What Kind of Shoes to Wear with Your Skinny Jeans?

Even though skinny jeans looked like they are a fad or, the experience has shown that they are going to stay under the spotlight for quite some time. What makes them great is that they flatter almost any figure, an especially if yours is that skinny, elongated one, then you are probably the queen of skinny jeans. Now, if you want to master this garment, there are some tips and advice you should take so keep reading and find out how to choose and what to wear with your skinny jeans.


How to choose skinny jeans?

image 3The first thing you should look for when choosing your skinny jeans is the colour. The trick is that bright colours will draw attention to your legs and will bring the focus to your outfit, whereas darker colours will do what they are called – make your skinnier. What you should also have in mind is that this type of clothing is not made for business, so unless your company is not casual, do not wear them to work. And even then, you should pick darker colours in order not to draw much attention. Another important thing is to watch out not to pick neither too loose or too tight pair, because your need them to be loose enough for easier movement and bending. Pay special attention to hips and things, because these are critical areas. And when it comes to high vs. low vs. regular rise – the choice is completely yours.

Flat shoes

image 10Skinny jeans are very grateful to wear with almost any kind of shoes. If your legs are long and thin, ballet flats will flatter them the most because they will not stand out too much or call attention to your feet. If you want to look more slimming, you can try out flats with pointy toes, but only under the condition that you are not too worried about the size of your feet. On the other hand, if you are short and not lean, wearing flats will just emphasise this fact, so make sure to avoid them.

Boots and high heels

image 11It seems that skinny jeans were made to be worn with boots – their biggest asset is that they can easily be tucked into them. This is why you can wear them with ankle boots, heeled boots and any kind of boots (except for short and bulky) in combination with super skinny jeans for example. And when it comes to high heels – the world is yours. Many fashionistas think that basic pumps with pointed toes work best with skinny jeans, but you can try out literally any kind or type of shoes.


image 4If you have not heard of booties yet, here is where you can find out more about them. Basically, women’s booties are those high-heeled shoes which cover the top front of your foot but do not go past the ankle. When in combination with skinny jeans, they can be either a bulls-eye or a complete miss, so make sure you know what you are doing when you try to combine them with skinny jeans. What you can try as a test is to try this ‘balancing test’: if they have platform soles, you will have to add some volume to your top in order to balance things out.


image 9Yes, it is possible – skinny jeans are made for any kind of shoes. This includes even sports shoes and sneakers. Especially if you love that casual look – this combination will make you ultra casual and relaxed. However, skinny jeans do not look great with puffy cross-trainers, so make sure to avoid them or at least not pair them when you go running. On the other hand, trim low tops are the cutest when paired with denim jeans, but we are sure you already have your favorite pair of shoes or sneakers you are planning to combine with your skinny jeans.

And finally, skinny jeans are a type of clothing that flatter your figure, so do not forget to wear them with a smile on your face. They are very comfortable and will make you look like a fashion queen in almost any kind of combination. If you have any other tips, do not hesitate and leave them in the comments section below.

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