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Themed and Fashionable Birthday Party Tips for Your Kids

Considering birthdays as one of the children’s most important occasions during the year, it’s clear that great attention should be brought to the organization of this big and adorable day. Since the celebration of birthdays usually follows the same old pattern year after year, it is wonderful opportunity to enter little creativity into its preparing and make it become one of the kid’s most precious memories. Probably one of the most breathtaking and astonishing ideas for making birthday party being magical is to prepare a themed birthday party.

Outdoor birthday partyThemes for every child

Depending on current fantasies and interests of the child, ideas for themed birthday party can be anything from fairytales to sports. Each of those ideas can challenge your kid’s creativity, brings out unforgettable euphoria and makes it feel hilariously fun choice.

Magic theme

Witches, wizards and magical creatures are always popular among the children, whether they are lower or scholar age, which is why this theme is highly suitable solution. If your kid and its friends are huge fans of a particular book or movie based magical characters, you can rely on plenty of costumes, masks or board games which are probably easy to find in the stores. Anyway, if no special creature is demanded, then providing a plenty of magical sticks, interesting magic beverages, regular wizard costumes or crazy cookies will hit the point.

Karaoke party

Karaoke partySince music is expected in almost every birthday party, why don’t you make it even funnier with organizing a Karaoke? Set up an authentic stage, provide usual food or sweets dishes and this would be the birthday party your kid and its friends will remember long after. Since this idea can make a pure little music concert in your house, which may not look that cute to your neighbours, an ideal solution is to make it in kids birthday party venues, just don’t forget all the accessorizes and decor to support the party theme.

Sportish look and feel

Sportish look and feelExcellent idea if your kid’s birthday falls on spring/summer is to arrange a sport party in your yard. Chose regular baskets, homemade sports posters, sports clothes to make environment looks in the accordance to the theme, provide your little team with kid’s basketballs and soccer balls and extraordinary sports game can start.

Creative Circus

Creative CircusIf your kid feels like having all that balloons in rainbow colours, toys and candies all around, it’s perfect idea to make the party in circus or carnival style. This is where both you and your kid can be very creative, from making multicoloured cookies and lollipops, designing silly clown costumes to choosing shinny confetti and whistles.

Advices and tricks

Design menu dishes, beverages and sweets that will fit your kid and his friend’s favourite tastes. Also try to combine menu with the particular theme, the effect will be doubled.

Provide adequate and enough space for the whole company, and bear in mind you need a space for placing party accessories too.

Organize all the tiny details well in advance, and make sure that the theme of the party is truly determined with little birthday boy/girl before the final plans start.


Shopping for Your Shape

It is an undeniable fact that people judge by appearance. If your outfit looks like it’s put together well people will think of you as someone worthy of their ear. But this can sometimes backfire and you could end up fighting peoples preconceived notions. So let’s get one thing straight: It’s not about them, it’s about you. People’s opinions do not matter as much as your own, and if you feel good in the clothes you are wearing that confidence will shine out and reach them. It’s important to develop your own style and this gets easier with age because you know yourself better the older you are.

The inverted triangle

15546327636_11b944e9bc_zWomen with this shape have broad shoulders, their waste and hips aren’t well defined and they tend to have flat bottoms. It’s important to stay clear of necklines that add volume and draw the eye to your upper part like halterneck tops, boat necklines or shawl collars. Any kind of clothes that have details or add volume should be restricted to your lower half to balance out your silhouette. When choosing bottoms search for skirts, trousers and shorts with volume.

Rectangle shape

The rectangle shape is described as narrow shoulders and hips, small in the bust area and a non-defined waist. When shopping, look for pieces that will add volume to your upper and lower half while pinching the waist. Go for feminine tops, boot-cut pants, flared skirts and A-lined dresses. Dresses are probably going to be the hard part so you should go online and look for dresses that could work with your figure to get a general idea.

The circle

The characteristics of this shape are rounded shoulders, fullness in the middle area and good legs. Avoid clothing with detail on the chest and tummy; you should keep everything simple around this area. Go for a silhouette that is fitted around the bust, tummy and arm area and make sure the sleeves don’t end near the bust. Avoid above knee skirts, jackets and cardigans and belts. Choose V-necks or clothing with sweat heart neckline and jeans with a wide leg.

