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Celebrities that continue to inspire with the help of tattoos

In this day and age, tattoos have definitely become a form of art and a way to express individuality in the most unique and special way possible. Celebrities are a great inspiration for many people with the great and meaningful work they do but some took it even further and used tattoos to push their motivational beliefs to the next level.


Angelina Jolie

Angie is a great actress as well as a human being which she proved with her many movies and fights for human rights as the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for the Refugees. She has many tattoos but one that is especially inspirational is the one she has on the back of her neck. An inscription saying “Know Your Rights” written in gothic letters symbolizes her struggle and belief in human equality.

Angelina Jolie 2

Megan Fox

Known for her exceptional beauty, actress Megan Fox tries to inspire not only her fans but those who want to seek success in the unforgiving world of Hollywood as well. “We will all Laugh at gilded butterflies” is a quote from the Shakespeare’s King Lear and while the sentence itself is very delicate and beautiful as well as free for interpretation by many, Megan says that she wanted to address the issue of difficult life that any celebrity has to face by explaining that to her, this quote means “to not get too caught up in Hollywood because people will end up laughing at you.”

Megan Fox 1

Johnny Depp

This handsome and marvelous actor has a fair number of tattoos. He tattooed the names of the most important people in his life as well as symbols that mean a lot to him personally such as number 3 that he considers an ultimate lucky number and a snake that shows his Native American roots. There are many others and even though they might not bring a clear message to other people, the message that Depp himself has to say about tattoos is powerful enough – “My body is my Journal, and my Tattoos are my Story”.

Johnny Depp 4


Like many other celebrities, beautiful singer Rihanna enjoys getting her tattoos. She certainly has many of them such as the Egyptian Goddess Isis below her breasts, a gun under her left armpit, trail of stars on her back, henna-inspired tattoo on her hand and so on but a tattoo that can speak to a lot of people and motivate them to try harder is definitely a Sanskrit inscription meaning “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression & Control” on her right hip.

Rihanna 1

Rihanna 2

Miley Cyrus

There were many controversial stories about this young actress and singer, but Miley definitely learned what is really important soon enough. She tattooed “Just Breathe” under her breast as a tribute for dear people who are no longer with her and all of them left this world due to lung problems. With this tattoo, she wanted to address the importance of not taking things lightly, such as breathing which is basically a message to encourage living your life to the fullest and enjoying your every day like it is your last one.

Miley Cyrus 1

Miley Cyrus 2

Miley Cyrus 3

Miley Cyrus 4

John Mayer

John is a singer, guitarist and songwriter who definitely knows how to value the natural beauties this world has to offer. He has a full-sleeve Japanese tattoo that mainly consists of peonies, cherry blossoms and wind bars. He is a living proof that manliness can go hand in hand with delicate nature of a flower, which is an important message for everyone.

John Mayer

The meaningfulness of tattoos is the most important aspect of this type of body décor and this is where the true value of a tattoo lies. If you are up to it, let these celebrities inspire you to spread your wings and perhaps motivate some other people in your surroundings.

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6 Dating Tips Everyone Should Know

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Dating can be really hard and finding that perfect person with whom you will be happy often requires lot of work and equal amount of time. Figuring out how people really are and seeing their true colors is not always an easy thing to do. Most of the time you will have to read on a huge number of little things before you finally start putting pieces together and realize what sort of person you have in front of yourself. Here are some important dating tips that can really help you out in finding somebody that you really like.

Obsession with Unimportant Details


One of the things that everybody does, both women and men is noticing little detailsand quirks when we first meet somebody. While this is a normal reaction which everybody has, it is smart not to focus too much on these details as they can often mean very little and force you to become obsessive over them. Things like the choice of deodorant, hair style and things like that often don’t have any other meaning and can effectively just be a thing of the moment. At the same time, people can often read too much into these sorts of details and create a whole picture based on them. Try not to do this and actually listen to what other person has to say.

Perfect Match

There are no perfect people and if you come to your date expecting everything to go smoothly without any problems you are deeply delusional. From the point you meet a person, you should try to learn as much as you can about them and listen to what they have to say, not create your own fantasy ideas about what they are or what they should be. If you put some effort into it, you may notice that both you and your date have some faults and quirks and by both not being perfect, you become a perfect match.

Slow Down

You like your date and he or she likes you, that is great but at the same time does not mean that you should start planning your wedding and picking out names for your children. Couples of dates are not enough to learn things that you need to know about a person. Try to spend some time with the person that you like and don’t worry too much about the future.

