Embrace Your Over 50 Life Stage, and Enjoy It!

Thing is – the society and its obsession with youth and FOMO (that, undeniably, go hand in hand) has got us so terrified of ageing that even when we don’t feel like we should be panicking, we do – and we do it on autopilot. Apparently, the moment you catch your first gray – you are done. Such nonsense.

Being under the impression that we have to slow down as we age, most of us begin to act so; instead of running for the bus – we walk, instead of rushing to the grocery store – we go at a slow pace.

Do you really think this is the right way to live the rest of your life, i.e. die while still alive? Of course you don’t! This is the right time to snap out of the society-imposed prospects and live to the fullest.

Here are just a few suggestions that will help you organize your time and life for the best possible outcome.

Sign up for a foreign language

There’s nothing like learning a foreign language that keeps the brain sharp and functional. If there’s a culture that you’ve always been interested in and yet you’ve never had the time to explore it, this is your opportunity! Start learning the language, learn about the culture, book a ticket to the country later on and make it a phenomenal experience! Your partner or your best friend can join in, too – both in the lessons and traveling. Why not!


Volunteer – do something for others

Volunteering is an amazing way to channel good will and your passions for a cause by helping others. Naturally, there’ll be a little selfishness behind your volunteering sessions – a chance to meet new people, engage in various social dialogues, make friends and have an impact. From volunteering at the public kitchen of your town to assisting in shelters or working with underprivileged children, you can opt for any sphere you feel would do you (and others) good. Don’t you think that’s wonderful?


Join a book club or read on your own

Reading one book a month will keep your brain engaged and prevent/slow down the possibility of Alzheimer’s. Reading, your brain will be exposed to wonderful and strange ideas you have never thought of before, which will be an excellent component of a stress reduction plan. Stay away from literature you *think* you *should* be reading – read whatever feels right at that moment.

Joining a book club will give you an opportunity to both socialize and exchange options on the reading material. With this intellectual interaction, your brain will stay continually engaged, sharp and quick. Plus, you may make friends with your reading buddies in the process!


Travel, travel, travel

You’ve probably spent half of your life saving for after you retire and now that you have – you can’t even remember what was all the saving up for. Well, let us break it to you – for traveling! Now that you’re not on a schedule at your firm, you can finally let loose and go visit some of the most amazing destinations that have always drawn your attention. These days, hotel and resort managers have started thinking about the elderly at large, with resorts all over the world organizing amazing centers like over 50s club, making sure their guest enjoy their time better than they could’ve ever imagined. Grab your partner, best friend, grandchild, your daughter (or whoever else you’d like) and go on a trip! You’ll bond and you’ll enrich your life for a few phenomenal experiences in the process. Hey, if you want to go on your own – that’s okay, too! You’ll sure meet new people along the way.


Enjoy every single day of your retired life and make it count! Spend time with your family, read, exercise, travel, go hiking with your friends or have fancy dinners with your in-laws. Your life should not lose in quality just because you’ve got a few grays in your hair!

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