Keep Your Feet Cool While Wearing High Heels

It’s commonly known that women’s passion for stylish shoes sometimes exceeds the limits of necessity, proving that old rule “less is more” can’t be realized in the area of female foot wear. As one of the most recognizable symbols of feminine physical attractiveness, fancy and elegant high heels are absolute must have in the life of every lady, but discomfort is something what usually ruins our feel of prettiness while walking with high heels on our feet.Painful moments caused by wearing pumps can sometimes spoil your day, but excellent foot care and appropriate shoe selection can help you not to give up on your favourite pair of shoes.Take a lookat the following tips for eliminating feet issues while on heels:

High heelsFind the right choice for your feet

Although high heels put your feet in unnatural position, and you should sometimes give your feet a break from wearing it, if you are a real heels addict, then paying attention to shapes, heel height and design can save your feet and back from possible deformities and pain. Your feet suffer a tremendous pressure while on heels, and platform sole or full heel can afford more stable position of your angles and feet with less pressure on them.

High heels 1Strap based pumps, such as sandals, should be designed in the way to prevent feet slippage and too much wiggling, but they shouldn’t be very tight, since you may experience blisters and bunions. Of course, there’s nothing more uncomfortable than wrong shoes size, so make sure you picked the right dimensions for your feet.

Crucial foot care

Most of the unpleasantness we feel while walking, especially on heels, can be caused by thickened skin on the bottom of the feet, which results in a higher pressure on our angles, hips and back bones. Regular feet hygiene and toe nails maintenance along with occasional peelings and warm bath treatments, especially after long standing or walking, can prevent your foot skin from cracking and thickness. Feet bones are susceptible to deformities when you spend a lot of time in heels, but your podiatrist can suggest what are the most appropriate shapes and sole heights you should wear in order to keep your feet healthy.

High heels 2Corns and bunions are the worst enemies if you are a high heels lover, but remember, if you refuse to heal them timely, you can’t just risk inability to wear heels, but you can also suffer dangerous long term feet infections.

Ease your high heels time

Some women just don’t feel feminine if they are not on high heels all the time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your feet with respect. Even if you are spending all day wearing heels, you must afford your feet frequent rest, by taking the shoes off and putting your arch into straight position. Short and frequent toes and angle exercises, like stretching or even massage will facilitate overall feet pressure and release the pain. There are also various types of anatomic shoe insoles for providing soft base inside the shoes, and using them can diminish pain and stress in the front part of the feet.

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