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4 Seasons of Your Skin Care

Each season has its advantages and disadvantages. While some prefer winter activities such as skiing, and wearing warm sweaters, other may indulge summer more, with light clothing and visits to the seaside. Whichever type you belong to, it is important to keep in mind that each season also includes different skin care procedures. So stay up for the summary of the most important tips and tricks for each season.



Spring is the right season to give your skin some time out from all the heavy winter products.

 – Keep using your SPF – no matter there is no visible need for it, you should always protect your skin from the dangerous sun rays.

– Focus on cleansing more and visit your dermatologist or skin rejuvenation clinic more often. Start exfoliating treatments to prepare your skin for summer and to get rid of the dead skin cells.

– Use some blush to give your cheeks some healthy glow.

– Introduce dietary supplements, if you are not already using them, but do not exaggerate.

spring beauty skin


Summer is especially tricky because our skin needs more nourishment than ever, yet the products we use need to be extremely soft and caring.

– Higher SPF is obligatory more than ever. Face mist is an excellent choice, so keep it in your fridge and reapply regularly, especially when on the beach. Vitamin D is what you will need the most during winter, so make sure to spend enough time in the daylight.

– Go easy on makeup and use only what you really need. Heavy makeup tends to melt and suffocate your skin, so rather go for light products that you can take off easily.

– Cold showers can do wonders to your tired legs, but if you cannot stand cold water, lukewarm is also acceptable.

– Pay attention to what you eat, and consume more fresh fruit and vegetables. They are abundant in vitamins, and they are all natural and are usually digested very easily. Give your body vitamin bombs regularly!

summer skin care


Although there is no more sun, at least not as much as in the summer, there is no excuse not to use an SPF. Also, to keep the bronze sun tan, use self tanners even before your tan starts to wear off.

– Start using hand gloves, to protect your hands and to make sure they are warm enough once the heavy winds start.

– Give your hair regular treatments and masks. There are numerous options if you want to make them yourself, so make sure to always use healthy produce. Autumn is abundant in them as much as summer, so use them as much as you can.

– If possible, say no to a blow drier. Its heat tends to be way much higher than needed and dries out hair too much, so an alternative to drying your hair could be gentle towel strokes.

– Do not lick or bite your lips, as the results can be painful. Always carry a lip balm or a lip gloss with you, and reapply regularly.


beauty winter

– Don’t forget to drink enough water, your body will thank you in the long run!

– Fight lackluster hair with oily, yet non-greasy, hair sprays, to prevent static electricity and flyaways. Don’t forget to use the conditioner as well.

– Carry a light formula hand cream with you and apply it regularly.

– A lip balm is also a must. If possible, try to avoid lip gloss and use lip balms and lip creams, because they are more nutritive and soft to the sensitive lips skin.

– Give your skin nutritive baths regularly. Make milk baths and use body creams and nutritive milk afterwards.

– Visit your dermatologist and make sure to have skin care treatments according to your skin type.


Best Hair and Makeup Tips for Every Event

Have you ever wonder how some women always seem to look fabulous no matter what hair or makeup they’re wearing, no matter where or what event they go? Chances are, they weren’t born with it, they just know what would be the right makeup and hairstyle for the event they are going.

Wearing proper makeup and hairstyle needs many things to consider, like the selection of the proper beautician, selection of the proper cosmetics with proper quality, and so on. If a woman has no idea about the fashion of hair and makeup, then she should concern the perfect and professional beautician who can convert her from common to an elegant and gorgeous one.

Below are examples of professional tips on makeup and hairstyle for every event:


  • Bride

When you’re looking back through your wedding album and reliving the memories years after your big day, there’s one thing above all that will shine through and that’s how beautiful you looked on that day. After all of the planning and efforts you made for the most special day of your life, looking your very best often feels impossible. This is why it is so important that you look for your bridal makeup artist for your wedding. Most artists use a foundation with staying power, mascara that doesn’t run, and a lipstick that keeps in place in your lips. You need a long-lasting makeup because you need to stay beautiful throughout the day, from church to reception, and until the end of the wedding. With your hair, make sure that it is properly arranged and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. Most brides usually wear their hair pulled back in a ponytail to reveal their beauty and in order for them to feel comfortable throughout the day.

