Tricks and Tips to Make Your Smile Look Brighter

One of the first things you notice on a person is their smile. You can tell a lot about them just by watching them smile. Smiling and laughing is the most natural thing and should be done on a daily basis. Those who avoid smiling are missing a lot in life. Yet there are those whose smile isn’t as bright as it used to be, which is why they don’t smile anymore. Mourn no more, for these tips and tricks will help you recover your original smile and improve your current one. Listed below are the things which you can do to make your smile look brighter.


Choose the right makeup

Everything starts from the way you express yourself. If your makeup is right, your teeth will stand out and your smile will be brighter than ever. Choose the one that doesn’t create a huge contrast on your face, yet fits perfectly with your white smile. Don’t put on your makeup just too look look prettier; instead, think about connecting it with your skin tone in order to bring your smile into focus.


… And the right lipstick

Not all the lipsticks have the same effect on your smile. The darker the color of your lipstick, the more prominent your teeth will be. Try and find a middle ground, and find a lipstick that is not too bright or too dark. Red lipsticks used to be IN during 90s, and the fashion trend is about to return. If your teeth are perfectly white, any light color will do. However, if they have lost some of their shine, consider light plum colored lipstick, ruby orfuchsia.


Focus on your eyes

Another thing that could really, really put a spotlight on your teeth and smile is choosing the right eyeliner. Now I know what you’re thinking, what do eyes have to do with smile? Well, the answer is obvious: When your eyes twinkle, your smile follows. And no matter what kind of smile you have, it will be brighter and better if your eyes are sparkling. Remember to choose cooler shades of eye makeup to really express the true beauty your eyes possess. Opt for purple, green or blue eye liners, for they normally deflect all yellow that you might have on your teeth. This is an optical illusion which works for those whose teeth have lost their original shine.


Consider teeth whitening

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, they tend to lose their original shine over time. It’s a normal process happening to everyone, due to the food, sodas and coffee we tend to eat and drink every day. In order to return their original shine, your teeth should undergo a whitening process. If you live in a land down under, look for the best teeth whitening in Sydney and get ready to spend a few hundred dollars. Once the process is done, your teeth will be shiny and perfect, radiating with whiteness. Beauty has no price.


Eat a lot of fruits

Now who would have thought that fruits could help your smile? Scientists have proven that eating a lot of fruits, especially those rich with vitamin C and astringents can help whiten your teeth and clean plaque in the process. Not only that, but your teeth remain strong and white even after drinking coffee and eating chocolate. Your food intake reflects on your health, and you are what you eat. Focus on healthy food to improve your general health and your smile with it.


Use these beauty tips and never again be afraid to smile. It is your greatest asset, and you should be using it every day.

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