Why A Rolex Is One Of The Best Luxury Watches You Can Buy

There are a number of different luxury watch providers in the market but Rolex still remains as one of the best that you can buy.

A brand that many people are familiar with, it is has become synonymous with elegance and class.

But with so many other sublime luxury watch makers, what is it that makes Rolex time pieces just so special? We take a closer look at Rolex watches and their unique qualities.

The movement

At the heart of every luxury watch is a high quality movement, carefully put together by some of the top craftsmen in the world of horology.

The very best watch manufacturers keep the creation of watch movements in-house, rather than relying on third parties to make what is arguably one of the most important components of the time piece.

Rolex follow this philosophy, with every automatic watch featuring some of the most exacting craftsmanship. Rolex offer Oyster Perpetual automatic movements, which can take more than a year to put together, with hundreds of tiny parts carefully slotted into position.

Rolex’s have high quality movement as standard.

The final result is a timepiece which is a Swiss-certified chronometer, designed for accuracy and built to last.

The bezel

The bezel is one of the distinguishing features in a watch and many manufacturers put lots of time and effort into making sure this component is not just durable but attractive too.

After extensive research, Rolex opted to create their own material for the bezel, and came up with their own patented result, a special kind of ceramic.

This ceramic is heated to more than 1500 degrees, with the extreme heat acting to harden and set the material. The result is a bezel which is extremely tough and durable. This super-strong material is then sprayed with gold and highly polished, allowed the numerals to be seen.

Taking more than 40 hours in production, each Rolex bezel looks immaculate but is actually one of the strongest parts of the watch, being almost indestructible.

A slice of history

Although not a physical attribute, there’s no denying that the long history of watchmaking Rolex is associated with certainly adds to the attractiveness of the timepieces.

Rolex are credited with inventing the first wristwatches, when all others were still selling pocket watches.

They also made the very first waterproof watch, something which is fairly commonplace today but in the 1920s was unheard of. The Oyster case, the waterproof shell used in Rolex watches, was first invented in 1926 and an updated version of it remains in production today.

Technology and innovation

Rolex is known for producing watches from a classic design but there’s nothing vintage about the technology they use.

Striving to set themselves apart from the rest of the field, Rolex are known for their use of different materials and innovative techniques.

For example, the stainless steel used in a Rolex watch is different than that used by other manufacturers. Most stainless steel watches use a grade known as 316L but Rolex use 904L; this is a far superior quality and highlights their desire to use only premium materials.

It also has invested in producing its own materials and technologies, such as Evrose Gold and the Blue Parachrom Hairspring. The latter is unaffected by magnetic fields and also has far greater shock resistance, up to 10 times more than standard hair springs.

Rolex has been at the forefront of watch technology.

All of these components mean that the final product may look like a time-honoured design, but the materials and technology used will be the latest in the market.


Despite there being a myriad of luxury watch makers in the modern market, Rolex continue to stand out amongst its peers.

Using quality materials and dedicated to precision craftsmanship, there is never a lack of demand for Rolex watches for sale. Rolex watches remain one of the best you can buy.

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