What Other People Say

It has become really popular to simply ignore what other people think about your date and just be really independent, but in reality, you really should listen to what other people have to say. While this does not mean that you should blindly follow their opinions, it is important to consider it. If everybody you know keep telling you that your date is a horrible person, you may want to check why and ask around. In most cases, if your date is not nice to everybody else, there may be some issues with him or her that you are not aware of.

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Gay Or Straight

No way to go around this, just work on your gay radar or get your friends to help. Most young people like to experiment in one way or the other which is perfectly fine, but if your date is still trying to decide where he or she is in life, you may want to have that date at some other time.

Using Date Services

If everything else fails or you simply don’t know how to ask somebody out, using dating services can be a good solution for you. Various elite dating service companies can help you out to find people who have similar ides, hobbies and want the same thing that you do. While some of these services can be pricey they can save you a lot of time on looking that great match that you always wanted. Have in mind that not all of these services are good and you should really ask around before you choose one.

Dates can be complicated but they can be fun and interesting as well. Figuring out what other person is like and doing your best to have fun and stay relaxed is often the best thing that you can do.


How to Plan a Successful Bachelorette Party

Your best friend is soon to be married, everyone is ecstatic, and you can’t wait for the big day to come. It’s hard to tell who is more excited about this, the bride or you, the maid of honor. Well, first of all, you have to fulfill your sacred duties as maid of honor and organize the best bachelorette party to give your girl a proper farewell into adulthood and marital life. It is obviously up to you to decide if you’re going to make a big blow-out and invite all your female friends over for a crazy night, or is it just going be a few close friends living it up in a one-night, Vegas-like extravaganza. Here are some tips on how to prepare for this special event and not let your friend down.

Plan Ahead

When you’re making plans for this occasion, don’t feel the pressure to do every little thing yourself. Split the obligations between you and other close friends of the bride- this includes money as well. It would be much less draining if more people chipped in, and you could make a much better party. Bear in mind though, that this party is aimed towards your bride-to-be and her having the most fun night of her life. With this in mind, try and get suggestions from the bride, just so it doesn’t happen that you completely miss what she would have wanted.

Theme it up

It depends a bit on if you’re making a small or a large-scale party, but basically any theme can be interpreted in a number of ways, so it will be your job to find the thematic detail and think of why this will be special for the bride or for your particular group of friends. Sometimes, you won’t even have to bother with thinking up a whole concept- with a wide array of wedding supplies easily available, you will surely find things that will suit you and your friends. Include little gift bags so that all your friends will remember this lovely event.

You must remember not to forget to invite someone. If you’re making a big party, maybe it would be best to go through your friends’ phonebook, or ask her future husband who you should invite. And if you’re making just a small party, be very careful about who you’re going to invite, as some girls might get offended by not getting an invitation. Make sure that the important people are there.

Organize a Getaway

If only a few of you are going to be present, you might want to take it up to the next level. You could organize going to a spa resort, or something that you think your friend would enjoy most. Bear in mind, strippers and sex toys might be offensive to someone, so it’s best to steer clear of those.

As the maid of honor, you are expected to make all this happen. In order to make it work seamlessly, you will have to do a lot of preparation and planning in advance, but it will all be worth it when the day comes. Consult a few other people who will be there, delegate some tasks and you’re good to go.


Tips for Packing and Traveling Internationally

For packing, first take out everything you think you want to take on this trip with you. Stack it on the bed or on the couch so you can see everything. Then, take out all the dress up stuff, formal wear and high heels, unless, of course, you are going for something like a wedding.

Keep it simple, mix and match. Wear the same skirt or pants with different tops. Pack more lightly than you think you should, it will turn out that you don’t need so much stuff. Take along some Woolite so that you can do some laundry along the way or wash out in your hotel room in the evening when you come in.

Roll instead of fold unless you fold with tissue paper or dry cleaner plastic bags, it will reduce the amount of wrinkling. Use all of the pockets and nooks and crannies in your suitcase; put your socks in your shoes to save space. Don’t take your expensive stuff with you, wear whatever jewelry you want and take your camera in your carry on bag. Never pack cash or credit cards in your suitcase.

One bag to check and one bag to carry on is enough, taxi drivers internationally charge per bag. Also, make sure your bags are on wheels, it will be so much easier.

Mark your bags so that you recognize them from others. Use whatever method you choose; just remember what you did to make your bag stand out from the others.

In the bag you carry on with you, it is a good idea to have everything you need if your other bag is lost or misplaced. A change of clothing, underwear, any medicine you need to take on a regular basis, contact case with contact solution or glasses and your toothbrush and toothpaste.

