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4 Seasons of Your Skin Care

Each season has its advantages and disadvantages. While some prefer winter activities such as skiing, and wearing warm sweaters, other may indulge summer more, with light clothing and visits to the seaside. Whichever type you belong to, it is important to keep in mind that each season also includes different skin care procedures. So stay up for the summary of the most important tips and tricks for each season.



Spring is the right season to give your skin some time out from all the heavy winter products.

 – Keep using your SPF – no matter there is no visible need for it, you should always protect your skin from the dangerous sun rays.

– Focus on cleansing more and visit your dermatologist or skin rejuvenation clinic more often. Start exfoliating treatments to prepare your skin for summer and to get rid of the dead skin cells.

– Use some blush to give your cheeks some healthy glow.

– Introduce dietary supplements, if you are not already using them, but do not exaggerate.

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Summer is especially tricky because our skin needs more nourishment than ever, yet the products we use need to be extremely soft and caring.

– Higher SPF is obligatory more than ever. Face mist is an excellent choice, so keep it in your fridge and reapply regularly, especially when on the beach. Vitamin D is what you will need the most during winter, so make sure to spend enough time in the daylight.

– Go easy on makeup and use only what you really need. Heavy makeup tends to melt and suffocate your skin, so rather go for light products that you can take off easily.

– Cold showers can do wonders to your tired legs, but if you cannot stand cold water, lukewarm is also acceptable.

– Pay attention to what you eat, and consume more fresh fruit and vegetables. They are abundant in vitamins, and they are all natural and are usually digested very easily. Give your body vitamin bombs regularly!

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Although there is no more sun, at least not as much as in the summer, there is no excuse not to use an SPF. Also, to keep the bronze sun tan, use self tanners even before your tan starts to wear off.

– Start using hand gloves, to protect your hands and to make sure they are warm enough once the heavy winds start.

– Give your hair regular treatments and masks. There are numerous options if you want to make them yourself, so make sure to always use healthy produce. Autumn is abundant in them as much as summer, so use them as much as you can.

– If possible, say no to a blow drier. Its heat tends to be way much higher than needed and dries out hair too much, so an alternative to drying your hair could be gentle towel strokes.

– Do not lick or bite your lips, as the results can be painful. Always carry a lip balm or a lip gloss with you, and reapply regularly.


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– Don’t forget to drink enough water, your body will thank you in the long run!

– Fight lackluster hair with oily, yet non-greasy, hair sprays, to prevent static electricity and flyaways. Don’t forget to use the conditioner as well.

– Carry a light formula hand cream with you and apply it regularly.

– A lip balm is also a must. If possible, try to avoid lip gloss and use lip balms and lip creams, because they are more nutritive and soft to the sensitive lips skin.

– Give your skin nutritive baths regularly. Make milk baths and use body creams and nutritive milk afterwards.

– Visit your dermatologist and make sure to have skin care treatments according to your skin type.

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