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Tips to Help You Get Your Wedding Style on Point

With so many ideas online and posts that deal with unique ideas and inspirations for a wedding day, the whole process of organization and planning can get overwhelming and you can feel torn between too many different options. Therefore, before you start looking for inspiration elsewhere, take the time to discuss things with your future spouse so that you can make this wedding truly personal and exceptional.


Theme brainstorm

What is cool and meaningful for some people doesn’t have to be for others. This day should be all about the two of you. Therefore, there’s no point in admiring the themes other people used for their own wedding. Instead, make sure to sit down together and think of meaningful and heart-warming themes that represent your particular relationship. You’ll definitely have something special in mind. And as long as it is special to you, that’s all that matters.



Perfect place to say “I do”

Similarly to choosing the best theme for this important day in your lives, you should discuss possible wedding venues. If you don’t want to go out of your way, there are some truly gorgeous wedding venues available, but you can also take some important places for the two of you into consideration. You might not be aware, but even pubs, clubs, parks, libraries, museums and similar places can be booked for an unforgettable wedding ceremony. Of course, remember to consult your wedding guest list in order to opt for the best venue possible.


Take time to find THE dress/suit

While a groom-to-be probably won’t have that much problem to find the perfect suit, a bride’s dress on the other hand can be quite a challenge. Unless you want to wear matching outfits, which would require the service of a great tailor, you should definitely be patient in your dress search. In that respect, it would be wise to start your search a few months before the wedding. That way, you’ll be able to carefully inspect your options and don’t settle for a dress that simply doesn’t have that something special that you are looking for.


Tend to the feast

Food and drinks are also a big part of the wedding day. The way the menu will be presented can also significantly contribute to your specific wedding styling, which doesn’t only mean the choice of foods and drinks but their delivery as well. In that respect, you’d definitely want to include some professional wedding catering service. Of course, don’t leave everything for someone else to decide. Even though you won’t be the cook, catering services still need to meet your demands and you should freely give your own opinion when it comes to certain details, or even the whole menu.


Final details

Only when you have the general theme, venue and refreshments worked out, should you check out the Internet for help. That way, you can use the ideas and details in order to complete the whole wedding arrangement so that they can fit with what you two originally imagined and decided on. Even though these are just the finishing touches, you might want to incorporate a lot of them, which can take some time, so start finalizing things at least a month before the big day.



As long as you follow your own ideals and use your own personal story as a guide, you’ll be able to find your perfect wedding style. Of course, you can always ask someone else for advice, but in the end, it’s essential that you are the ones to make the final decision. After all, this is the day that will celebrate the unique love that you two share.


10 Key Questions To Ask Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress that looks perfect on you, matches your style (and your expectations!) and, of course, your wedding shoes is a difficult process.

Knowing the right questions to ask will bring you closer to the dress of your dreams.


1. Am I Working With A Reputable Salon?

Before you even start looking at dresses, ensure you’re booking appointments at the right bridal salons. Take your time to do some research. Read online reviews, ask newlyweds where they bought their dresses and what their experience was like.

2. Do I Need An Appointment?

Even though each salon has its own policy, bigger salons usually work on an appointment-only basis and require bookings about three or four weeks in advance, so plan ahead and ensure you are able to book a place!


3. Who should I bring with me?

Depending on how important getting the perfect dress is to you, buying your wedding dress can be one of the most stressful parts in planning a wedding. Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking too many people, take one or two who’s opinions you trust and take your time.

4. Are fittings and alterations included?

Don’t forget to ask the wedding consultant if any alterations or fittings are included in the price as these may affect your budget. Brides can expect an average of two to four fittings before their wedding dress is the perfect fit.

5. Are there any upcoming trunk shows?

Designers tend to use trunk shows to display wedding dresses that are not in store. In most cases, you can meet the designer in person and talk to them about the kind of dress you like, ask if any alterations can be made and even buy a dress at a discounted price!

6. Does my dress suit my wedding?

You need to take into account your venue and the time of year you’re are getting married in. You might want to avoid long trains if you’re getting married outside and perhaps rethink backless or strapless dresses if you are getting married in the winter.