New York Pass 2If you are travelling with a companion, pack together in your carry on bags, half of your stuff goes in theirs and vice versa. This way, if your bag was delayed or lost, you would have a change of clothes and other things you need.

If you aren’t staying a prolonged time, sample sizes work great for shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc. and take up much less room.

Pack an empty bag for shopping, this way you don’t have to try to fit the stuff you bought in your suitcase, it will have its own bag.

Don’t forget the staples like a first aid kit, t paper, personal care items, dental floss, etc.

Make sure your prescription medications are in their original containers just for safety’s sake. You never know, where you are going, your meds might be sold over the counter.

You will need a universal adapter for things like curling irons, blow dryers, electric shavers and the like.

You might want to make copies of things like your passport, driver’s license, hotel reservation confirmations, airline tickets and so forth. It’s a good idea to have a copy with you, one in you luggage and one with a family member or close friend at home.

I am sure you will get better as you travel more, after all, they do say that practice makes perfect. Have a great trip!


Keeping Cricket Whites Clean and Bright

Cricket whites are traditionally, well, white. There are many theories on why this is, but there are two that seem the most plausible. The first one is that white clothing reflects sunlight and doesn’t absorb as much heat as black or dark-colored clothing does. The second one is simple: it’s tradition! Whoever it was who chose white as the standard color for flannels, as they are also called, he or she must have loved the look of grass stains on clothing!


Although cricketers can now wear colorful kits instead of the standard white and cream, if you have a junior cricketer in your house, chances are he or she has a pair in white. And if he or she likes to play cricket on a regular basis, chances are those whites are more like cricket way off-whites. Here are a few tips on how to remove mud and grass stains from cricket flannels and have them looking good-as-new.

For Grass Stains

  • Pre-treat stains with a paste made from mixing laundry detergent with a little bit of water. Apply directly to the stains and wash in hot water.
  • Dab stains with diluted denatured alcohol. You can find denatured alcohol, also known as methylated spirits, in most DIY or hardware stores. Rubbing alcohol can substitute for denatured alcohol if you have that handy. This method also works with cricket ball stains.
  • Mix a little white vinegar/lemon juice and water and dab the mixture on the stain, making sure to soak it all the way through. Leave on for a few minutes then wash as you normally would.

For Mud Stains

  • If the mud stain is fresh, give it some time to dry. If you try to remove mud while it’s wet, it will spread out all over the fabric and make matters worse. Once it’s dry, chip the dried mud off with a spoon or your fingers. Make sure you use a light hand. Brush off remaining mud fragments with an old toothbrush. Soak the fabric in water mixed with liquid detergent and wash by hand. Rinse, and pop into the washing machine.

After the whites have been washed, don’t use a dryer: line-dry them in the sun. The sunlight will whiten the fabric and help to naturally bleach out stains.

Before you try any of these stain-removal tips out, though, keep in mind that the kind of stain removal processes required may differ depending on the type of fabric or stain. If you’re unsure, try testing the stain removal product on a hidden part of the fabric before proceeding with applying it onto the actual stain.

If you have very little experience in removing stains from clothes, or if you’ve evaluated the damage and concluded that the stains are too many to remove, you may want to take your child’s cricket flannels to a professional cleaner. And if that doesn’t work, the Internet is full of great deals on brand-new cricket whites at affordable prices.


Punk and fashion in 2013: it’s on!


Punk and fashion have a long and complicated history. And fashion’s love affair punk movement is far from over. As this year’s Met Ball has proven…


Punk in the 1970s

The first wave of punk rockers could hardly imagine that they’d still be influencing fashion designers in 2013.
Punk music became massive in the 1970s in Britain, America and Australia and seemed to speak to a growing group of dissatisfied youths.

Some of the hottest punk bands included the Clash, the Ramones, the Sex Pistols and the Rolling Stones in their early years. Some say that punk only lasted for 100 days when the Rolling Stones played at the Roxy Club in London. But it wasn’t long before the media jumped on the bandwagon and what was once an underground movement went mainstream.

Punk wasn’t just about the music, though — it was an entire anti-establishment subculture that was inherently anarchic. Many punks were hugely political and held views about how society should be governed, the Monarchy, equality issues (many punks tended to be from the working class) and felt very strongly about certain politicians like Margaret Thatcher.

But at least we got some pretty great clothes out of it…

Punk and fashion

The punk uniform consisted of mohawks, bright hair, tight trousers and distressed tank tops. Leather, studs and skull motifs were the order of the day and piercings were popular too. There was also an interest in using everyday objects like masking tape, safety pins and bin bags for fashion purposes.

