Best Hair and Makeup Tips for Every Event

Have you ever wonder how some women always seem to look fabulous no matter what hair or makeup they’re wearing, no matter where or what event they go? Chances are, they weren’t born with it, they just know what would be the right makeup and hairstyle for the event they are going.

Wearing proper makeup and hairstyle needs many things to consider, like the selection of the proper beautician, selection of the proper cosmetics with proper quality, and so on. If a woman has no idea about the fashion of hair and makeup, then she should concern the perfect and professional beautician who can convert her from common to an elegant and gorgeous one.

Below are examples of professional tips on makeup and hairstyle for every event:


  • Bride

When you’re looking back through your wedding album and reliving the memories years after your big day, there’s one thing above all that will shine through and that’s how beautiful you looked on that day. After all of the planning and efforts you made for the most special day of your life, looking your very best often feels impossible. This is why it is so important that you look for your bridal makeup artist for your wedding. Most artists use a foundation with staying power, mascara that doesn’t run, and a lipstick that keeps in place in your lips. You need a long-lasting makeup because you need to stay beautiful throughout the day, from church to reception, and until the end of the wedding. With your hair, make sure that it is properly arranged and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. Most brides usually wear their hair pulled back in a ponytail to reveal their beauty and in order for them to feel comfortable throughout the day.

  • Guest

Being a guest on a wedding ceremony, you want to look your best but not to upstage the bride or risk looking like a member of a bridal entourage. A soft and pretty look is best for a guest on a wedding. Try smoky eyes with neutral tones and go for natural definition over strong statement looks because you don’t want to steal the limelight on the bride’s big day isn’t it? Go for simple hairstyle too that matches your dress and your makeup. It is very important for your whole package.

Job interview

The image you present is really important in a job. Appearances matter and how you look is what makes the first impression on the interviewer. That impression needs to be a very good one. All you need to do is keep your hair clean in medium length and find colour in nature. For your makeup, use just enough foundation to even out skin tone. Lipstick, blush, or eye shadow should be of the palest shades. Don’t use makeup just to try to appear much younger than you are. The first thing the interviewer will do is look at the date of birth on your application. Avoid applying too much makeup that makes you look like a different person.


The last day you saw the people you are going to see in the reunion or gathering that you are attending is surely has been years or long time ago. You definitely want to look presentable or beautiful on that day. Your friends or relatives will tell you how you look since your last reunion or gathering. In order to look presentable, you just need to look simple. Put foundation on your face and neck to even out the skin tone on your face to your neck. Add some colours on your eyes; choose the colour that you like. It is a good idea to match the colour of your eye makeup with the colour of your dress that you are going to wear. Lastly, put a lipstick or a lip gloss. Then there you are, ready to enjoy the party.

Conference Meeting

People who are attending a conference meeting are surely respected people due to their positions or kind of business they have. This idea will tell you what style for corporate hair and makeup is needed if you are going to attend a conference meeting. Wear makeup that will suit the event but do not overstate. Choose good foundation for your skin tone, use eye shadow that complements your eyes, put eyeliner and mascara to emphasise the beauty and shapes of your eyes. If you did heavy makeup with your eyes, then do light on your lips. Do not go heavy on both or you will look like a clown. Remember that’s a conference and not a children’s party.

It is very important to put the right amount of makeup and the proper style of your hair in every event that you will attend. This will leave a good or bad comment to you. Apparently, you don’t want any bad impression just because you didn’t properly wear the right makeup for the right event. Though they say that the beauty is beyond what eyes can see, it’s still important to literally look good for each event that you are attending. Always remember that even if you wear proper makeup, you won’t look good if you don’t wear the right dress and don’t forget to smile.

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