Basic Makeup: How to Apply?

It is indeed true that wearing makeup has become very common place in the current scenario.  People have started wearing some kind of makeup or the other every day, be it for their work or for a party or for a get-together.  When it is applied well, it cuts across a very nice and neat picture.  But, when the right products and the right shades are not used, it does not leave a good taste at all.  This reflects very badly if you are taking pictures.  So, one should get their fundamentals or rather basics in makeup very strong.


This is an insight into makeup for all the newcomers…a grand welcome to the plethora of opportunities we have in cosmetics.  One would definitely be at a loss when numerous options are thrown in front of them.  However, the basics would be the same for any kind of a makeup that you may put.  So, learn it at the right time and in the right manner so that you can very soon become a pro.  You can learn about the most elementary of makeup products and how you could make the best use of each one of them.


Remove prior applied makeup:  When you are at applying makeup, ensure that it is absolutely clean.  In some cases, by chance you have any kind of makeup done by someone else on your face, remove it.  When you apply makeup over already existing makeup, you will get a caked look and it will make you look absolutely artificial.  So, start off with a fresh face.  Use a makeup remover or even baby oil can be used as it is very mild and will help easy to remove any residues of the makeup.  Never sleep with makeup on your face for it may clog the pores and become a major cause for wrinkles and blemishes later.

Clean your face thoroughly:  Removing old makeup is extremely important.  Similarly cleaning one’s face thoroughly is also extremely important.  With the help of a mild cleanser, you can wash your face.  All you have to do is invest some time to scrub and remove the dead skin that got accumulated in the pores.  Then, you apply a moisturizer so that you balance if there is any oiliness left on your skin.


Apply a good concealer:  Why should you use a concealer?  It helps in evening out the uneven tones of skin.  It helps in concealing the dark circles under the eyes and also the blemishes on your face.  You can either use your fingertips or a concealer brush on the patchy areas, on dark spots, near eyelids or on acne.  You need to blend the edges of the concealer spots well so that you do not have any discolored marks on the face.

Apply foundation:  There is in fact an amazing range available in this segment…powder foundations, cream, or liquid…all of which will give an even complexion.  It will help in blending the natural skin color with the concealer which you have applied.  Again, use the right foundation brush to apply on the face.  Do not forget to blend the same in your earlobes and neck too.  You can apply liquid foundation with your fingertips.

This is the preparation that is the most basic one that you need to master in order to get a final output that looks great.  More details in the next blog J!  Stay tuned in for more!!

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