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Easy Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoes

The happiest day of your life should be remembered exactly like that, filled with joy, happiness, and positive energy everyone will bring along. Therefore, you have to make the right choice when it comes to your bridal shoes. The last thing you need is sore feet in the middle of the reception. All you need to do is to follow a few simple rules, in order to dance carefree all night long.


The Fabric Matters

Firstly, you must decide what fabric your shoe will be made of. Raw silk, satin, or crepe are often the fabrics of the wedding dress, which is why brides usually choose one of these for the shoes as well. However, you may decide to use a different approach and choose the fabric that does not match the one of the dress. This can actually add a unique touch to the entire look.

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Color Coordination

The best would be for you to select a shoe color that matches the gown. This may require bringing a swatch of dress along with you, so that you are sure the colors match perfectly. More often than not, brides choose to dye their wedding shoes to ensure the color coordination. Furthermore, you can buy shoes in a shade that compliments the accessories rather than the color of the dress. Additionally, pearls, rhinestones, beads, and sequins can also look gorgeous, especially if the dress is not rich in embellishments.

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Do Not Go Overboard With Price

Regardless of this being the most important day of your life, and the fact you want to look fabulous, high price does not mean the shoes are worth it. Overpriced footwear is not always the best choice, especially bridal one that you will be wearing just this one time. Choose wisely and go through all the possible stores and try on both expensive and more affordable shoes, and see which feel better on your feet.

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Choose Comfort

A wedding lasts through an entire day, and the last thing you need is sore toes in the middle of your walk down the aisle. Comfort is essential to consider when shopping for bridal shoes, because you are going to have to walk for miles that day, starting from ceremony, through the reception and all the way to the endless photo sessions. 3-inch heel size is the best height you will be comfortable wearing.

Heels are not a requirement, however. If you are not used to wearing them do not buy high heels, but opt for ballerinas, or some other shoe. If you love wearing heels, just remember it is crucial you buy them in advance, so that you can wear them at home a couple of times, and make them fit your feet perfectly.

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Watch for the Weather and the Venue

Aside from the style of your dress, you should also be thinking about the season your wedding is going to be held in. Summer is the perfect season for an open-toe, satin, off-white slipper in combination with open-back, off the shoulder satin gown. On the other hand, winter months require closed footwear. Therefore, plain raw silk closed shoe would match perfectly a traditional raw silk, full-skirted gown. However, if you opt for an informal wedding instead of making a big celebration, casual ballet slippers, or embellished sandals can also look great.

Additionally, you must consider the venue of the wedding when buying bridal shoes. You will not be able to walk in heels if the wedding is held at the beach. Moreover, consider the entire wedding day journey before you make the final choice of the perfect pair.

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Think About the Groom As Well

It is essential that on the day of the wedding both you and the groom look fabulous. This is why you have to keep in mind the height of the groom as well, when buying bridal shoes. You should consider higher heels if you are much shorter than your husband-to-be. Additionally, heels have the power to tone and slenderize legs, alongside lengthening the overall figure.

It is essential you choose the pair of shoes you will feel most comfortable wearing. No matter how fast it may go by, the day is going to be long, intense, and overwhelming. Therefore, follow these suggestions so you do not end up thinking about your sore feet the entire time.

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