But while British punks used fashion to express their political views and associate themselves with punk culture, some American punks became entirely anti-fashion in a reaction against materialism and the fashion industry.
With its rebel heritage and sense of daring, dangerous adventure, it’s no wonder that designers have turned to punk for inspiration.

Some of the most iconic looks in fashion history have been influenced by punk, like Elizabeth Hurley’s career-making safety pin dress by Versace and Moschino’s ball gown made from bin bags. Jean Paul Gaultier’s leather jackets scream punk attitude while Vivienne Westwood has long aligned herself with punk sensibilities. But it’s Zhandra Rhodes who’s considered to be the ‘high priestess of punk’, thanks to her daring, avant-garde creations and trademark pink hair.

Punk in 2013

Punk in 2013So where are we now? Anna Wintour’s Met Ball is the fashion event of the year. This year, she picked punk for her theme and the Metropolitan Museum is celebrating Punk’s fashion and artistic heritage with a blockbuster of an exhibition titled Punk: Chaos to Couture.

Not everyone is happy. Legs McNeil, founder of Punk magazine said high-end fashion designers have nothing to do with punk and the whole thing was a “masturbatory fantasy for Anna Wintour and Vogue.”

But what of the clothes?

We’re not seeing anything as obvious as mohawks on the catwalks, but punk’s enduring legacy is obvious. Designers like Moschino continue to give nods to the punk movement with their tartan creations, Lily Cole wowed in her punk-inspired Vivienne Westwood showstopper gown at the Met Ball and punk aesthetics can still be spotted in ranges by design houses like Alexander McQueen, Prada and John Galliano. Celebrities like Alice Dellal, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus are all channelling the punk movement with their looks too.

Why now? Maybe it’s the fact that, once again, we’ve been plunged into economic woes and inequality is becoming an issue. But it might just be that it was simply time, as fashion is a cyclical beast and we were bound to revisit punk eventually.

The punk look: fashion checklist

You might want to dress top to toe in punk clothes, but try incorporating one or two of these into your look:

  • Leather jacket
  • A pair of Acne boots
  • Tartan skirt by Vivienne Westwood or Comme Des Garcons
  • Studs, studs, everywhere. Kit yourself out with a studded bangle, clutch purse or even a pair of punktastic Doc Martins.
  • A distressed tank t-shirt (The Row do an excellent version)
  • Something in tartan

Will you be sporting the punk look this season?

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Online Saree Shopping – Fulfill your Dream to Buy a Designer Wear

Saree is the traditional outfit in India, and is quite popular all over the country. Women still take pride in wearing them, though it has undergone many changes in all these years. It is usually 5.5 to 6 yard long and it needs practice to wear them and is worn for different occasions. Nowadays, it is worn in different styles, which will make them look like a princess. In earlier days, women preferred to visit some of the reputed stores to buy one for their needs. This practice has changed now. With an intention of having a look at the better choices, and buying them at a cheaper price, buyers usually prefer online saree shopping option. Not only will they save time, but get an opportunity to have a look at different varieties without exhausting yourself. You don’t have to go through the ordeal of waiting in long queues to pay the bill and waste the entire day to buy one for celebrating the special moment.

Online market has made life quite simple and uncomplicated, as the buyers can place an order for their favourite product without spending much time at all. On online portals, you get various offers such as discounted price, free shipping, easy return and exchange policy throughout the year, which enhances the buyer’s experience. As compared to men, women love shopping no matter whatever the occasion might be. Like a smart buyer, they prefer to find various options through which they can not only save money, but buy quality products. Unlike the conventional method, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion for buying a saree. With creative ideas, you can wear them in a remarkable manner. Many of the women prefer to buy attractive and complimenting blouse that will give you a perfect look.

saree shoppingThe trend today is to buy designer sari that is exclusively designed for every beautiful Indian women. Many designers are into this business and have earned fame for designing the best and attractively designed saree that can be worn for every occasion. This outfit is mandatory for special celebration and occasions like marriage. The wedding saree is made up of special materials and fabric. They are slightly more expensive than the one you purchase for other purposes. There is no other better place than online market to find a beautifully designed bridal saree, which gives you an opportunity to view varieties of them without visiting different shops. There are many famous designers who have launched their own websites, with an intention of approaching more clients. With no middlemen and less cost incurred on advertisement, they are now able to cut down their price, to less than half the original price of the designer wear.

Online portal has increased the affordability of every Indian buyer, as they can now quest their needs for buying a designer one. In earlier days, this was possible only by the selected few buyers as they were quite expensive. Online saree shopping gives opportunity to every girl to dress exclusively and look outstandingly beautiful.