7. How Does The Payment Process Work?

Most bridal salons require a deposit that accounts for 50% of the ticket price of the wedding dress, though this differs from store to store. It may also be worth checking the cancellation policy since every contract is different.

8. What type of dress suits my body shape?

All bodies are different and there are many different shapes of wedding dresses. Ultimately it’s down to what you feel happy and confident in, but there will likely be certain styles better suited to different shaped women. Just because a dress doesn’t look flattering on the hanger, it doesn’t mean it won’t look great on! Explore your options and try them all!

9. How do I put on my dress?

Although this sounds like a silly question, depending on the style of dress there may be a corset or hidden zippers. Ensure you know what you’re doing and have a few practice trials with a friend or bridesmaid, this will avoid any unnecessary stress on your big day

10. How do I store my dress?

Different fabrics need different attention, and wedding dresses are usually difficult to maneuver. Ask in store for the best way to go about looking after your dress and whether the dress will arrive already steamed.

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Molly is a Marketing assistant at Pink Paradox London. Molly has always been interested in fashion, specifically shoes, and regularly writes content for both Pink Paradox and Benjamin Adams.

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Wedding Venues

Exceptional Wedding Venues

Once you’ve decided to get married and spend the rest of your lives together, it’s time to start planning the wedding. Finding the perfect unique wedding venue can be time-consuming, but it’s the most important decision you’ll be making during the entire organization. While some of the couples choose for the traditional restaurant venues, or have a wedding at their home, others prefer something edgy and unorthodox. Check out some of the most exceptional wedding venues and have the wedding like no other.



You may have never thought of the wedding under the sea, but it’s very much a reality of the 21st century. The streets of Trang are filled with betrothed couples on the annual ceremony, and they all parade through the city. Later, the beach orchestrates a traditional Thai celebration before couples dive under the sea to exchange their vows. Therefore, consider this as one of your wedding options. Explore the wonders of Thailand and tie the knot in the depths of the beautiful ocean.

Wedding Venues


If you love cold weather, and enjoy snowy and cool atmosphere, ice hotel in Sweden is the perfect wedding venue for you. This tranquil and beautiful place will provide you with the whitest wedding you could ever imagine. The ice hotel is located in Swedish Lapland and it’s constructed of snow and ice. The chapel has a gorgeous ice altar and seating cover in reindeer skin. Not only can you get married here, but you could spend a honeymoon in this unique place as well.

Wedding Venues 1


Couples who enjoy extreme sports and love the adrenalin rush would love getting married on the top of the mountain. Have a ceremony on top of the world by choosing Mount Everest for your wedding venue. Saying, “I do” on the world’s highest peak would be an unforgettable experience for sure. You probably wouldn’t be able to bring all your guests up there, but if you haven’t planned a large wedding, or if you decided to elope, this is the perfect destination for just the two of you.

Wedding Venues 2


Wedding on a boat is incredibly romantic. Sydney is the perfect city where you could decide to exchange the vows while enjoying the magnificent cruise. A cruise ship is one of the most charming wedding venues because it will give you the opportunity to see the amazing Sydney Opera House and other gorgeous sights while you are getting married to the love of your life.


Choosing the natural beauties of our planet for the ultimate wedding venue is very original and will make the entire ceremony unforgettable. Iceland as the land full of mystery is filled with mesmerizing sights you could enjoy. Fabulous mountains and glaciers will make the entire experience breathtaking, and will definitely convince you to come back again some time. Oxara waterfall is perfect for civil ceremonies, so if you’re a fan of this kind of adventure, make sure you travel to Iceland immediately.

Wedding Venues 3


China with its rich history and unique tradition is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Therefore, choosing a wedding venue that’s visible from outer space would leave a tremendous impact on all of your guests. The Great Wall of China was the place of numerous great loves, which makes it a perfect place to get married at. You could enjoy the gorgeous scenery and be one of the few lucky couples who tied the knot at this unique place.

Ice hotels, sea weddings, ship cruise, and mountain top weddings are just some of the fabulous places in the world where you could say, “I do”. If you wish for the most unique wedding of all choose some of our suggestions, or explore the world by yourself. Either way, your wedding will be the most exceptional.