The pear

Full hips, a defended waits, narrow shoulders and a small bust area the defining characteristics of this shape. What you want to do is create a well-balanced silhouette by adding volume to your upper half. You can add layers to your upper half and try to choose tops that end at or slightly above the widest part of your hips, ideally the tops should have volume, colour or pattern to draw the eye up. As for skirts go for pencil skirts or flip skirts. Usually you should choose pants with a straight leg, bootleg or even flared pants. When looking for dresses try on empire dresses or wrap dresses by make sure the neckline, embellishment and volume is on the upper half.

The hourglass

This shape is the easiest to dress since this is the silhouettes every other shape is trying to achieve. There isn’t a lot of avoidance you need to do, just don’t wear clothe that hide the shape. Always go for styles fitted around the waits whether you’re looking for tops or dresses. All you have to do is find the part of your waits where you’re the smallest and look to define that area.

Always remember that every shape is different so if the dress doesn’t look good on you look for ways to alter it and if you cannot then search for a different style. Being fashionable takes time and effort so no need get discouraged if you don’t get it on the first try.


Emma Swan Outfit in Once Upon a Time TV – Why Should I Care..??

Everybody loves TV! There are too many television shows being broadcasted nowadays that one often finds it difficult to choose one. “Once upon a time” that comes on ABC is one of the most famous shows these days and it has a lot of fan following. A lot of the characters played the lead roles in the TV series among which Emma Swan is someone who really is a fan favorite. She is not only pretty but also very witty. Her beauty is exemplified by her super attire and her jacket, most specifically is the best part about her outfit.

These jackets are what made the boys go crazy and the girls were left longing for them. Soon after she became famous, there were posters and billboards with her pictures on them doing all sorts of stuff like marketing shoes, perfumes and of course the emma swan once upon a time leather jackets. The jackets are available very easily these days in the market and are super-cool if not anything else. The jackets add a lot to your personality as now you are looking somewhat like the great princess!

142-aNot only do they make you the center of attention and let you catch all of the eyes; these Emma Swan Once Upon a Time Jacket are your key to becoming the most charming girl in town. These jackets are normally replicas of the same jacket that the superstar wears and are very cheap in comparison; but style and fashion are not the only aspects that these jackets let you flourish in, these jackets are very warm and are made of the best of the materials there are by the finest and well-equipped of professionals. Only the most high quality leather is used under the most sterile environments in extensive professional care to make these jackets very durable. They are also weather-proof and very smooth to the touch.

142The Emma Swan jacket is available at – online store, whether online or one in your inner state market. You might get a considerable amount of discount if you buy more than 3 jackets. The stores also offer a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from; you can get a black one or a blue one if you like.

Lastly, it must be added that these jackets might cost you a few bucks, but they really are worth it because they are not only adding immensely to your “Good looking” factor, rather they are also helping you cover up in the stormy weather.


Fashionable Christmas Gifts: Shopping Tips

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. It is a time of giving, sharing and spending time with your loved ones. What better way to make your friends, family or significant other happy than by getting them a perfect Christmas present. At the same time, why not make this holiday atmosphere even more special by going for a perfect Christmas shopping. With just a little of effort and care, you can make this Christmas special for both you and your loved ones, by getting them a fashionable present that they will never forget.

Christmas giftEngraved jewelry

You could also always choose a gift of an engraved piece of jewelry. This is beautiful in its simplicity. This, one of the oldest tricks in the book, is a perfect gift for anyone and is also one of the most classical gifts there are. Another advantage of this kind of present would be the fact that getting a perfect jewelry is simple to find and get and if you pick in agreement with the taste of the one to whom this is intended for it is will result in a complete success. And as said in the commercial – jewels are forever.

jewelry pearlsA personalized thought

One of the great ideas for a Christmas present would be a gift of a personalized item for a loved one. By putting his or hers initials on a present you give it a bit of a personal touch, making that item unique and special. It also shows your care and devotion, as well as the fact that you will be ready to go that extra mile in order to be there for the ones you care for. A gift of sweater, with their initials on it would probably turn out to be a real hit and really make one’s Christmas unforgettable.

You could also buy someone a stylish, personalized purse, or a phone case. Another present that would be just perfect for this situation is if you got them one of custom printed umbrellas. With a motif, picked according to the receivers taste or style, this present is truly something beautiful and at the same time quite unique. One more advantage of this present would be its practicality. Apart from its fashionable look, there is also one truth here in play and that is that you can never have too many umbrellas.

personalized umbrellaA touch of fashionable humor

Sometimes though, in order to pick a special gift for someone, you don’t have to go with something too formal or serious. It is often some cute and funky gift that steals all the attention and results in a most positive feedback. You can always buy a bow-tie jewels necklace as a gift. This is almost guaranteed to evoke wanted reaction in the receiver and it is also a perfect gift just because nobody will ever expect it. A gift like this may ensure one’s sense of humor is noticed by at the same time looking casual and stylish.

