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Become a Fashionista: How to Design Your Own T-Shirt

There are many ways for one to look elegant and classy. All that girl needs to do is just follow one of the popular fashion blog’s, magazines and if she has the opportunity perhaps even contact a stylist and follow the advice to the letter. Still, for one to be able to rightfully consider herself to possess a real aesthetical and stylistic sense, a bit of uniqueness, originality and creativityare what isabsolutely crucial.

Unique t-shirtThis aesthetical enchantment, requires of one to be able to take something as simple as a common t-shirt and transform it, not unlike trough real fairy-tale magic, into something majestic and breathtaking. People with the ability to do that, are few, but are always recognized anywhere easily and without mistake. The act of transmuting a common t-shirt into a tool of your aesthetic expressioncan be considered by some to be a combination between art and magic but is at the same time accessible and affordable to anyone.

A premeditation is a key to a great start

Like anything that is worth having in life, creating your own stylistic edge should take time and patience. Your preparation phase, should include everything that you want your custom made t-shirt to represent. Work patiently, create sketches in your mind and try to envision them in reality. This kind of insight is something really special and something that separates the world’s greatest stylists and designers from the rest.

Bringing the idea to life

As the development of psychology in the fields of intelligence research has proven, there is not one kind of intelligence but seven completely different categories. For one to be able to project to the tiniest detail in her mind, how the final result will turn out, requires for them to possess an outstanding spatial intelligence. This when combined with the natural, inborn, creativity and sense of style, creates a combination that is nearly impossible to top.

Fashionable t-shirtDo not be afraid to test it first

Creating your own unique appearance, may be art but it is certainly not a theoretical science. Do not be afraid to create a couple of samples first, just in order to be sure how exactly does your vision coexist with its physical counterpart in reality.

Keep it simple

While there may be many details you would like to include in your t-shirt design, always bear in mind that sometimes less is more. Many times in the past, in both world of art and that of fashion, minimalism has proven to be a refreshing occurrence. Still, although it may not be necessary to go to those extremes concerning your design, it is important to have in mind that overcrowding the spatial-niche of your t-shirt may have the opposite effect of what you first had in mind.

Be mindful of its purpose

One more thing, which you need to look out for, when creating a t-shirt design is in question is its general purpose. We have no doubt that you yourself will surely enjoy wearing a t-shirt that reflects who you truly are, but there is no reason whatsoever to exclude the possibility of others being attracted to your designs as well. In no time, you may encounter various offers from your friends and acquaintances for a substantial number of t-shirts with your design on them.

As this can be great opportunity for you to step into the world of fashion, you simply cannot afford to miss it. Companies like Clothing planet offera great service of printing custom made designs on clothing and should therefore be considered to be a logical choice by any potential future designer.

LettersThe key thing is, to create something that represents you, for who you are, and by which the world is going to recognize you. Why not start with a custom design t-shirt and this way give your inner self the chance to express itself, the result might just surprise you.

Ariel Bellamy is an open-minded blogger who takes care that her words are well written, sharply witty and unconditionally true. She focuses on all things green – in battle for Earth, and all things healthy – as in battle for happiness. 

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The T-Shirt Styles you must own for the summers

Summers and springs are great times to let go of the heavy clothing and embrace something more fun and happening. Quite obvious, you would take the denims out and would need to shop for a few summer essential tops and t-shirts. Before you get going, here are some classic styles, designs and looks in tops, upper clothing and t-shirt for girls you must be looking for being the perfect spring diva.

T-Shirt Styles

  • A good dozen of summer t-shirts: Change the patterns, the writing, words or graphics, but a dozen of summer t-shirts are must have for every girl out there. Whether you are heading for the college or for a day out with friends, you need a good number of t-shirts that you can and keep throwing in the laundry bag till you find the day to wash everything together. At least that’s what most girls do!
  • A peplum top: One of the best choices for the skinny girls is the peplum top. It’s one of the styles that have returned for the trends time and again, and you will never find any reason to ignore. Keep in mind that many of the peplum tops are often designed with a lot of flares, and therefore, if your middle portion is something that bothers you, make sure to avoid. Peplum looks good on its own, no matter what you choose to wear below.
  • A collection of sheer tops: Sheer clothing or better called see-through clothing is not for the faint hearted woman. You need to have a killer attitude and a good sense of fashion to wear these tops. Some woman do take the sheer clothing as a good way to flaunt the assets without being vulgar by using the right bikini, while others opt for tops that are worn with spaghettis. Whatever you pick, keep your head high, unless you want to be uncomfortable with the glares.
  • A set of floral printed tops: As cliché as it may sound, but floral for spring is something we all have and will wear, no matter how many new trends come and go. Keep in mind that floral designs can be quite unique and different, so you don’t need to feel boring at all. Keep the colors flowing and go for a good number of graphic designs, which current seem to be the essence of the season. Pastels too have been the major trend of spring summer 2014, and if you haven’t shopped for pastels, may be a floral look can be worth the try.