Look Pretty At A Salon

Look and feel Pretty In the Salon

If you’re going to take the effort to nap, possibly the best steps you can take is almost always to relax for a place where an individual will handle you and also make you look fresher and a lot more beautiful. Where would be that place? For the hair and facial salon and spa, undoubtedly.


Nowadays beauty salons and spas at the moment are popular, today some rice it was actually considered a luxury that only a number of people have access to too. It’s the right place to search if you would like to wind down yourself, or get yourself more beautiful. Everyone can check out a beauty shop and spa chill out and buy their own bodies and beauty services now.
Look Pretty At A Salon

An elegance salon and spa usually make their it actually possible to feel much better contained in the product while looking really beautiful. Men and women can savor the services on the beauty spa and salon. Historically, it turned out mostly women who want about making themselves look more beautiful, except for anymore. Have realized how feeling good and relaxed can aid increase their good looks, and the way they may get it done with a spa and salon.

Hair salon and spa have a great deal of services this really is committed to your hair, nails and face. A beauty salon having spa also provides relaxing massages for the body. There are numerous of which who offers foot spa and massage for people who prefer to lengthy feet the chance to relax looking for a long day. You may as well go to a spa tub for services such as. Particularly people plan to look beautiful after the relaxing massage, a beauty salon and spa can take proper care you.

Some beauty salon and spa in addition provide flower garden body wax as well as analysts also have tanning salons. There are numerous of other services you can buy which may take care of every aspect of your body, within your hair, performed to claws of one’s extremities.

If you’re the call to overall look and feeling lovely and gorgeous, never hesitate to travel to a beauty salon and spa.

Basic Makeup Tips

Basic Makeup: How to Apply? Part II

In the previous blog, you have seen how important it is to have a clean face before you actually start applying makeup.  You would also remember how one should apply a good concealer to cover the dark circles or blemishes that are there on the face.  Then of course, we have dealt with the way in which a good foundation can be applied.  In this blog, we will further see how the entire procedure of applying makeup can be taken forward.


Setting the foundation:  Come to seriously think of it, this step is extremely essential if you wish the makeup to last for a long time.  For this, you should make use of setting powder and this will help in holding the concealer and foundation in its place.  Make use of a fluffy and large brush so that you can cover the entire face in either matching or a neutral setting powder.  This becomes crucial if you are using the liquid foundation.  When you use the setting powder, it will help in removing the extra sheen from your foundation.

Basic Makeup

Applying the highlighter:  Once you are done with applying the foundation, your next move should be in the direction of applying the highlighter.  Highlighter will help in breaking the monotony of the uniform color you have achieved through applying the foundation.  You can make use of a powder or cream to highlight specific areas on your face.  For instance, you can highlight the area below your eyebrows or the inner corners of the eyes, the center of Cupid’s bow or sides of the cheekbones.  Do not do all, but choose to highlight one or two so that it looks perfect.  You could apply the highlighter with your fingers or make use of a highlighter brush too.

Contouring:   This is essential to bring out the highlights in the face.  This is a process wherein a powder is used which is just a few shades more intense than the original skin tone of the person.  Generally, contouring is needed on the hollows of the cheeks, under the cheekbones and sides of the nose.  When contouring is done in the right manner it will help a person’s face look longer and thinner in appearance.

Basic Makeup Tips

Applying a little blush:  This is the final stage in preparing your face.  Add a little bit of color to your cheeks.  Well, you should be cautious when you are choosing the color as it has to gel well with the foundation and contouring you have done.  So, do not get it heavy and go slow on the color so that it gives an overall blended look.

Filling in the eyebrows:  This may be the last step considering the condition in which your eyebrows are in.  Yes, fullness of the eyebrows does not call for much of making up.  Filling in the eyebrows is strongly recommended for those people who have sparse or thin eyebrows.  Choose an eyebrow pencil whose color is close to the color of your hair.  Outline the edges of the eyebrows and then start filling in towards the center by using a little color.  With the help of small strokes, and done in the direction of the hair growth, fill up the entire space.

