The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Red Lipstick

We are all witnesses to the big and amazing comeback of red lipstick. It is awesome, it brings back the charm of the pinup girls and it is hellishly difficult to find the right shade and to apply it perfectly. However, just like in everything else, girls have proven to be amazingly resourceful when it comes to dealing with the red lipstick. Here are the things you need to know about wearing this incredibly sexy lip color.

The Shade

When you say “red” that is not remotely enough in order to determine what color is the perfect lipstick. The red comes in all sorts of shades and there are those which are more or less dramatic. It seems that the basic rule of thumb is that those shades of red can be classified into those that have colder and bluish base, and those with warmer, orangey tones. After you know that, you need to determine your skin tone. Those girls that have light and fair skin tones will look absolutely stunning wearing the colder tones of red. This shade of red will emphasize the skin tone and definitely add to the awesome dramatic look. On the other hand, darker and warmer skin tones go perfectly with warmer red colors and give you that sexy, oriental look.

02Image by Arentas via Flikr

The Lip Shape

This one is just my own opinion and it is not based on some expert ideas or anything like that. OK, the truth is, I really don’t believe that everybody should wear the red lipstick. There – I said it! Watching girls having it on and wearing it in all sorts of occasions, I just don’t feel that girls with thin lips should try to pull it off. Every shade and type of red lipstick draws the attention to the lip shape and make it stand out from the rest of the face. Also, it seems that, if the lips aren’t pillowy and puffy, the red lipstick makes them look even thinner and less attractive. Again, this is just my honest opinion and it based only on my personal taste. Therefore, if I had that issue, I wouldn’t think a second before I used some of the dermal fillers Sydney beauticians and doctors offer.

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The Application

Now, this takes practice and precision! I think it is entirely redundant to talk about how wrong you can go when applying the red lipstick. It is so prominent and so strong that all the imperfections in application are very visible. Use a good lip scrub and lip balm to remove all the flakes and dry skin. Lip balm will recover the lips from dryness and it will also fill in the lines within lips and make the surface smooth. You need to use lip pencil and shape your lips perfectly. That will prevent the lipstick from getting into the small wrinkles around your lips. Using a brush, apply the lipstick inside the lines, and voila!

With these tips, you are absolutely ready to have that killer, vamp look for yourself. Just choose the right lipstick.

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