Author Bio: The above article based on Sarees Shopping is written by Amit Kumar who is currently working on which provides Online Shopping of Indian clothing and Indian dresses.


4 Key fashion accessories that you must carry to travel to look cozy

How about making your trip a little bit of fashionable along with taking care of the safety measures? Of course it’ll add extra zing to your fun. You need to carry the right accessories to make your trip fashionable and amazing. Check out the 4 must have fashion accessories which travelers must consider carrying:

Comfortable yet classy shoes: Traveling is all about walking around and discovering places around you. It may turn difficult for you to continue your discovery without a comfy pair of shoe. Flats are more recommended for utter comfort. Select trendy pairs of flats to move in style. Especially if you’re planning a summer trip, then you must not forget to pack your comfortable flats. For winter trips, you may pack in some boots. You may transform your look by just pairing a simple ankle length boot to your attire and this is safe and comfortable too. Avoid heels or strappy shoes as they may cause sore feet.

fashion-accessoriesOversized bags to carry essential items: When you travel, the most important thing which you must take care of is your luggage. Instead of increasing the number of your luggage, you may use oversized travel bags to carry all of your essential items conveniently. There are various brands which offer spacious yet fashionable travel bags with various separate compartments. You may look for these spacious bags to match your requirements. You may even try backpacks as they are pretty much convenient for the travelers. Try neon shades, because they go well in almost every season.

Perfect accessories: Your accessories must be neither too bold nor too bland. You must select matching accessories with your clothes but never go over the top. Remember you must not attract negative attention at all. Try to keep it casual yet classy. May be a small pendant or a signature ring can change the way your jeans and t-shirt look. You need to experiment well before selecting the right accessories. Also keep it light, don’t let your heavy accessories take a toll on you.

Makeup to suit your mood: When talking about fashion, can makeup be far behind? Of course not. Just like the accessories you must also go light on your makeup. Choose your makeup as per the climate of your destination. Avoid runny makeup to safeguard your looks. Pastel shades can be a safe choice, but of course you must take care of your dress type before deciding anything.

There are millions of other fashion accessories which you may carry to bring out your stylish self during your travel. Carry a finely designed hat and wear comfortable clothes to cut the heat. This will take care of your beauty along with keeping you fashionable.


Minimize hair damages by following hair care tips

Hair is the sensitive part in the human body. Many men and female in the current generation are suffering from hair loss or hair damages. Due to the reason, maintaining a healthy hair has become a dream among them. A healthy hair could bring attractiveness and personality in to your face. Many of us try new hairstyle ideas, to make ourselves look striking. This is one of the main reasons that our hair gets damaged. Hair colouring has become a popular hairstyling trend these days. The colours which are used to colour hair contains many harmful chemicals. These heavy chemical products can easily damage your hair. Hair damage is an annoying problem. However it can be minimized by following proper hair care tips. If you are interested about hair care, here are some of the tips that can be practiced regularly.

Avoid using chemical colouring products

Hair colouring products can change your hair colour instantly within few hours. However these chemicals would give a brassy and dry look to your hair. In order to prevent this, you may try natural hair colouring ideas. Tea and vinegar mixed together with hot water will create a natural hair colouring formula. It is free of chemicals and not harmful.

long layered hairstylesEat nutritious food

Nutrition is a must for healthy hair growth and maintenance. Many of us are addicted to fast food consumption. These fast food items do not provide sufficient nutrition that is necessary for normal human body. So it is better to replace your fast food items with healthy eating habits such as green vegetables, fruits, salmon and eggs. These food items contain high volume of nutrition facts that would fulfill your day to day nutrition needs.

Keep away from dandruff

Dandruff is a common hair related issue. Dandruff might cause due to dry sculp. Using chemical hair products is the main reason for dry sculp. Obtaining advices from a dermatologists or using a suitable anti dandruff shampoo helps in curing dandruff issues.

Use shampoo and conditioner

Use a suitable shampoo and conditioner to maintain a healthy hair. There are plenty number of products available in the market. You can choose a suitable shampoo which is suitable for your hair type.

Maintain the cleanliness of your hair

Regular hair wash helps to keep your hair clean and healthy. Whenever you apply oil or hair styling products, try to clean them on the same day. It assures that harmful chemical products are not left in your hair.
If you love to maintain a healthy and perfect hair, then follow these steps. It is really easy and can be implemented easily in order to fight against hair damages.

About the Author: Melissa welsh is an expert blogger and a good writer. She loves to explore her content writing skills under fashion category. At the moment she is writing articles about long layered hairstyles for women. Follow her on Twitter.