In the end, it is not the gift but the act itself that matters. It is all about you showing that you care enough to go that extra mile and buy a gift that is special and unique. Another thing that it shows is how well you know a person for whom the gift is intended. With just a bit of will and attention you can provide your loved ones with a perfect Christmas that they will never forget.

Ariel Bellamy is an open-minded blogger who takes care that her words are well written, sharply witty and unconditionally true. She focuses on all things green – in battle for Earth, and all things healthy – as in battle for happiness. 


Why A Rolex Is One Of The Best Luxury Watches You Can Buy

There are a number of different luxury watch providers in the market but Rolex still remains as one of the best that you can buy.

A brand that many people are familiar with, it is has become synonymous with elegance and class.

But with so many other sublime luxury watch makers, what is it that makes Rolex time pieces just so special? We take a closer look at Rolex watches and their unique qualities. Continue Reading


Top 10 Lingerie Styles Indian Women Loves

Lingerie comes in different designs, styles and colors. If you want to keep it on the safer side, black, beige or red are your best choices. But does it always have to be lacy red underwear all the time? Sure, it is sexy and seductive and will definitely get your man in the mood but there’s nothing wrong with giving your lingerie drawer a re-vamp, right?

Here are top ten Indian lingerie styles, which Indian women will really love.

  1. Bodysuit–If you happen to have a form-fitting dress but you’re too embarrassed to wear because of the possible bulges, then worry no more. A bodysuit gives you a chance to fit in that dress that’s been sitting on your closet. Plus, the deep plunge and cups gives your breast a different perspective, making it versatile and flattering.
  2. Something red – Call it usual and boring but there’s something about red that turns on a guy. Red brings out a sexy sensuality that will bring out your inner erotic goddess. And yes, it works well with lace.
  3. A cami bra – If you want the best of both worlds, then going for a bra that looks like a cami can seal the deal. It doesn’t fully reveal your mountains yet you can still wear it with a tee or a blouse with a deep neckline.
  4. Boy shorts – At least not in the literal sense. An underwear that comes with black lace, giving you a boy shorts type of underwear can put a spin to your usual knickers. And yes, it is sexy.
  5. Florals – There is something about bra and floral designs that makes it so sexy. But please forget the loud and striking colors and just go for the nude and black ones with satin strap detailing.
  6. Slip –Got problem areas from breast down? Don’t fret. There is a type of lingerie is called a slip and will look as good as whatever dress you wish to wear over it.
  7. Shapewear –If you have issues with your tummy, then you’ll be happy to know that there is underwear that can create an illusion of a smaller tummy. Unlike the usual girdle that comes in lace, shapewear is a type of underwear that comes with a retro-fitted cut and a black lace. Definitely sexy.
  8. Teddy – Teddy lingerie may not be your thing. But if you find something that comes in one-piece lace in a pretty and seductive shade, please buy one.
  9. High cut underwear –It may come in white or black but when the panty has a high cut on the leg, don’t take it for granted. It gives an illusion for longer legs, which can be useful if you are on the shorter side.
  10. Strapless bra – But don’t go for the usual strapless ones. Look for something with scalloped edges and a bit of lace underneath to go for a sexier look.

Are you ready to go shopping?


Fashion Advice on Buying & Wearing Handbags

In this article we shall offer styling and shopping advice regarding women handbags so that you become aware of what should be looked for while purchasing a handbag to the styling of your outfit. You will be clearer about getting best out of the bags. A good handbag can make a statement, enhance your outfit and actually define your style. It can make or even break your look. Wrong bag can do all the damage and make you appear smaller or bigger and spoil your signature image.

You have to understand the style of bags that enhance your own style so that you collect the handbags that you love. Depending on your taste you will have to decide about the type of handbags to invest in. You should preferably go for a simple and timeless style of handbags and buy them using Zovi discount coupons. Hobe or tote handbags are classic everyday bag that can be carried during day or night.

