Shopping for Your Shape

It is an undeniable fact that people judge by appearance. If your outfit looks like it’s put together well people will think of you as someone worthy of their ear. But this can sometimes backfire and you could end up fighting peoples preconceived notions. So let’s get one thing straight: It’s not about them, it’s about you. People’s opinions do not matter as much as your own, and if you feel good in the clothes you are wearing that confidence will shine out and reach them. It’s important to develop your own style and this gets easier with age because you know yourself better the older you are.

The inverted triangle

15546327636_11b944e9bc_zWomen with this shape have broad shoulders, their waste and hips aren’t well defined and they tend to have flat bottoms. It’s important to stay clear of necklines that add volume and draw the eye to your upper part like halterneck tops, boat necklines or shawl collars. Any kind of clothes that have details or add volume should be restricted to your lower half to balance out your silhouette. When choosing bottoms search for skirts, trousers and shorts with volume.

Rectangle shape

The rectangle shape is described as narrow shoulders and hips, small in the bust area and a non-defined waist. When shopping, look for pieces that will add volume to your upper and lower half while pinching the waist. Go for feminine tops, boot-cut pants, flared skirts and A-lined dresses. Dresses are probably going to be the hard part so you should go online and look for dresses that could work with your figure to get a general idea.

The circle

The characteristics of this shape are rounded shoulders, fullness in the middle area and good legs. Avoid clothing with detail on the chest and tummy; you should keep everything simple around this area. Go for a silhouette that is fitted around the bust, tummy and arm area and make sure the sleeves don’t end near the bust. Avoid above knee skirts, jackets and cardigans and belts. Choose V-necks or clothing with sweat heart neckline and jeans with a wide leg.

The pear

Full hips, a defended waits, narrow shoulders and a small bust area the defining characteristics of this shape. What you want to do is create a well-balanced silhouette by adding volume to your upper half. You can add layers to your upper half and try to choose tops that end at or slightly above the widest part of your hips, ideally the tops should have volume, colour or pattern to draw the eye up. As for skirts go for pencil skirts or flip skirts. Usually you should choose pants with a straight leg, bootleg or even flared pants. When looking for dresses try on empire dresses or wrap dresses by make sure the neckline, embellishment and volume is on the upper half.

The hourglass

This shape is the easiest to dress since this is the silhouettes every other shape is trying to achieve. There isn’t a lot of avoidance you need to do, just don’t wear clothe that hide the shape. Always go for styles fitted around the waits whether you’re looking for tops or dresses. All you have to do is find the part of your waits where you’re the smallest and look to define that area.

Always remember that every shape is different so if the dress doesn’t look good on you look for ways to alter it and if you cannot then search for a different style. Being fashionable takes time and effort so no need get discouraged if you don’t get it on the first try.

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