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Latest trends in the world of Men’s Wedding Bands

Fashion trends not only dominate the world of women but also men’s world of fashion, especially in the world of jewelry items. In comparison to the jewelry items for women, the ornaments for men are limited. But that does not mean that it is any bit less on style, comfort and character. The most common jewelry item worn by a man is his wedding band. And it is this jewelry item that jewelry makers are cashing in on. They have launched different styles and trends in this range. Some of the hottest wedding bands for men highlight different cutting styles and designs. In men’s jewelry white metal is leading the trend. What was considered unconventional a few years ago is one of the most “in-thing” in jewelry making.

Due to the durability and light weight nature of these white metals such as platinum, titanium, tungsten and palladium- are finding its way into main stream jewelry making and are loved by designers and the customers alike. Some of the popular well known jewelry makers who make wedding bands in these metals include Simon G, Tacori Jewelers and Verragio amongst others. Their in house designers are well aware of the recent trends and incorporate this knowledge in the creations. Their different collections are sleek, fashionable and highly stylish. One can easily choose any one from the varied collections available.

Of the different white metals available in the market, Titanium is gaining popularity amongst the couples as well as jewelry lovers across the globe for their versatility. What makes this metal so popular is a bit difficult to be attributed to any particular point. But whatever the reasons these rings exude a classy and stylish look. As this metal is light weight they are perfect for regular wear and this metal looks good with almost all the different gemstones. One can also choose the width of these bands. With its unique and individualistic appeal, titanium is leading the trend of men’s wedding bands.

One can opt for different styles of wedding bands such as a simple band with no work in it, just a simple circle of titanium. One can also opt for bands that have intricate detailed work in them like weaved designs and patterns. Or one can also opt for bands with a single diamond encrusted on it. Whatever trend you choose just makes sure that it matches your personality and does justice to your relationship. There is no point in opting for an elaborate wedding band if it only looks good but is a complete mismatch to your personality. Don’t forget you need to wear these bands for the rest of your life and that they are an investment in itself.

So go ahead and follow the trends. There is no harm in following the fashion trends once or twice in your life. It is true that these trends change often and by the time you realize another trend has set in. But a bit of careful planning and analyzing will make the process easy and you will end up with a wedding band meant for all Seasons!

Jewellery, Wedding

Create an individualistic fashion statement with Cocktail Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings are popular accessories. Considered to be a girl’s best friend they are the most preferred jewelry piece of any women. Every women wish to own at least one jewelry item with diamonds in them. And of the different jewelry pieces worn by women, rings are the most preferred of the different items. The correct ring helps one to make the right fashion statement. Instead of wearing too many different jewelry pieces why not opt for a single piece that is stylish, beautiful and adds the right amount of panache thereby making you the centre of attraction of any party. One such ring is the Cocktail ring. This is a variety of diamond ring and is known by different names. Some prefer to call it a cocktail ring; some call it a dinner ring, while others prefer the term cluster ring. And then there are many who prefer to name the ring as per their style and designs. These rings along with the party wear and the right make up will turn you into diva! In this post we will use the term Cocktail Ring as majority people prefer to use this term. The word “Cocktail” creates a heady feeling of style and flamboyance. Some of the popular styles of these rings include the following:

  • Duo-tone Diamond Ring or two metal ring: in this type of ring one will find two different metals used together to create one ring. Generally white gold and yellow gold is used to create the color contrast or white gold and platinum is used. This ring has a big diamond set in the centre with numerous other diamonds surrounding it. The bigger the size of the diamond the better the impact. The ring is worn on the middle finger of the left hand in order to create a sense of balance to the hand. Generally color less diamonds are preferred as the light is reflected through them beautifully enhancing their inner brilliance.
  • Tri-Tone Diamond Ring: Create an individualistic fashion statement with this striking ring. The combination of three different metals plays havoc with one’s creative sense. If you wish to step it up further opt for a ring that is made up of rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. The three distinct colors create an alluring appeal. These rings have multi-colored gemstone encrusted on them for creating a dramatic look. These rings are sure to attract many envious looks!
  • Classic chunky Diamond Ring: this chunky ring is more on the traditional lines. They are circular in shape with a round cut diamond in the centre which is surrounded and supported by other numerous small diamonds. The central diamond is quite big in size and has a classy lock about it. These rings are ideal for evening parties and go very well with long traditional gowns.

Whichever Cocktail ring you purchase all these rings have an individualistic style and designs of their own. In case of all the rings, the diamonds are arranged in an intricate manner to give the impression that one has long and slender fingers, so when one is wearing these rings the impact is maximum, visually. One can find these rigs from reputed jewelry houses like Simon G, Tacori and Verragio. Always remember to purchase these rings from a well known jewelry store because then you don’t need to worry about their quality and craftsmanship.

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