Studies and research have shown that some plants can be useful in maintaining the beauty of the skin. The extracts from these plants play varied roles in the skin like maintaining a healthy look, making you look young and reducing of radicals that are on the skin. It is important or critical to have these plants in your home for the purpose of acquiring the extracts. Some of the plant extracts are also essential in removing or reducing of wrinkles from the skin. Most of the extracts from these plants come from their leaves, stems or flowers. Most of these plants are easy to grow in your home garden or the backyard.



The herb is known to be aromatic and is a rich plant. The beneficial components in the herbs are compounds named phenols. Thyme is capable of destroying and killing bacteria that are disease causing and harmful to the skin. There are also active ingredients in the plant extract that are essential in fastening the healing of the skin especially spots and acne. The plant is good and effective for use in making or manufacture of creams that aim at fighting and eliminating acnes from the skin. Thyme is easy to grow in the garden and take care of Reap the benefits of the extract by having the plant on your farm. The leaves of thyme need to be soaked. Soak them in cider vinegar for a period not less than two weeks.

Bay Leaf

Several people mainly plant the plant as a ‘flavor adding plant’. However, the benefits of the plant extract on the skin beauty and care remain unknown to many. The extracts boost the production of those cells known as collagen cells on the skin. The product is critical and essential for reducing inflammation. The extract is also effective in preventing the infections from getting to the skin. In case of insect bites, the extract is used on the skin. Plant or grow this plant in areas with sufficient sunlight. Ensure to keep the soil on which it grows moist and this is simple to do. The benefits cannot compare to the little effort in planting and caring for the plant.

German Chamomile

Sometimes tea is made from this herb. Most people find it good and tasty. It is good for inducing sleep for individuals who take it during night hours. The plant has flowers that are good for reducing inflammation. The powers of the plant in this role should encourage you to grow the plant in your garden. The plant extracts are also essential in reducing the skin redness. The irritating condition can be disturbing and painful to individual suffering. The extract is also useful and essential in reducing irritability on the skin. The plant extract is good for healing of wounds on the skin and thus restore beauty. The plant is easy to grow as it does not require much water. It can thus be grown in desert areas too. It is thus easy to grow in the garden or backyard. Once ready, pick the flowers and dry them. Soak in olive oil for a month and then use on skin.


You may dislike the smell or taste of the plant. The benefits of the beauty of your skin that the plant can have should encourage you to have the plant in the garden. The plant is antifungal. It is essential to remove blemishes that are on the skin. The oil extracts from the plant are good and crucial in reducing microorganisms and bacteria from infecting the skin. The skin thus remains healthy. Grow the plant in an area that has well-drained soil. Use the leaves of the plant and mix with lemon juice. Blend the two after mixing. Use the paste on your face and allow it to remain or stay on the face for about 5 minutes before washing off or rinsing.


Impatiens Balsamina

These flowers that are annual garden can treat nail fungus. It is usually difficult to heal nail fungus but with these flowers, healing is simple and easy. Grow these in your garden and ensure that soil remains moist. Pick the flowers and soak in vinegar. Let them stay for two weeks. Soak nails in the solution to remove or cure the nail fungus. Do this sometime or just before bedtime. Cover your nails after dipping in solution and cover using tape to ensure the effectiveness of the solution on nails. Remove the tape and clean the nails in the morning.


The extracts from the plant are essential for reducing and eliminating radicals. They reduce wrinkles and also eliminate them. Grow the plant in areas with sunlight. Pick the flowers and dry them. Make extract and use on skin

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has the properties of curing and treating ailments on the skin. The plant is easy to grow in backyard or garden. Apply the extract on skin marks and apply for good results. Grow in places or areas with enough sunlight.


Grow plants in your garden for benefits to the skin. Most are easy to grow. They have few requirements and are easy to manage even with busy daily schedules. The benefits for the skin are unlimited if you grow these plants.



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