A Guide To Oily Skin

So, you have oily skin and you want to take control of the dreaded oily T Zone and the whole makeup sliding off your face before it’s even lunch time situation? Well, luckily you have come to the right place..

Being a girl who struggles with oily skin, I have picked up a few tips and tricks on how to control and mattify without looking like a walking chalk board. It’s all about finding the right make-up for your skin, which can be quite daunting with the amount of the stuff out there, but with these points and recommendations it should hopefully help guide you to the right place!

Finding the right Foundation:

Always check the ingredients on the back of a foundation, as they give a good indicator of how that particular product will work on your skin. If it has oil in it, put it down and run away! Oily foundations will most definitely create nasty break outs on your skin and clog up your already angry pores. STEP AWAY FROM THE OILY FOUNDATIONS, I REPEAT, STEP AWAY FROM THE OILY FOUNDATIONS!

Oily SkinYour best bet will be to go for a full-coverage matte foundation, which will be much more durable and will help to stay in place longer than lunch time. However, use a minimal amount, don’t just go crazy and slap it on. A light coating actually lasts longer than a thick layer and will give your pores some more room to breathe. Make sure to go for a water based/liquid foundation or an oil-free. You could even go for a powder foundation, which will help control the shine and is very easily applied.

With oily skin, it is a good idea to apply with a brush or a sponge rather than your fingers. This is because your skin is more susceptible to break outs from bacteria and your fingers are covered with the stuff.

Finding the right Concealer:

Luckily, there are a few concealers out there that have ingredients in them to help reduce blemishes and soothe the skin. Go for these types as they cover well, whilst helping the skin at the same time. Score!

However if you are looking to cover acne marks or nasty blemishes, then a good idea would be to go for a cream based concealer as they are thick and cover extremely well. A few recommendations would be Benefit Boi-ing concealer or MAC Studio Finish, both a little on the pricey side but they are heavyweight champions that should help to cover any imperfections you have.

Applying Powder:

With oily skin, you are going to want to powder that skin up! Applying a good face powder helps to reduce the nasty greasy look and perfects the skin even more. Pressed powder tends to have more coverage than a loose powder, but see which one you prefer to work with. Always remember to be light handed as of course you want to matte the appearance of your face, but you don’t want to look like you have face planted into a bowl of flour. Take a look at my post on how to apply face powder in order to get a really good idea of the best way to pack that stuff on! You will also probably want to keep your powder with you in your bag, so you can touch it up throughout the day.

How to deal with oily eye lids:

Yes, we know the horrible creases and lines that come with oily eye lids, it isn’t fun and it doesn’t look good, but you can stop it from happening!
Always use a primer, this helps to keep the shadows in place and believe me, if you are using a good primer, the shadows shouldn’t budge!

Try to steer clear of cream or liquid forms of eye shadows as they tend to slide all over the place, although a primer will help. Use a gel based eye liner instead of liquid liners, as they tend to be more long-lasting and have a thicker consistency.

Hopefully these points will help you create a beautiful matte face to show off to the world without having to worry about your face looking shiny or greasy. Just remember to always look at the ingredients and a good idea is to get testers before buying a product, so you can give it a trial and see how it works. There is nothing worse than splashing out on a product that ends up making you look like a dot to dot drawing! Trust me.

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