Now, your face is fully ready with the basic makeup done.


Vintage Bridal Trousseau is the Flavor of This Wedding Season

Without a doubt one of the most important and significant details of the celebration of a wedding is the wedding dress. If you have dreamt of wearing a vintage wedding dress then what can be classier? Have a detailed look, keep a theme in your mind and start longing to find that dress that reflects the magic of yesteryears. Certainly you are not sure how or where to start, do not worry! Here are some tips to help you find the dress with retro flavor that your heart and your sophisticated sense of aesthetics are seeking.

First things first

WEDDINGDefining your wedding budget is essential. The good news is that there is a wide range of prices in terms of vintage wedding dresses. But you need the defined budget as well as considering the cost of the dress as there are chances that you will have to do cleanings, patches, seams, improvements, or embellish dress one way or another.

Note: Although in theory, everyone says a vintage bridal dress is cheaper than one of a fashion house, but the price factor depends on several factors. Among the factors that determine the cost are the physical state of the garment, the quality, the designer, the popularity of the time, and even the marketer of the garment.

Now the good …

Where to get a vintage dress

vintage dressIn the trunk of your grandmother: From grandma, aunt, or to the owner of that retro café who told you that there is a vintage wedding gown in her trunk, then this a good news. The truth is that some of the cutest vintage dresses are part of family history. Use a dress that has belonged to someone in your family (or your partner’s family) as this comes with very special feelings.

Note: In case anyone wants to share a valuable part of your family history with you (either your family or not) speak clearly of how you plan to use the outfit and describe exactly what you plan to do with it. Remove stains, repair, modify, shorten, lengthen, redesign, reinterpret, paint, or whatever that involves a risk that the garment outgrows should be discussed extensively and in great detail before borrowing it. Maybe the changes will result in a fabulous dress but many people have strong emotional ties to such apparels and also that you surely do not want to hurt feelings or cause an emotional damage to a family or friendly relationship for the sake of just a garment.

In consignment stores

Consignment stores used to be the secret place where the vintage fashionistas bought and then dazzle with fabulous vintage clothes that they got at the best prices. Today also, you can get some of the best clothes in such consignment stores. Visit your local store, see what they have to offer, become a friend of the manger, tell him/her your plans and maybe you can send a little message if they receive something you might be interested in. (That’s how the experts do it.)

In vintage clothing and antique shops

Obviously, a good option is to go with the specialists. Even if there is no vintage clothing store in your area, there should be antique shops. Visit them, see what they have, and ask each a couple of recommendations. Probably know of other traders and can guide you to where to find a bridal vintage dress.

Traditional Indian touch

Traditional Indian touchDonning an Indian wedding trousseau is the latest trend these days among the brides across the globe. You can try one in bright red or fuchsia for your wedding day. However, make sure that the decoration, the groom’s wedding dress and the theme match your dress. Head to an Indian wedding or clothing store and find the best one for your marriage. Also you can contact your Indian friends and seek their suggestions.


How to Throw a Victorian Wedding

You were made perfectly to be loved, and surely I have loved you, in the idea of you, my whole life long.”

So went the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning in one of the most quotable sound-bites of the Victorian era, a time truly awash in romance. Still decades away from suffrage and gender equality, the average Victorian woman aspired for nothing more than marrying into fortune. More than anything, she looked forward to romance like her life depended on it.

Are you interested, per chance, in a Victorian-themed wedding? Wax nostalgic with this guide.


Like the literature of the era, the Victorian wedding is characteristically flowery. If you should take any advice, pull out all the stops in blossomy décor. Instead of rolling out a red carpet, carpet the wedding aisle with petals. Deck the church and reception area with roses, rosemary and myrtle. Make sure the bridal bouquet is in a metal cone called a tussy mussy.

Bridal attire

One lasting legacies of the Victorian era is the use of white on bridal dresses. Before Victorian times, the white wedding dress was seen as a sign of poverty, and women would rather wear their best green, brown and black frocks. Then on her 1840 wedding to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria wore an ivory dress; bridal fashion has never been the same since.

