Are You Sure Your Designer Handbag Is Not Fake? Maybe You Should Check Again

You’re simply obsessed with brands. Everything you wear, right from your hair band to the nail colour of your toenail has to be branded. For an item to belong to your closet, it has to be labelled; otherwise, it just doesn’t belong there. You’re obsessed with brands because you know that something that is simply picked off the racks can never match the quality and the aesthetic appeal of a designer piece. Be it handbags, clothes, jewellery, shoes, or even the tissue you use to wipe your hands with, you want it to be labelled. Some might call it an unnecessary obsession, but you know it’s necessary. Your friends buy 20 handbags in 4 years, but you still carry what you carried 4 years ago and it never fails to draw attention wherever you go.


One day, you bought a Prada handbag at a local store at the mall and only when you went home, you realised that you’ve brought home a fake Prada and not the real one It hurt you real bad. No, not the money. You’re hurt because you couldn’t believe this could happen to a brand-obsessed lady like you. So you decided that you would learn how to distinguish a fake handbag from the real one that very day. And until you learn, you won’t shop.


How To Recognise A Fake Designer Handbag?

  • The first thing you should keep in mind is that a designer handbag has its own tags, signatures, and charms that become its recognition signs. When you buy an expensive handbag, look for all these symbols and carefully note down where they are located on the face of the bag. Usually, designer-inspired handbags look like the designer ones from a distance. But when you look closely, you’ll find a few minor changes like the spelling or the logo. If you’re sure of the symbols, you’ll know that is not the handbag you were looking for.
  • What you should be even more careful about are fake bags. You can’t set them apart from the usual ones because they exactly look like the original s. There is absolutely no difference between the logo and the spelling of this phoney bag and the original one. Be careful, buying such bags is illegal.
  • There are a few more small things that you could notice to find out if the handbag you have bought is a fake one. For instance, if you’re buying it online, zoom the image closely and check if the stitchings are straight and are of high-quality. If the stitching is uneven or sloppy, then you’ll know it is a fake handbag. Now check the serial number. Yes, fake handbag also has a serial number, But the font will be different. The next thing you should see is the lining of the bag. In a real designer handbag, the lining is made from leather. If it seems like paper rubbing, it’s definitely fake.

Use these pointers and get street smart. Don’t let anyone hoodwink you into buying a fake one. Buy original handbags at affordable prices online. Online shopping will save your time and effort.

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