Summer fashion for men

Be trendy and fashionable during hot summer days. Whatever you choose to wear, it is important to feel comfortable and self-confident because those are the things that never go out of style.

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Classic summer style

Before you reach for some new attractive piece of clothing, you can try to play safe with some timeless designs.

Polo shirts are mainly reserved for some casual occasions, but the ones in darker colors may also be part of sport-elegant combinations. The distinctive collar and light material make this kind of shirt ideal for hot days. You can wear it with blazer or pair of your favorite jeans and you will be ready for both business and everyday obligations.

There’s a reason why the sailor’s style is always in fashion – it’s a classic. You can spice up any combination with handkerchief with navy details. If you like more subtle shades or prints, go with them instead.

Add a little elegance to your outfit by wearing a bow tie. Make sure to know how to tie it and be careful if you want to take risk with some crazy prints or colors.

You can tell a lot about a man by the watch he wears. Choose one with a modern design that you like the best. The perk is that you can wear it on any occasion.


If you have to wear shirts as a part of your business code, don’t be afraid to get ones with short sleeves. It’s summer time, and your boss won’t mind.

Moccasins, canvas shoes and man sandals are still popular this year. Give your feet some rest from usual shoes. Still, don’t wear flip-flops everywhere because that can often be considered inappropriate.

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Lightweight blazer will serve you well in the evening. Cotton or linen materials are quite pleasant and what’s more, blazer will come in handy when you want to look elegant but casual at the same time.

Follow the trends

Men’s clothing doesn’t always have to be in neutral colors. There’s a new way to be noticed wherever you go and to make impact on those around you.

Make your summer more enjoyable by buying trousers or shorts in bright colors. Choose a color that best suits your personality. If you’re always gloomy, purple denim shorts would look silly on you. Smile is your main accessory if you want to look good in a colorful outfit. Also, you don’t have to blindly wear what is said to be fashionable at the moment. If you just don’t see yourself in pink trousers, don’t wear them! Orange, or some other color can be equally effective if it makes you feel good.

This summer it’s all about shorts. Find the right pair for you – not too long and not too short. The ideal length is 2.5 cm above the knees. A little above or below is a matter of taste and what you want to show off if you are satisfied with the appearance of that part of the body. Keep in mind that if you are shorter than 1.70 meters, or have stronger legs, short shorts will make you taller and slimmer.

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If you’re tall and you do not have a problem with unwanted kilograms, shorts that are a little closer to the knees are perfect for you.

For a daring and fashionable man, combining different colors is a real fetish. If everyone were meant to wear three primary colors, the world wouldn’t be so colorful. So, learn from nature. There is no better fashion guru. And do not be afraid to be noticed. Clothing says a thousand words. Learn its language. If you love challenges and to experiment with trends try a floral pattern because it’s not only reserved for the ladies. Look for a T-shirt with large prints and bright colors. Pair them with neutral color pants so you wouldn’t look too out there. Smaller floral prints would look good with a blazer. Whatever opportunity you get to wear floral print, wear it with confidence.

For several seasons, bermuda shorts are not only part of the casual, but also more stylish, and even professional style. The new collections are paired with summer shirts and light jackets. The selection is great so it should be fairly easy to find a cut that suits you. Denim bermuda shorts, both skinny and baggy are popular this summer as a more casual variant. Stylists suggest that you should wear them with single color shirts, whether it’s neutral or neon. Cotton and linen safari style bermuda shorts are in, and they look really nice with moccasins. Sailor style ones, dark blue or white, are perfect for those times when you want to look elegant. For casual occasions there are baggy bermuda shorts, plain or patterned, with pockets, which are mainly targeted at the younger generations. Military models with distinctive patterns go great with plain shirts or tank tops.

Bring originality to your look with some cool accessories. Rings, bracelets or tribal necklaces are big this season. Order some custom dress shirts or rock an interesting belt buckle. Pay attention to detail and be unique by letting your creativity go wild.

Whatever your style is, elegant, casual, funky or mix of all of them, enjoy the summer time and your fashion picks. A positive attitude and a happy face will compliment your outfit the most.

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