  • Guest

Being a guest on a wedding ceremony, you want to look your best but not to upstage the bride or risk looking like a member of a bridal entourage. A soft and pretty look is best for a guest on a wedding. Try smoky eyes with neutral tones and go for natural definition over strong statement looks because you don’t want to steal the limelight on the bride’s big day isn’t it? Go for simple hairstyle too that matches your dress and your makeup. It is very important for your whole package.

Job interview

The image you present is really important in a job. Appearances matter and how you look is what makes the first impression on the interviewer. That impression needs to be a very good one. All you need to do is keep your hair clean in medium length and find colour in nature. For your makeup, use just enough foundation to even out skin tone. Lipstick, blush, or eye shadow should be of the palest shades. Don’t use makeup just to try to appear much younger than you are. The first thing the interviewer will do is look at the date of birth on your application. Avoid applying too much makeup that makes you look like a different person.


The last day you saw the people you are going to see in the reunion or gathering that you are attending is surely has been years or long time ago. You definitely want to look presentable or beautiful on that day. Your friends or relatives will tell you how you look since your last reunion or gathering. In order to look presentable, you just need to look simple. Put foundation on your face and neck to even out the skin tone on your face to your neck. Add some colours on your eyes; choose the colour that you like. It is a good idea to match the colour of your eye makeup with the colour of your dress that you are going to wear. Lastly, put a lipstick or a lip gloss. Then there you are, ready to enjoy the party.

Conference Meeting

People who are attending a conference meeting are surely respected people due to their positions or kind of business they have. This idea will tell you what style for corporate hair and makeup is needed if you are going to attend a conference meeting. Wear makeup that will suit the event but do not overstate. Choose good foundation for your skin tone, use eye shadow that complements your eyes, put eyeliner and mascara to emphasise the beauty and shapes of your eyes. If you did heavy makeup with your eyes, then do light on your lips. Do not go heavy on both or you will look like a clown. Remember that’s a conference and not a children’s party.

It is very important to put the right amount of makeup and the proper style of your hair in every event that you will attend. This will leave a good or bad comment to you. Apparently, you don’t want any bad impression just because you didn’t properly wear the right makeup for the right event. Though they say that the beauty is beyond what eyes can see, it’s still important to literally look good for each event that you are attending. Always remember that even if you wear proper makeup, you won’t look good if you don’t wear the right dress and don’t forget to smile.


Have you tried fake tan before?

The perfect sun tan is the dream of every woman, as it gives you a radiant look and to achieve this look, women around the world use a plenty of methods, from lying under the sun for hours to applying fake tan products. When it comes to getting more even and lasting results, it is the fake tan which emerges as a better option. If you too are planning to go for fake tan and have some apprehensions or queries in your mind, then read ahead to get basic information about how to prepare and what to expect from your first fake tan experience.

The very first step is to decide whether you want to do this process on your own or get it done from a professional. While going to a salon or tanning parlour is considered easy, it can be a bit expensive as well. Therefore most people prefer self tanning products over visiting a parlour. Once you have decided to take the plunge, you should start looking for a good quality product. Markets and online stores are filled with a variety of products, like self tanning gels, creams and sprays. Make sure to choose one which is safe and suitable for your skin. The best products might be a bit expensive, but the results you get will be worth the price you pay.

Next step is to prepare your skin for tanning. If you want to shave your legs and arms, then do it at least one day before applying fake tan products on your body. This is because after shaving your skin is more prone to react to tanning formulation. Also shaving right after tanning can exfoliate your skin, thus ruining the effect of tan.

Exfoliating your skin gently before tanning session can help to remove dead skin cells and avoid streaks and uneven patches. A cleaner skin is considered to hold the tan better. Although generally it is not advised to apply any cream or moisturises on your skin prior to going for tanning, you can apply a slight coat of moisturising lotion on any dry areas of your body, like ankles, feet, hands and elbows to ensure an even look.

