6 Skincare Online tips

To say skin is the mirror of our whole personality in total is not an overstatement. How we treat ourselves and our body is what reflects on our skin. Shabby, wrinkled, premature ageing means we have been really lazy with the rest of our body too and skin is just one of the parts that are showing up. You could be stressed, happy, excited or down. All of these emotions are very well reflected by your skin.

The excuses like “I don’t have time”, “I can’t follow a skin care regime” only add to woes as good skin care would take up not more than 10 minutes of your daily routine. You could browse tips for skincare online and apply the one which suit you the most.

However a few basic tips for skin care are given below:

  • Cleanse: One of the biggest favor you could do to your skin is to cleanse it regularly. If you don’t have time and energy to use a makeup remover, just facing your face twice with a mild soap would do the needful. An occasional cleansing with milk and a few lemon drops would make sure that your skin remains zit’s free. You could follow it up with applying a face cream or sunscreen depending if you are at home or stepping out.
  • Do not forget your sunscreen: UV rays damage your skin like no other. Even if you are mostly indoors or hardly step out, you would need to use a sunscreen preferably of less PF. If your job profile is such that you are needed to work for long hours in the sun, buy a sunscreen with a higher PF.
  • Say no to chemicals: Fancy anti ageing creams, dark circle eye defence cream and such other creams that promise you to look younger could be nothing but creams loaded with chemicals which do more harm than good. Instead, opt for herbal or anti-oxidant rich products which when routinely incorporated in skin can bring upon many positive effects. Even men can insist on using antioxidant shave gel which would leave their skin smooth and would not feel any burning sensation as well.
  • Happy Inside and Happy outside: A major part of skin care depends upon how we treat ourselves. Bad eating and sleeping habits, not drinking enough water and not using proper creams could adversely affect your skin. Get plenty of fresh air, eat healthy and follow an exercise regime religiously and you could look young beyond your age.
  • Anti Ageing products and you: It’s a myth that you need to use anti ageing cream only once you see signs of ageing like crow’s feet or laugh lines. The truth is everyone in their twenties, should religiously apply any product with retinal as a preventive measure.
  • Expensive products do not guarantee healthy skin: A few cosmetics cost a bomb and a few people invest in them blindly thinking that they are putting money in Youth Mountain. Sadly that money goes in drain as there is no mambo jumbo formula for good skin. Instead follow basic skin care tips along with positive attitude and healthy lifestyle for a blemish free, glowing skin.

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