Toy Shopping Tips: Perfect Gifts for Kids

We all want to make our kids happy. Sometimes, we are even ready to spend an entire fortune on super-expensive toys just to see the heartwarming smile on their little faces. After all, is there anything more important than that? However, many parents have started wondering whether and where they should possibly draw the line at choosing presents for their children. Although this entire process might seem too simple to a layman, all parents know that choosing a perfect gift for their kid can be extremely frustrating and tricky. This happens because almost all toy stores offer a wide range of products that overwhelm us to such extent that we forget to pose questions like “How do I know if I’m buying a perfect gift for my little princess?”


All in all, one thing is sure; parents should keep a lot of things in mind during toy shopping. If you are now pressed with time, don’t worry, we made a brief list of things you need to pay special attention to!

Is the toy age-appropriate?

Gifts for Kids

One of the most common mistakes parents make is purchasing toys that aren’t appropriate for their kid’s age. You should always keep in mind that each age requires different toys that will contribute to both your kid’s physical and mental development. The best way to determine whether a particular toy is adequate for your child or not, is to read the instructions on its packing, where you will be given straightforward and detailed information needed. For example, babies enjoy playing with mobiles, rattles and everything soft and fluffy that makes amusing noises, while one-year olds simply adore sorting, riding as well as push-and-pull toys.

Toddlers are grown up enough to enjoy playing with toys that require more complex developmental and mental skills, such as puzzle solving, brick building games, dress-up games, as well as various arts and crafts systems.

Is the toy safe?

The notion of safety is pretty complex and it consists of various aspects. Firstly, safety can be related to the age-appropriacy. Not all toys are safe in the same way. For example, some toys could simply be loud or annoying enough that they simply disturb your kid over and over again. In this case, you could simply pick toys that don’t require batteries. At the same time, if you have a child under the age of 3, you should pay special attention to the toys consisting of dozens of tiny parts on which he or she could choke on. If you want to play safe (which is, of course, always recommended), you should choose safe toys with sturdy construction, which are easily washable.

Is the toy safe

Secondly, safety can also refer to the materials out of which the toy is made. In making regular, usually poor quality toys, toy manufacturers use a variety of dangerous materials and synthetic substances and colors that could cause numerous health problems. Therefore, if you want to make 100% sure that your child plays with the safest toys only, you should go old school and choose first-class wooden, eco toys, such as Janod, which are free from such toxins and enable our kids to have fun in the safest possible way.

Is the toy stimulating enough?

Apart from providing children with the toys they want, all parents are also responsible for their physical and mental development. According to numerous medical and psychological researches, as they grow up, children become interested in the world around them and that’s a great chance for you to teach your child that acquiring knowledge can be super-interesting.

Is the toy stimulating enough

One of the best ways to stimulate your kids is to provide them with a variety of educational toys. Believe it or not, there are numerous regular toys that, although seem intriguing, actually slow down our kids’ intellectual growth and, unfortunately, that’s usually something we don’t even notice. Therefore, we should always go for toys that will improve our children’s intellectual, social and logical thinking and behavior.

Many people think that games that require memorizing and repeating are the best way for our children to improve their intellectual skills, but it’s not true. Namely, such toys require just the lowest intellectual processes such as the basic repetition, without any kind of further advance. Therefore, instead of choosing such games only, you should choose ones that enhance critical thinking, concluding, coordination and motor skills, as well as eye stimulation.

All in all, parents are the ones who are completely responsible for their kids’ health, happiness and intellectual improvement. Although these seem like three completely separated issues, they are actually closely related and can be dealt with from the children’s earliest age. All you have to do is to follow these tips and you will soon manage to choose perfect gift for your kid, avoiding wasting too much money or making your home a vibrant battlefield of toy parts scattered all over the room. Good luck!

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