10 Key Questions To Ask Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress that looks perfect on you, matches your style (and your expectations!) and, of course, your wedding shoes is a difficult process.

Knowing the right questions to ask will bring you closer to the dress of your dreams.


1. Am I Working With A Reputable Salon?

Before you even start looking at dresses, ensure you’re booking appointments at the right bridal salons. Take your time to do some research. Read online reviews, ask newlyweds where they bought their dresses and what their experience was like.

2. Do I Need An Appointment?

Even though each salon has its own policy, bigger salons usually work on an appointment-only basis and require bookings about three or four weeks in advance, so plan ahead and ensure you are able to book a place!


3. Who should I bring with me?

Depending on how important getting the perfect dress is to you, buying your wedding dress can be one of the most stressful parts in planning a wedding. Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking too many people, take one or two who’s opinions you trust and take your time.

4. Are fittings and alterations included?

Don’t forget to ask the wedding consultant if any alterations or fittings are included in the price as these may affect your budget. Brides can expect an average of two to four fittings before their wedding dress is the perfect fit.

5. Are there any upcoming trunk shows?

Designers tend to use trunk shows to display wedding dresses that are not in store. In most cases, you can meet the designer in person and talk to them about the kind of dress you like, ask if any alterations can be made and even buy a dress at a discounted price!

6. Does my dress suit my wedding?

You need to take into account your venue and the time of year you’re are getting married in. You might want to avoid long trains if you’re getting married outside and perhaps rethink backless or strapless dresses if you are getting married in the winter.

7. How Does The Payment Process Work?

Most bridal salons require a deposit that accounts for 50% of the ticket price of the wedding dress, though this differs from store to store. It may also be worth checking the cancellation policy since every contract is different.

8. What type of dress suits my body shape?

All bodies are different and there are many different shapes of wedding dresses. Ultimately it’s down to what you feel happy and confident in, but there will likely be certain styles better suited to different shaped women. Just because a dress doesn’t look flattering on the hanger, it doesn’t mean it won’t look great on! Explore your options and try them all!

9. How do I put on my dress?

Although this sounds like a silly question, depending on the style of dress there may be a corset or hidden zippers. Ensure you know what you’re doing and have a few practice trials with a friend or bridesmaid, this will avoid any unnecessary stress on your big day

10. How do I store my dress?

Different fabrics need different attention, and wedding dresses are usually difficult to maneuver. Ask in store for the best way to go about looking after your dress and whether the dress will arrive already steamed.

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