Victorian WeddingA quintessentially Victorian wedding dress would have a fitted bodice high in the neck and sleeves that reach to the wrists. The skirt should fall over hoops and petticoats. The veil would be made of diaphanous gauze, cotton, lace, or silk tulle and touch the feet. Most importantly, the veil must be suspended from a headdress of flowers, preferably maiden-blush roses and orange blossoms. The bride would also wear white kid gloves and white brocade or satin slippers.

Groom’s attire

A Victorian groom would wear a morning dress with a dark blue, claret or mulberry frock coat, a cravat, and white gloves. His lapel typically held a large boutonniere of lilies, gardenias or sprigs. He was seldom seen without a black top hat.


Nuptials of the era often took place in church, i.e. the parish of the bride. Otherwise, the setting might be at home, ideally the backyard garden of a manor. Couples would also wed at the park or botanical garden.

Date and time

Victorian culture was steeped in superstition. True to form, brides would choose Mondays and Tuesdays for the wedding, as these days supposedly bring health and wealth, respectively. Wednesday was the most auspicious time to marry though, while Thursday, Friday, and Saturday signified “crosses, losses, and no luck,” respectively. Sunday would be blasphemous.

Laws of the time stipulated that ceremonies must take place in the morning. The best time for a Victorian wedding was between 10 am and 12 pm. Later laws allowed functions as late as 3 pm, while couples in hotter climes held the event in the cool evening. Of course, no rule today stops you from holding a wedding beyond morning.

Good luck

In keeping with the era’s superstitious bent, the bride and groom would exchange vows under such symbols of good luck as a bell or wishbone. After the ceremony, guests showered the newlyweds with birdseed to promote fertility.


Victorian wedding rings equated to gold bands engraved with the couple’s initials and the date of the wedding. Bands that drop during the ceremony were believed to ward off evil spirits.


If you want a truly Victorian wedding, eschew the cars for carriages. A carriage pulled by four white horses epitomised weddings then. Meanwhile, rich couples of the era were known to ride on a carriage drawn by a grey horse.


Victorian-era wedding receptions took place at the bride’s home. Ushers were tasked to guide guests to the couple, who would stand flanked by the bridesmaids in an ornately decorated location at home. In the reception area, the bridal entourage were traditionally the only ones seated; everyone else had standing room. Tables were prepared in larger spaces though.


It was a common view at the time to treat the wedding as an honour in itself. Therefore, no live entertainment was necessary. However, more fulsome Victorian weddings were marked with evening merrymaking.

To channel the gaiety of the era, hire a wedding band instead of a DJ, as the latter would sound very anachronistic. Have them garbed in costumes of the period, for good measure.


Since Victorian weddings typically took place in the morning, guests were usually treated to breakfast fare. Menu often included oysters, galantines, and cold game, while simpler preparations consisted of tea, scones, petit fours, and fresh summer fruits.

Victorian newlyweds’ choice confectionery was a multi-tier Victoria sponge with raspberry jam and whipped vanilla cream: a favourite of the Queen herself.


It was the height of Victorian tradition to serve a trio of wedding cakes, two for the bride and groom and one as the centrepiece. The latter was always dark fruitcake festooned with orange blossoms. The cakes usually held rings, pennies, thimbles, buttons, and other charms for guests to uncover. Every guest left with a boxed slice of cake.

Party favours

To complete your Victorian wedding, distribute oh-so-Victorian keepsakes like cameo brooches, lace handkerchiefs, and vintage china teacups. Another idea is to give them Victorian crackers that open up to reveal knick-knacks. Or you may give away paper fans emblazoned with love quotes, since the era was typified by much fanning. 


Best Hair and Makeup Tips for Every Event

Have you ever wonder how some women always seem to look fabulous no matter what hair or makeup they’re wearing, no matter where or what event they go? Chances are, they weren’t born with it, they just know what would be the right makeup and hairstyle for the event they are going.

Wearing proper makeup and hairstyle needs many things to consider, like the selection of the proper beautician, selection of the proper cosmetics with proper quality, and so on. If a woman has no idea about the fashion of hair and makeup, then she should concern the perfect and professional beautician who can convert her from common to an elegant and gorgeous one.

