend. You can wear silver/gold reflective sunglasses and skip jewellery. Wear them with bright lips to make a bold statement but make sure the other elements in your attire are subtle. If you are someone who loves monochrome dressing, then these can be your new friends! Add a dash of colour to your outfit by sporting coloured mirrored sunglasses with them. Buy one for yourself today with these amazon coupons on to shop from a large collection and to avail them at super cool discounted rates.

Mirrored sunglasse

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3) Angelic white

Angelic white

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Head to toe white outfits have been frowned upon since ages but this year they are back with a bang! It is very tricky to pull off owing to its hue but if you are quick on adopting every fashion, assemble one and turn on heads. Available in various textures, shapes and styles; all you need to do is create an interesting look with them. Trash all the rules and get ready to rock this newest trend. Add dimensions to your all white outfit by indulging in different textures and playing with metallic accessories. If you still find it as a difficult task, just buy a white dress and avoid the other complexities.

Angelic whites

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Bring these three trends in your life and be the centre of attraction at your next party.


Read More About Designer Sunglasses for Men

My first experience with a pair of men’s sunglasses didn’t go well. I was 16 and my best friend had just bought himself a brand new pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. One day he was picking me up for a spot of shopping and I was pretty excited about it. It was raining outside and when his car pulled up I hastily opened the door jumped inside and sat down.

The unfortunate sensation of a cracking noise combined with something sharp sticking into the side of me wasn’t great, but it was nothing compared to the look on his face – you see I’d just sat on and broken his new pair of sunglasses, one he’d paid over £200 for – a lot of money, especially as we were still so young. He grinned and beared it, but deep down I knew he was mortified. That’s when I started to realize how much a pair of sunglasses meant to a man.

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I knew that chicks were incredibly fashion conscious, but to be honest I had never really known a man who cared so much about his appearance. Over the last few years I’ve met several fashion conscious men and I’ve started to realise that sunglasses are indeed a crucial accessory – not just for women, but also for men.

My partner has a pair of men’s Police Sunglasses and he absolutely loves them. He rarely goes out without them, even if the sun isn’t shining … but those UV rays are there even without the sun. He’s had them for years and I know they are something that he won’t part with – unless I manage to sit on this pair!

I think sunglasses do make a man look suave and sophisticated – but it’s essential that they are the right fit for their face shape. Whereas women can pull off a wide range of sunglass styles, the same can’t necessarily be said for men. The men’s market is far narrower and you are far more likely to see men walking around in a traditional pair of black sunglasses than you are women.

Without putting all men in one drawer, generally speaking men aren’t as interested in fashion as women – although, admittedly some are – they are more interested in something practical. In a pair of sunglasses, they want something that’s going to keep the sun out, while making them look good at the same time, and in most situations a traditional pair of black sunglasses does this job quite nicely.

Shopping isn’t a popular past time for many men, and as such you’re unlikely to find a man with several pairs of sunglasses in his wardrobe. One or two decent, solid and sturdy pair of designer sunglasses makes a happy addition to any man, and once he finds the right pair for his face he’s generally happy to keep it for 1, 5 or even 10 years without any real need for a new pair.

The problem is, when a man loses or breaks a pair of sunglasses it’s like something has been taken from him. You then have to endure an endless process of trying to replace that unique pair of sunglasses that he once had with something that isn’t quite the same.

Lesson learnt? Watch where you sit before you step into a car!