Wardrobe bags essentials are:

  • Wardrobe essential purses and bags

  • Toto handbag for giving you a polishing look

  • Hobo handbag for all other purposes

  • Laptop bag

  • Messenger bag

  • Leather travel bag in dark neutral

  • Clutch purse for weekend cocktails

  • Evening bag in dark and light neutral for special occasions.

  • Cross body bag for outdoor occasions

Versatility is Chic

Get at least one quality bag for every daily activities such as casual evenings, work, parties, travelling etc. in neutral and versatile colors like brown, black, cream/ white and dark navy blue using Zovi shopping coupons.

Wardrobe essential bags and purses

It ensures that these can be matched with your remaining wardrobe without spending too much time in thinking whether style and color matched the outfit. It would be better to invest in basic quality bags so that they brighten your life style. Those working in office should invest in tote bags which are durable and also loveable. You will also be able to use these for many years. Check out offers on handbags at and save money.

You should ask certain questions before buying a handbag:

  • Is the bag needed as accessory or for a practical purpose?

  • How frequently will the bag be used?

  • Does bag suit your style?

  •  Can you wear it with other outfits?

  • Will it accommodate your important belongings?

Length and shape of handbag can also affect your silhouette. It can add or take off few pounds to your body depending on size of the bag, shape and place it falls on the body. In case you wish to add width or volume to your body, select wide and a detailed handbag. Do opposite for slimming down. Due attention must be paid to where the bag falls because it draws attention to parts of body that you may want to hide.

Those having wide or full upper body are most likely to have narrow hips. Selected bags should be able to add width and widen the lower body. Thus select a bag which finishes off below your hipbone level.



Shopping online is becoming the latest trend globally. The advent of the internet ahs made e-transactions simpler and more secure.   It is now so easy to shop within the confines of your home, without stepping out into the sweltering heat of the sun.

Customers of clothing and accessories especially love to do online shopping. Most big brands and designers have an online presence making it easier for women to shop from home. One can shop for all ages, body types and shapes. Hi fashion for women, men’s wear, clothing for toddlers and teens all can be bought online.

Overstock Deals

Why are people addicted to online shopping?

Save money: Most people love online shopping as they get opportunities for huge discounts and alternatives like cheap remakes of top designers. Designer clothes will be available at steep discounts. One can compare the prices, designs and quality of the clothes and make an informed choice. This saves time, energy and money while shopping for clothes.

Frees time: Online shopping lets you shop from within your home and you need not wait in queues to pay bills. It frees you a substantial travel time and gives you time for doing your other activities sin peace. Besides you are not subject to time limits like in a brick and mortar store—you can shop anywhere, anytime, any hour of the day or any day of the week.

Saves energy: If you go on a shopping trip, you have to find a parking slot for your vehicle, get the kids to behave properly without disturbing other shoppers and wait in queues for various purposes. You also need the stamina to move from one shop to another to compare brands and prices. Compare this to online shopping where you are relaxed on your sofa and need only to click the mouse. You have all the design and price comparisons before you as well as discounts on designer wear and you must realize how online shopping has transformed your life.

Overstock Offers

Variety: Clothes shoppers who are fans of brands and designer wear will find all these under one umbrella in a clothing website. The variety and choice available online is unsurpassable. You can shop till you drop with online stores offering mind boggling variety of clothing and accessories. Clothes of different colors, designs and patterns all serve to attract online shoppers.

Comparison: If you want to compare brands, the way is not to visit the different shops wasting your energy and time. Inter brand comparisons of price, design and quality are available on the net. User reviews are also available to guide you in the selection of clothing.

With many international brands generating online presence, it has become easy to order clothes online. Different labels are available at affordable prices.  A buyer can buy clothing available in foreign countries. There are so many advantaged to online shopping so that one may regard it as the best way to shop. But one has to take necessary precautions that the online transactions are safe and secure. Other than that, this is the mode of best online shopping for women.

Author’s bio:  She is associated with She is team leader of the marketing department. Her team is involved in driving traffic to the website. She contributes articles and blogs on fashion and shopping.


Tattoos in Fashion and Culture

There was a time when tattoos were an important part of a number of cultures, whether that was to demonstrate your military or sailor affiliations or whether it was to represent your tribe. A tattoo showed that you belonged to a group, and could represent anything from how long you had been a part of that group (military tattoos often include dates or visual representations of the years served) to what you had accomplished as part of that group (for example, it was traditional for a sailor to get an anchor tattoo after sailing the Atlantic).