After this comes the most important step of applying fake tan spray on your body. Do it at a convenient place with good lighting and full length mirror. Read the instructions mentioned on the product carefully to follow the guidelines. This will let you know the right method of applying a particular product and how long you need to keep it for the best effect. It is better to apply only a light coat of product initially, as you can always apply more to get the desired colour later on.

Once you have applied the fake tan product evenly on your body, you can use moisturisers which are specifically designed to enhance the longevity of your tan to keep looking gorgeous and radiant for a long time. Following the tips mentioned above and using good quality products is sure to make your self tanning experience safe and hassle free.

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Beauty tips for teenagers – Top 4 things you never bothered about

Teenagers have to face lot of problems like tension, pressure and confusion in their life apart from being beauty. The media like TV and internet are full of beautiful faces which add pressure to the youngsters. Teenage is the right time to gain fashion identity, there are numerous ways to increase your beauty, maintain makeup routine and keep a practical skin care. This is the time for experiment, try variety kinds of styles to find the best suitable clothing to your personality.  Following are top four great things you never bothered about.  But a beautiful smile and good posture adds more splendour to your face.

  1. Skin care:Youngsters have more beauty needs like make up and skin care needs than women. Skin care should start from the age of 10 or 11 when they are preteens. At this age hormones start to work and blemishes might appear. This will create pressure in juveniles, make sure that you are not using undesirable products which may affect your appearance. You should use light moisturiser and avoid using heavy creams which are meant for dry skins. You need to find out your skin type before applying any cream. To find out the skin type, examine your skin with tissue paper test. There are five variety kinds of skin types like normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. Based on the skin type, there are skin care products available in the market. Select a brand which suits your skin type.
  2. Hair care: If you want to maintain a good sheen, you need to oil your hair twice a week with olive oil and almond oil and rinse off with a mild shampoo. Keep your hair nice and fresh which is essential to maintain a healthy looks. Don’t damage your hair by using harmful chemical products which are available in the market, apply homemade natural products which replenish your hair follicles. If you want to get a healthy look for your lovely hair, apply henna packs and protein hair packs. Teenage is the right time to do experiments, trim your hair regularly with a designer haircut. Make sure that haircut suits your face and brings confidant and modern look to your face. You can iron it, curl it and straighten it based on your fashion needs. You can go through some fashion magazines and online fashion websites to get some hairstyle tips, contact a hair specialist to get more hairstyle tips.
  3. Body care: Many people concentrate only on face leaving other body parts. It is essential to take care of your body parts to look great especially for youngsters. To clean your skin easily, make use of good brand of body scrub or homemade recipes. If you want to retain moisture and nourish your skin, massage frequently with almond oil and olive oil. If you are going out on a sunny day, you should apply sunscreen lotion to all exposed body parts like neck, arms and feet. If you want to avoid nail breakage, keep them short and file your nails frequently. You need to apply moisturizer or cream on your feet and hands regularly to keep them soft.
  4. Dressing: Teenagers want to maintain a fashionable social life with their designer wear and clothing. It is difficult to manage your wardrobe with limited budget. You have to start with the basics by adding tank tops, solid color T-shirts, black pants and pair of jeans to your wardrobe. A pair of sneakers, shoes with close-toed version, open-toed version will add more beauty to your outfit. Make sure that shoe color should match with any type of outfit, colors like white, black and brown and grey are suitable for any outfit. Add some attractive accessories to your wardrobe. Accessories like hats, jewellery and scarves change with the season. If you want to get youthful and unique look add whimsical touch. Rich textures and bold colors and details like bows, glitter and ruffles are a great way to increase your beauty. Add a new dimension to your look by layering. If you want to make layering easy, use lightweight fabrics like Tencel, cotton and modal.

Boost up your confidence and be yourself by finding out best features you have. Adolescents are more thrilled about being gorgeous, it will take time to find their good looks.

Author Bio: Amy Lawson is a content writer. She is a professional blogger from London and have written many articles on Entertainment, Finance and Health categories. Now she is doing research on ehic card etc.