Below are examples of professional tips on makeup and hairstyle for every event:


  • Bride

When you’re looking back through your wedding album and reliving the memories years after your big day, there’s one thing above all that will shine through and that’s how beautiful you looked on that day. After all of the planning and efforts you made for the most special day of your life, looking your very best often feels impossible. This is why it is so important that you look for your bridal makeup artist for your wedding. Most artists use a foundation with staying power, mascara that doesn’t run, and a lipstick that keeps in place in your lips. You need a long-lasting makeup because you need to stay beautiful throughout the day, from church to reception, and until the end of the wedding. With your hair, make sure that it is properly arranged and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. Most brides usually wear their hair pulled back in a ponytail to reveal their beauty and in order for them to feel comfortable throughout the day.

  • Guest

Being a guest on a wedding ceremony, you want to look your best but not to upstage the bride or risk looking like a member of a bridal entourage. A soft and pretty look is best for a guest on a wedding. Try smoky eyes with neutral tones and go for natural definition over strong statement looks because you don’t want to steal the limelight on the bride’s big day isn’t it? Go for simple hairstyle too that matches your dress and your makeup. It is very important for your whole package.

Job interview

The image you present is really important in a job. Appearances matter and how you look is what makes the first impression on the interviewer. That impression needs to be a very good one. All you need to do is keep your hair clean in medium length and find colour in nature. For your makeup, use just enough foundation to even out skin tone. Lipstick, blush, or eye shadow should be of the palest shades. Don’t use makeup just to try to appear much younger than you are. The first thing the interviewer will do is look at the date of birth on your application. Avoid applying too much makeup that makes you look like a different person.


The last day you saw the people you are going to see in the reunion or gathering that you are attending is surely has been years or long time ago. You definitely want to look presentable or beautiful on that day. Your friends or relatives will tell you how you look since your last reunion or gathering. In order to look presentable, you just need to look simple. Put foundation on your face and neck to even out the skin tone on your face to your neck. Add some colours on your eyes; choose the colour that you like. It is a good idea to match the colour of your eye makeup with the colour of your dress that you are going to wear. Lastly, put a lipstick or a lip gloss. Then there you are, ready to enjoy the party.

Conference Meeting

People who are attending a conference meeting are surely respected people due to their positions or kind of business they have. This idea will tell you what style for corporate hair and makeup is needed if you are going to attend a conference meeting. Wear makeup that will suit the event but do not overstate. Choose good foundation for your skin tone, use eye shadow that complements your eyes, put eyeliner and mascara to emphasise the beauty and shapes of your eyes. If you did heavy makeup with your eyes, then do light on your lips. Do not go heavy on both or you will look like a clown. Remember that’s a conference and not a children’s party.

It is very important to put the right amount of makeup and the proper style of your hair in every event that you will attend. This will leave a good or bad comment to you. Apparently, you don’t want any bad impression just because you didn’t properly wear the right makeup for the right event. Though they say that the beauty is beyond what eyes can see, it’s still important to literally look good for each event that you are attending. Always remember that even if you wear proper makeup, you won’t look good if you don’t wear the right dress and don’t forget to smile.

Jewellery, Wedding

Glamorize your wedding – Pep up your look with the right jewelry and headbands

Isn’t your wedding day meant to be a time of pure beauty and joy? Don’t you think that your wedding dress plays a huge role on that special day? Not only is your dress important but also the associated accoutrements matter a lot. Chances are high that if you’ve already bought your wedding dress, you must still be looking for possible accessories. Did you know that by adding a beautiful tiara or headband, you can easily draw more compliments? When there is a crowded reception party, the crowd should know who is the bride by seeing the headpiece which is carefully placed on her head. To complete your bridal look, you should find tiaras, headbands, V-bands and even bun rings along with all the other jewelries and accessories. Women can find wedding tiaras in jewelry stores, on manufacturer websites and even on online buying and selling websites like eBay.


