Fashion Advice on Buying & Wearing Handbags

In this article we shall offer styling and shopping advice regarding women handbags so that you become aware of what should be looked for while purchasing a handbag to the styling of your outfit. You will be clearer about getting best out of the bags. A good handbag can make a statement, enhance your outfit and actually define your style. It can make or even break your look. Wrong bag can do all the damage and make you appear smaller or bigger and spoil your signature image.

You have to understand the style of bags that enhance your own style so that you collect the handbags that you love. Depending on your taste you will have to decide about the type of handbags to invest in. You should preferably go for a simple and timeless style of handbags and buy them using Zovi discount coupons. Hobe or tote handbags are classic everyday bag that can be carried during day or night.

Wardrobe bags essentials are:

  • Wardrobe essential purses and bags

  • Toto handbag for giving you a polishing look

  • Hobo handbag for all other purposes

  • Laptop bag

  • Messenger bag

  • Leather travel bag in dark neutral

  • Clutch purse for weekend cocktails

  • Evening bag in dark and light neutral for special occasions.

  • Cross body bag for outdoor occasions

Versatility is Chic

Get at least one quality bag for every daily activities such as casual evenings, work, parties, travelling etc. in neutral and versatile colors like brown, black, cream/ white and dark navy blue using Zovi shopping coupons.

Wardrobe essential bags and purses

It ensures that these can be matched with your remaining wardrobe without spending too much time in thinking whether style and color matched the outfit. It would be better to invest in basic quality bags so that they brighten your life style. Those working in office should invest in tote bags which are durable and also loveable. You will also be able to use these for many years. Check out offers on handbags at and save money.

You should ask certain questions before buying a handbag:

  • Is the bag needed as accessory or for a practical purpose?

  • How frequently will the bag be used?

  • Does bag suit your style?

  •  Can you wear it with other outfits?

  • Will it accommodate your important belongings?

Length and shape of handbag can also affect your silhouette. It can add or take off few pounds to your body depending on size of the bag, shape and place it falls on the body. In case you wish to add width or volume to your body, select wide and a detailed handbag. Do opposite for slimming down. Due attention must be paid to where the bag falls because it draws attention to parts of body that you may want to hide.

Those having wide or full upper body are most likely to have narrow hips. Selected bags should be able to add width and widen the lower body. Thus select a bag which finishes off below your hipbone level.

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