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6 Skincare Online tips

To say skin is the mirror of our whole personality in total is not an overstatement. How we treat ourselves and our body is what reflects on our skin. Shabby, wrinkled, premature ageing means we have been really lazy with the rest of our body too and skin is just one of the parts that are showing up. You could be stressed, happy, excited or down. All of these emotions are very well reflected by your skin.

The excuses like “I don’t have time”, “I can’t follow a skin care regime” only add to woes as good skin care would take up not more than 10 minutes of your daily routine. You could browse tips for skincare online and apply the one which suit you the most.

However a few basic tips for skin care are given below:

  • Cleanse: One of the biggest favor you could do to your skin is to cleanse it regularly. If you don’t have time and energy to use a makeup remover, just facing your face twice with a mild soap would do the needful. An occasional cleansing with milk and a few lemon drops would make sure that your skin remains zit’s free. You could follow it up with applying a face cream or sunscreen depending if you are at home or stepping out.
  • Do not forget your sunscreen: UV rays damage your skin like no other. Even if you are mostly indoors or hardly step out, you would need to use a sunscreen preferably of less PF. If your job profile is such that you are needed to work for long hours in the sun, buy a sunscreen with a higher PF.
  • Say no to chemicals: Fancy anti ageing creams, dark circle eye defence cream and such other creams that promise you to look younger could be nothing but creams loaded with chemicals which do more harm than good. Instead, opt for herbal or anti-oxidant rich products which when routinely incorporated in skin can bring upon many positive effects. Even men can insist on using antioxidant shave gel which would leave their skin smooth and would not feel any burning sensation as well.
  • Happy Inside and Happy outside: A major part of skin care depends upon how we treat ourselves. Bad eating and sleeping habits, not drinking enough water and not using proper creams could adversely affect your skin. Get plenty of fresh air, eat healthy and follow an exercise regime religiously and you could look young beyond your age.
  • Anti Ageing products and you: It’s a myth that you need to use anti ageing cream only once you see signs of ageing like crow’s feet or laugh lines. The truth is everyone in their twenties, should religiously apply any product with retinal as a preventive measure.
  • Expensive products do not guarantee healthy skin: A few cosmetics cost a bomb and a few people invest in them blindly thinking that they are putting money in Youth Mountain. Sadly that money goes in drain as there is no mambo jumbo formula for good skin. Instead follow basic skin care tips along with positive attitude and healthy lifestyle for a blemish free, glowing skin.
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A Guide To Oily Skin

So, you have oily skin and you want to take control of the dreaded oily T Zone and the whole makeup sliding off your face before it’s even lunch time situation? Well, luckily you have come to the right place..

Being a girl who struggles with oily skin, I have picked up a few tips and tricks on how to control and mattify without looking like a walking chalk board. It’s all about finding the right make-up for your skin, which can be quite daunting with the amount of the stuff out there, but with these points and recommendations it should hopefully help guide you to the right place!

Finding the right Foundation:

Always check the ingredients on the back of a foundation, as they give a good indicator of how that particular product will work on your skin. If it has oil in it, put it down and run away! Oily foundations will most definitely create nasty break outs on your skin and clog up your already angry pores. STEP AWAY FROM THE OILY FOUNDATIONS, I REPEAT, STEP AWAY FROM THE OILY FOUNDATIONS!

Oily SkinYour best bet will be to go for a full-coverage matte foundation, which will be much more durable and will help to stay in place longer than lunch time. However, use a minimal amount, don’t just go crazy and slap it on. A light coating actually lasts longer than a thick layer and will give your pores some more room to breathe. Make sure to go for a water based/liquid foundation or an oil-free. You could even go for a powder foundation, which will help control the shine and is very easily applied.

With oily skin, it is a good idea to apply with a brush or a sponge rather than your fingers. This is because your skin is more susceptible to break outs from bacteria and your fingers are covered with the stuff.

Finding the right Concealer:

Luckily, there are a few concealers out there that have ingredients in them to help reduce blemishes and soothe the skin. Go for these types as they cover well, whilst helping the skin at the same time. Score!

