The T-Shirt Styles you must own for the summers

Summers and springs are great times to let go of the heavy clothing and embrace something more fun and happening. Quite obvious, you would take the denims out and would need to shop for a few summer essential tops and t-shirts. Before you get going, here are some classic styles, designs and looks in tops, upper clothing and t-shirt for girls you must be looking for being the perfect spring diva.

T-Shirt Styles

  • A good dozen of summer t-shirts: Change the patterns, the writing, words or graphics, but a dozen of summer t-shirts are must have for every girl out there. Whether you are heading for the college or for a day out with friends, you need a good number of t-shirts that you can and keep throwing in the laundry bag till you find the day to wash everything together. At least that’s what most girls do!
  • A peplum top: One of the best choices for the skinny girls is the peplum top. It’s one of the styles that have returned for the trends time and again, and you will never find any reason to ignore. Keep in mind that many of the peplum tops are often designed with a lot of flares, and therefore, if your middle portion is something that bothers you, make sure to avoid. Peplum looks good on its own, no matter what you choose to wear below.
  • A collection of sheer tops: Sheer clothing or better called see-through clothing is not for the faint hearted woman. You need to have a killer attitude and a good sense of fashion to wear these tops. Some woman do take the sheer clothing as a good way to flaunt the assets without being vulgar by using the right bikini, while others opt for tops that are worn with spaghettis. Whatever you pick, keep your head high, unless you want to be uncomfortable with the glares.
  • A set of floral printed tops: As cliché as it may sound, but floral for spring is something we all have and will wear, no matter how many new trends come and go. Keep in mind that floral designs can be quite unique and different, so you don’t need to feel boring at all. Keep the colors flowing and go for a good number of graphic designs, which current seem to be the essence of the season. Pastels too have been the major trend of spring summer 2014, and if you haven’t shopped for pastels, may be a floral look can be worth the try.

Hope you have made a bucket list for the list of materials and tops you need for the season, but if not, make sure to include some of the mentioned ones. After all, summers are meant to be fresh!

Author: The author is a designer and stylist, who often double up as a style blogger. With practical tips for all readers, she makes sure that the seasonal trends reach the masses and classes alike. She is also providing her services to

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