Wedding headpieces – The different styles you can afford

Women will never find a lack in the different kinds of designs of headbands, wedding tiaras in the market. Such hair accessories are made from different kinds of materials like platinum, gold, silver, chrome and plastic as well. The headbands might include settings which are filled with stones and jewels like quartz, pearls, rubies, emeralds, topaz and diamonds. If you’re on a tight budget, you can even get less expensive tiaras and headbands with paste stones, inexpensive semi-precious stones, cut glass, which will be a most cost-effective option for you. Here are the different headpieces that you might opt for.


  • Tiara: The tiara is more like a crown which is usually worn by religious figures and royal people. These are delicately decorated bands of metal that are worn horizontally at the top of the head and which looks more like a crown. Tiaras are usually worn with veils and wedding dresses as an added decoration and when you want to add that special look, you should get yourself a tiara. When the bride takes off her veil in the wedding reception, it is easier to recognize her.
  • Headbands: This is an beautifully and elegantly decorated band which is used to hold back the hair and also serves as a hair accessory for the bride. This is a band which sits at the top of the head and rests behind the ears. This is a good option for all those who love to wear beautiful accessories but don’t love to wear a tiara. If you are a bride who wants to lay your hair down, this is the best accessory for you.
  • Bun ring: The bun ring is more of a traditional headpiece that is in no way similar to a tiara or a headband. If you prepare a bun, you can put on this bun ring to make your bun look royal and classy. This is a flat wide ring of metal and which is decorated with intricate jewels.

So, if you’re about to reach your D-day, you’re supposed to check all the wedding accessories so that you can glamorize your wedding. Before you take the final plunge, you should check the excellent prices on jewelry & wedding headbands at different stores.


All Inclusive Atlanta weddings

A picture perfect wedding is easy with Atlanta weddings as your choice venue. The setting is gorgeous, helping to make every detail of your nuptials become a lifetime memory for you and your spouse. Wedding planning is very stressful, but with help, one of the biggest events in your life is made easier. Choose the colors for your bridesmaids and the style of tux and leave the rest to our all-inclusive venue.

Everyone has a different budget. Wedding facilities are available to fit the time you need a space and within your budget. Shopping for music, catering and flowers takes a lot out of any bride. Add shopping for dresses, tuxedos, planning the ceremony and a bride and groom can really get worn out. Atlanta weddings pulls an event together so you can relax.

Atlanta weddings

Wedding decor is expensive but there are places with natural scenery. Mix this with flowers, elegant tableware and you will have a lovely setting for a gorgeous wedding. Supplying food and beverages for your guest is another area of concern. Food prepared deliciously and attractively helps to present an inviting event to guest. Professional catering makes sure every morsel of food is decorative and delicious. This chore includes making arrangements for guest with dietary restrictions. Running out of food is a worry when planning a wedding feast. This can, and does happen without the help of a professional caterer. You want every guest to enjoy their meal on your special day.

Wedding guest look forward to a lovely reception and you want to choose a splendid place to introduce your new marriage to the world. Treat everyone attending your nuptials to the very best, with a place that is second to none. Entertain in the finest style at a venue with beautifully manicured lawns, attractive banquet rooms and a great catering facility. Get your wedding cake and banquet facilities prepared by experienced planners and celebrate in an atmosphere fit for royalty. Plan your wedding at a venue that takes care of everything.

Planning a wedding with the help of professional planners makes the whole event more enjoyable. A wedding package delivers details a bride might miss. With the inclusive venue you are presented with plans that must meet your approval. These plans include everything a wedding involves, saving the wedding couple, much aggravation. Plan a garden wedding or an indoor gala with tux and tails. Add gorgeous amenities, with hundreds of people attending and it is done. Spare yourself the worry about a photographer and vendors; this is all arranged.

Certain times of the year are considered the wedding season but with a beautiful setting any season of the year is exquisite. Gather your ideas together and a professional wedding planner can show you how to make the season of your choice a lovely time for your wedding. Atlanta weddings has private parking with an exclusive location. Invite your friends and family to an event without the worry of the world invading your privacy. Whether your wedding is traditional or simple, a private place to celebrate your special event is important.