However if you are looking to cover acne marks or nasty blemishes, then a good idea would be to go for a cream based concealer as they are thick and cover extremely well. A few recommendations would be Benefit Boi-ing concealer or MAC Studio Finish, both a little on the pricey side but they are heavyweight champions that should help to cover any imperfections you have.

Applying Powder:

With oily skin, you are going to want to powder that skin up! Applying a good face powder helps to reduce the nasty greasy look and perfects the skin even more. Pressed powder tends to have more coverage than a loose powder, but see which one you prefer to work with. Always remember to be light handed as of course you want to matte the appearance of your face, but you don’t want to look like you have face planted into a bowl of flour. Take a look at my post on how to apply face powder in order to get a really good idea of the best way to pack that stuff on! You will also probably want to keep your powder with you in your bag, so you can touch it up throughout the day.

How to deal with oily eye lids:

Yes, we know the horrible creases and lines that come with oily eye lids, it isn’t fun and it doesn’t look good, but you can stop it from happening!
Always use a primer, this helps to keep the shadows in place and believe me, if you are using a good primer, the shadows shouldn’t budge!

Try to steer clear of cream or liquid forms of eye shadows as they tend to slide all over the place, although a primer will help. Use a gel based eye liner instead of liquid liners, as they tend to be more long-lasting and have a thicker consistency.

Hopefully these points will help you create a beautiful matte face to show off to the world without having to worry about your face looking shiny or greasy. Just remember to always look at the ingredients and a good idea is to get testers before buying a product, so you can give it a trial and see how it works. There is nothing worse than splashing out on a product that ends up making you look like a dot to dot drawing! Trust me.

About me:

I am a beauty blogger from Wales, interested in all things beauty and fashion, bordering on obsessed! Take a look at my blog over at where I ramble on and share my opinions and tips!

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Crucial Tips to maintain beauty of your skin

Being obsessed with a beautiful skin and latest styling on the body is the case with almost every teen girl or any female living all over the world. Most of the females usually wish to have a toned body and carry a glowing skin throughout their life. Your inner happiness and of course the intake of healthy and nutritional food substances are the two major factors that directly affects the beauty of your overall personality. However, many young girls are totally unaware with the fact that there is a strong connection between the health and the beauty of their skin. As a result, the primary aim is to correct or settle an appropriate diet for the body that can actually fulfill the basic requirements to result a beautiful skin for the individual. You may need to follow some easy steps in your daily routine like consuming pure water and intake of healthy and nutritious diet can very much help you to maintain the health of your skin and other parts of the body in a successful manner.

Tips to maintain beauty of your skin

A beautiful skin demands your care for definite factors like eating habits, diet plans, exercises, cleansing habits and many more. Here we are describing some beneficial tips to maintain beauty of your skin:

  • Food and nutrition: The intake of nutritious food rich in essential compounds like antioxidants, biotin, calcium rich food, vitamins etc, can indeed lift up the freshness of your skin and make it look young and beautiful for prolonged time. The food items like, walnut, pomegranate, beans, eggs, salmon, etc, can also help in slowing down the aging process.
  • Consuming supplements: Apart from consuming a healthy diet, few supplements of multivitamins and minerals can fulfill the overall requirement of a healthy and beautiful skin.
  • Maintain the hydration: It is highly important to maintain the hydration of your body as it helps in releasing the harmful toxins out of your body.
  • Avoid stress: Having stress in your life is another major factor responsible for affecting the beauty and health of your body to a great extent. The mental disturbance can easily reflect through lack of freshness on your face and also result into skin problems like wrinkles on your face and likewise.
  • Use healthy and suitable skin products: Apart from consuming a healthy diet, you should also practice some cleansing methods for your skin. Most importantly, you should try to use only herbal products instead of using strong and chemical based skin products which can also cause many side effects to your skin.

In order to maintain your beauty for prolonged time, you should also try to minimize the excessive usage of make up on your skin as it can easily block the skin pores and may result into various skin problems and can affect the beauty of your skin in a severe manner.