Hair extensions are growing popular with women who are losing hair or who want a different look or hairstyle. However, hair extensions are delicate and need proper care and maintenance.

Here are some tips to get the most out of hair extensions:

  • Take the help of a professional: You need to consult a professional hair stylist to put the extensions to the hair. You will be satisfied as to the proper colour and texture. Nowadays, the techniques are so versatile that one can blend the extensions with the hair.  A two toned look is also possible with extension of dark colour and the hair a light colour.
  • Use top quality hair extensions: Get Remy (expensive) or cheap human hair extensions, which are of good quality. Get these customized for you. You have to get the extensions styled so that it looks authentic, lived in, and natural.
  • Follow religiously your night hair care regimen: Your hair needs to be stylish, as well as, healthy. Take care to brush hair at night so as to get rid of tangles. Tie up your hair in a braid so that it stays tangle free in the night. Sleep on a pillowcase made of silk or in a silk bonnet at night. This will protect hair from breakage, dryness, and give the strength to withstand application of heat every day.
  • Loosen hair: Beware of tying hair too tightly. If you don’t take care of hair properly, it will lead to hair loss or damage. Subjecting it to chemical treatments will cause the hair to fall out.
  • Treat your natural hair well: You must treat your natural hair with regular conditioning and care. Experts recommend regular hot oil treatment. This can be done using virgin coconut oil or other oils.
  • You must choose human hair extensions and Remy hair in particular: While choosing hair extensions, check whether you are using real human hair or synthetic hair. Real human hair is more durable and looks natural. It can be styled easily. Synthetic hair gets damaged by the use of heat like curlers or straightening irons. Remy hair is the best kind of human hair with roots and ends in the same direction. Remy hair is usually tangle free as the cuticles don’t get caught with each other.
  • Seamless extensions of hair: Hotshead hair extensions are attached close to the scalp and not next to the hairline to maintain the look of real hair. It must be applied as per the hair’s natural direction  to maintain a flow
  • Extensions should match colour of hair: The most common mistake of women is that they don’t choose the right colour of extensions. Nowadays, companies offer a wide selection of hair extension colours from which the right hue must be chosen.
  • Safety of hair extensions: Keep your natural hair safe from dirt and damage with proper care and maintenance. Once you take off the hair extensions, it may require a week for hair density to get the normal feel. Continue to consult your hair stylist for routine check up.

Happy styling with human hair extensions!

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