Have you tried fake tan before?

The perfect sun tan is the dream of every woman, as it gives you a radiant look and to achieve this look, women around the world use a plenty of methods, from lying under the sun for hours to applying fake tan products. When it comes to getting more even and lasting results, it is the fake tan which emerges as a better option. If you too are planning to go for fake tan and have some apprehensions or queries in your mind, then read ahead to get basic information about how to prepare and what to expect from your first fake tan experience.

The very first step is to decide whether you want to do this process on your own or get it done from a professional. While going to a salon or tanning parlour is considered easy, it can be a bit expensive as well. Therefore most people prefer self tanning products over visiting a parlour. Once you have decided to take the plunge, you should start looking for a good quality product. Markets and online stores are filled with a variety of products, like self tanning gels, creams and sprays. Make sure to choose one which is safe and suitable for your skin. The best products might be a bit expensive, but the results you get will be worth the price you pay.

Next step is to prepare your skin for tanning. If you want to shave your legs and arms, then do it at least one day before applying fake tan products on your body. This is because after shaving your skin is more prone to react to tanning formulation. Also shaving right after tanning can exfoliate your skin, thus ruining the effect of tan.

Exfoliating your skin gently before tanning session can help to remove dead skin cells and avoid streaks and uneven patches. A cleaner skin is considered to hold the tan better. Although generally it is not advised to apply any cream or moisturises on your skin prior to going for tanning, you can apply a slight coat of moisturising lotion on any dry areas of your body, like ankles, feet, hands and elbows to ensure an even look.

After this comes the most important step of applying fake tan spray on your body. Do it at a convenient place with good lighting and full length mirror. Read the instructions mentioned on the product carefully to follow the guidelines. This will let you know the right method of applying a particular product and how long you need to keep it for the best effect. It is better to apply only a light coat of product initially, as you can always apply more to get the desired colour later on.

Once you have applied the fake tan product evenly on your body, you can use moisturisers which are specifically designed to enhance the longevity of your tan to keep looking gorgeous and radiant for a long time. Following the tips mentioned above and using good quality products is sure to make your self tanning experience safe and hassle free.

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