Hope you have made a bucket list for the list of materials and tops you need for the season, but if not, make sure to include some of the mentioned ones. After all, summers are meant to be fresh!

Author: The author is a designer and stylist, who often double up as a style blogger. With practical tips for all readers, she makes sure that the seasonal trends reach the masses and classes alike. She is also providing her services to


Tips To Make Best Use Of Your Accessories On All Important Wedding Ceremony

Wedding day is the most important day in the life of any woman and mostly it comes only once in your lifetime. Therefore, you should leave no stone unturned to make the day memorable and extremely enjoyable. You need to wear a beautiful dress that perfectly complements your body and inner emotions. As far as accessories for this all important day are concerned, it is the little details that will make the day perfect for you.

Tips to Look Your Best:

Following lines explain some of the tips to make the most of your wedding accessories.

Overbuy Bras:

You need to know what the return policy of the store is before buying a bra for your wedding day. It is important because you should try different bras with your wedding gown and therefore, it is important that the bra is returnable or exchangeable. Try a variety of styles with your dress and also jump around to ensure that the bra is not visible.


Be Ready for Fittings:

It is always important to buy the bra, stockings, slimmer and shoes that are compatible with the fittings of your dress. In this regard, it is always better to wear a body support garment as it will make you look slightly different as compared to just sucking in your gut. Similarly, any change in the support garment will make a huge difference in the way you dress up for the occasion.

The Right Tights:

If you think that you will kick off your heels as the evening progresses, it is better to go for tights instead of sheer hose in order to avoid holes in your toes. Similarly, it is also a great idea to choose knee highs that will allow you to slide them off along with your shoes. No matter which style you prefer, always remember to buy an extra pair. It will help you not miss a beat if you accidently shred one on the wedding morning.

A Veil Must:

While selecting a veil, always remember to check your looks from behind. For instance, if you want to show the back of your gown at any case, then you must go for the extremely sheer veil having only one or two layers of tulle.

A Veil Must Not:

A ribbon definitely looks much cleaner and elegant as compared to the tulle. However, a ribbon around the edge of the veil will create a sense of horizontal line appearing around your middlemaking you look much shorter than you actually are.

Dare to Go Bare:

Some brides dare to remove their veils after the ceremony is over. For that purpose, it is better to attach the veil to the headpiece with the help of a loop closures and fabric hooks for easy and convenient on and off.

Fix your Fabrics:

Depending upon the material, your crinoline or slip can have many different effects on your hose. For instance, the friction of the undergarments against your legs can shred them up and therefore, it is always important to give them a test run.


Above mentioned are some of the tips that will help any bride to make full and effective use of her wedding accessories to impress everyone in the party.

Author’s Bio:

Serven Wilson writes on for online canvas store and writes on topics like wedding photography and gifts such as best canvas prints. He also writes about that how home could be décor by using multiple photos on canvas and latest décor tips and tricks

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Making A T-shirt To Be Proud Of

There are so many reasons for designing and making your own clothes. You can design them to perfectly fit you or the occasion and to look and feel great. Plus this puts you in better control of the cost. However, making your own clothes has become a lost art through the decades, with fabric prices rising. If you are thinking of making your own t-shirts, however, you cannot go wrong with printing them off through a company.

There are many benefits to this because it is the best of both worlds. You can design the logo or writing, choose the style and fabric, and have it all done for you, often in a package deal. So for your next family reunion get your shirts made for more fun and for safety reasons. Here are some great reasons to make your own regalia.


Make this special time with your extended family or friends even more memorable with matching t-shirts. This can serve several purposes. It helps to build unity, especially if it includes a family motto or theme for the year. It also makes it easier to find people if you decide to go to a crowded place. For example, one family went to Disneyland for their reunion and their bright green matching t-shirts made it so much easier to count people off at every stop and to keep track of the kids. If your little one happens to run off or get lost, which is actually quite common at amusement parks, he or she will be easier to spot. Plus you might have an easier time telling the lookout about a kid wearing the same hot pink that you are. So choose a unique color and get those shirts printed off for unity, fun, and safety.

Sports Team

Make your own shirt for you or your child’s sports team. Whether they are in soccer or baseball or track it is fun to have something to remind them of their standards with a team saying and to show who is on the team at the time. This can last for years as the reminder of childhood. They can wear the shirts to games, on team outings, or just to show spirit any time of the year. This can help them to get excited to stay active and play sports, and to make good friends and be a part of something. It can help to instill in them these good values early on in life. Or you can even print up shirts for your company softball league. It is easy to come up with a design for any kind of shirts, including a baseball shirt or a jersey. So get to the drawing boards and select your next team-building attire that you will love this time.