Of course today someone with an anchor tattoo might have never even been on a boat; the traditions have faded and tattoos have become a fashion accessory as much as a badge of belonging. It is almost certain that celebrities have had a part to play in this perception; as more and more people get tattoos and show them off in the media the images have become considerably more acceptable. Tattoos are no longer about rebellion or criminal inclinations, as they were perceived in the past, they are now seen as a permanent decoration on your skin and just about everyone is getting them; regardless of whether they’re the wife of a political official or a member of a rock band.

How did it change so drastically over the years? How did military tattoos become something that was so heavily associated with violent criminal activity? Why is it now considered so acceptable? There are those who continued to associate the use of tattoos with a badge of belonging, which lead to the use of gang tattoos that identified the gang you were affiliated with. Sometimes the members of a gang will all have the same tattoo somewhere, sometimes a similar tattoo or tattoo incorporating the same theme; this is how they identify their allies and their enemies and is something that we don’t tend to see a lot of today as so many people have tattoos and often using the same imagery or flash several times over it would be impossible to identify someone’s affiliations with one image alone, particularly for a basic tattoo.

However, there are countries where the gang associations are still so strong that tattoos are considered to be completely taboo. Take Japan for example; the Yakuza associations with tattoos have made it very difficult for anyone with visible tattoos, particularly with large designs featuring dragons, skulls and tigers. People with such tattoos visible often find that the general public are intimidated by them and will avoid them at times, most pressingly they will probably struggle to find gainful employment, particularly in the public sector. This is a big difference from the majority of the western world, where both tattoos and piercings are accepted incredibly openly and in fact almost an expected part of fashion and self-expression in the younger generations.

The thing to remember when getting a tattoo is that if you want to express yourself well and have a tattoo that suits you, you should put plenty of thought into the design you want and not just select something because it looked pretty on paper. Start by thinking about where you want the tattoo to be; if you have a slightly stricter working environment you may need to ask about whether or not visible tattoos are permitted; in plenty of cases they restricted within reason and you may be asked to keep them covered, particularly if you work face to face with the customers. If this is the case it will be much easier for you to get a tattoo that can be easily concealed, so avoid anything above the shoulders or below the elbows.

If fashion is important to you, after all we all want to look good, you may consider your usual style. If cute, pink and frilly is your style then suddenly getting a death and skull inspired sleeve is going to completely contrast your image and probably won’t suit you at all. Something floral, with butterflies or birds and soft colour however would be much more suited to a feminine image. Naturally of course you are likely to pick something feminine anyway if you are a feminine person and you will probably find yourself draw to things that suit you. However; if you change your mind a lot or you’re unsure you can use temporary tattoos or tattoo pens (used for drawing temporary tattoos directly onto the skin) to try out the design before you settle and get it done permanently.

Be sure to ask those around you for their opinion; as you would expect some will disagree and might not like the idea of tattoos, but if you have decided you want to get one this shouldn’t concern you too much. You want to know what sort of tattoos your friends think would suit you, not whether or not they agree with you getting a tattoo and you should find that your good friends will provide you with good opinions and suggestions to help you decide on a design that really suits your style.

Tattoos are an excellent way of decorating your skin, and if you aren’t all that self-confident about your body it can be a big help to you. Tattoos offer you the opportunity to turn your very flesh into artwork, who could feel bad about their body with such beautiful imagery decorating it? This is an increasingly popular option for those with scars; while you might not have felt good about exposing your scars by wearing the clothing styles you like you can cover the scar with a beautiful tattoo which would draw attention to clothes you have selected to show off a bit more of yourself. Aside from being pretty tattoos can also be meaningful; if there is something or someone you care about so much that you want to look at it every day a tattoo is a perfect option.

Popular choices include the names of your children or a cartoon character that you grew up with and loved dearly, these can remind you ever day of your accomplishments as a parent or your memories of childhood. The way you think of your tattoo, the parts of your life that you express with your tattoo are all up to you and can be a fantastic way for you to make a statement in your life.

Author Bio: Kate Critchlow is a freelance writer with a growing passion for tattoos, with an interest in everything from tattoo designs to tattoo equipment.


How Rayban Sunglasses are Good Investment

Sunglasses not only protect us from the hot rays of the scorching sun but also enable us to see the things with a clear vision. There are number of sunglasses available in the market, but the prominent brand, i.e. Rayban Sunglasses have been able to outshine amongst other makes. Available in the latest designs, the Rayban Sunglasses have proved their worth as far as value of investment is concerned. Continue Reading