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4 Natural Remedies to Get Firmer Breasts

There are women everywhere who wish their breasts were a certain size, shape or even the same as some celebrity. Breast surgery, or augmentation is still hugely popular even now, which has seen breast implants popularity double since 2014. The whole procedure is based on removing excess tissue, which then allows surgeons to tighten the surrounding tissue, ultimately reshaping any cleavage. There are benefits and disadvantages to breast surgery, which has also seen an increase in the amount of breast surgery claims since it may became important to get the “celebrity look”. There are also those who would wish to have breast surgery, but aren’t able to afford it, so we have listed natural, risk free methods in order to get firmer breasts.


Cucumber & Egg Yolk?

It is possible to reshape breasts, if you are unhappy or sagging using a breast mask. It may seem ridiculous, but using a combination of egg yolk and cucumber, you can reshape your breasts naturally, rather than going through a surgical procedure. Cucumber offers a skin toning factor, whereas the egg yolk is known to provide the body with vitamins and protein, all contributing to firmer breasts. The idea behind such a mask is too blend a cucumber, adding tea spoons of cream, butter and one egg yolk, then finally applying it to your breasts. It is important to wash it off once the mask has been on for half an hour with cold water, and should be applied just once every week.

Natural Remedies

Ice Massage

Ice massages are known to help firm breasts, even though it could be hugely sensitive. Cold temperatures are can do two things, strengthen the skin on and around breasts and also slow down the cellular movement, preventing them from movement. The technique behind an ice massage is to simply place two ice-cubes into a plastic bag, then massaging the chest area for a minute each. It is important to not go over do it, as it can make your breasts incredibly sensitive.

Aloe Vera Gel/Almond Oil

Another method for firming your breasts is using aloe Vera and almond oil together. Both of the following contain vitamins, amino acids, helping to stimulate growth and to improve the circulations, ultimately tightening your breast areas. The method behind aloe Vera gel and almond oil to rub into your breasts and stimulate the muscles, helping breasts remain firm and preventing sagging.


No matter how many different natural remedies there are, exercise will always benefit you in every way. There are different exercises that can help you, which is the most natural way of all. Swimming, yoga, press ups and shoulder presses are only a select few exercises that help you work your pectoral muscles. Exercising your pectoral muscles allows them to be filled with blood, adding a firmness to the breast tissues and helping them become lifted.

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