Make t-shirt that you can be proud of for your next family vacation or sports outing and partake in the fun.

Clothing & Accessories

Flaunt your style with printed t-shirts

Earlier on, I would really consider myself fashionable. I used to think that I have good knowledge about latest fashion update and well aware of recent fashion trends. However, once I started going to college I realized that there is much more to know about fashion and style. All my classmates were a fashion enthusiast and head turners in the campus. I would really envy them and wonder how I can become so fashionable like them. Then one of my best friends suggested me a few fashion tips. Believe me or not, these tips proved to be great help and I still follow them. If you want to know about the tips, continue reading the article.

Shelly (my best friend, in case you wonder) suggested me that I must pick a dress that suits my body type and overall personality. As I have the apple-shaped body, I am recommended to choose a fitted bodice since it plays up the ample bust and gives the waist a definition. Nonetheless, if you have the pear-shaped body, you must choose A-line dress, a strapless one, or a halter top with circular collar. On the other hand, a person who has the hour glass figure should pick a dress with deep V-neckline, one shoulder, or dropped waistline.

Printed tshirtsCollege is a time when we all want to try out different combinations of clothing styles (as my best friend said). So, here are a few wardrobe options that you can check out. There are a few styles and fashion that are touched neither by the changing time nor by the age, which include campus casual, internship formal, summer fun and casual date. Pair of blue jeans, a casual t-shirt, and a pair of canvas shoes has always been a fashion statement for college kids. In fact, I have been looking for a printed and embroidered t-shirt for a long time, but was not getting of my choice. However, thankfully, I finally came across various sites that have been printing t-shirts and hoodies and supplying to the customers throughout the Europe for last 20 years. However, from my personal experience I can say (in fact, proudly say) that is a great place to order for t-shirts prints and workwear embroidery. The most important fact is that they give same standard of care to both large and small orders and have a wide range of clothing options, including t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies.

Last but not the least; you should always enhance your style with matching accessories (as recommended by Shelly). To complete the casual look, carrying a nice handbag and wearing a beaded neck piece is must. However, when choosing the accessories, make sure that they go well with your dress and the overall style statement and fashion.

Hence, these are some of the handy fashion tips that came to my help and I believe that they will prove to be helpful for all college kids out there.

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Review About Minecraft t shirt themes

What is the most imperative thing to consider for a kids wear? What are the most important aspects in their designs? It depends on the goals that are to be achieved. Though, when it comes to what attire to wear or the fabric to use, it’s universal: individuals want to look fabulous in their attires.

Kids too have their code of wear. They may not have much to say about what to wear but a keen individual will easily notice their choice of wear. When it comes to T shirts, it’s one of the common attires to wear. It has all the characteristics of easy wear. Parents as well as kids prefer t shirts for they are simplistic in nature and they are easy to handle.

The most common t shirts are made by mine craft Company. Their goal is satisfy a kid’s curiosity. The most noticeable characteristic about their designs is the themes embossed in their t shirts. They are excellently done. They always represent something. Their designs are based on popular game characters. This is what makes it very popular with the kids. Kids love to identify with certain famous characters in their lives. For this reason, they find mine craft t shirts as very favorable as well as adorable for them. The themes come with a wide array of characters form their famous games and the kids love having such t shirts. They enjoy having their favorite character embossed on their t shirts. Minecraft t shirts for kids in UK especially has certain themes .These may include:

The T Shirt ManScary themes

There are those kids who aren’t afraid of the dark neither are they scared of scared of weird characters. In fact some identify with them favorably. Minecraft t shirts have very unique themes based on their characters. This is what makes the kids adore them in equal measure as the characters in the original game. One of the most popular scary themes is the Creeper anatomy mine craft t shirt. It’s one of their favorites. It has one of the scariest characters. For kids who love to identify with scary things. This would be a profound t shirt for them. It comes in a wide array of colors. This again is another plus for mine craft kid’s t shirt. They just have the right t shirts for every kid.

Neutral themes

Mine craft t shirts do not always have scary themes on them. At times one may find it better to have both the neutral themes as well as the scary themes for their kids. They would love it in equal measure as long as the t shirts have their favorite characters embossed on them. The versatility in these t shirts makes them very common. Their uniqueness too is a huge plus. They are also found in different colors, thus one can easily get their favouite piece based on their kids favorite color.

Author Byline:

Adam works with The T Shirt Man. He likes to write on Clothing topics.